4995 Programming with the Microsoft .NET Framework using Microsoft

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					                                          4995 Programming with the Microsoft
                                         .NET Framework using Microsoft Visual
                                                                  Studio 2005
                                                                                                                                   Course Outlines

4995 Programming with the Microsoft .NET Framework using
Microsoft Visual Studio 2005                                                                                                              Days of Training: 5
Overview                                            Lesson 1: Overview of the Microsoft .NET              Lesson 9: Creating Distributed
  This five-day instructor-led course                          Framework                                             Applications
                                                                Introduction to the .NET Framework                      Overview of Distributed Applications
  enables developers who are migrating                          .NET Framework 3.0 Technologies                         Creating and Consuming XML Web
  from a different development language,                                                                                Services
  an earlier version of Visual Basic .NET or        Lesson 2: Creating Applications with                                Building Windows Communication
  Visual C#, or who have completed entry-                      Visual Studio 2005                                       Foundation Services and Clients
                                                                Introduction to Visual Studio 2005
  level training and experience using                           Managing Solutions and Projects           Lesson 10: Monitoring .NET Framework
  Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, to gain in-                     Managing the Integrated Development                  Applications by Using
  depth guidance on programming the                             Environment                                          Instrumentation
                                                                Writing Code with Visual Studio 2005
  Microsoft .NET Framework versions 2.0                                                                                 Introduction to Instrumentation
                                                    Lesson 3: Examining Language and                                    Code Tracing and Debugging
  and 3.0 with Visual Studio 2005.                                                                                      Performance Counters
                                                               Syntax Features                                          Event Logs
                                                                Syntax Basics
Prerequisites                                                   Language Enhancements                     Lesson 11: Compiling, Testing, and
• Professional experience with                      Lesson 4: Essentials of Object-Oriented                          Deploying .NET Framework
  programming in C, C++, earlier versions                      Programming                                           Applications
                                                                                                                        Introduction to Assemblies
  of Visual Basic or C#, Java, or another                       Object-Oriented Programming Concepts
                                                                                                                        Overview of the Microsoft Build Engine
  programming language.                                         Defining a Class
                                                                Creating a Class Instance
• Familiarity with the Microsoft .NET                                                                                   Testing .NET Framework Applications
  Framework strategy and versions.                  Lesson 5: Advanced Object-Oriented                                  Deploying .NET Framework Applications
                                                                                                                        by Using ClickOnce
                                                               Programming                                              Deploying .NET Framework Applications
                                                                Advanced Object-Oriented Programming                    by Using Windows Installer
At Course Completion                                            Concepts
                                                                Implementing Inheritance                  Lesson 12: Interoperating with Unmanaged
Upon successful completion of this course,                      Defining and Implementing Interfaces                 Code
                                                                Creating and Using Delegates and Events
students will be able to:                                                                                               Overview of Interoperability
• Describe the .NET Framework.                      Lesson 6: Security in the .NET Framework                            Calling Unmanaged Functions by Using
                                                                                                                        Platform Invoke
• Create applications with Visual Studio                        Security Overview
                                                                                                                        Calling COM Objects from Managed
                                                                Implementing Code Access Security
   2005.                                                        Implementing Role-Based Security                        Code
• Describe Visual Basic .NET and Visual                         Using Cryptographic Services
                                                                                                          Lesson 13: Software Design and
   C# language and syntax features.                 Lesson 7: Accessing Data by Using                                Development
• Use essential object-oriented                                ADO.NET                                                  Introduction to the Software Development
   programming features.                                        Overview of Data Access                                 Life Cycle
                                                                                                                        Introducing the Microsoft Solutions
• Use advanced object-oriented                                  Reading and Writing Relational Data
                                                                Reading and Writing XML Data
   programming features.                                                                                                Developing Applications with the
• Explain security in the .NET Framework.           Lesson 8: Building Windows Presentation                             Capability Maturity Model Integration
                                                                                                                        Introducing Agile Software Development
• Access data by using ADO.NET.                                Foundation Applications
                                                                Introduction to Windows Presentation
• Build Windows Presentation Foundation                         Foundation
   applications.                                                Introduction to XAML
• Describe distributed applications, and                        Programming Windows Presentation
                                                                Foundation Applications
   create distributed applications with
   Windows Communication Foundation.
• Monitor .NET Framework applications by
   using instrumentation.
• Compile, test, and deploy .NET
   Framework applications.

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