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									                                Volunteer Application Form

First Name                          Middle Name                            Last Name


City                                State                                  Zip

Home Phone Number                                          Work Phone Number

E-mail Address

Are you under 18 year of age?               Yes                      No

Emergency Contact Name              Relationship                           Phone Number

Education                                                  Present Occupation

Previous work experience

Have you ever been convicted of a misdemeanor or felony?             Yes                  No

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Reason for seeking volunteer hours with Moorhead Parks and Recreation

Days and times available to volunteer                      Are you willing to volunteer on weekends?

Special interests or hobbies

Previous volunteer experience

          Please list the name, address, and phone number of two adults who know you well and have
                           known you for at least one year. Please do not list relatives.

Name                                                       Name

Address                                                    Address

City, State, Zip                                           City, State, Zip

Phone Number                                               Phone Number

Applicant Signature                                        Date

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