RE Waneta Hydroelectric Expansion Project - Comments Due by September by cometjunkie43


From:           McNaughton, Steve EAO:EX
Sent:           Tue, September 19, 2006 9:01 AM
To:             Murphy, Brian EAO:EX
Cc:             Goulet, Bev J EAO:EX
Subject:        FW: Waneta Hydroelectric Expansion Project - Comments Due by September 19, 2006

Re wildlife issues raised by the Ministry of Environment, Environmental Stewardship Division in
their email of July 25, 2006.

From:           Soobotin, Al ENV:EX
Sent:           Mon, September 18, 2006 3:54 PM
To:             McNaughton, Steve EAO:EX
Subject:        RE: Waneta Hydroelectric Expansion Project - Comments Due by September 19, 2006

The Proponent's responses to the issues we raised in our e-mail of July 26 are satisfactory.

    From:       McNaughton, Steve EAO:EX
    Sent:       Fri, September 1, 2006 5:18 PM
    To:         XT:Forbes, James FIN:IN; ''; XT:Morelli, Vince Village of Fruitvale EAO:IN;
                      XT:Claus, Berni Environment Canada EAO:IN; XT:Klassen, Herb Fisheries and Oceans Canada
                      EAO:IN; ''; ''; Morgan, Chris ENV:EX;
                      XT:Terbasket, Pauline Okanagan Nation Alliance EAO:IN; XT:Andison, Mark Kootenay Boundary
                      Regional District EAO:IN; XT:Johnson, Jay Okanagan Nation Alliance; Dupas, Jacques TRAN:EX;
                      XT:Kallio, Raimo Environment Canada EAO:IN; McLaughlin, Roger EMPR:EX; McPhail, Murray
                      ILMB:EX; Johnston, Ian ILMB:EX; ''; Eichenberger, Kathy ENV:EX; XT:Sullivan,
                      Linda Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency EAO:IN; Cheetham, Roger ALC:EX;
                      Balachandran, Bala G ENV:EX; 'arthur benzer'; XT:HLTH Malakoe, Shaun; Spence, Colin ENV:EX;
                      Pike, Jim TSA:EX; ''; ''; Stetski, Wayne ENV:EX;
                      XT:Benzer, Art Regional District Kootenay Boundary EAO:IN; '';
                      ''; ''; Evans, Ted W FOR:EX;
                      ''; McCuaig, Rieva AL:EX; Shumka, Pam FOR:EX;
                      ''; ''; Mowat, Garth ENV:EX; Soobotin, Al ENV:EX;
                      Fitzpatrick, Donna M TRAN:EX; Walton, Grant L FOR:EX; Roome, Robyn ENV:EX; 'Sarfi,Mandy
                      [CEAA]'; ''
    Cc:         Murphy, Brian EAO:EX; Hilts, Sue L EAO:EX
    Subject:    Waneta Hydroelectric Expansion Project - Comments Due by September 19, 2006

    To all:

    Attached please find the Proponent's (WEPC's) "Response to Review Period Questions and
    Comments from the Public, First Nations and Agencies" for the Waneta Hydroelectric
    Expansion Project. This document will be posted on the EAO website.

     << File: WEPC Response to Review Period Comments-Sept1.pdf >>

    Please let us know by Tuesday, September 19, 2006 whether or not the Proponent has
    adequately responded to and addressed the comments you submitted (if any) during the
    formal comment period on the Environmental Assessment Certificate Application for the
    Project. Your feedback before this date would be appreciated.

    Thank you.

    Steve McNaughton
    Project Assessment Officer
    Environmental Assessment Office
    Phone: 250-387-5838

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