Facility Expansion Project

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                                                                   Greenbush Area YMCA
  Quite frequently families, civic
groups, businesses, not for profit
                                                               Facility Expansion
organizations and foundations
provide funding for our capital
                                              ►Yes!       In consideration of the plans and needs of the
In return, in addition to greatly                  Capital District YMCA, I / we would like to subscribe
appreciated and assistance these                   to the Greenbush Area YMCA Facility Expansion Project
funds provide the facility, the                    Capital Campaign.
YMCA will proudly recognize the
gift by naming a specific area,
room or portion thereof in the        Today’s date: ____________________
name of benefactor or their
                                      Please enroll my gift of $________________ to help fund the
designee.                             Greenbush Area YMCA Facility Expansion Capital Campaign Project.
A gift of this nature is identified   Name: _____________________________________________
with a formal plaque and will                              (as you would like listed for recognition)

remain as a continual reminder        Name:
of the benefactors involvement        Address:
and dedication to the YMCA and        City/State /Zip:
the individual branch facility.       Telephone:

The naming opportunities for the      Signature:________________________________________________
Greenbush Area YMCA Facility          Payment intentions:
Expansion Project currently               Pledges may be paid in total or over a one to five year period.
available are:                                  Please indicate your payment preferences below:

$ 150,000 - Expansion Wing            I will pay my pledge in full on: ___________________
                                      Please bill me: _______ Yearly - payable over 1 2 3 4 5 years
$ 150,000 - Wellness Room                                                                       (circle one)
                                                         _______ Quarterly - payable over 1 2 3 4 5 years
                                                                                                (circle one)
$ 100,000 - Youth Fitness Center                         _______ Monthly - payable over 1 2 3 4 5 years
                                                                                                (circle one)
$ 75,000 - Aerobics Studio                               commencing on: _____________
                                                                         —– OR —–
$ 75,000 - Family Locker Room
                                      Please charge my credit card in the amount of: ______________
                                      Credit Card:       ____Visa ____ MasterCard ____ American Express
$ 50,000 - Multi-Purpose Room         Card number: ______________________________________
                                       Exp Date: ____ / ____
                                      Comments: _____________________________________________

                                      Campaigner: _________________________________________________

                                                            Questions? Please feel free to contact
                                                         Marie Miszewski, District Executive Director
                                                                   Greenbush Area YMCA
                                                        20 Community Way, East Greenbush, NY 12061
                                                                    (518) 447-2570 x 201
                                                        Regina LaGatta, Senior Vice President / DEO
                                                                   Capital District YMCA
                                                     151 Vly Road, P.O.Box 12640, Albany, NY 12212-2640
      Greenbush area ymca - facility expansion project

                                    EAST GREENBUSH, NEW YORK 12061
                                    20 COMMUNITY WAY
                                    GREENBUSH AREA YMCA
                                    CAPITAL DISTRICT YMCA

                         Greenbush area ymca
                         facility expansion project
                keeping up with the needs of our community…

growing to serve you better...