APPLICATION FOR LETTER OF PERMISSION
                               [To apply courses to your Arts degree – see Calendar §44.2(3)]

Instructions and Information:
To qualify for a Letter of Permission, students must:
        be currently registered in a degree program in this faculty
                 •         Students not registered at the University of Alberta for the final courses of their program must
                           complete an Application for Degree form. Official and complete transcripts from the host institution
                           must be received NO LATER than six weeks prior to the date of convocation.
        have already completed a minimum of i24 at the U of A
        be in "Satisfactory" Academic standing (i.e., have an FGPA of 2.0 on all courses completed in the Faculty of Arts at the U of
        A) at the time of application and intended study at the host institution
        not have already received the maximum allowable transfer credit (i.e., i60 in coursework not completed at the U of A)
        meet the reason for request criteria for the Letter of Permission (see below)

PROCESSING TIME: Allow a minimum of two weeks for this application to be considered. Only those
              applications that are completed in full will be given consideration.
Student Information: (All students must complete this section.)

   Surname                              First Name                               ID number

   Street Address                                City                                    Postal Code

    Telephone Number (Home)              (Work)                              Email Address

What is your academic program? (Please check     )    BA Major ________________             BA (Honors) Major ________________
                                                           Minor ________________
   Other ________________________           Total credits (including courses in progress) completed in degree so far: _____________

Is it impossible to take this course at the University of Alberta? No     Yes If so, Why? ________________________________
Reasons for taking courses elsewhere: (Please check )
       Formal Exchange Program
       Other (explain): (attach extra page if necessary) _______________________________________________________________
NOTE: The following are NOT VALID reasons unless satisfactory proof of reason is provided:
            •    time conflict (e.g., if caused by work, documentation must be provided by employer; if timetable conflict, proof must
                 be shown)
            •    financial reasons

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Student responsibility:
You must provide a course description for courses not listed in the Alberta Transfer Guide. Check transfer guide listings on the web at , or check the book at the USS counter. For institutions outside Canada, we also require information regarding:
                 • number of hours of instruction (per week and total for course)
                 • explanation of grading system used
                 • level assigned to the course (e.g. junior level or advanced)
The above information must be attached to this application. Incomplete applications will NOT be considered.
I have checked my program and have ensured that the requested courses meet requirements for my degree program.

    ________________________________                            _________________________
      Signature                                                      Date

Host Institution Information: (All students must complete this section.)

Name of Host Institution: __________________________________________________

Address: __________________________________________________

When do you want to attend the host institution? From: ____________________ To: __________________
                                                         Month/Year                 Month/Year

         COURSES AT HOST INSTITUTION                                             PROPOSED U OF A EQUIVALENTS

               Course                                i                                         Course              i

          1.    ________________________          ______                                 1.     _________________ _____

          2.    ________________________          ______                                 2.     _________________ _____

          3.    ________________________          ______                                 3.     _________________ _____

If more than 3 courses are to be requested, a Letter of Permission
in Principle will be issued – credit will be assessed after course
descriptions and official transcripts are received. Changes made
after permission is issued must be submitted in writing.

Advisor Approval is required for:

•   students in programs other than the BA (AR510)

I have no objection if the student completes courses in this subject at another institution.

     Advisor’s Signature                            Phone                               Department                     Date

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 For Language Courses:

 If you wish to participate in a language course or program, you must obtain the signature of the appropriate undergraduate advisor in the
 department below before submitting the completed application.

 Name of the program/course: ______________________________________

 Check ( ) the appropriate department name:

       East Asian Studies ( Chinese, Japanese )
       History & Classics ( Latin, Greek )
       Interdisciplinary Studies ( Hebrew )
       School of Native Studies ( Cree or any other aboriginal language )
       Modern Languages & Cultural Studies ( French, Spanish, Italian, Hungarian, ASL, Russian, Polish, Ukrainian, Arabic,
       Norwegian, Persian, Swedish, Swahili )

                Advisor’s Signature                                         Date


 Faculty Approval:

       is granted to take the course indicated above.

       Minimum transfer grades must be: _________________________

       is denied because _______________________________________________________________________________________


       ________________________________                                                     ____________________________
            Faculty Signature                                                                         Date

 Additional Faculty Comments:




Note: Personal information requested on this form is collected under the authority of the University Act and Section 33 (c) of the Alberta Freedom
of Information and Protection of Privacy Act to administer programs offered by the Faculty of Arts. Certain personal information may be made
available to other University of Alberta departments for purposes of administration of the program and to federal and provincial departments and
agencies under appropriate legislative authority. Personal information is protected under the Alberta Freedom of Protection of Privacy Act. For
further information, contact the Faculty of Arts Undergraduate Student Services: 6-7 Humanities, 492-4295 or (toll-free in Canada) 1-888-533-5735

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