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Service Monthly charge Local/dial-up internet calls Call connection fee (for timed calls) Capped STD® calls Standard option


HomeLine™ Plus plan

$29.95 includes Telstra Home Messages 101® 17.5c per call 39c per call

$2.00 per call up to 3 hrs (7pm-7am) and $2.00 per call up to 20 mins (7am-7pm)

Calls to mobiles Capped calls to Telstra mobiles Calls to Telstra mobiles Capped calls to non-Telstra mobiles Calls to non-Telstra Mobiles $2.00 per call up to 20 mins (24 hrs, 7 days)

33c /min (24 hrs, 7 days) Cap not available

37c /min (24 hrs, 7 days)

Activity 1. Hendra’s family is currently on HomeLine Plus plan.
Please work out the amount of money to be paid for the following number of phone calls made within one month: Monthly fee: _____________ Type of call Local STD day STD night To Telstra mobiles Non-Telstra mobiles Number of calls / Duration 72 4 (< 20 mins) 10 (< 3 hrs) 21 (< 20 mins) 1 (25 mins) 5 calls: 3mins, 4 mins, 2 mins, 2 mins, 1 min TOTAL: _____________ Cost

Telstra Home Phone

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Name: ______________________

HomeLine™ Budget
Description Great option for low income and infrequent phone users $19.952 30c 37c /min to Telstra mobiles 42 c /min to non-Telstra mobiles Capped STD calls (per call) Capped calls to Telstra mob $3.00 Evenings ( 7 pm – midnight)

Monthly Charge Local Calls (per call)

$3.00 per call for calls up to 20 mins between 7pm (4pm Sat) and midnight everyday

HomeLine™ Complete
Description Monthly Charge Local Calls (per call) Capped STD calls (per call) Security of capped STD calls every night $26.95 20c $2.00 Evenings ( 7 pm – midnight)

Activity 2.
If Hendra’s family will keep the same pattern of using their home phone in the future, will they save on their telephone bills when switching to another plan? Explain and provide supporting calculations.

Telstra Home Phone

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