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Thank you for your interest in the MagicTan VersaSpa sunless tanning. This service is a liquid application applied to your body by a machine, commonly known as a spray tanning booth. The active ingredient, DHA (dihydroxyacetone), reacts with the skin’s amino acids. The reaction looks like a suntan. We will show you how to use the machine and the positions in which to stand to achieve a beautiful sunless tan on your entire body; or you can choose to get a sunless tan on just your face or just your legs. To help you obtain the best results, please read the following carefully: ● Prior to your spray tanning session, shower, shave areas normally shaved, and exfoliate your skin. (Exfoliate means to scrub your skin with something slightly abrasive, such as a loofah and/or a body scrub. Spend extra time on dry areas, such as elbows, hands, knees, and feet.) It is better to wait a day after waxing before receiving a sunless spray tan to allow pores to close. Do NOT moisturize prior to the session, as the lotion can create a barrier. Do not wear makeup or deodorant during your session, or put anything on your skin (or wipe it off before the session). ● Many people tan in the nude in the spray booth, as the room is entirely private and secure. However, you may wear undergarments or a swimsuit if you want tan lines. The solution will not damage jewelry, but jewelry left on will also leave tan lines. Bring loose dark clothing to wear home, including flip-flops or slip-on shoes. The solution usually washes out of clothing except possibly not from silk, nylon, and wool. Therefore, we recommend that anything you wear during the session, and anything you wear up until your next shower, be dark in color. If wearing shorts, a dress or a skirt afterwards, bring a towel to protect car upholstery and to decrease perspiration caused by hot car seats. You may wish to sleep on a towel to protect your sheets. ● Before the bronzer solution, there is a “prep” solution sprayed onto your skin to balance the pH level, which allows you to get a natural (non-orange) color. An extraction fan located high in the back of the booth removes mist from the air so your feet don’t get too dark from any overspray. After the bronzer, there is a moisture solution sprayed onto your body to keep you hydrated so your sunless tan will last longer. The VersaSpa automatically dries you, and you don’t towel off after the session. This eliminates the streaking problem common with other spray tanning booths. In addition, the VersaSpa solution is not sticky after it dries. ● There is a slight aroma during application, but little odor after. If you do notice odor, it will disappear with the first shower. ● Following the session, it is important to stay dry a few hours. Please bring an umbrella if it looks rainy. (If you do get wet, pat dry your skin--do not rub.) Do not exercise to the point of perspiring because doing so could cause an uneven tan or a streak. It is recommended to wash your hands between one and two hours after spray tanning; but wait a few hours before showering. Wait 4 hours to achieve a light tan; 6 hours will give you a medium tan; and 8-12 hours will give you the darkest tan. Maintaining your color is possible with weekly sessions. How you care for your skin following the session is also very important. Do not moisturize until after your next shower as this could cause streaking. Do not be alarmed if you see color washing off from your first shower—this is normal. What you see washing off is the immediate cosmetic bronzer. What is left is a beautiful sunless tan. Healthy, hydrated skin will maintain color longer, so after your shower, moisturize often, but do not use moisturizer containing mineral oil. We have great lotions called “Extenders” if you need one. Avoid long, hot baths or showers, hot tubs, chlorinated pools, and salt water, as these will cause your sunless tan to fade more quickly. ● More than one sunless tan in twelve hours is not recommended. If you do wish to tan on consecutive days, we recommend washing your hands and feet the second time because dryer areas absorb more solution. ● If you are pregnant or have asthma or a respiratory condition, we require that you consult with your physician concerning spray tanning. If diabetic, please consult with your physician as solution ingredients contain a sugar base, and could cause elevated blood sugar levels. There may be some who are allergic to the product. If you wish to do a “patch” test at least one day before your session, stop by and we can apply solution to a small area so you can see if there is a reaction. We recommend you do so if you have sensitive skin. We also recommend that you read the ingredients on the label if you have a known allergy. All the active ingredients in the Magic Tan solution have been FDA approved for use as a self-tanning skin agent. However, the FDA has not specifically tested the ingredients for use in a spray on mist application; thus, the spray-on tanning process with this solution is not FDA approved. Testing of this is currently in progress, and results to-date indicate that there are no adverse effects due to inhalation or contact with human mucus membranes, such as eyes or inside the nose, mouth, or any part of the body covered by mucus membranes. In the meantime, we recommend taking protective measures, and if you choose, you may request protective devices such as a mouth filter, and/or disposable eye protection. If you choose not to use protective devices, we recommend that you hold your breath during the actual misting process, which lasts approximately 8 seconds per cycle. Also we recommended you close your eyes as your face is being misted. Even though there has never been a case where the solution has changed anyone’s hair color, disposable shower caps are provided to keep the solution from getting in your hair. Be certain to have your ears and hairline exposed, so ears and forehead get tanned. ● Sunless tanning does not protect against sunburn, so we invite you to try the UV tanning beds at Electric Beach to prepare for the summer sun or a tropical vacation, and/or use sunscreen when outside. Sunless tanning also does not provide Vitamin D or light therapy as UV tanning beds do. I have read the above information and am using the equipment at my own risk. I will not hold Magic Tan, Electric Beach, or any technician at Electric Beach liable for any complications that may arise from the application of sunless tanning, including children’s use of the video room, or for loss of personal property. I understand that Electric Beach’s hours may vary throughout the year. If pregnant, have a respiratory problem, or am diabetic, I have consulted with my physician about sunless tanning.

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New Clients: Buy a session and get a session of equal value for free; or get TWO free sessions with a package of four sessions; or get one session in each of four different types of tanning beds/booth plus a VersaSpa spray tan session for $50.

Current Clients: Send us a new client and get a FREE SESSION for yourself! Get a free VersaSpa or Entropy session if the person you send tries the VersaSpa or Entropy bed first; get a free “Hybrid” or “Booth” session if the person you send tries that bed/booth first; or get a free “Medium Pressure” VHR session if the person you send tries that type of bed first. Sorry, not valid with the “New Client” special explained above. All Clients: Buy a tanning package before your current credit is completely used, and get TWO extra sessions for FREE.

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