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					Freedom of Information Request Response
Request Ref: FOI/192 Date of Response 30/09/08 Request: I am writing to request information under the Freedom of Information Act 2000. Please provide the following information within 20 working days, as outlined by the statute. For the year 2007/08 OR the most recent year for which you have information: A * Your local population broken down by ethnicity. Please state data source. * % and number of your workforce who are of known ethnicity * % and number of total workforce who are BME (Asian Bangladeshi, Asian Indian, Asian Pakistani, Asian other, black African, black Caribbean, black other, Chinese, mixed white and Asian, mixed white and black, any other non-white ethnic group). * % and number of total workforce who are white B % of the following staff groups who are BME: * Medical consultants * Trust board members, broken down into executives and non-executives * Those on Agenda for Change, broken down by each payband 1 – 9 C Number and % of total workforce who are: 1. Subject to disciplinary procedure. 2. Involved with grievance procedure. Please state in each case whether the staff member is the complainant of the person accused of causing the grievance. 3. Involved with bullying and harassment procedure. Please state whether each person is the complainant or the person accused of bullying. 4. Subject to capability procedure. 5. Lodging employment tribunal claims. Number of those that were upheld (if known). 6. Made redundant Please also break the figures down into the number and % of (a)BME staff and (b) white staff who are involved with each of the above procedures.

D Total job applicants, the % and number of those who were BME, the % and number of shortlisted candidates who were BME and the % and number of appointed applicants who were BME E The % of BME and white staff promoted and receiving training and development. F Please provide evidence of: 1. * Assessment and monitoring of all policies for any adverse impact on the promotion of race equality * Monitoring of BME staff in post and the number of BME staff for employment, training and promotion. * Monitoring of BME staff who benefit or suffer detriment as a result of performance assessment procedures * Monitoring of BME staff subjected to grievance and/or disciplinary procedures * Publication of the number of BME staff that cease employment annually 2. * BME staff are provided with opportunities for professional training, secondments and shadowing for career development * Under-representation of the uptake of professional training by BME staff are being addressed at all levels * Mentoring scheme provided by senior leaders for BME staff * Processes are in place for tracking the career progression of BME staff 3. * BME population is accessing services equitably * Action taken where services are not accessed equitably by the BME populations * Consultation with BME communities regarding services provided/service changes * Provision of interpreting services for BME patients whose first language is not English. * Is ethnic monitoring data collected for ALL patients? * Health needs assessments of BME communities * Published Race Equality Scheme Please let me know at the earliest opportunity whether any of the above information may be subject to exemptions so I can adjust my request accordingly, if necessary. Response The Trust data is extracted from the NHS Information Centre/iView/Staff in Post report, which is sourced from Electronic Staff Records Data Warehouse. The data is accurate to June 2008. The population data for West Midlands Ambulance Service NHS Trust is sourced from the Office for National Statistics (9th November 2004)). All figures have been rounded to the nearest 5.

The request for Section ‘A’ is covered by the Ethnicity – ONS and the IC Ethnicity spreadsheet, which are attached and marked as appendices 1 & 2 respectively. The request for section ‘B’ is covered by the IC Ethnicity by Occupation Code and the IC Ethnicity by AFC Band spreadsheets, which are attached and marked as appendices 3 & 4 respectively. Executives fall into the Administration and Estates Staff (Senior Manager) category where all staff are either noted as white or unknown-not stated. The Non Executives are covered by the General Payments category again figures are rounded up to the nearest 5. Please see attached xls file marked appendix 5 Please see attached xls file marked appendix 6

We do not keep statististics on this.
Please go to our web site click publications and you will find our Race and Equality scheme and the processes it contains. We do track careers pathways of all our employees but this is not a formalised process Any persons who calls for an ambulance will receive one N/A As the Primary care Trust’s are our commissioners they would under take the above and then inform us of any relevant requirements. Each vehicle is equipped with booklets containing several different languages to enable the crews to communicate when circumstances require it. Also see appendix 7 Monitoring is carried out by Hospital Trusts not the Ambulance Service. N/A Please go to our web site click publications and you will find our Race and Equality scheme and the processes it contains.