Global Health Expansion Project by cometjunkie42


									                                                                            P. Kerry Brewer
                                                                        Federation EIL intern
                                                                                   June 2008

                       Global Health Expansion Project: Overview

         Federation EIL through Volunteers for International Partnership currently places
volunteers in 14 countries working in a variety of placements such as health, social services,
environment and education. Volunteers work with local communities on service projects
while staying with a host family and participating in language learning. While the current
placements succeed in matching willing people with meaningful work that meet the needs of
local communities, VIP strives to frequently evaluate its membership organizations, central
administration, projects, and volunteers. Seeking to be a model for international volunteer
organizations, recruit a high quantity and quality of volunteers and ensure that pertinent
global issues are being addressed, VIP is currently conducting a research project leading to
the expansion of its global health placements.
         Health is increasing recognized as a fundamental human right for all and yet billions
of people directly suffer from poor health or life circumstances that increase their risk for
illness. Infectious diseases, once believed to be under control with the advent of modern
medicine have had a resurgence in recent decades with the pandemics such HIV/AIDS, TB,
and malaria. In addition, noncommunicable diseases such as heart disease and diabetes are
increasing worldwide because of longer life expectancies and changes in lifestyle. The
majority of infectious disease occurs in the developing world due to poverty, inequality, and
lack of health care access. These countries are often affected by a double burden of disease as
noncommunicable diseases continue to rise in prevalence with the adoption of western diets
and more sedentary lifestyles. While the world is globalizing and modernizing, the gap
between the rich and the poor both within and between countries is growing with
consequences to population health.
         Global health initiatives are gaining more awareness with more people, more money,
more time and more effort being focused on health prevention and treatment around the
world. Many NGOs armed with eager volunteers, monetary aid, and well-researched health
interventions are working in their own community or communities abroad to improve living
conditions that are linked to health risk, provide health education or assist with health care.
Similarly, VIP hopes to be a liaison between skilled and unskilled volunteers interested in the
health sector and communities in need of health services. VIP offers several global health
opportunities for volunteers including working in a rural hospital in Chile, teaching health
education in Ecuador, and implementing adolescent reproductive health programs in Nigeria
to name a few.
         VIP plans to evaluate and expand global health placements already in existence while
building additional opportunities available to our volunteers in this important field. This
paper provides an outline of the Global Health Expansion Project developed by an intern
during the summer of 2008. A master’s student at the School of Public Health at the
University of North Carolina Chapel Hill is working in conjunction with Ilene Todd,
Federation EIL director, to develop the necessary steps from research to volunteer
recruitment to project implementation. The outline below provides distinct goals for the
project with smaller objectives for each and the method(s) for achieving these goals. In this
way, what cannot be accomplished in one 3 month period can be easily understood and
continued at a later time by another person. In addition, all materials produced by this
internship as part of the Global Health Expansion Project will be readily available to all
interested Federation EIL membership organizations to be used in any way applicable.

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