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									Red Bluff Police Department April – June 2009 Quarterly Report
The Second Quarter of 2009 has proven to be busy and challenging. Staff continue to meet all challenges with dedication and professionalism. The Department was faced with many significant cases, which included armed robberies, several stabbing cases as well as some significant sexual assaults. During the month of May, (4) four officers were involved in an „Officer Involved Shooting,‟ which created its own challenges. The officers in this event were placed on Administrative Leave following this event, which is standard protocol and should not be any reflection of the officers. Each officer returned to work within a week and are doing well. Events like this as well as the significant cases previously mentioned are a significant drain on Department resources and staff time. Additional Details of this event and these cases are highlighted at the back of this report.

Operations Division:
During this quarter, the Operations Division continued to handle calls for service with one vacant position (vacant since 2008). Staff assigned to the Operations Division are the uniformed Police Officers and Dispatchers. These professionals handled more than 7,000 calls for services during this quarter. See below. Typically, there are 1-2 Dispatchers assigned during peak periods along with (1) Sergeant and (3) officers. Due to some of the budget and staffing constraints, some shifts were handled with minimum staffing levels set at (1) Sergeant and (2) Officers. All officers and sergeants are still very active in the Community Policing and Problem Solving Programs. These activities are detailed in this report by Patrol Sergeants in the section(s) entitled Areas of Responsibility/ Neighborhood Watch. The members of the Operations Division are doing a great job of providing police services that is in keeping with the Department‟s Mission Statement.

Red Bluff Police Department Incidents Red Bluff 911 Medical Transfer Calls TOTAL CAD INCIDENTS

2009 1st Quarter
7980 448 8,428

2009 2nd Quarter
8045 443 8,488

Adults Juveniles TOTAL ARRESTS Total Traffic Citations/Arrests

2009 1st Quarter
328 47 375 753

2009 2nd Quarter
332 63 395 605

Police Communications
***As Reported by Police Communications Supervisor Cindee Spurgeon*** In addition to receiving and dispatching the calls shown below, Dispatch was responsible for transferring all calls for service into Computer Aided Dispatch. Dispatchers also completed data entry into the Records Management System (RMS) for 1,114 new reports during this quarter (this total does not include the supplemental reports which were keyed also). Dispatch continued to assist with the Records staffing shortage by answering all incoming phone calls during the day, helping more individuals at the front counter due to shortened business hours, entering all citations into an Excel spreadsheet, checking reports for accuracy, and transferring narratives to reports. Calls Type 911 Landline Calls 911 Cell Calls Total Emergency Calls Total Calls for Service 1st Quarter 2009 751 385 1136 8428 2nd Quarter 2009 883 431 1314 8488

The Dispatch Center upgrade gained momentum during this quarter. After the State authorized the funding for the upgrade in March, preparations were made for the new equipment. The old flooring was ripped out of the Center, several bookcases were taken out, and the dispatch furniture was dismantled. AT&T and APEX moved dispatch to the front office area where dispatchers spent two weeks while the final stages of the upgrade occurred. First, Dale‟s Carpet & Design laid the new flooring in the second week in May. On May 19th, the Wright Line furniture was delivered and all three workstations were installed. AT&T had been completing backroom upgrades for approximately two months prior to our cut over date of May 28th. May 28th arrived and the AT&T team cut over one station at a time. With the exception of a few minor problems, the cut over went smoothly, considering the complexity of the upgrade. System acceptance began on June 16th and after the system has run 240 consecutive hours as outlined in the Scope of Work, final paperwork can be completed. The upgraded equipment will allow this Dispatch Center to accept wireless calls directly, rather than route them first through Redding CHP. CHP has already made programming changes and is now transferring wireless calls via our E-9-1-1 trunk lines. This allows the capture of ANI (automated number index) from the wireless caller and the location of the closest cell tower to the signal. Eventually, through the GIS (global information system) project, we will add a mapping product which will populate the latitude and longitude received during the wireless call.

Dispatch Remodel

Areas of Responsibility & Neighborhood Watch
Random Citizen Contacts Neighborhood Watch Meetings Community/School Presentations

Area #1 Area #2 Area #3 Area #4 Area #5

2nd Quarter 2009 12 15 18 6 16

2nd Quarter 2009 3 1 0 1 3

2nd Quarter 2009 1 0 1 1 3

Area One
***As reported by Sgt. Flowerdew*** Sergeant Dan Flowerdew, Officer Marshall and Officer Fawnsworth are currently assigned to this Area. Area #1’s Neighborhood Watch/ Random Citizen Contact Program: April 24, 2009 – A neighborhood watch meeting was conducted at the Red Bluff Apartments by Sgt. Flowerdew. Approximately 6-adults and 1-juvenile attended this meeting. Topics covered were: Bicycle safety, rules of the road, pedestrian laws and discussion on the upcoming National Night Out in August.

Sgt. Flowerdew

April 24, 2009 – A neighborhood watch meeting was conducted at the Cabernet Apartments by Sgt. Flowerdew. Approximately 30 adults and 10 juveniles attended this meeting. Topics covered were: Bicycle safety, helmet laws, fire alarms and smoke detectors along with discussion on the upcoming National Night Out in August. May 4, 2009 - Officer Marshall attended a staff meeting at New Directions to Hope and discussed safety precautions when working late at night and while conducting home visits. June 29, 2009 - A neighborhood watch meeting was conducted at the Red Bluff Apartments by Officer Fawnsworth. Approximately 12 people attended this meeting. Topics covered were: Possible runaways in the area, why NOT to be afraid to report a crime to law enforcement and information that can assist law enforcement in locating reported suspects. The Random Citizen Contact Program has become a well established program and Officer Marshall and Officer Fawnsworth faithfully make a minimum of 2 random citizen contacts each month.

Area #1 Activity: Area 1 remains to be a very active area. During this quarter the following arrests and/or citations were issued:     19-arrests for drunk in public 3-arrests for burglary 15-arrests for various warrants 14-citations issued for drivers violations     5-arrests for drug offenses 10-DUI arrest 5-Misdemeanor arrests (misc. charges) 3-Felony arrests (misc. charges)


Area Two
***As reported by Sgt. Ortega*** In April, Officer Edwards contacted a female who resides on the 1400 block of Johnson Street. She advised everything in the neighborhood has been going well, but she notices high school students speeding in the area during lunch time. She does notice police vehicles patrolling in the area and said it makes a difference. In May, Officer Edwards contacted a female who resides on the 1300 block of Park Avenue. The female advised all is well in the area and she had no complaints. She believes the city of Red Bluff needs more activities for teenagers, but when asked if she had any ideas, she did not. In June, Officer Uribe contacted a male resident on the 1800 block of Luning Street. The male has noticed vandalism in the past and occasionally notices speeding vehicles. Officer Uribe also contacted a family on the 1200 block of Franklin Street. Officer Uribe told them about Neighborhood Watch. They were very excited about having a Neighborhood Watch group. In June, Officer Uribe held a Neighborhood Watch meeting with residents on the 1300 block of First Street. The turnout was small but the meeting went well. The residents want to have another meeting in the future with hopes of having a bigger turnout. Sgt. Ortega

City Of Red Bluff Police Zones

Area Three
***As reported by Sgt. Beeman*** Sergeant Jason Beeman, Officers Johnson, Fernandez and Rossi are currently assigned to this Area. Area #3’s Neighborhood Watch/ Random Citizen Contact Program: While the officers assigned to this area completed several random citizen contacts during this time period, no neighborhood watch meetings were done during this quarter. Sgt. Beeman However, Officer Johnson spent much of this quarter organizing a meeting for the local bar owners. This meeting, which took place on July 1st, was very successful and will be included in next quarter‟s report. Officers made contact with all of the area watch captains during this quarter and confirmed things were well in the areas. Currently, there are four neighborhood watch groups in this area and Officer Rossi has been working with the Bayless Apartment‟s management to organize a fifth. Plans are in the works to have several Neighborhood Watch meetings for National Night Out. On June 9, 2009, Officer Johnson went to Bidwell School and talked with six different classes. Officer Johnson spoke for approximately 15 to 20 minutes in each classroom and handed out police trading cards to everyone. There was a lot of positive interaction and questions by all the children. This had a positive impact on the children and with the school.

Ofc. Johnson at Bidwell School

Area Four
***As reported by Sgt. Graham*** Sergeant Graham, Officer Souza and Officer Murray are assigned to Area Four. Neighborhood Watch / Community Presentations: Officer Souza and Sergeant Graham conducted a neighborhood watch meeting at the Flying “A” Trailer Park, located at 165 South Main Street. Approximately nineteen Sgt. Graham adults and children participated in the meeting. This meeting was significant because it took several months of planning and the Flying “A” has a high rate of disturbance related calls. The citizens who participated have a goal of making the Flying “A” a safer place for them to live. Officer Souza spoke about bicycle laws and safety. She also explained how citizens could better protect their home and vehicles from theft by simply locking doors and securing windows. Questions ranging from loose

dog complaints to what to do about suspicious people in the area were answered. Plans are in the works for meeting during the National Night Out scheduled for August 4, 2009. On June 1, 2009, Sergeant Graham and Detective Hale gave an Active Shooter power point presentation at Vista School. Approximately 25-30 staff members attended and were able to ask questions after the power point was over. This presentation was given in order to communicate law enforcement‟s response to such events with school officials. Random Citizen Contacts: Officer Souza contacted two citizens, who were tending to their garden on the 500 block of Madison Street. The citizens explained to Officer Souza that they were growing vegetables and fruit to sell them as a second income. Officer Souza contacted a citizen, who was watering her front yard on the 1000 block of Ash Street. The citizen told Officer Souza that her neighborhood was quiet and probably one of the most “Boring” to live in due to the lack of activity. Officer Souza spoke to an employee of the USA gas station located on South Main Street. The employee told Officer Souza that things have been mellow at the gas station this year so far. Officer Murray contacted a citizen, who lives on the 500 block of Wernmark Way. The citizen told Officer Murray that his neighborhood was quiet and he had no complaints. Officer Murray contacted a citizen in the Riverside Plaza parking lot. Officer Murray spoke to the citizen about his repo business. The citizen lives in the county, but told Officer Murray that he had no complaints about Red Bluff.

Area Five
***As reported by Sgt. Busekist*** Sergeant Busekist, Officers Brown, Baxter and Randall are members of Area Five. Neighborhood Watch Meetings: During this quarter, the following Neighborhood Watch meetings/ School Presentations were conducted in Area Five: Sgt. Busekist May 20, 2009 - Sergeant Busekist spoke with Mr. Pritchard‟s high school ROP class regarding traffic related issues. There were approximately 15 students in this class.

May 21, 2009 - Officer Baxter scheduled a Neighborhood Watch meeting at the Vista Ridge Apartments. Unfortunately, nobody showed up for the meeting. Officer Baxter took this opportunity to speak with several parents and children in the playground of the apartment complex. Officer Baxter learned the only complaint the parents had was regarding noise complaints and traffic related issues. Officer Baxter informed the parents he would be conducting extra patrols in the area.

May 21, 2009 - Sergeant Busekist and Officer Johnson spoke to a kindergarten class at Metteer School. There were approximately twenty children in the class who got to see the officers‟ equipment and their police cars. June 25, 2009 - Officer Randall spoke with the employees at the Lassen House. This was an in-service training day for the employees. Officer Randall talked about the importance, responsibility and the legalities of reporting elder abuse. Officer Randall is planning another meeting at the Lassen house in August of 2009.

Lassen House

June 26, 2009 - Officer Baxter conducted a Neighborhood Watch meeting at the Phoenix Apartments, located at 1323 Deborah Drive. The main concern for the residents was thefts of gasoline and vandalisms occurring in the apartment complex. This was the first meeting at the complex and the residents seemed genuinely concerned for the apartment complex. Information concerning the thefts and vandalisms was forwarded to the patrol officers for extra patrol. Random Citizen Contact Program: This program was developed for the officers in the field to randomly contact citizens, who hadn’t called or summoned the police for assistance. The goal of the program is to reach citizens about complaints or issues they might have. These are issues the citizen might not feel are important enough to report to the Department. During this quarter, the officers assigned to Area Five made 16 random contacts. Here are some highlights from the contacts: Officer Baxter contacted an employee at the USA Gas Station on South Main Street and learned there have been homeless people in the area begging for money and other handouts. Officer Baxter also learned the business was having issues with juveniles attempting to purchase cigarettes. Officer Brown contacted a resident at the new apartment complex on Southridge Drive. The resident informed Officer Brown of a traffic complaint and added people were speeding in the area. Officer Baxter also conducted a random contact at the same apartment complex. He learned there had been several minor altercations at the apartment complex, but they hadn‟t been reported to the Police Department. The resident told Officer Baxter there has been an increase in the foot Traffic in the area as people are walking to the apartment complex located on Vista Way. Officer Baxter told the resident he would increase his patrolling in the area. Officer Baxter contacted a resident on Donita Drive who was concerned about speeding vehicles on Kimball Road near their subdivision along with vehicles four-wheeling in the vacant field across from Kimball Road. The above mentioned RCC’s seem minor in nature, but our department would never have known the problems existed without the random contacts.

The goal of training is to educate and develop our professional staff and to meet mandates based on state or federal laws as well as complying with POST guidelines. Budget constraints continued to cause the Department to postpone much of the necessary training until the new fiscal year. This deferral was necessary to meet the reduction of the Police Department‟s overtime budget. The following training continued to be deferred until after July 1, 2009: Firearms Training Arrest and Control (Defensive Tactics) Training Impact Weapons Training Less Lethal Launcher Training Taser Training Annual Vehicle Pursuit Update HazMat Training First Aid / CPR Training

The above denoted training domains are necessary to keep our police officers proficient as well as to meet state, federal and POST guideline or mandates. Trainings for this quarter consisted of the following:  Search Warrants – Detective Hale & SRO Coley (24-hours)  Training Management Systems – Admin. Assistant Farrah Morris (24-hours)  Basic Records – Records Specialist Jessica Hoehman (40-hours)  Strategic Planning for Administrators – Chief Paul Nanfito & Lt. Kyle Sanders (8-hours)  Cell Device Forensics – Detective Brett McAllister (32-hours)  Field Training Officer Update – Officer Gene Randall (24-hours)  Evidential Portable Alcohol Testing (EPAS) – Officer Aaron Murray (4-hours)  SBSLI – Sergeant Kevin Busekist (72-hours)

The Sherman Block Supervisory Leadership Institute (SBSLI) is designed to stimulate personal growth, leadership, and ethical decision making in California law enforcement front-line supervisors. SBSLI is an intense program where students are challenged to learn new ways to resolve issues through group and individual work. SBSLI is a significant commitment for the sergeant attending and also the Department for investing time and money in the development of our supervisors. Sgt. Kevin Busekist attended three 3- day sessions during this quarter. Daily Training Bulletins Officers continued to complete the monthly Daily Training Bulletins (DTB‟s), which they do while on their regular scheduled shifts. DTB‟s provide exposure to our Department‟s policies through scenario based training with real world application through a relatable written scenario. These monthly trainings are credited to 2 hours of training per month for each officer. On May 15, 2009 and May 16, 2009, representatives from Tehama County Health Services Agency (Mental Health Division) conducted briefing training with officers regarding procedural updates at Tehama County Mental Health and the Community Crisis Response Unit (CCRU). This training is another example of the Red Bluff Police Department and other agencies within our community working together for the common goal of bettering service to our community.

The Tehama Inter-Agency SWAT Team held two 8-hour training days this quarter. June‟s training was cancelled due to overtime budget constraints. In April the SWAT team conducted bi-annual certification with firearms qualification and physical fitness testing. The testing consisted of three separate physical fitness courses designed to test the team members strength and conditioning. Each member must pass the designated course within the time and specifications allowed by the Department. The last part of testing consists of weapons qualification on pre-designated courses of fire. Each member must pass with a score of 90% or better on each weapon system. In May, SWAT team members met at PJ Helicopters in Red Bluff to recertify on helicopter short haul training through the Department of Justice. Only previously certified team members were eligible to attend training. Short-haul training is the process of transporting one or more persons suspended by a special “short-haul rope” beneath a helicopter for evacuation or law enforcement purposes. The SWAT team was not called out to assist on any incidents during this quarter.

Special Events
During this quarter, there were two special events in Red Bluff. The first was the annual Red Bluff Round-Up held on April 18, 19 and 20th. During this three day event, officers worked the main gate of the Tehama County Fairgrounds to ensure all spectators reached their destination safely while maintaining the traffic flow on Antelope Boulevard. On April 18, 2009, the annual Red Bluff Round-Up parade was held. The parade started at Madison Street at Oak Street and traveled down Walnut Street to Main Street. The parade continued south on Main Street. This was the first year the parade was terminated at Ash Street. This change allowed Willow Street to remain open to through traffic which relieved traffic and pedestrian congestion in other parts of the parade route. In addition to the congestion issues, the change also assisted in providing additional safety for entries as the parade terminated in the already closed portion of Ash Street. This change also reduced the personnel required for this event by two or three.

2009 Special Event Overtime Expenditures Red Bluff Round-up
(2) Sergeants (3) CSO’s (1) Dispatcher (6) Officers (1) Detective Total Overtime 45 hours 60.5 hours 1.5 hours 81.5 hours 8 hours 196.75 hours $2,100.15 $1,273.59 $37.85 $2,645.29 $328.24 $6,385.12

The second special event this quarter was the fifth annual Civil War Days held April 24 – April 26, at Dog Island Park. The event was a success and no problems were reported to the Police Department. On Friday April 24, 2009, approximately 850 students from Red Bluff area schools watched the reenactment.

Bicycle Safety / Traffic Enforcement
The Police Department and its members made a concerted effort to promote bicycle safety and conduct focused traffic enforcement during this quarter. The following information is a brief synopsis of some of the activities toward that effort:

During the month of May, the Police Department conducted saturation patrols in an on-going effort to reduce the number of bicycle and pedestrian collisions in the City of Red Bluff. Officers focused on pedestrian right of way and bicycle violations but also included speeding, juvenile bicycle helmet compliance and other moving violations.

Bicycle Safety Class

Taught by Ofc. Marshall During this saturation period, more than 21 citations were issued to motorists for failure to yield the right of way including 7 citations for failure to yield to pedestrians in crosswalks. Officers also issued 45 citations for speeding. As for juvenile bicycle violations, approximately 25 juveniles were cited to the Red Bluff Police Department bicycle safety class for various infractions including helmet, equipment and moving violations.

In our ongoing effort to improve traffic and bicycle related safety, one patrol officer was assigned to specifically focus on traffic enforcement for a two week period from 5-16-09 through 5-29-09. The following traffic citations were issued by the assigned officer (Officer Marshall) during this two week traffic enforcement detail:
Citations Issued by a Designated Traffic Officer (Between 5/16/09 -5/29/09) Moving Violations (Speed, Stop Sign, Fail to yield, etc.) Unlicensed or Suspended License Uninsured Motorists Seatbelt Violations Equipment Violations Miscellaneous Violations (Unsafe Load, Cell Phone, Exp. Registration, etc.) Total Citations 33 2 5 5 7 14 66

Bicycle Rodeo

Enforcement of traffic laws are only one aspect of the Police Department‟s commitment to reducing bicycle and pedestrian related collisions. The Department also offers a bicycle safety class geared towards juveniles between the ages of 8 and 15. The officers teach the youth how to safely ride their bikes, how to avoid being injured in a bicycle related accident and the importance of always wearing a helmet. This is the class juveniles are required to attend when they are cited for bicycle related violations, but it is also open to anyone who would like to attend. The Police Department also continued its bicycle helmet program (made possible by several donations) wherein anyone who cannot afford a helmet for their child is encouraged to come to the Police Department for a free helmet. Our hope is to see every child wearing a helmet while riding their bike. The following are some of the contributions and efforts made to improve bicycle safety: April of 2009 - The Red Bluff Police Officers Association donated $300.00 to the Police Department to purchase bicycle helmets. This was done after a Red Bluff youth, who was not wearing a helmet, was tragically killed during a bicycle accident in the City of Red Bluff. The Department was able to purchase 42 helmets that will be given away to children who don‟t have the ability to purchase their own. May 16, 2009 - Officer Marshall and CSO Curl conducted a bicycle safety rodeo at Jackson Heights School. Thirty nine children attended the rodeo and completed the safety course. School officials gave away 22 helmets and the Police Department gave away four helmets to children who didn‟t have one. May 29, 2009 - Wal-Mart donated $1000.00 to the Police Activities League (PAL) to purchase bicycle helmets for the children of our community. Officer Marshall accepted this donation on behalf of PAL. June 6, 2009 - Officer Johnson and CSO Robbins conducted a bicycle safety rodeo at McDonald‟s. Nineteen children attended the rodeo and made their way through the maze of orange cones in the parking lot. Officer Johnson also provided eight helmets to children who didn‟t have one. June 27, 2009 - Officer Marshall conducted two bicycle safety classes at the Police Department. A total of 25 children attended the classes. The children who attended this safety class were previously contacted by a police officer and found to have violated a vehicle code section while on their bicycle (no helmet, riding on the wrong side of the roadway, failing to stop for stop signs or lights, etc). The intent of the program is to teach children the basic rules of the road and laws governing bicycle operation while keeping the children out of the courtroom. Officer Marshall also provided five children with helmets at this class.

Bicycle Helmet Give Away Program Helmets Given at Bicycle Rodeos Helmets Given by Officers on Patrol Total Bicycle Helmets Given to Children

Bicycle Helmets Given Away 2nd Quarter 2009 26 11 37

Avoid the Five (DUI Task Force)
Avoid the Five is a multi-agency task force comprised of five law enforcement agencies; Red Bluff Police Department, Corning Police Department, Tehama County Sheriff‟s Department, California Highway Patrol and the Tehama County District Attorney‟s Office Bureau of Investigations. This task force is grant funded by the California Office of Traffic Safety and managed by the Corning Police Department. Since it is a county-wide task force the participating agencies patrol different areas of the county each month. The Red Bluff Police Department contributes one officer each time the task force operates within Tehama County.   On May 1, 2009, Officer Brown participated in roving DUI enforcement in the northern portion of Tehama County. Officer Brown conducted eight traffic stops and no DUI‟s were identified. On May 22, 2009, Officer Souza participated in a DUI checkpoint in the City of Red Bluff with the other Avoid the Five members. No DUI arrests were made. On June 5, 2009, Officer Brown participated in roving DUI enforcement in the City of Corning. Officer Brown conducted sixteen traffic stops, arresting one motorist for DUI and citing another for driving without a valid license.


Officer Mike Brown was recognized by the California Chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) in Sacramento, CA on April 18, 2009 for making 38 DUI arrests in 2008. He was awarded a plaque and a service ribbon in recognition for his efforts in DUI enforcement.

Support / Special Services Division
As reported by Lt. Kyle Sanders

The Investigations Unit remained active throughout this quarter having received 60 new cases for follow up investigation as well as 87 suspected child abuse cross reports from Child Protective Services. Detectives also spent a considerable time searching for an absconded parolee who was reportedly armed with a firearm and committing numerous violent crimes within the City and County. As a result, Detectives dedicated much of their time during a two week period to locating and arresting the targeted parolee. A variety of investigative techniques were utilized during this operation such as surveillance and parolee home searches. This operation resulted in a total of 9 arrests (8 of whom were parolees), including the capture of the targeted parolee. The following is a list of the key events in this operation:

Detective Time Analysis (Hours per Activity) April 4, 2009 - June 26, 2009
328.5 213 100 10 71 98 88 8 71 18 76 5



56 2.5



RBPD Detectives Arrest (8) Parolee’s During a Two Week Period: April 1, 2009 – A male parolee was arrested during surveillance of a possible target residence. This suspect had been absconding from parole since his release from prison. He was also arrested for possession of Methamphetamine and Paraphernalia. April 1, 2009 – A female parolee was arrested during surveillance of a possible target residence. She had been absconding from parole for several weeks. She was also charged with possession of drugs and paraphernalia. April 7, 2009 – A male parolee was arrested during a contact at his residence during an attempt to locate the primary target. A known associate of the target, this parolee was arrested for parole violation due to having a firearm and other weapons inside his residence.

April 7, 2009 – A male parolee was arrested when found hiding inside another parolee‟s residence. This parolee had been absconding from parole since he had been involved in a vehicle pursuit where a firearm was located inside his vehicle. He was also arrested for providing false information to a peace officer and for obstruction of justice. April 7, 2009 – A male parolee was arrested for parole violation after being found hiding in another parolee‟s home during a search for the targeted parolee. April 8, 2009 – A male parolee, who was known to provide transportation for the targeted parolee, was arrested for parole violation, along with charges for possession and transportation of Methamphetamine. Additionally, a search of this suspect‟s vehicle revealed several items that suggested he had burglarized an unknown residence. April 14, 2009 – A male was arrested at his residence in Proberta when Detectives and TCSO Deputies searched his residence for the targeted parolee. The male was arrested on a $10,000 warrant. April 14, 2009 – Information was received that the targeted parolee was inside a residence on Cedar Street. Red Bluff Police Officers and Detectives and TCSO Deputies surrounded the home and ultimately forced entry into the residence. The targeted parolee and another male parolee were both found hiding inside and were arrested for parole violation.

Percentage of Hours by Activity
Crimes Against Missing Persons Cases 1% Property 8%

April 4, 2009 - June 26, 2009 Cover Detective
6% Report Writing 17% Email & Phone Messages 8%

Crimes Against Persons 26%

Lunch & Break Time Court 7% 1% Patrol Assistance 6% CPS / APS

Other Activity BackGround 1% Investigations 0% Meetings Outside Training 1% 4%

Assisting Other In House Training Planned Warrant Agencies 2% Service 6% 0% 290/Gang Sweeps 4%

Cross Reports 1%

Violence Suppression Unit
After an apparent spike in violent crime (robberies and assaults with a deadly weapon) near the end of March and beginning of April, the Department formulated a plan to combat and reduce the violence. The plan resulted in the creation of what came to be termed the “Violence Suppression Unit.” This unit is comprised of one patrol officer and one detective who modify their shifts to work a special detail during nighttime hours when the majority of violence was occurring. Specific locations were identified as areas for the VSU to conduct a combination of surveillance, foot patrols, unmarked vehicle patrols as well as enforcement while in plain clothes (not readily recognized as police officers). The primary objective of VSU was to identify and deal with problem areas or individuals in an effort to disrupt illegal and or violent behavior. The drawback of this plan was a detective would not be available to work their regular case assignments and the patrol shift would be short an officer to handle calls for service. The VSU was only able to deploy one time this quarter due to overtime budget constraints.

Sexual Assault Felony Enforcement (SAFE)
The Police Department continued its participation in the SAFE grant through the Investigations Unit. Through SAFE, sex offenders are contacted at their homes in order to ensure they are complying with their requirements to register as sex offenders. One compliance sweep was conducted this quarter (June 6, 2009) targeting 20 registered sex offenders. All were found to be in compliance with their registration and or parole conditions except for one offender located near the City Park playground and he was subsequently arrested for violation of his parole conditions.

Red Bluff City Park

Tehama Interagency Drug Enforcement (TIDE)
The Department continued to dedicate one sworn officer to the countywide drug taskforce, TIDE. TIDE was exceptionally busy this quarter with the most significant event being the culmination of Operation Black Ice, which was a 10-month narcotics investigation that ended with a total of 63 drug dealers being arrested. More than 100 officers from 17 local, state and federal agencies participated in this operation.

Confiscated property from Operation Black Ice

During this quarter the Records Unit processed over 1,100 reports which included preparing files for each case, preparing working files for Patrol and Detectives and preparing paperwork for the Court and District Attorney and other allied agencies. The Records Unit prepared 35 photo lineups to help investigators and officers identify suspects. The Records Unit processed 72 sets of registration paperwork for sex offenders who are required to register with law enforcement. This includes new registrants moving to our jurisdiction, registrants leaving our jurisdiction, registrants Records Specialist Jessica Hoehman

complying with their annual update, registrants moving to a new location within Red Bluff and registrants updating other information they are required to keep current with law enforcement. The Records Unit also processed 12 sets of paperwork for narcotics offenders and two arson registrants. Curtis Pry, the ROP student who assisted us for most of this quarter graduated from Foothill High School in June. He registered with the Job Training Center for the “Jumpstart 09” program under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Curtis was selected to participate in the program and he is now working for us through the Job Training Center until August 7, 2009. He has enabled us to keep up with all of duties of the Unit since we are still operating with one unfilled position.

Curtis Pry

Community Service Officers
The Community Services Officers provide an enormously valuable contribution to the Department. One of their many responsibilities is the intake, storage and disposition of property and evidence. They are also the primary responders to animal related calls for service as well as towing of abandoned vehicles and other parking violations. Additionally, they are charged with handling vehicle maintenance, completing basic police reports, and the purchasing of numerous goods and equipment for the organization. The following graph shows some of the statistical data associated with a few of their duties: Call Type Total Calls for Service Animal Related Calls Traffic Complaints Parking Citations Issued Abandoned Vehicles Towed Evidence Items Logged Into Storage Evidence Items Purged 1st Quarter 2009 540 124 53 173 13 694 279 2nd Quarter 2009 665 143 63 77 13 580 773

High Profile, Significant or High Risk Incidents
April 3, 2009 - Officers were sent to the 1100 block of Walnut Street for a robbery that just occurred. The victim reported he was walking near Brickyard Creek when an unknown person struck him in the head repeatedly. The victim's wallet was taken and the suspect ran into the creek bed leaving the area on foot. The suspect obtained an undetermined amount of money and personal items from the victim who sustained moderate contusions to his head and face. April 3, 2009 - Officers responded to Northstate RV & Car Wash on Sale Lane for a robbery that just occurred. Officers contacted three male adults and one female adult who reported they were the victims of a robbery / brandishing of a firearm. The victims were held at "gun-point" after being approached by a male in a vehicle. The suspect threatened the victims with the firearm and demanded their property. The suspect fled the area in his vehicle with an undetermined amount of money. April 11, 2009 - St. Elizabeth‟s Hospital reported they were treating a 21 year old male victim of a stabbing. Officers contacted the victim who was being treated for a stab wound to the left side of his back. The victim reported he was stabbed during an argument and fight while in the parking lot of the Brickyard Creek Apartments. The suspect fled the scene. The victim was treated and released for his injury. April 11, 2009 - Officers were sent to the 900 block of Walnut Street for a physical disturbance and contacted a 44 year old male who had been stabbed in the back. Witnesses reported an argument involving 10 or more persons evolved into several people physically fighting. During the fight, three people brandished knives and the victim was stabbed in the back by one of the suspects. The victim was transported to St. Elizabeth Hospital and later to Mercy Medical Center in Redding for surgery. Multiple suspects are believed to be involved in this incident and the case continues to be under investigation. April 14, 2009 - Officers responded to a reported vehicle versus bicyclist collision on the 1100 block of Aloha Street. Upon arrival, Officers located a 2001 Dodge pickup in the roadway with a 10-yearold boy pinned underneath. Red Bluff Fire Department personnel arrived shortly thereafter and were able to free the boy from underneath the pickup. The boy received major injuries and ultimately died as a result. During the investigation, it was learned the driver of the pickup was travelling westbound on Aloha Street when the 10year-old boy, who was not wearing a helmet, rode his bike into the path of her vehicle. The boy and his bike were struck, causing the boy to fall underneath and become pinned under the truck. April 24, 2009 – A call of an ATV on fire led Officers to the field located west of Sacred Heart School. A records check revealed the ATV (all terrain vehicle, 4-wheeler) was registered to the Department of Water Resources and was reported stolen. May 5, 2009 - Officers responded to a stabbing on the 600 block of Main Street where it was learned one man was stabbed during a fight. While at the scene where there were several people around, an officer was assaulted by a woman. As a result of the investigation, a man was booked for assault with a deadly weapon and the woman who assaulted the officer was arrested for battery on a peace officer. The stabbing victim was expected to fully recover from his injuries. May 21, 2009 - The RBPD School Resource Officer investigated an alleged incident in which a 15-yearold boy sexually assaulted a 15-year-old girl while the two were at a residence near the high school. The boy was arrested for forcible sex acts with a minor and false imprisonment. May 25, 2009 - A Red Bluff male was assaulted with a board while standing in the Cinderella Motel parking lot. The suspect was located in the area and later booked into the Tehama County jail for assault with a deadly weapon.

May 29 2009 - Officers responded to a physical altercation on Park Avenue where a man and woman were physically fighting with each other. At some point during the altercation, a neighbor attacked the man with a baseball bat. The case was referred to the District Attorney‟s Office for review. June 1, 2009 - The Police Department received a report of an alleged rape that had just occurred at a motel on the 1100 block of Montgomery Road. The 21-year-old female victim reported she had been sexually assaulted by an acquaintance. While inside a motel room, the suspect forced the victim into the bathroom and raped her. The suspect was located in Redding and with assistance of the Redding Police Department, was arrested and later booked into the Tehama County Jail on charges of Rape and False Imprisonment. June 6, 2009 - While on routine patrol, Officers came upon a disturbance at the Palomino Room bar (723 Main Street). The disturbance involved multiple suspects who were involved in a physical fight during which one person was stabbed in the hand and shoulder with a knife. As officers intervened, one of the suspects battered an officer and a deputy while they were arresting another suspect involved in the disturbance. As a result, one suspect was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon and a parole violation. Another suspect was arrested for public intoxication and resisting a peace officer while a third suspect was arrested for two counts of battery on a peace officer. June 7, 2009 - A be on the lookout (BOLO) notice regarding a carjacking that had occurred in the Bend area of Tehama County was read during briefing. The BOLO indicated a blue Honda Civic was stolen during a carjacking by suspects armed with a handgun. While patrolling, Officer Murray located the

vehicle and confronted the suspects at gun point. One of two suspects was taken into custody at which time a loaded firearm was removed from the suspect‟s waist. The recovered stolen vehicle was turned over to the Sheriff‟s Department for their investigation. The suspect was booked for numerous charges including carjacking and kidnapping. June 10, 2009 - Officers were dispatched to WalMart regarding a suspicious briefcase, which had been located in the parking lot. Officers found the briefcase near a cart return bin in front of the store entrance. Due to the suspicious nature of the briefcase, the parking lot was cordoned off. WalMart staff voluntarily evacuated the store which remained closed until the incident was over. The Shasta County Bomb Squad arrived later that evening and determined the briefcase was empty. June 14, 2009 - Officers attempted to stop a vehicle for a traffic violation, but the driver refused to stop and a short pursuit ensued. At the termination of the pursuit, the driver and passenger fled on foot. As this was occurring, it was learned the vehicle was stolen. Officers were able to apprehend both the driver and passenger. The driver was arrested for possession of stolen property, evading a police officer and obstructing an officer. The passenger was arrested for obstructing an officer and for violating parole. June 14, 2009 - Two men were arrested after fleeing on foot from an officer during a traffic stop on the 1500 block of Second Street. Officers discovered that the Toyota driven by one of the suspects had been reported as stolen out of Corning. The suspects were booked for possession of stolen property, resisting an officer and violation of parole. The Toyota was returned to its owner.

Officer Involved Shooting Incident
May 26, 2009 - At approximately 1:06 AM the Police Department received a call from a female who indicated her estranged boyfriend was coming to her apartment to hurt himself. Officers responded to the apartment complex at 14 Duncan Road and discovered a male outside the female‟s apartment. The man was armed with a handgun and was threatening to harm himself. While officers were trying to communicate with the man, he pointed the gun at officers. An officer fired bean bag rounds at the man, but they were ineffective. One of the Officers discharged his firearm and the man was struck at least twice. The man was transported by ambulance to St. Elizabeth Hospital and later to Mercy Hospital in Redding for non-life threatening wounds. On June 1, 2009, an arrest warrant was issued for the suspect and he was arrested at Mercy Hospital and subsequently booked at the Tehama County Jail for assault with a deadly weapon on a peace officer and possession of a prohibited weapon. Criminal and Forensic Investigators from the Department of Justice were contacted to assist with the investigation. Per Departmental protocol, the four involved officers were initially placed on paid administrative leave, but were quickly returned to duty as the investigation ensued. The following is a breakdown of overtime hours and expenses for Red Bluff Police Personnel as a result of the above described officer involved shooting:

Officer Involved Shooting Case Overtime
Personnel Dispatcher Detective # 3 Detective #3 Detective #1 Detective #2 Officer Involved Officer #1 Same as above same as above Involved Officer #2 same as above Sergeant same as above Involved Officer #3 same as above Officer Officer Involved Officer #4 same as above Officer CSO #1 Grand Total Hours: Grand Total $: Date 5/26/2009 5/26/2009 5/29/2009 6/1/2009 5/26/2009 5/26/2009 5/25/2009 6/1/2009 6/2/2009 5/26/2009 6/1/2009 5/27/2009 5/26/2009 5/26/2009 6/1/2009 5/25/2009 5/27/2009 5/25/2009 6/2/2009 5/26/2009 5/26/2009 OT hours 2.25 7.5 3 2.5 8 17.25 1.5 3 5.5 6 3 12 10 2 3 3 17 6 3 12 5 132.5 OT $ Total $55.46 $300.60 $120.24 $97.78 $305.44 $568.56 $71.63 $143.25 $262.63 $228.96 $114.48 $533.88 $444.90 $69.22 $103.83 $89.70 $603.16 $188.40 $94.20 $358.80 $118.75 $4,873.86 Comments Case Investigation OIS OIS Case Investigation OIS Replacement shift Case Investigation IA Interview Critical Incident Debrief Case Investigation IA Interview Replacement shift Replacement shift Case Investigation IA Interview Held over to assist at scene Replacement shift Case Investigation IA Interview Replacement shift OIS


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