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					Basic Word Activity

For this assignment, we'll practice using Word, using fonts and printing out a basic document. For this, your teacher will give you a specific assignment. 1. Open Word. (Hint: Go to Start Button, Click on Microsoft Word.) Suggestions:  Type the school heading or type a letter to Mayor Menino.  Type a paragraph about …  Type a letter to the Principal for supporting the TGH program.

2. Save the file.

3. Print out your document.


Pin the Label on the Computer!
It is time to test your knowledge on all of the computer parts that you have learned. Using the graphics, identify each part and find the corresponding label. Good Luck!!!












Can you match the computer parts to the labels?







___ 4 6 1




___ 8 3



















Can you match the computer parts to the labels?



3 6





8 2









Making Informed Computer Purchasing Decisions

We’ve talked about computer hardware components in class. Although it’s helpful to know these components to understand how a computer works, it is also very important to know these components when thinking about purchasing a computer. In this exercise, we’ll research one computer system available through Best Buy. If we looked at

In Best Buy’s weekly advertisement, they are selling a computer system for $579.97. That sounds like a great deal. The ad states that it comes with:       17” Flat Screen Monitor Color printer AMD Athlon processor 512 MB Memory 160 GB Hard Drive CD-RW and DVD Drive

What is listed in the ad, this machine sounds like a great deal. Everything is included (computer, printer, monitor) and it has a CD burner, separate DVD drive, large hard drive, and ample memory, all for $579. But there are also many important details left out of the ad. First, the $579 price is only available after several mail-in rebates, which means that it will cost $879 in the store and you will have to apply for all the rebates after the purchase (which take at least 6-8 to process). Other important information we need to know before proceeding:  What is the warranty on this system?  What operating system does it come with? What other software (i.e. Microsoft Office or Microsoft Works) is included?  What is the printer model? After all, not all printers are the same!  Is the monitor a flat-screen CRT monitor (the traditional bulky type) or a flat-panel LCD monitor (the space-saving, thin type)? The picture is unclear… My next step is to go to Best Buy’s website at to get more information on the system. Here’s what I found:

Making Informed Computer Purchasing Decisions

DVD-Rom Drive: The maximum read speed for this drive is 16x—this is an average read speed.

Operating System: MS Windows XP Home Edition is an acceptable operating system, but it is not as reliable as Windows XP Professional (which of course costs more).

Included Software: Much of the software listed (i.e. Apple iTunes, Adobe Acrobat) can be downloaded from the Internet for free. For an office suite, this system comes with Microsoft Works 8.0. This is not the same as Microsoft Office! Although Works contains many of the same elements as Office, it has fewer features and is not 100% compatible with Office programs (Word, Excel, PowerPoint). This might cause problems if you need to open a document on a different computer. MS Office Professional 2003 costs $500. Microsoft does offer student/teacher version of the software for $150 (it contains all of the Professional 2003 applications except Access and Publisher).


Making Informed Computer Purchasing Decisions

Monitor: The photo is still a little deceiving, but the listing mentions the letters CRT, which means the monitor is the traditionalstyle, big monitor.

Printer: It’s an HP DeskJet Color Printer, Model 3845. On the CNET website (a great resource to research computer and accessory prices, specs, reviews—, it is selling at an average of $80 and has received positive user opinions. The product details reveal that it prints at an average of 8 pages per minute in black text only and has maximum resolution of 4800 dpi X 1200 dpi for color printing. Overall, this looks like a decent printer.

Warranty: 1 year limited on parts and labor. A limited warranty means that the warranty has conditions or restrictions about what will be covered. Also, 1 year is not a very long time to cover any potential computer malfunctions. To upgrade to a 3-year warranty, the cost is $149.

Network Card: Most computers come with one of these built-in (necessary for high speed Internet access through a DSL or cable modem). This computer does have one.

CD Burner: The burner reads at writes at 48x (an acceptable speed—max speeds are at 52x) and rewrites at 32x.


Making Informed Computer Purchasing Decisions

Other factors to consider when making a decision:  Space If you have limited desk space for a computer, you may want to consider spending the extra $150-200 to upgrade to a flat-panel LCD monitor.

 Computer Use: Hard Drive Space If you only intend to use the computer for homework, word processing, email, and web surfing, you will not need a big hard drive—a 40 GB hard drive might be more than adequate! This system came with 160 GB, which would only be necessary for saving huge libraries of music, pictures, and videos on your PC! Choosing the right storage drive(s)  CD If you want to make your own music CDs for yourself or friends, then you will definitely want a CD-RW drive. This is a standard feature in most computers today.  DVD If you want to be able to watch movies on your computer, then you will want to make sure that your PC has a DVD-ROM drive.  CD-RW/DVD Often, PCs come with CD-RW/DVD-ROM combo drives, which means that the same drive can play and burn CDs and play DVDs. DVD-ROM drives are fairly affordable on their own and shouldn’t add more than $30-40 to the system cost. If creating and/or copying movies is important to you, then you will want to add a DVD-RW to your system. This will add about $100 to the system cost.

Final assessment: Any computer purchase should involve looking at the system details and understanding what is included (and not included) with the purchase price. Here, we examined the details that are not often listed in a computer ad, but have a big impact on the system’s price and the quality of what you are receiving for your money. Adding a decent warranty (3-year) and MS Office software (the student/teacher version) will increase the purchase price of this HP system by $300, which has a big impact on how ‘good’ the deal actually is.


Computer Purchasing Worksheet

Use the following table to compare the specifications for 3 computer systems. Use the Best Buy weekly advertisement given to you by your instructor and their website ( to find the appropriate details.

Computer Name Price After Rebates Price Before Rebates Processor Type & Speed Memory Installed Hard Drive Size CD Drive Type DVD Drive Type Network Card Monitor Type & Size Printer Model Operating System Software Included


Open Response Assignment

In this activity, we'll use more Word functions to create and print out a basic document. For this, your teacher will have you write an open-ended response to a classroom reading. You will then type it in Word and format it using the features that you have learned.

1. Open Word. (Hint: Go to Start Button, Click on Microsoft Word.)

 Type your response.  Format your response.

2. Save the file as Open Response (Your name).

3. Print out your document.


Tips for answering open response questions

Did I…

 Begin with a powerful introduction?  Try to restate the question to begin my answer.  Use appropriate vocabulary to express knowledge in subject area?  Include full details and explanations? Instead of broad descriptions, give specific relevant examples. For example, students should give evidence or data collected from the lesson. When asked for a table, students should design an organized table with proper titles.  Remember that any piece of information associated with the problem is beneficial?  Include transition words like first, then, finally etc. to organize my paragraph?  Wrap up my paragraph with a conclusion?  Center and underline the title?  Bold my key words in a color other than black?  Italicize any definitions?  Use the spelling and grammar check on the tool bar?


Suggested Language Arts Open Response Activity – Middle/High School

Write a basic introductory paragraph for a novel using the following structure:  Lead to catch the reader’s attention  Background info: title, author, genre  Setting time and place  Who are the main characters?  Thesis statement

(picture taken from

For example: A scream pierced the night as the young boy called out in agony. In a ―Child Called It‖ Dave Pelzer tells his autobiographical story of pain and torture. This autobiography takes place in California in 1970s. His mother abuses Dave Pelzer while his father and brothers look on. Dave learns that his mother will not change and that he needs to reach out for help, and does.


Suggested Science Open Response Questions – Middle School


Explain four possible reasons why Boston and Chicago, with roughly the same latitude, can have very different average temperatures, precipitation, and overall weather patterns.

PROBLEM 2 What is The Big Bang?  When was this first proposed?  What does it exactly mean?  What are the evidences for this theory?]  Are there any new theories that disprove or further prove The Big Bang?  Is there any connection to the Big Bang and other events (e.g. Black Holes, Dark Matter, etc.)?

PROBLEM 3 Explain how a specific plant and animal found in Boston are interrelated through the production and use of oxygen and carbon dioxide. Include at least one diagram or flowchart to explain your answer.

PROBLEM 4 How have rocks impacted our society? Where are examples of all three types of rocks (Igneous, Metamorphic, Sedimentary) being put to use? Historically, which ways have they been used? How has this made certain types of rocks more valuable? What about specific rocks such as: fossils, minerals, Ores, and extraterrestrial rocks?


Suggested Math Short Response Questions – Middle School
PROBLEM 1 The Factor Game can be played on a 49-board, which contains whole numbers from 1 to 49. Extend your table for analyzing first moves on a 30-factor game board to include all the numbers on a 49-board. 1. What new primes do you find? 2. What is the best first move on a 49-board? What is the worst move? Why? Tips for answering math open response questions:  Use math vocabulary to express knowledge in subject area. In this problem, students should use the factor rather than “the number that goes into it”.  Instead of broad descriptions, students should give specific relevant examples. For example, students should give evidence or data collected from the lesson. When asked for a table, students should design an organized table with proper titles.  Stress to students that any piece of information associated with the problem is beneficial.  Students should articulate their mastery of subject area by expressing stepby-step processes. Key words like first, then, finally etc. are important to organize their information.  Students should give explanations to “why” questions with mathematical reasoning. In question 3, students will tend to answer “why” questions based upon winning or losing rather than why these are the best or worst moves based upon their knowledge of factors.  Students should restate the question to begin their answer. In question 1, a good start is “The new primes I found were…”. PROBLEM 2 Answer one of the two questions below. A. Describe how you would find the mean for a given set of data. B. Let’s say your mean score is 75%. If you receive a 50% on your next exam, how would it affect your mean score? PROBLEM 3 Answer one of the two questions below.

A. What is true about the values in a data set if the mean is greater than the median? B. What is true about the values in a data set if the mean is less than the median?

SELECT Math Activity
Step one, Go to this web site

Step two, click on your grade resource on left used for many grades between K-6)

(Grade six contains many activities that can be

Step three, click on Bits & Pieces I.


Step four, click on the Fraction Sorter

Step five, click on window control to maximize the fraction sorter window.

Step six, use the controls to help students create visual circles or squares. Add or subtract sections to each circle using these buttons. Click in sections to fill them seven out of sixteen for example. Drag your image down to the square in order smallest on left, largest on right.



Proverb Exercise

This practice exercise will help you bring together all the skills we have learned in Microsoft Word. Proverbs are short sayings that make special observations about life. Most people have a favorite proverb that has special meaning to them. 1. Choose a proverb that has special meaning to you. 2. Type this in to a new Word document. 3. Illustrate your proverb in any way that you feel is appropriate--you can use clip art, word art, or create a text box. 4. Save your proverb illustration with the file name proverb and print a copy. Below is an example of a proverb with an illustration that Juan, a community organizer in my office, came up with!

―When spider webs unite, they can tie up a lion‖ Ethiopian Proverb


Family Computer Policy

The goal of this activity is to write a Family Computer Policy. This should include rules or guidelines for your family’s use of the computer—including internet use. Although the Internet can be a very useful place for information of all sorts, it also gives access to information that is not appropriate for children. Your policy should spell out what kinds of Internet use are appropriate for your family. Some resources:    You might include:  No food or drinks around to computer.  Use appropriate language on the Internet  Don’t reveal personal information about yourself such as your address, phone number, credit card number, or social security number  Be polite Save your policy to a floppy disk with the file name Family Computer Policy. Print out a copy to post at your house and email a copy to the teacher as an attachment using your new email account.


Email Exercises

Find an activity which challenges you!

1. Send an email to someone in the class introducing yourself and your family member.

2. Send an email to the teacher explaining what you expect from this class.

3. Send a greeting card to one of the other families in the class, or a friend. There are several websites to choose from. Some examples are:
4. Send an email to the TGH@S teacher with one of your assignments attached. For example, you could send your short response assignment as an attachment.


Final Report

You will be working during the next few weeks on a large research project. This project will use all of the skills that you have learned and will learn in this course. Your teacher will give some examples of possible topics that you can use for your project or you may select your own and have it approved, but it must relate to current classroom studies. Assignments:

1. Type one to two introductory paragraphs stating the topic and the rationale for your report and presentation. Save your work.

2. Reopen your document and add a section to your document called ―Meet the Researchers‖ – a paragraph or two about you and your child.

3. Conduct and document internet research to find information and pictures for use in the report and presentation. Be sure to cite the sources of your research.

4. Type a Final Report which should include:

 A Cover Page with a Graphic and Word Art  A minimum of two to three pages (elementary school) or five to six pages
(Middle/High School) of information with text boxes and pictures to illustrate the theme. This will include the paragraphs created above.

 A list of websites that you used in your research. Ask your teacher for the correct


Final PowerPoint Presentation

5. A PowerPoint Presentation that has roles for both parent and child, uses information based on your research and final report, and includes graphics, slide designs and transitions. The contents should include

 A Title Slide (one slide)  Intro and Rationale (one slide)  ―Meet the Researchers‖ (one slide)  Research information (3-4 slides)  Conclusion slide (one slide)  Reflection Slide (one slide). Answer one of the following questions:
o What did you learn? o What was the best part of this class for you and why? o Why would you recommend this class to other families? Remember that your PowerPoint slides should contain short bulleted summaries, not lots of text. You can create notes to use during your presentation if you like. You will give a presentation to the class on your project. Be sure to practice it at home before the last class!


Cultural Celebration Final Project

Explore your roots by researching your culture. Look into some of the following topics regarding your culture for your PowerPoint presentation. Check in with your teacher for guidance.

Possible topics to include (or add your own):
             

Traditions Holidays Celebrations Recipes Languages Dress Technology/availability of computers Education Flag A comparison to American culture: pros and cons of either culture Why we should visit your country Important people in your culture List of websites used in your research Other: _______________________________________

_______________________________________________ _______________________________________________


Potential Science Topics for the Final Report – Middle School

Grade 6    Explore at least three major groups of illicit drugs and their effects on the body. Advances in machines that serve as assistive breathing devices for persons with respiratory diseases. What happens during an asthma attack? What makes breathing so difficult? What do people do to relieve an asthma attack?

Grade 7  Compare and contrast plants and animal cells, including major organelles (cell membrane, cell wall, nucleus, cytoplasm, chloroplast, mitochondria, and vacuoles). List at least three similarities and differences. Explore evidence drawn from geology, fossils, and comparative anatomy, which provide the basis of the theory of evolution. Have a minimum of two evidences for each category. Describe the movement of the earth’s crustal plates. How does this cause both slow changes in the earth’s surface (e.g. formation of mountains and ocean basins) and rapid ones (e.g. volcanic eruptions and earthquakes)?



Grade 8  Describe lunar or solar eclipses. Show how they are related to the positions of the earth, moon, and sun. Differentiate between an atom and a molecule. Explain the roles and relationships among producers, consumers, and decomposers in the process of energy transfer in a food web.

 


Potential Language Arts Topics for the Final Report – Middle School


Do a mini-author study. Find out as much as you can about the author including what books the author has written, what motivates the author to write, and biographical details.


Describe and compare two or more genres of literatures.


Analyze a piece of poetry. You may describe the author, elements of sound (alliteration, onomatopoeia, internal rhyme, rhyme scheme) and/or figurative language (personification, metaphor, simile, hyperbole).


Describe and compare two creation myths.

 Do a book review. Identify and analyze the elements of setting, characterization, and plot (including conflict.)


Final Report - High School Project Imagining the Future

In order to start the project, each child must answer the question: “What do I want to be when I grow up?” Using the Internet you will research the following:

 reasons you are interested in this profession or career  details about the work that people in your chosen field actually do (for example, if you
choose forensic scientist, you should research and describe what a forensic scientist does)

 education or training required to be in this profession  colleges that are noted for education in this field  salary ranges for people who work in this profession  opportunities for advancement or promotion within this field

Your final project should include the following:
 

Internet Research Material A Final Report which should include: 1. A Cover Page with a Graphic and Word Art 2. A minimum of three pages of information with text boxes and pictures that illustrate your topic 3. A list of websites that you used in your research

 A PowerPoint presentation that highlights the important parts of your report. (Refer to Final Project guidelines for the PowerPoint Presentation.)


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