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Koroberi’s Product Administration Module saves time, money and work, and resolves globalization and branding issues for a large industrial equipment supplier. The webbased documentation system dramatically cuts product literature costs and delivery time to yield more than 500 percent ROI in only six months. | 919-960-9794
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ot so long ago, when print was king, business-to-business selling depended on printed brochures, catalogs, sales sheets, and other forms of collateral.

Today, that’s all changed. With the evolution of digital media, the Internet is quickly surpassing paper as the preferred mode of business communication for product information. Fast, interactive and dynamic, web solutions are increasingly more cost-effective and significantly faster as content delivery systems than printed sales literature and technical documentation.

Rethinking Product Information Delivery
For global material handling systems integrator FKI Logistex (, print was quickly becoming an outdated and expensive way to deliver product information. A $1.6 billion company formed in 1999 by a series of mergers and acquisitions of several best-of-breed brands, FKI Logistex sells conveyors, sorters, and a wide array of other material handling equipment and services. In late 2004, the company initiated a major global rebranding effort and a digital makeover, including a new website that went live in February 2005. FKI Logistex management began the process of rethinking product information delivery by first examining how to pare costs and increase service levels to customers and employees. Management wanted an affordable solution ready for the launch of the website that would be easy to implement, use, administer and maintain. They needed a system that would support the company’s business development efforts in emerging global markets while still enforcing global brand standards. At the same time, they wanted to reduce the work of marketing staff in administering and publishing product information. While print media still worked for high-level brochures and other sales literature, it had fast become an inadequate solution for the full range of products, services, markets and worldwide geographies now represented under

How PAM Works
Product Manager Inputs Features Benefits Description Images & Video Technical Specs PAM Outputs Searchable Online Product Catalog Product Administration Module (PAM)
Staging Database
Content Approval

Print-On-Demand Product Cutsheets Traditional Printed Documents PR, Sales and Marketing Efforts Other Custom Applications

Live Database


Why re-create content when it can be reused? Koroberi’s PAM employs content management best practices from the agency’s “smart content” approach to split up content into “chunks” that can be easily translated and then reused in various formats and media. Koroberi CEO Bruce Olive says that today’s integrated marketing campaigns demand the close stewardship of client assets that helped Koroberi build PAM. | 919-960-9794
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PAM vs. Traditional Document Production
English Only Traditional Document Production Documents Languages Total Documents Production Printing Storage Shipping Translation PAM Development Total All Costs Cost Per Document Cost Ratio (Traditional:PAM) Bottom Line Savings 1 1 1 $2,000 $3,000 $750 $250 $0 $0 $6,000 $6,000 40:1 — 50 1 50 $75,000 $112,500 $28,125 $9,375 $0 $0 $225,000 $4,500 30:1 $150,000 500 1 500 $600,000 $900,000 $225,000 $75,000 $0 $0 $1,800,000 $3,600 24:1 $1,725,000 PAM 500 1 500 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $75,000 $75,000 $150 — — Multiple Languages Traditional Document Production 500 10 5,000 $6,000,000 $9,000,000 $2,250,000 $750,000 $2,000,000 $0 $20,000,000 $4,000 15:1 $18,675,000 PAM 500 10 5,000 $0 $0 $0 $0 $1,250,000 $75,000 $1,325,000 $265 — —

Traditional print models can be expensive and difficult to mange. Koroberi’s PAM produces sales and technical documents at a fraction of the cost, saving on printing, storage and shipping costs, and offering 24/7 global, web-based access to product information. With a large volume of individual documents, PAM provides significant bottomline savings, even factoring in the cost of translation over multiple languages. PAM’s centralized content repository also makes it easier to translate into multiple languages, reducing the cost of translation services.

the FKI Logistex global umbrella. Printing, document warehousing and fulfillment costs were on an upward spiral as well, leaving the company’s traditional printed documentation model too slow, too inefficient, and too expensive to compete with a dynamically driven system built on the web. “Sell 50 products in a single market in a single language and you’ve got 50 separate pieces of sales literature you need,” says Bruce Olive, CEO of marketing services firm Koroberi, Inc. (, marketing agency of record and long-time business partner of FKI Logistex. “Sell those same 50 products in multiple markets and in multiple languages and you’ve just multiplied your design, production, printing and fulfillment costs and work by that many times.” Adding to these challenges were the costs of a fractured document production process. FKI Logistex was using multiple vendors worldwide for document authoring and production, resulting in branding inconsistencies. To make matters worse, every time the company needed to make a revision to a document, marketing staff would have to destroy all previous versions to make sure that only the current edition was in circulation, an expensive proposition. With no centralized control over the document process or document repository, the existing system left product information scattered in multiple document formats over multiple platforms. The lack of a centralized system made version control and reuse of content extremely difficult. | 919-960-9794
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Chunking Content into Data for 24/7 Global Delivery
FKI Logistex turned to Koroberi to devise a solution, choosing the firm for its intimate knowledge of the company’s business processes and for its experience designing web-based information systems. The order was tall and the vision straightforward: design a cost-effective online information delivery system that would meet the company’s needs now and scale in the future; build the system on time and on budget. The Koroberi project team, composed of web programmers, graphic designers, document specialists, and account executives, brings a diversity of talents to this type of project. Clients like FKI Logistex get solutions that combine the latest innovations from an array of pertinent disciplines instead of a programmer’s solution designed in isolation. The Koroberi team quickly realized the new FKI Logistex document delivery system would have to solve some critical problems. At its core, the new system had to serve as an online solution finder that customers, employees and prospects could use to easily source product and service information. The new system had to maintain version control and worldwide branding compliance across all product documents, and integrate seamlessly with the company’s new website. It also needed to be flexible and scalable enough so that it could grow to accommodate an increasing volume of documentation and up to 10 languages.

The PAM Interface

PAM makes it simple to enter detailed information. Once a product manager enters product or service data, it’s stored to await approval.

Editorial managers review product information before it is posted “live,” giving them tight control of published content. | 919-960-9794
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PAM Outputs
S-3000M Tilt Tray Sorter
● Non-contacting linear drive system eliminates wear on the drive system. ● Durable tilt divert switch design lasts over a million cycles, longer than competitive brands. ● 3. With thousands of inductions commissioned, FKI Logistex has the most proven induction algorithms to ensure accurate loading of product. ● Modular frame and cart design to reduce the amount of time required for commissioning and layout changes.

● Durable tilt mechanism design with low wear components. ● Wide assortment of induction options from manual through fully automatic. ● Widest selection of chute designs that can be tailored to meet specific application requirements. ● Open standard industrial network control design and standard I/O hardware ensure system upgradeability over the life of the system. The S-3000M Tilt-Tray Sorter has a flexible, modular design able to integrate seamlessly into existing facilities while delivering the smooth, reliable, high-speed sortation solution that FKI Logistex has built its reputation on. The S-3000M is based on the industry workhorse, the S-2000, and is the next generation in a long line of sortation equipment excellence. Quiet linear motors power the sorter, producing gentle acceleration and high speed, while the reliable mechanical design sorts products quickly and accurately. The modular design results in the ability to change elevations—even in curves—enhancing layout flexibility and allowing installation and future expansion in constrained locations. Small, delicate products are handled as easily as large, bulky items without compromising overall system accuracy and reliability. The tray pitch can be custom-configured for each specific application from 500 mm (19.7 in.) to 1250 mm (49.2 in.) in 50 mm (1.96 in.) increments. For maximum versatility, the S-3000M employs a non-proprietary control system and also handles two-tray items. With more than 800 sortation systems installed worldwide, FKI Logistex is the industry leader in high-speed sortation, catering to all types of distribution requirements. S-3000M sortation systems are used within a broad spectrum of applications including distribution, baggage handling, freight and parcel, and manufacturing.

S-3000M Tilt Tray Sorter SPECIFICATIONS
Drive System: Linear electric motors Sorter Velocity: up to 2.1 meters / second (412 ft. / min.) Noise Level: 67 dB(A) Maximum Item Length: 1000 mm (39 in.) Single tray; 1475 mm (58 in.) spanning two-tray Maximum Item Width: 900 mm (35.4 in.) Maximum Item Weight per Tray:50 kg. (110 lbs.) Standard carrier; 70 kg (154 lbs.) with reinforced tray support Max. Frame Incline: Up to 10°, optional tray design can allow for slight increase Temperature Range: -5° C (23° F) to +50° C (122° F); extended range possible with the addition of special heating and/or cooling elements.

● Apparel Warehousing & Distribution ● Automotive ● Food & Beverage Distribution ● Mail-Order Photo Processing ● Retail Distribution

PAM dynamically generates PDF product sales sheets using the same information published on the website.

This page on the FKI Logistex website is dynamically generated from PAM to display product information on one of the company’s sorter products.

All measurements are approximate.

All roads pointed in one direction — create a central database of FKI Logistex product information that would allow dynamic and instantaneous publication on the web. The application would feature a single-point product data repository and an easy-to-use, template-driven system for data entry that would streamline the content creation process. It would also feature a content approval mechanism to ensure that only the latest approved product information was in circulation. Koroberi’s solution, nicknamed “PAM” for Product Administration Module, was designed to automatically populate the product pages on the company’s newly deployed website in as many languages as were needed, and provide print-on-demand product sales literature. Creating on-demand literature shifted the cost of document printing and distribution from FKI Logistex to the end-user’s desktop. | 919-960-9794
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“We developed this strategy with FKI Logistex to move the company from their traditional inflexible and expensive print model to a dynamic and cost-effective print-on-demand solution. This new model allows the company to efficiently manage the volume of products, markets and geographies now under its global brand,” says Olive. “As business consumers get more comfortable with digital and print-on-demand formats, and even prefer them, we’ll see a further expansion of this type of application in other areas of business. For clients like FKI Logistex that sell technical products, digital information publishing systems ensure a high level of accuracy of product data, which in many circumstances is regulated by governments.”

Gaining “Smart” Control of the Content
An integrated marketing agency, Koroberi provides a variety of services to its clients under a trademarked approach it calls Super Integrated Marketing (SIM). Koroberi uses SIM to maximize the impact of marketing messages across media and campaigns, from advertising to public relations, technical communications, brand management, and the web. The Koroberi team developed PAM so that it would leverage a single item of FKI Logistex product information across multiple uses. In building PAM, the agency team worked using its “smart” content process, a set of content best practices aimed at developing the highly integrated marketing campaigns and collateral that it calls Super Integrated Marketing. Koroberi’s “smart” content process takes information from many sources — legacy documents, product specs and briefings, technical writers, photographers, illustrators, salespeople — and stores them as versatile “chunks.” This gives Koroberi clients “smart” control of their important content, enabling its integrated and strategic re-use across media and formats. “Smart” control creates a highly efficient content creation process, in which content is created once, and then used repeatedly.

“The print-on-demand functionality that PAM gives us has allowed us to reduce our sales literature production and printing costs by as much as $380,000 over six months.”
Stephen Legg Director, Product and Technology Development FKI Logistex

Smart Content Re-Use
Specifications Sales Contact Description Features Benefits Images Name Base Product Market Variant 1 Market Variant 2 Market Variant 3 PAM Content Across Deliverables Online Catalog Online Cutsheets Traditional Brochures PR, Sales & Marketing Complete Re-use Partial Re-use Minimal/No Re-use

PAM Content Among Product Variants | 919-960-9794
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Koroberi’s SIM approach uses centralized design templates to ensure a consistent look across the board, from client websites to sales sheets, case studies, print-on-demand pieces, and even traditional print. Centralized design templates make it easy to quickly adapt to new branding, customer or other requirements. “Smart” content is also particularly suited to meet translation needs. Translating the content chunks before placing them in a document or on the web allows the same piece of translated information to be reused in multiple outputs, greatly reducing translation costs.

“Sell ... 50 products in multiple markets and in multiple languages and you’ve just multiplied your design, production, printing and fulfillment costs and work by that many times.”
Bruce Olive CEO, Marketing Services Koroberi, Inc.

Making It Easy for Global Customers and Search Engines
While Koroberi built the PAM application, FKI Logistex personnel began collecting and editing the product information so that it could be entered into the data repository. Once the information was entered, PAM would dynamically create the online catalog and downloadable, print-on-demand sales sheets in PDF and e-mail formats. Dynamic generation of product documents lets FKI Logistex unify its document format across company literature, and makes it easy to alter the design and content as needed. “The print-on-demand functionality that PAM gives us has allowed us to reduce our sales literature production and printing costs by as much as $380,000 over six months of use in North America alone,” says Stephen Legg, director, product and technology development, FKI Logistex. “PAM saves us the work and expense of printing and storing thousands of documents that can quickly become outdated inventory that has to be trashed. The PAM system also ensures we’re enforcing our brand standards and that our customers and salespeople have the latest information.” Creating a fully searchable product catalog also added a much-needed dimension to the FKI Logistex website. External and internal customers, including clients, prospects, employees, and the media, now have much more complete product and service data at their disposal. The online availability of this highly detailed information also helps FKI Logistex products improve their visibility with web search engines. Higher search rankings help customers more easily locate FKI Logistex product information when using services like Google, MSN and Yahoo.

A Time- and Cost-Saving Solution
PAM provides FKI Logistex with a variety of other important features. FKI Logistex now has a way to easily administer product information using a standardized format that coordinates product descriptions, technical specifications, features and benefits, keywords, images and other associated assets like videos and white papers. The system allows them to categorize products by division, market, legacy brand name, and former product name, and also structures how product information is entered, managed and used. PAM’s built-in approval process ensures that a gatekeeper editor reviews all material before it is posted live online. Koroberi’s PAM gives FKI Logistex an extremely low-cost and easy-to-implement content management process. Unlike typical custom-built and off-the-shelf applications, which can present huge implementation and cost hurdles, PAM was built for less than $75,000 and up and running on time and on budget after only three months of development. By dramatically saving on document printing, storage and production, PAM’s return on investment to FKI Logistex is more than 500 percent through only six months of use. | 919-960-9794
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A Dynamic Document Creation and Storage Solution
Because it is web-based, PAM also gives FKI Logistex marketing staff 24/7 access to product administration and customers 24/7 instant online access to product information. The application is fully integrated with the FKI Logistex website and can easily be deployed into other digital formats and systems. Since information stored in PAM can be updated or changed at any time, PAM gives FKI Logistex tight control of the content revision process, ensuring customers get the most up-to-date product data. PAM’s central data repository also provides an easy way to migrate product information to other applications and forms, such as intranets, RSS, XML feeds to third parties, custom catalogs, and other document formats. PAM’s “smart” content functionality allows valuable FKI Logistex content to be reused in virtually any format with faster turnaround times and reduced costs. “We’ve taken back the product literature process from a broken, inconsistent delivery mode,” says Legg of FKI Logistex. “PAM has freed our personnel and liberated a good portion of our marketing budget so it can be used for other programs. PAM also gives us a system that can grow as FKI Logistex grows. We really like that kind of solution.”
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Koroberi, Inc. ( is a full-service marketing firm serving the strategic, creative and tactical marketing needs of a diverse list of business-to-business clients. In addition to its marketing services, Koroberi also provides research and technical communications services to a range of global business-tobusiness industrial firms. The agency is based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, adjacent to the state’s Research Triangle Park area, with offices in Brooklyn, NY and Dexter, MI. | 919-960-9794
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