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Plans for Piano Playing Contest


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									Music Trade Review -- © mbsi.org, arcade-museum.com -- digitized with support from namm.org
OCTOBER 23, 1926

The Music Trade Review.


Plans for Piano Playing Contest to Be Submitted at Wisconsin Convention
Proposed Event to Be Held in Milwaukee With Finals to Take Place During National Music Week—Musical Instrument Revue to Be a Big Feature of the Meeting MILWAUKEE, WIS., October 19.—Milwaukee music dealers are actively engaged in plans for the convention which will organize the Wisconsin Association of Music Merchants, and which will be held October 28 and 29 of next week. Committees report that they have practically completed their plans for the event, and present indications point to a very successful meeting. The committee on nominations has been announced with Edmund Gram as chairman. He will be assisted by A. B. O'Connor, Fred E. Yahr and Hugh W. Randall. The committee on hotel arrangements, comprising the chairman, -J. R. Rousselot, H. M. Steussy and H. L. Ashworth, who is acting secretary of the Milwaukee dealers, has chosen the Plankinton for the convention hotel. Reservations now coming in promise a very good attendance and seem to indicate great interest in the'project on the part of dealers throughout the State. A few changes have been made in the original schedule of the convention. The Musical Instrument Revue, which was scheduled for the first night of the convention, will be featured on the second evening, October 29. The revue will be held in the Sky Room of the Plankinton, immediately after the convention dinner. Hugh Holmes is chairman of the committee in charge, and Carl Lovejoy and Phil H. Lasher will assist him. The committee on exhibits, composed of Chairman Fred E. Yahr, Edward Herzog and George Ruez, has announced its plan to stage the showings on the mezzanine floor of the hotel and the adjoining rooms. Some very fine displays will be arranged, as the success of the radio show has demonstrated conclusively to local dealers the great value of such exhibits. Plans for a piano-playing contest in Milwaukee, similar to the one held at Detroit, will be submitted at the convention. Present plans will have the final contest take place during National Music Week. W. Otto Miessner is chairman of the committee in charge of the pianoplaying contest and piano class demonstration. Exhibits at Food and Household Exposition The music exhibits at the Milwaukee Journal Food and Household Exposition are attracting a great deal of interest and comment. The show opened October 18 and will continue throughout the week. The music festival is held in the annex of the auditorium and the elaborate displays are proving one of the drawing cards of the exposition. The Noll Piano Co., which features Bush & Lane pianos, has leased the entire area of Juneau Hall. Several unusual features are being used by this firm with the intention of attracting greater interest to the show. Walker Hall is being occupied by the exhibit of KesselmanO'Driscoll Co., who are featuring their display from an educational standpoint. The Milwaukee Piano Manufacturing Co., retailers of the Waltham line, and the Carberry Parker Co., home of the Ampico in the Chickering, have leased the greater portion of Kilbourn Hall. The remaining area is occupied by the display of the Holton Band Instrument Co. and the Walker Musical Exchange. The Walker display is featuring a number of instruments which were made expressly for this exhibit. Piano Instruction in Milwaukee Schools The strength of music as a bond to the better things in life was emphasized at a meeting of Milwaukee people who are interested in promoting the civic concerts which will be held in Milwaukee during the season. Among the facts of special importance brought out in the meeting was the announcement of Herman Smith, director of music in the public schools of Milwaukee, that piano and violin lessons are now being given to school children. The children learn to play the piano in classes with paper keyboards. Following the first enrollment of 1,600 students in the first semester, more than 350 dropped out to take private lessons. Mr. Smith declared this to be a favorable sign for music in Milwaukee. James Tartley, of Chicago, gave a demonstration of harmonica playing. Baldwin Sales Satisfactory A. J. Quinn, manager of the Baldwin Piano Parlors of Milwaukee, says that sales in Baldwins during the past month have been very satisfactory. According to Mr. Quinn, business conditions. are very good and promise to be even better. J. L. Sawyer, formerly salesman for the Baldwin piano in Denver, has been appointed to the sales force of the Baldwin Piano Parlors at Milwaukee. Window Display of Conn Instruments Eric S. Hafsoos, of Flanner-Hafsoos Music House, Inc., states that the demand for C. G. Conn band instruments is exceptionally good. Flanner-Hafsoos have added Joseph -W. Guepe to the sales force in the band instrument department. A window display featuring wellknown Milwaukee bands which endorse C. G. Conn band instruments is attracting- much attention to the Flanner-Hafsoos store. Large pictures of the various artists and orchestras, with their name and perference in instruments, are mounted on attractive frames. The pictures will be used for the walls of the store after they have served their purpose for a window exhibit. A. V. Orth, of the Orth Music Co., states that radios have been especially active during the month. Mr. Orth is featuring the Atwater Kent line, which he recently added to his store, and the new batteryless Zenith. The window display at the Orth music store is featuring the armchair model of the Atwater Kent. A number of other models of the line are shown, but attention is especially attracted to the armchair model, which is. placed beside a handsome red leather armchair. Another of the armchair models is the center of the background decoration formed in a bright orange and black color scheme. Mr. Orth says that the presence of Isham Jones and his orchestra as the feature attraction of the Wisconsin Theatre during the past week has stimulated sales of Brunswick records. Strong Phonograph Demand Merle E. Roussellot, managing director of the Lyric Music Co., Milwaukee agents for the Kimball line, says that the new Kimball reproducing phonograph now on the market is selling very well. He states that the demand for Brunswicks is very active and that this company is selling all the Brunswicks they can get. Percival Brooks, special Kimball representative, has been with the Lyric store for the past week. E. L. Stryker, of the main office of the Kimball Piano Co., visited at the store during the week. W. E. Day, wholesale representative for the W. W. Kimball Co. in Milwaukee, who has been ill recently, is recovering at his home in Chicago.

Pleads Guilty in St. Louis to Using Mails to Defraud
Edgar Schneider Took Orders for Radio Receiving Sets, Taking Dealers' Notes and Then Failed to Deliver Merchandise
ST. LOUIS, MO., October 16.—Largely through the efforts of the Better Business Bureau of St. Louis, Edgar Schneider, who operated the Tyrola Phonograph Co., National Distributing & Sales Co., and North American Sales Co.. was brought to justice recently and pleaded guilty to charges of using the mails to defraud, before the United States District Court here; The sentence was deferred for thirty days in order to permit him to wind up. Charges against Schneider's son and his brothers-in-law were dismissed. Schneider's plan of operation was to take orders for radio receiving sets from dealers and take the dealers' notes for the purchase price. He failed to deliver the radio sets, but sold the notes to others. Federal agents estimate that he obtained about $65,000 in this manner.

Knabe Ampico in Concert
The Knabe piano with the Ampico will be featured in a special program given before the National Arts Club, New York, on October 27, through the courtesy of William Knabe & Co. The artists will be Arcadie Birkenholz, violinist; Alexander Brachocki, pianist, and James Kaskey, accompanist, and a well-balanced program has been arranged.

A Visitor From Worcester
Among the visitors to the executive offices of Hardman, Peck & Co., New York, recently were Mr. and Mrs. George F. Charron, of Worcester, Mass. Mr. Charron is junior member of F. J. Charron & Son, Hardman representatives in that city.

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Marion Bauer Lectures at University of New York
Marion Bauer, the well-known composer pf music of the better class, and a recognized musical authority, has begun her lectures and classes at the University of New York on orchestration, criticism, and many other phases of music. A substantial registration indicates the Interest in Miss Bauer's work at the University.

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