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									«Moral Code-X»
Technical Rider
Big Stage Patch List
Ch.№ 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 Instrument Kick Kick Snare top Snare bottom Hi-hat Rack tom 1 Rack tom 2 Floor tom OH left OH right Bass Bass Guitar Key1 left Key1 right Key2 left Key2 right Guit. Vox Lead Vox Bass Vox Key Vox Sax Delay return Source Mic SM 91 Mic AKG D112 Mic SM 57 Mic SM 57 Mic SM81 Mic Mic Mic Mic condenser type Mic condenser type Line XLR Mic dynamic type Mic Line/d. box Line/d. box Line/d. box Line/d. box Mic Mic Mic Mic Line ¼ jack /Radio System Line ¼ jack Insert Compressor/gate/+48v power Compressor/gate Compressor phase inverse Gate Gate Gate

Compressor Compressor


We need on stage: Standard size drum kit with: kick drum, snare drum stand, two rack tomes and one floor tom, hi-hat, three boom stands, drum throne. Carpet for drum set 1.5Х1.5 m. Guitar combo: Fender - models: Twin Reverb amp, Deluxe. Mesa Boogie - model: Dual Rectifier. Marshall - JCM 800 LEAD SERIES. Bass combo: Trace Eliott, Hartke Systems, Ampeg, minimum power 400 Wt. Two level keyboard stand for two keyboards and chair w/o arms for keyboard player (throne). Stands for guitar and bass. Ten monitors Martin Audio LE700A within three monitor lines and drum fill – see stage plan. On stadiums and halls for more than 600 persons we need monitor mixing console and side fills. We need at FOH: High quality PA system, multiway active, producing 110 DB A at average level at the mix position with flat response from 20Hz to 20KHz. Minimum power - 20 watt for every seat (stand) place, but no lower than 5 kWt. The mixing desk 32 – 40 /8 /2 with phantom power, phase reverse, full parametric EQ on each channel and at least 6 aux sends, placed between both sound systems and in 2/3 of the venue, never under balconies and in the same level as the audience. No Mackie or Behringer! 1/3 Octave EQ on the Master out and on each monitor line. Two FX processors, CD player, MD player. Five gate lines and six compressors.


«Moral Code-X»
Technical Rider
Club Patch List
Ch.№ Instrument Source Insert 1 Kick Mic Gate 2 Snare Mic 3 Rack toms Mic Gate 4 Floor tom Mic Gate 5 Overhead Mic 6 Bass Line XLR Compressor 7 Guitar Mic 8 Key1 left Line/d. box 9 Key1 right Line/d. box 10 Key2 left Line/d. box 11 Key2 right Line/d. box 12 Guitar Vox Mic 13 Lead Vox Mic 14 Bass Vox Mic 15 Key Vox Mic 16 Sax Line ¼ jack /Radio System Compressor 17 Delay return Line ¼ jack Under “club” we mean place for no more than 200 persons. In case of very small stage numbers of monitors can be lowered to three boxes in two lines – two for lead vocal and one for keyboard player. We need about two ours for sound check. All our gears are 220 volts powered. Any questions please ask to sound engineer Andrey Ivanov: cell phone +7-903-5772734, E-mail: ).


«Moral Code-X»
Technical Rider
Stage Plan

Mon. Line 3
/ / 220v x2

Mon. Line 4 Drum Fill

220v x2

Guitar amplifier 2,5 -5 m

Bass amplifier


/ / 220v


Mon. Line 2

Mon. Line 1 Min 10m m

PA system left

PA system right

FOH mixing deck position.


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