Feed and Food Hygiene for Farmer sand Growers

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					                                                                              Feed and Food
                                                                               Hygiene for
        Food and Feed Hygiene legislation will be included in                  Farmers and
                  Cross-Compliance inspections.

DARD has responsibility for enforcement of these regulations.
Any person who contravenes these regulations shall be guilty of an             The Feed (Hygiene and Enforcement)
offence and may be liable for prosecution.
                                                                                      Regulations (NI) 2005
                                                                              The Food Hygiene Regulations (NI) 2006
This guide must not be used as a substitute for the legislation on which it
    is based since the legislation may be amended from time to time.

         Further information and guidance can be obtained from

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Feed Hygiene Regulations                                                   Food Hygiene Regulations for Primary Producers
Feed Hygiene Regulations apply to all farms that feed animals and to all   The purpose of these regulations is to ensure food safety throughout the
farms that produce crops for animal feed.                                  food chain, starting with primary production. These regulations have
Their purpose is to ensure feed safety for food producing animals. In      applied to all primary producers (farmers and growers) from January
practical terms the requirements for farmers and growers amount to the     2006, and those known to DARD are automatically registered.
application of simple hygiene procedures to ensure hazards are             Inspections under these regulations are carried out by DARD Quality
controlled appropriately.                                                  Assurance Branch on behalf of the Food Standards Agency Northern
From January 2006 all relevant farms known to DARD have been               Ireland.
automatically registered, as required by Regulation (EC) 183/2005, which
sets out requirements for feed hygiene. From 1 January 2008 all relevant     It is the farmer’s or grower’s responsibility to improve food safety at
farm businesses must comply with the regulations. Farm businesses will       farm level to protect consumers.
be asked to confirm that they are in compliance with the regulations.        To comply with the regulations all farmers must take measures to:
                                                                             • prevent contamination of food, arising from air, soil, water, feed,
  To comply all farmers must:                                                    veterinary medicines, plant protection products, waste, animals,
  Store and handle feed in such a way as to;                                     pests and so on
  • prevent hazardous contamination, for example, from chemicals,            • keep facilities/equipment used in connection with primary
    pesticides, fertilisers and so on                                            production clean
  • prevent animals, vermin and pests from causing contamination             • prevent the introduction and spread of contagious diseases
  • prevent feed spoilage, for example, due to moulds or contact with            transmissible to humans
    animal waste                                                             • take account of results of any tests carried out that may affect
  • keep medicated feed separate from other feed                                 human health
  • keep pet food containing any meat product separate from other            • use plant protection products and biocides correctly.
                                                                             Farmers must also keep accurate records relevant to food safety,
  Keep accurate records including;                                           including:
  • source, type, quantity and date received for animal feeds and the        • traceability of inputs purchased (i.e. food, feed, food producing
    animals they are fed to                                                    animals and substances incorporated into food/feed)
  • destination, type and quantity for feed material sold                    • traceability of outputs sold (i.e. food, feed and food producing
  • details of crop protection products and biocides used.                     animals)
                                                                             • veterinary products administered to animals including dates of
  Keep equipment used for mixing, storing or transporting feed clean.          administration and withdrawal
                                                                             • the occurrence of disease or pests that may affect food safety
  Further information on feed and food legislation can be found on the       • any use of plant protection products and biocides
                   Food Standards Agency website at:                         • results of any relevant tests carried out.