Environmental Health Training Courses in Food Hygiene by kellena87


									This is an intensive 4 day course and some       For further information about this training
work at home will be required on the evenings

of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd day.
                                                                Gill Hearnden
A written 2½ hrs 20 question examination
                                                       Food & Safety Support Officer
                                                            Aberdeenshire Council
                                                      Planning & Environmental Services
with a pass mark of 60% will conclude the
                                                    Gordon House, Blackhall Road, Inverurie
4th day.                                                          AB51 3WA
                                                                                                 Training Courses
Successful completion will result in being
                                                 Phone: 01467 628452 Fax: 01467 628358
awarded a nationally-recognised certificate in
                                                 E Mail: gill.hearnden@aberdeenshire.gov.uk
Intermediate Food Hygiene.
                                                 Courses also available in Elementary Health &
                                                 Safety and Elementary Food Hygiene.
The cost of £177 includes:
                                                 For advice and guidance on food hygiene
                                                 contact your local Environmental Health
       20 hours of tuition over 4 days           office:

       Handouts and course handbook
                                                 Office                       Tel No
       Examination fee                           Bellwood Road, Aboyne
                                                 The Square, Banchory
                                                                              013398 87373
                                                                              01330 826460        Food Hygiene
       Certificate                               Town House, Low St, Banff    01261 813278
                                                 45 Bridge Street, Ellon      01358 726435/6
       Teas & coffees during each day
                                                 1 Kirk Brae, Fraserburgh     01346 586321       (Intermediate Level
                                                 25 Gordon Street, Huntly     01466 794121
                                                 Gordon House, Inverurie
                                                 60 Broad Street, Peterhead
                                                                              01467 620981
                                                                              01779 483254
                                                                                                 For Supervisors and
                                                 High Street, Turriff
                                                 Arduthie Road, Stonehaven
                                                                              01888 563417
                                                                              01569 568232
   Do you manage or supervise staff in a         Whatever business or organisation you           Course Content
   catering, food retailing or food processing   are in which involves food, Aberdeenshire
                                                                                                 An introduction to Microbiology
   environment?                                  Council is offering you an opportunity to
                                                                                                 Food Contamination and its prevention
                                                 gain further knowledge of food hygiene
   Do you have responsibility for the
                                                 and   obtain    the    Intermediate      Food   Food Poisoning and Food Borne Diseases
   preparation and/or sale of safe food?
                                                 Hygiene Certificate accredited by
                                                                                                 Personal Hygiene and the Food Handler
                                                 The Royal Environmental Health Institute
                                                                                                 Food Storage and Handling
                                                 of Scotland (REHIS)
   Do you need a qualification beyond the
                                                                                                 Food Spoilage and Preservation
   basic in food hygiene?
                                                 Courses        are      held     throughout
                                                                                                 The Food Environment
                                                 Aberdeenshire,        wherever   there     is
                                                                                                 Food Pests and their Control
                                                 sufficient demand, or can be presented
   Does food law confuse you?
                                                 “in house” with a pre-arranged timetable.       Supervisory Management and HACCP

                                                                                                 Food Legislation

If the answer is yes to any of the above,

read on …..
                                                                                                 The course includes discussions, videos,

                                                                                                 case studies and an opportunity to ask


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