Food Hygiene Inspection Policy by kellena87


									                      Food Hygiene Inspection Policy

It is the policy of Slough Borough Council to carry out food hygiene
inspections of food businesses operating within the borough.

Inspections will be carried out by properly authorised officers with the purpose
of assessing whether the requirements of relevant food law are being
complied with. Inspections will be carried out in line with the Food Law Code
of Practice (England) and the Food Law Practice Guidance (England)
produced by the Food Standards Agency.

Slough Borough Council will draw up a programme of primary inspections
based on the risk that the business presents to the public. We will use risk
assessment schemes indicated by the Food Standards Agency to do this.
Food business operators will be advised in writing of the outcome of the
inspection. During primary inspection eligible businesses will be assessed for
inclusion in our safe food award scheme.

We may also from time to time carry out secondary inspections, these will
normally be carried out for the following reasons:

   •   Additional inspections of approved establishments;
   •   Sampling visits;
   •   Revisits to check on progress after a previous inspection;
   •   Visits to investigate complaints;
   •   Visits to discuss aspect of food safety management procedures.

All enforcement action resulting from a food hygiene inspection will be carried
out in accordance with the housing and neighbourhood services enforcement

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