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									LOST Season 5 Episode 3 “All For The Kid” Summary Off island we see that Kate has to deal with an unpleasant request from a person she‟d rather forget. In search of help she seeks out fellow 06er Jack. In flash forwards we see the reason Kate was in New York and how a second visit from a familiar face makes her realise she may be endangering herself and her son. On island the Bernard, Rose and several redshirts must deal with the tidal changes and a sad discovery depressed the whole camp.

INT. KATE‟S HOUSE – MORNING KATE is hurrying around her kitchen. She looks busy but happy as she reads through some documents on her kitchen worktop. AARON is sitting at a a table in the centre of the room eating a bowl of cereal. VERONICA comes into the kitchen and hands KATE some letters. VERONICA These came this morning for you. KATE Thanks Veronica, could you get Aaron ready for me? VERONICA Of course. VERONICA goes to AARON and picks him up. VERONICA Come on mister. The two of them walk off to an unseen part of the house. KATE takes a sip from a mug that is sitting next to the stack of documents she was reading earlier. She slowly flicks through the letters that were handed to her. The first three are non-descript bills but the fourth letter grabs her attention. We see a close-up of a plain brown envelope with the name „KATE‟ in the centre written in swirly handwriting. We see a close-up of KATE‟S confused face. KATE then walks into her lounge and heads towards the front door of the house. She opens the door with a burst, but we can see that nobody is outside. Once again we see a close-up of the brown envelope. SMASH TO:


EXT. TREE LINE– DAY BERNARD is looking out deep into the jungle; he is wearing a rifle over his shoulder and appears to be concerned. ROSE approaches him from behind, he doesn‟t acknowledge her. ROSE If you try and tell me you wanna go off in to that jungle after those kids I‟m gonna slap you. BERNARD (turning to her) Rose they‟ve been gone a whole day now, what if they‟re hurt? ROSE Unless they‟ve got toothache I Don‟t know what you think you‟re gonna be able to do. Now come on, I made you some oatmeal. (she pulls him by the arm) BERNARD I‟m being serious, I want to go after them. ROSE Seriously honey, if you don‟t get over to that kitchen this minute… (she sighs) Sawyer wouldn‟t let anything happen. The two of them turn away from the jungle and into their new camp. CUT TO: INT. A CAR – MORNING We see KATE driving the car and she looks worried. AARON is in the back sitting in a child‟s seat. AARON Mommy? KATE (looking back in the mirror) Hey honey, we‟re nearly there now.

We see KATE glance at the empty passenger seat. The camera changes angle and we see the same brown envelope is lying on the passenger seat, only now we can see that the envelope has been opened. WHOOSH TO: INT. HOTEL ROOM – NIGHT KATE is dressed in pyjamas and sitting on a comfy looking double bed. Opposite her is a single bed which a slightly older looking AARON is sleeping in despite the rooms light still being on. A creek can be heard outside the door which KATE jumps at. She approaches the rooms door cautiously as it begins to slowly open. She breathes a sigh of relief as a bearded JACK enters the room. KATE You scared me. JACK I‟m sorry I was gone so long, there was no one on the front desk. KATE turns away but still appears to be tense. JACK Kate, what‟s wrong? KATE (walking to the bed) Nothing, just nerves. JACK (approaching her) Well there‟s no need to be nervous… JACK starts to kiss her neck and rub her arms gently. JACK (between kisses) Everything… is… going… to… be… fine… KATE shrugs him off and gestures to AARON‟S bed. KATE Jack, stop, he‟s right there.

JACK (smiling) He‟s asleep. KATE I‟m just tired, can we just get some rest. JACK nods and the two of them get into bed. We see a close-up of KATE‟S face, she is crying silently. WHOOSH TO: INT. KATE‟S CAR – DAY KATE is still driving with AARON in the back.She brings the car to a stop. KATE (turning to face AARON) Stay there honey, I‟m just going to be a few minutes. As she steps out of the car door we CUT TO: EXT. AIRPORT – DAY KATE is standing next to her car, looking into the distance. We see a POV shot from her perspective. In the distance we can see JACK facing her. She walks up to him. His clean shaven face registers surprise. JACK Kate? What‟s wrong? I thought… KATE (handing him the envelope) Read it! JACK What? KATE The letter, read it. JACK opens the envelope and unfolds the letter inside it. He reads aloud. JACK (reading) Dear Kate. I hope my letter has Found you well… (he looks at her confused)

KATE Keep reading. JACK (reading) …I hate to call on you like this but it seems I have little choice. It would seem that you have information that I require. Once I have obtained this information I will leave well away from you And Claire‟s baby… At this JACK looks at KATE with a stunned expression. She nods tearfully. JACK (reading) …It is come to my attention that you may know the whereabouts of one Ms Penelope Widmore. If you wish to keep your identities, and the island safe, you will meet with me at the Staples Center, 3pm on the 16th of October. Apologies for the short notice. Yours, Benjamin Linus. JACK looks up from the letter and shoots KATE a confused look. KATE What do we do? That‟s tomorrow Jack! JACK looks stunned. CUT TO: EXT. BEACH CAMP – DAY BERNARD and several redshirts are lifting the dining table away from the water. We notice one of the redshirts as NEIL. NEIL Well Doc Artz never predicted Weather like this before! MALE REDSHIRT Shut up Frogurt and keep your end of the table up.

A wave crashes against the legs of the table as the group bring the table up out of the water. The group proceeds to walk into towards their new camp located further into the tree line. BERNARD Right, put her down slowly now… Slowly! Steve, try to keep that corner steady. The group places the table down on the ground. BERNARD Those waves are really choppy now so make sure you don‟t go out there on your own. NEIL (pointing to the sea) Hey! Hey look. The camera pans round and in the distance we see a dark blob riding along the waves. NEIL, BERNARD and STEVE run down to the beach camp (which is half underwater). NEIL is the first to reach the blob and proceeds to drag him out with the help of BERNARD and STEVE. As they reach the dry land it becomes apparent that it is a body. The body is rolled over to reveal JIN. BERNARD Oh my god. Cut TO: EXT. AIRPORT – DAY JACK is reading over the letter again as KATE watches him nervously. JACK It‟s defiantly him? KATE I don‟t know Jack! That‟s why I called you here, but there‟s No address on the envelope! It Was hand delivered! JACK Kate… KATE (angrily)

No Jack, don‟t worry, I thought you could help, but obviously I was wrong. As she turns away from him he grabs her shoulder. JACK Kate, I‟m not leaving you, I‟m gonna help you stop him. WHOOSH TO: INT. HOTEL ROOM – NIGHT Following on from the previous flash, KATE is lying awake in bed next to a sleeping JACK. She gets up and silently walks to the door. She shoots the sleeping JACK a look and then opens the door and heads out. CUT TO: INT. HOTEL LOBBY – NIGHT KATE is sitting on a white leather armchair, still dressed in her pyjamas. She appears very nervous as she fiddles with the cord of her pyjama bottoms. O.S. VOICE Hello Kate. Startled KATE stands up and faces her visitor. It is JOHN LOCKE. LOCKE Sorry, I didn‟t mean to scare you. KATE (angrily) What do you want! LOCKE Can we sit? Angrily KATE sits down on the same whit leather chair. LOCKE sits on a similarly styled chair opposite her; there is a small mahogany table between them. KATE (in an angry whisper) When did you see my son? LOCKE Aaron? Does it really matter

Kate? What matters is… KATE Shut-up John! You followed me to New York? Just to tell me to go back to that island! You wanted to stay so bad, why aren‟t you there now? LOCKE Because of this… LOCKE places a paper onto the table. KATE What? (reading) Nancy Pelosi… what is this John? LOCKE Not that. LOCKE points to a small article in the bottom corner of the front page. LOCKE Read that. KATE (reading aloud) Break in at Widmore residence; last night a break in took place at one of, philanthropist Charles Widmore‟s Manhattan homes. The multi-millionaire declined to comment but it is believed that nothing was stolen… LOCKE You‟re not stupid Kate. I‟m sure you can work this out. KATE (shocked) Ben! No, it couldn‟t have been! LOCKE Yes, Ben wants that island for himself. He and Charles Widmore are as bad as each other. (beat)

Kate when the time comes you can‟t Let yourself be duped by him. KATE (depressed and confused) My son… he‟s… LOCKE Yeah, I heard you‟re getting him christened tomorrow. Why New York though? Your lawyer must have worked hard to get the courts to agree… (beat) Of course. You know he‟s not safe in California… none of you are. (beat) Soon enough Kate, you‟re going to realise that the only safe place for you, or Aaron or Jack is the island. (standing up) See you later Kate. He leaves her alone crying. CUT TO: INT. KATE‟S HOUSE – DAY KATE and JACK are standing beside the front door. VERONICA and AARON are sitting down with a jigsaw puzzle on the floor. KATE Aaron honey? We‟re just going out for a little okay? Now be good for Veronica. JACK looks down at his watch. KATE gently nudges his shoulder. Understanding her intent he bends down and looks at AARON. JACK Errr, see you later kiddo. KATE opens the door and the two of them leave the house. CUT TO: EXT. LOSTIES CAMP – DAY ROSE is sitting down with her back to a tree. From her POV we see that in the distant beach graveyard NEIL and STEVE are digging a hole in which to bury JIN. The waves

are close to the grave though they seem less violent than previously. BERNARD comes towards her and joins her in looking out at the graveyard. BERNARD He‟s dead. ROSE I know honey. BERNARD turns to face ROSE and we see that he is crying. BERNARD I‟ve seen so many people die here Rose. I thought when those people everything would be alright, but it‟s not… I wanna go home Rose. ROSE (sadly) Everyone dies Bernard, you have to accept that whether you‟re here or back home, people always die. BERNARD What if they‟re all dead? What if Jack and Hurley and Sayid are all gone? ROSE sits quietly as we cut back to NEIL and STEVE digging. CUT TO: INT. A CAR OUTSIDE STAPLES CENTER – DAY JACK and KATE are sitting in KATE‟S car outside the arena nervously. From a POV shot we see that KATE is looking around and notices a black sedan with tinted windows. She then looks to her left and sees a man in a black suit talking on his cell phone. She looks towards the arena itself and looks up. JACK (looking at KATE) KATE, what‟s up? KATE We can‟t do it… we have to leave. We can‟t sell her out, we owe her! JACK

Kate he knows where you live! What do you think he‟ll do if you don‟t tell him? KATE But… JACK Kate, I don‟t like it either But you have to think of Aaron. With this KATE gets out of the car and heads towards the STAPLES CENTER. CUT TO: INT. STAPLES CENTER –DAY KATE walks into though the main doors and is greeted by the smiling face of BEN LINUS. KATE (starting towards him) You! BEN I wouldn‟t do that Kate, there is a man looking at you right now through the end of a sniper scope and he has strict orders to shoot You if you try to attack me. KATE looks out into the car park and sees the several parked cars. BEN I‟m sorry. WHOOSH TO: INT. HOTEL ROOM – EARLY MORNING KATE is on the floor packing up a small suitcase with clothes. JACK stirs and sees what she is doing. JACK Hey, what‟s going on? KATE doesn‟t answer. JACK Hey, Kate! What are you doing? KATE (calmly) I‟m leaving Jack.

JACK But the christening… you said you didn‟t want it in California. It‟s not safe you said. KATE I‟m not safe if I‟m with you! JACK (getting up) What? KATE zips up the suitcase and picks up AARON from his bed. KATE Come on baby, you and mommy are going back home. JACK Kate! (shouting) Kate stop! KATE opens the room door and leaves holding AARON in one arm and her suitcase in the other. WHOOSH TO: EXT. STAPLES CENTER – DAY KATE is facing BEN with a pained expression. BEN You understand Kate, I wouldn‟t have asked for your help like this of it wasn‟t of the upmost importance. KATE Why do you need to know about Penelope? She saved us! I owe her my life! BEN I can understand that Kate but she only saved you to use you later on down the road. (beat) Kate, I am not going to try to hurt her. I promise. I‟m doing this to protect the people on the island.

KATE (coldly) Ha! The island… how did you even get off? BEN I moved the island Kate… I moved the island to a different place… and a different time. KATE Time? BEN Yes. That is why it has been so difficult to find. This, Kate, is A good thing because if your friend Penelope finds it then it is in serious trouble. (beat) You have to help me. KATE looks around hopelessly. KATE You‟re telling the truth? BEN Yes. KATE And you‟ll leave us alone if i tell you? BEN You have my word. KATE (pulling out a piece of paper) This is her address. I haven‟t seen her since last Christmas so she might have moved… BEN This is enough. Thankyou Kate. CUT TO: INT. KATE‟S CAR – DAY

JACK is sitting in the passenger seat looking out to the arena. He sees KATE and opens up the drivers door for her to get in. JACK Well? KATE (getting in) He wasn‟t there. JACK What? KATE You heard me, he wasn‟t there. I guess he didn‟t need me after all. JACK looks bemused but KATE turns the key in the transmission and they drive away. CUT TO: EXT. BEACH CAMP GRAVE – DAY The camp are standing around the open grave as BERNARD lays a blanket over JIN‟S body. As he does so we can hear rustling in the bushes. The camp looks to the source of the noise as we see SAWYER, JULIET, MILES and CHARLOTTE come out of the jungle calmly. SAWYER Well howdy fellas. Did we miss much? BERNARD looks down to JIN‟S covered body. BERNARD. It‟s Jin. SAWYER‟S face cracks as he looks down at the covered body. SAWYER Damn… Suddenly the respectful silence is shattered by loud screams. The group turn towards the jungle once more as a MAN funs out of the jungle. SAWYER pulls out his gun and aims it at the MAN‟S head. We recognise him as one of the FRENCH RIG WORKERS.

FRENCH RIG WORKER Désolé. SAWYER Who the heck are you? FRENCH RIG WORKER (shaking his head) Je ne parle pas Anglais. SAWYER approaches the RIG WORKER keeping his gun firmly pointed at his head. Slowly SAWYER rwaches in to the RIG WORKERS pocket and pulls out and army knife. He tosses it towards BERNARD. He then proceeds to check the next pocket. SAWYER Bingo! SAWYER pulls out a Samsung SGH-i320 cell phone. He gives it am odd look and then proceeds to throw it to JULIET who catches it. SAWYER Hope you speak French little miss because this guy don‟t look like he speaks a word of English. SAWYER turns to JULIET who is looking stunned. SAWYER What‟s up with you? You look like they just cancelled Christmas! JULIET James look. (pointing to the phone) SAWYER What? JULIET The date… it says it‟s October 16th… 2006!


One of my main aims with this script was to rectify some of the continuity errors that previous scripts (and lost itself) has provided us with. I understand however that I‟ve probably created more than I‟ve fixed! In this script I also attempted to bring island time and off-island time in sync making the rest of the season easier to write for and follow. Also I wanted to look at Kate‟s change in character as she is now responsible for another life. The secondary storyline of the losties finding Jin both put the aforementioned Korean to rest and provided us with some character building for Bernard and Roe (two characters I can only see growing now that the 06 have left).

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