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					GOVERNMENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF MONTENEGRO Public Procurement Directorate

STANDARD FORM Art. 35 of the Public Procurement Law

Based on Article 35 of the Public Procurement Law (Official Gazette of the Republic of Montenegro no.46/06) Public Institution Montenegrin Music Centre, publishes:

no.01-1 /07 for the open procedure of public procurement 1. Data on the Orderer Orderer:

Contact person : Žarko Mirković Postal number : 81 000 Identification number: 02464535 Fax: 081- 231-980 Web page

Address: ul. V proleterske brigade, 4-I Town: Podgorica Telephone: 081- 231-980 E -mail muzickicentar@cg.yu

2. The subject of public procurement will be performed in lots from lot I to lot VI. The subject of public procurement is the procurement of goods in lots as follows: - Lot I - Lot II -LotIII -LotIV -LotV Grand piano, 1 piece, over 270 cm of length Grand piano, 1 piece, over 210 cm of length Upright piano, 3 pieces, height over 120 cm, three pedals Electric piano, 2 pieces,full-sized keys,built in amplifier 2X40W min. Percussions

5.1 Big drum, over 115cm in diameter, with stand 5.2 Snare drum, over 40 cm in diameter, with stand 5.3 Cymbals, over 50 cm in diameter 5.4 Triangle 5.5 Tambourine 5.6 Wood block set of 5 pieces with stand -Lot VI -Accessories

6.1 Double set for String section (10, 8, 6, 6, 4): strings, bowhairs, colofonium... 6.2 Double set for Wodwind section ( 2, 2, 2, 2 ): reeds, pads, oil.... 6.3 Double set for Brass section ( 2, 4, 2 ): mouthpieces, oil... 6.4 Membranes for set of 4 timpans, maletss for percussion section 6.5 Orchestra stands, 40 pieces 6.6 Conductor stands, 3 pieces 6.7 Double bass soft casess, 4 pieces

The supplier is bound to supply the procurement that is the subject of public procurement according to types and the scope defined by tender documentation. Public procurement will be conducted as one whole, with the possibility to conduct the procedure from Art. 23 item 4 of the Public Procurement Law (Official Gazette of the Republic of Montenegro no..46/06) . 3. Public procurement does not envisage the concluding of a framework agreement. 4. Estimated value of the subject public procurement without customs dues and VAT is: 1. Lot I 2. Lot II 3.Lot III 4.Lot IV 5.Lot V 6.Lot VI 95.000,00 € 75.000,00 € 20.000,00 € 6.000,00 € 4.000,00 € 10.000,00 €

5. Every tenderer, in the tendering procedure must prove the following:  that it has not been sentenced for criminal offences envisaged by this law, nor pronouced the measure of prohibition to perform the activity which is the subject of public procurement;  that it possesses the business-professional capacity and  that it fullfills regularly the obligations due for taxes and contributions. Proofs on fulfilment of obligatory terms from this item shall be submitted in the form and format envisaged by Article 51 of the Public Procurement Law, in the following manner: 1. evidence that the tenderer has not been validly conviced for a criminal offence from Article 46 of the Public Procurment Law and that it has not been pronounced the protective measure of prohibition to engage in a particular economic activity – excerpt from the criminal records or an adequate certificate from a competent body;

2. excerpt from the court, professional or commercial register of the state the tenderer is registered in or a valid permit, i.e. licence of the competent authority for professional performance of activity concerned; -evidence that the legal entity has not gone bankrupt or being under liquidation – a certificate issued by court or a competent authority of the state in which it is registered; - evidence that payments towards the tenderer have not been suspended – adequate bank statements, certificate or statement on financial eligibility of the bank whose client the legal entity is; 3. evidence from the administration body in charge of taxation and pension and health insurance organizations that there are no outstanding liabilities for tax and contributions. Apart from the above mentioned evidence the tenderer shall also provide proofs of: 1) economic and financial standing 1.1.statement on accounting and financial position –balance sheet, or a statement of the authorized auditor for the last three years, in cases when the law regulating accounting and audit issues prescribes so. 2) professional, technical and staffing abilities 2.1.Tenderer’s references 2.2. List of partners, 2.3. Statement – Contract on every intention and the subject of subcontracting. Should the tenderer fail to submit one of the proofs on suitability envisaged by the invitation for public tendering and tender documents, its tender will be rejected as incomplete. * IF THE TENDERER HAS ITS REGISTERED OFFICE IN ANOTHER COUNTRY, DOCUMENTS FOR PROVING THE TERMS MUST BE CERTIFIED BY THE COMPETENT AUTHORITY OF THE STATE. IF THE STATE IN WHICH THE TENDERER HAS A REGISTERED OFFICE DOES NOT ISSUE THE EVIDENCE, SUCH EVIDENCE CAN BE REPLACED BY A STATEMENT OF THE TENDERER UNDER CRIMINAL AND MATERIAL RESPONSIBILITY. 6. The possibility to submit alternative tenders has not been envisaged. 7. The criterion for selection of the most favorable tender is the most economically advantageous tender with the following sub-criteria by a descending order: For Lot I and Lot II: 1. 2. 3. 4. Offered price...................................................20 Guarantees and maintenance.......................... 20 References .................................................... 50 Other advantages.............................................10 points points points points

For Lots III to VI:

1. 2. 3. 4.

Offered price................................................... 50 Guarantees and maintenance.......................... 20 References .................................................... 20 Other advantages.............................................10

points points points points

8. Tender documents can be obtained in the Montenegrin Music Centre every working day from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m starting with August 06. 2007. Tender documents for tender procedure will be issued by the officer Dragica Majić, upon receipt of evidence of 200 € payment made into the giro account of the Public Institution Montenegrin Music Centre no. 550-7333-06, with Podgorička banka, Podgorica, indicating purchase of tender documents as reference. (Invitation for tender can be found on the web site:, as well as on the web site of the Pubilc Procurement Commission: 9. Tenders are to be submitted by August 31. 2007 at 12 a.m. directly at the records office of the Public Institution Music Centre in envelopes with titles as envisaged by the tender documents terms or by mail. The officer authorized to issue the confirmation on the submission of tender is Dragica Majić. 10. Public opening will be held on September 03 2007 beginning at 10 a.m. in the premisses of the Public Institution Montenegrin Music Centre in Podgorica, V proleterske brigade Street, 4-I. 11. Time limit for decision-making on contract award is 7 days from the day of tender opening. 12. During the validity period of invitation to tender interested tenderers can through their authorized representative obtain all the necessary information regarding the subject tender directly at the premisses of the Public Institution Montenegrin Music Centre every working day from 2 p.m. till 4 p.m. by Dragica Majić.

13. Additional Information Maximum time limit for delivery of goods which are the subject of tender is for : 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. lot I lot II lot I lot II lot I lot II 12 months 12 months 30 days 30 days 30 days 30 days

Along with the tender the tenderer is obliged to enclose a bank guarantee separately for each lot being offered, at the amount of 2% of the tender – lot value, as a guarantee to remain in obligation towards its tender for 60 days counting from the day when the opening of tenders was scheduled.

In accordance with the provisions of Article 29 of the Public Procurement Law the tenderer can submit a tender for one or more (complete) lots, which will be evaluated for each lot separately. Each lot will represent a separate Contract. Maximum allowed advance payment is: For Lots I and II 100% of the estimated value For Lots III to VI 30% of the estimated value

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