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					EEM'2009. The final press release

The exhibitions held from May 12 till May 16 in Moscow served as operative anti-stress pill for the majority of Russian furniture manufacturers. Participating in the shows the companies actually declared the effectiveness and viability of their companies in public. Now we can confirm that EUROEXPOFURNITURE and INTERKOMPLEKT have answered the most challenging hopes of its organizers. Over 700 exhibitors and 43, 000 visitors have acquired the reliable information about the market, concluded profitable contracts and outlined the future development strategy. It turned out that a 50% decrease of sales and 20% decline in production are not at all the obvious evidences of crisis. The companies which carry out adequate product portfolio policy and pricing policy, take care of the quality of products and company’s reputation never undergo negative influence of the contemporary world economic situation. According to the results of inquiries the percentage of the latter among the exhibitors of EUROEXPOFURNITURE and INTERKOMPLEKT is much higher than that upon the market average. The exhibitions welcomed manufacturers and distributors of furniture and accessories from Russia, Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Egypt, China and twenty more countries. Among the participants there were both the leaders of the industry who have preserved the steady rate of development and the “newcomers” gaining the market activity. The exhibition business programme served solving the practical tasks, introduced fresh ideas and advanced solutions for the furniture business. The context of the shows also included the Day of Design, Day of Trade and Promotion and the Day of Advanced Technology. For the first time ever the business programme included the international forum STRATEGIC SOLUTIONS FOR THE FURNITURE MARKET PLAYERS OF RUSSIA. FOCUSING ON CRISIS.

The exhibitors took part in the charity campaign organized by the Service of Charity and Welfare n.a. Alexander Men at the Russian Infant Clinical Hospital. Most presents were sent directly to the Infant Rehabilitation Centre “At Dunnos’ place” right from the exhibition.
Exposition The two exhibitions were located in pavilion 3, the largest one in the Crocus Expo exhibition centre. In 2009 the exposition was structured according to the assortment and class of products. 12 hall – Furniture for kitchen, built-in appliances, tables and chairs 13 hall – Salon of furniture from world manufacturers, office and cabinet furniture 14 hall – Upholstered furniture, mattresses, bedrooms, cabinet furniture, Interior-salon 15 hall – Salon of equipment and instruments for furniture production, exhibition Interkomplekt. The salon Journey over Styles and Countries (hall 13) was organized for the first time in the context of the exhibition. Oriental luxury and laconic Scandinavian design, Italian exquisiteness and German preciseness were neighbouring in the exhibition halls. Under the crisis conditions the organizers had managed to prepare a fine exposition of high-quality and stylish furniture from all continents. Company FURNITURE BRANDS (OWL) demonstrated the furniture from USA; company IMA represented furniture from France, Italy and Czech Republic; WIEMANN was displaying German furniture, and TVILUM-SCANBIRK introduced the furniture from Denmark, TH WALD was displaying furniture from Switzerland, and PRESIDENT – furniture from Japan. A challenging Russian market is attracting new players from abroad. For the first time the Euroexpofurniture welcomed participation of company Red Italy, official representative of 20 Italian furniture factories. The visitors were able to see the products of FRATELLI ROSSETTO (carcass furniture for living rooms, bedrooms and studies), CIS-Salotti (cushioned furniture of classic design), VALENTINI Vanity (modern cushioned furniture, exclusive leather coating, Rubelli fabric), GINOVA (modern and classic kitchens), FABER (elite classical furniture), Ele’RICOhome (exclusive accessories).

The key feature of Euroexpofurniture/Interkomplekt 2009 was a plethora of new collections and large choice of profitable proposals for dealers and furniture retail. Endorsed by the Association of Woodworking and Furniture Manufacturing Enterprises of Russia the exhibition for the first time represented the Anti-crisis programme from the Russian furniture manufacturers. Exhibitors Holding Company Mebel Chernozemia, one of the leading Russian manufacturers, demonstrated its new collections of cabinet furniture of solid oak. The patinated golden white facades of the Eleganza livingroom and bedroom furniture sets delighted the eye with understated shine and elegant décor. The Josephine kitchen set attracted attention with its silver patinated black facades. The Stels-3 cabinet furniture set with black enameled details aroused meticulous attention of the public. The developments of the Mebel Chernozemia company annually participate in the National contest on industrial furniture design Russian Cabriole and win the prestigious awards. Dyatkovo (Furniture Concern Katyusha), the leader of carcass furniture production, demonstrated its new collections of occasional cabinet and cushioned furniture. The comers were able to see: EGO and Gracia, new furniture lines for design of living rooms; Concept NEW, a new line of bedrooms; BOTE, a new line of unit upholstered furniture; Octava, an updated line for nursery/teenage room interior; and Melody – updated lineup of bedroom furniture. New façade models were available for the furniture manufacturers at the Interkomplekt exhibition. “The consumers’ tastes are changing, and we are offering new models, new design and new pricing for our products. Euroexpofurniture is a fine opportunity to test our new developments with help of potential partners and final customers. At the exhibition we will be actively cooperating with constant partners, we are going to share the strategic company development plans and discuss the key problems of cooperation with our clients”, “Katyusha” Sales Director Igor Podstolny is sharing his plans for the exhibition. Company Mebel Moskva showed several new collections at once. A bedroom Blues (MDF facades and Venge decor) features high wardrobes

(2, 30 m), in-built light fittings, “hot-rod” shelves and variability of design (all in all, the collection contains over 20 furniture elements). The GALAXY living-room set was modified specially for the show. Among the latest novelties are: Symphony bedroom set and Suita furniture for nursery and teenage rooms (designed by Luciano Ferruchi). “There is no crisis in our company”, says Manager of the Commerce Department Anastacia Bobkova. “High quality of products and fair pricing attract the consumers irrespective of the external conditions. We are cooperating with all regions and every year we participate in the Euroexpofurniture exhibition. It is the only exhibition which suits us in dates. In summer our sales outlets are preparing for the season of dynamic sales which starts for us in September with increase of demand on infant furniture”, noted the company personnel. Shatura Furniture Factory promoted its new dealer cooperation programme. Offering a high-quality Russian furniture with Italian design, Shature addresses to the furniture shops with request to switch from imported products to domestic products. The exhibition visitors were able to negotiate free Shatura shop opening contracts. A well-known Russian manufacturer KOSTROMAMEBEL demonstrated furniture for teenagers Pinokkio and some other collections, popular with the amateurs of fashionable trends, and the latest furniture developments. The company demonstrated both cabinet and cushioned furniture of ultra-modern design. The exhibition showcased armchairs, collections of unit furniture and even puffs which can transform into armchairs, tables and other interior items. Company Almaz (Lubimy Dom TM) introduced its original design innovations among which are unit furniture for the lobby Adel designed in style Modern, and kitchen Carmen with original colouring of the façade. Company VERONA demonstrated elite-class kitchens under the trade mark VERONA MOBILI. The models are developed by Italian designers with due account of the most fashionable tendencies in classical and modern-style furniture. Production of this furniture uses materials and components from the best certified Italian manufacturers. Group ELIKOR demonstrated cooker hoods and air cleaners ELIKOR of modern and traditional design as well as mouldings, furniture

accessories of polymers and metal with various decorative finishing. A wide choice of products, efficient logistics all across Russia, and service programmes serve for potential clients as extra arguments for cooperation with the Russian manufacturers of accessories. Holding company ASKONA demonstrated new models of mattresses as well as made an unprecedented commercial proposal for its partners: the shop of mattresses and accessories. Mattresses make the only group of products which production in the first half of 2009 demonstrates stable growth due to increase of demand for the Russian bedroom commodities. Taking advantage of ASKONA’s business proposal the companies can both maintain their positions and lay the foundation for the future development. The furniture TVILUM-SCANBIRK from Denmark was especially elegant. Combination of white and black, varnished furniture facades for living rooms, dull colours of bedrooms, natural wood colouring of office furniture gave the feeling of comfort and stability. Only ecologically pure and certified materials MDF, wood chip board, varnishes and melamine film are used in the furniture production. Company products pass close quality control at all times. “TVILUM-SCANBIRK has worked since 1960’s and we are proud our furniture is well-known and popular in Europe. It is the first time we are participating in a Russian exhibition. We hope young consumers will like our products. It combines high quality, fashionable design and fair price. We invite to cooperation dealers, distributors and retailers who we can offer a flexible system of discounts”, says Mr. Rene Enemark, the Sales Director of TVILUMSCANBIRK in Eastern Europe. The Anti-crisis programme from the Russian furniture manufacturers involved such companies as INTERIORCOMPLEKT, FAKTOR-2A, OLSSMEBEL KOMPLEKT, NEW EDEM, YUTEX, BURE, SANGAR, DARSO, MEGAELATON, MEBEL KOSTROMA, TRI-DA, KAVELIO, ELITE STYLE, VERTICAL, ARMAVIR MEBEL. Among other exhibition participants were BOROVICHI-MEBEL, FURNITURE FACTORY STOLPLIT, LEGNA TRADE, ORMATEK, VALD TH, DRIADA, TRADE HOUSE DANA, PROFOFFICE, VITALY, REGOLD, SP MEBEL, FURNITURE FACTORY LAVR, MODER, ALT-MASTER, FORWARD, YANA, KRISTINA, POLYFORM, HETTIH RUS, IMPRESS DECOR, REGINOX

REEF HOLDING, HEFELE RUS, MASTER MEBEL, KINGWOOD, AMETISTSK, LIGNA DÉCOR URETIM VE PAZ.A.S. and many others. Programme of events Day of Design In the period of changing consumers’ preferences furniture design, interior and advertising materials are becoming topical again. The events on the related subject were held at the exhibition every day. On the Day of Design (May 13) there were held the conferences: “Design as Competitive Advantage under the Crisis Conditions” (organized by MVK and Idei Vashego Doma, magazine) and “Innovations and Design in the Period of Change” (organizer: LTD Credo). Russian Cabriole An awarding ceremony of the winners of the national industrial design competition Russian Cabriole 2008 took place on May 12. Forty-four companies were awarded with diplomas and medals. The grand-prix, the delicate Russian Cabriole statuettes were awarded to JSC “Donchanka” (Rostov-on-Don), CJSC Engels Furniture Factory, JSC “Grafskoye”, Production Company Ecomebel LTD, Live Divans LTD (Moscow region), Kostromamebel JSC, Miassmebel CJSC, Mebel Chernozemia Holding Company JSC, FELIX CJSC, SP Mebel LTD. The first tournament of the prestigious competition 2009 was held during the exhibition. The Panel Discussion dedicated to the Russian Cabriole was held on May 15. Kreata The stand of Kreata contest of young designers demonstrated the artworks of students, schoolchildren and practicing designers on topic “World of children in the world of adults” and seminars “Tendencies of modern furniture and interior design. Design concepts of Milano furniture salon”. Consultations and master classes Traditional consultations and master classes of architects and designers on interior design of living and public premises (organized by Idei Vashego Doma, magazine and Sovremenny Dom, magazine, International Association of the Union of Designers, MVK (Russia),

Sagraffitto Interior Design Company (Latvia)) were held at the exhibitions every day. Trade and promotion The problems of marketing and efficient trading in the ailing market were covered during the international business forum “Strategic solutions for the Russian furniture market players. Focusing on crisis” (organized by MVK International Exhibition Company, company Imperia). The Forum took place on May 13 and 14 on the Day of Trade. The event attracted the attention of the entire furniture community and drew about 150 delegates. Both manufacturers and furniture distributors need reliable analytical data and fresh business-ideas. “The international business forum “Strategic solutions for the Russian furniture market players. Focusing on crisis” impressed me greatly. I am sure that my future visits to your forums will let me acquire new and necessary knowledge on marketing and furniture sales in Russia”, Mr. Khazat Khabibullin, Marketing Director of Mebelgrad (Kazan) left his testimonial in the Comments Book. Advanced materials and technologies The conference “Innovations and Design in the Period of Change” covered the problems of application of new materials and technologies to the furniture production. Among the conference participants were the representatives of Egger, Rehau and Homag. And on the Day of Advanced technologies on May 15 professor Kostrikov held a seminar “Technology of ply-curved details as the push to launch one’s own business”. Sweet Roundabout “Sweet stories in the home kitchen”, “Culinary masterpieces for housewives” are the key topics of the cooking show “Sweet Roundabout” which was held every day at stand B1041 in hall 12 by the prize-winners of the international cooking competitions Alexander Ilyukhin and Sergey Sinitsyn. The event was initiated by Verona, MVK International Exhibition Company, HoReCa Centre «Chocolatier». Unique exchange Business success is not in the turnover only. Euroexpofurniture held a charity campaign for support of severely ill and orphan children. The

Service of Charity and Welfare n.a. father Alexander Men at the Russian Infant Clinical Hospital launched a unique campaign in the context of the exhibition: exchange of toy furniture made by little patients of the Russian Infant Clinical Hospital to real furniture provided by the exhibitors and delivery to the infant rehabilitation centre. The production and trade company Mebelion provided chairs, tables and hangers, the Dyatkovo Concern presented beds. Little patients also got orthopedic mattresses from Ormatek, book stacks from Mebelstroytorg and chairs from Mebelkomplekt. The furniture presented to the exhibitors was handed over to the infant rehabilitation centre “At Dunnos’ Place”. “We are grateful to everyone who helped our children. I hope our cooperation will be continued. I wish all exhibitors and MVK International Exhibition Company good luck and prosperity”, said Tatiana Okhotenko at the closing ceremony of the show. For detailed information about the project, please visit:, www.deti.orgthe. To the future – with optimism! MVK International Exhibition Company would like to thank all of its participants and partners: the Ministry of Industry and Commerce of the Russian Federation, Moscow Government, Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Association of Furniture and Woodworking Enterprises of Russia, Centromebel CJSC, Soyuz Mebel, International Association “Union of Designers”, Salon-Press Publishers, trade press and Internet-portals for assistance in organization and carrying-out of the show and highly topical business programme. The Organizers welcome the exhibitors and guests to Euroexpofurniture/Interkomplekt from May 12 till May 15, 2010. For detailed information, please visit:, Testimonials Alexander Voinikov, Director General of Bravo LTD (exclusive distributor of WIEMANN and NOLTE furniture (Germany) in Russia: “Euroexpofurniture annually manages to draw new clients and commissions. The three months following the show are the most efficient in the year. It is really incredible because summer is usually the

season of sales slowdown. Every year the exhibition is becoming even more significant, and the level of its organization is much higher than that of any other domestic furniture exhibition project”. Valery Sidorenko, Director of Ruzhansk Furniture Factory, Private Unitary Enterprise, Belarus “As a result of the show we have held some fruitful negotiations which exerted positive influence on the enterprise’s activity. We believe that it is the result of highly professional work of the exhibition organizers. Ruzhansk Furniture Factory, Private Unitary Enterprise would like to thank the show organizers. We think at present time it is the most efficient furniture exhibition in Russia. We will gladly participate in the MVK exhibitions in future”. Denis Ignatuschenko, Dana Commercial Director “Euroexpofurniture introduces new clients to us, improves the image and extensively promotes new furniture models among our constant clients as well”

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