The Middle East’s Leading Refining and Petrochemicals Event

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Under the Patronage of His Highness Shaikh Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa
Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Bahrain

The 7th Middle East Refining and Petrochemicals Conference & Exhibition

Middle East
Petrotech (plus logo)
Bahrain International Exhibition Centre
24 – 26 May 2010


2010 Bahrain International Exhibition Centre

The Middle East’s leading refining and petrochemicals event

An increasing number of refining and petrochemical projects are either underway or
planned to enhance the value of Middle Eastern oil and gas. As the region’s downstream
sector enters its next phase of expansion it faces a large number of technical and business
challenges – and an equally extensive set of opportunities.

Middle East Petrotech 2010 will provide a timely forum for regional and international
experts to engage in a wide-ranging exchange of ideas and technology that is critical to
meeting these challenges and seizing such opportunities.

In addition to a comprehensive conference programme featuring senior industry figures
and cutting edge presentations, Middle East Petrotech 2010 will feature an outstanding
exhibition of products and services, highlighting new technologies and equipment of
interest to the refining and petrochemical industries.

From small, highly specialised firms to some of the petroleum industry’s largest
corporations, a wide range of companies will be taking part in the exhibition.

The exhibition attracts high profile participation from GCC national oil companies
including Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC), Bahrain Petroleum Company

(BAPCO), Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC), Saudi Basic Industries Corporation
(SABIC) and the Saudi Arabian Oil Company (Saudi Aramco).

Visitor delegations from each of these companies attend the highly regarded conference
to evaluate the technologies on display. Their active support also involves centrepiece
stands at the show; participation on the conference committee, ensuring
that the programme maintains its excellent technical focus with special relevance to the
Middle East and presentation of papers within the conference programme itself.

Targeted Visitor Promotion Campaign

Middle East Petrotech 2010 will be promoted throughout the Middle East via an
extensive targeted visitor promotion campaign designed to reach the people who count.

Activities include:
    Personal visits to all major national oil companies, refineries, petrochemical
        plants and ministries.
    Targeted use of complimentary visitor invitations.
    Highly specific direct mail and email campaigns to our extensively researched
        customer database.
    An aggressive press campaign incorporating, daily and weekly press advertising
        and editorial coverage.
    Close liaison with quality trade press including advertising, editorial and regular
        press releases.
    Attractive travel and accommodation packages.


With a wide range of topical conference sessions, senior keynote speakers and an
exceptional exhibition of refining and petrochemical products and services, Petrotech
2010 will have something for every interest in the future development of the Middle
East’s vast hydrocarbon resources. The aim of the conference is to create a venue for
technical and other professionals in the refining and petrochemical industries to interact,
exchange information, share knowledge and be exposed to the latest technologies.

^ It would be good if we could attribute text to the Conference Chairman in this area. But if
this will not be possible, this text reads fine.

Middle East Petrotech 2008 Facts and Figures


Middle East Petrotech’s position at the forefront of the industry is reflected in the
following 2008 exhibition and conference statistics.

Space occupied     5,200 square metres        Exhibiting companies 156
Participating countries      22

Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Belgium, China, Dubai, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan,
Luxembourg, Netherlands, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, Tunisia,
Turkey, Russia,

Delegates      488                Visitors             2,217          Total             2,705

Saudi Arabia                      1019                 Bahrain                          924

U.A.E.                            181                  Kuwait                           108

Qatar                             61                   Oman                             37

Middle East others            33                       Far East                   31
Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, Yemen,                          Japan, Singapore, China,
Iraq, Tunisia, Iran, Lebanon, Pakistan                        Malaysia, Hong Kong

Europe                 178                    Others                          133

UK, Germany, Italy, France, Spain,                     South Africa, United States, India,
Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg,                      Russia, Canada, Australia,
Greece, Sweden, Austria,                               Bangladesh, Brazil, Cyprus,
Czech Republic, Denmark, Ireland                       Ghana, Romania

(The professional only) Visitor Profile

        Oil and petrochemical company senior management
        Petroleum engineers and managers
        Corrosion control engineers
        Chemical engineers

      Refinery/pipeline managers and engineers
      Research and development engineers
      Petrochemical plant managers
      Pollution control specialists
      Project construction managers
      Safety managers/engineers
      Training/development managers
      Technical managers            < recommend removing these 2 additional points
      Marketing executives

Exhibitor Profile

      Chemical engineering systems and supplies
      Cleaning systems and equipment
      Computer systems and equipment
      Control valves and equipment
      Cryogenic technology and equipment
      Distillation systems and equipment
      Electrical systems and equipment
      Engineering design and contracting
      Environmental engineering systems and equipment
      Heat exchange systems and equipment
      Instrumentation and control systems and equipment
      Laboratory equipment and instruments
      LNG tanker technology and associated equipment
      Maintenance systems and equipment
      Material handling systems and equipment
      Metal and alloy products
      Metering technology systems and equipment
      Oil, gas and petrochemicals consultancy
      Pipeline equipment
      Power generation equipment
      Process technologies
      Pumps and compressors
      Recovery plants and systems
      Reliability technologies
      Safety equipment and systems
      Tankage fabricators and equipment
      Training courses / services
      Turnkey contractor and process technologies
      Valves and fittings

The above list provides a broad outline of products and services eligible for this event. It
does not aim to be exhaustive – if you have any questions concerning the eligibility of
your products please contact the organisers.


High Quality Venue

Middle East Petrotech will take place at the Bahrain International Exhibition Centre, a
modern exhibition complex offering some of the finest exhibition facilities in the Middle
East. Situated within five minutes of downtown Manama and close to all major hotels,
the centre’s facilities include:

        Newly constructed, state of the art convention centre with a capacity to
         accommodate 2,000 delegates
        14,000 square metres of purpose built pillarless exhibition space with underfloor
        Restaurants
        Communications centre


Choose from our different options:

1. Inside space only                  US$ 480 per sqm
Allows the flexibility to build your own stand (minimum 18 sqm)

2. Space and stand service           US$ 560 per sqm
This comprises inside exhibit space, walls, carpet, lighting and fascia name panel

3. Space with walk on package          US$ 590 per sqm
Comprises all stand service facilities plus a selection of furniture, display items and
electrical power socket

The Organisers

Arabian Exhibition Management WLL, in conjunction with Overseas Exhibition
Services, organises the Middle East Petrotech exhibition. Both are members of Allworld
Exhibitions, which has been organising trade shows for over 40 years.

                                                   ^ it is officially over 40 years now. Edited

Other oil and gas shows in the Allworld Exhibitions portfolio include:

We have some new shows, we’ve dropped GEO Asia and some names have changed, they
should now appear as follows v :

      AAPG 3P Arctic – Moscow
      ASCOPE – Bangkok
      GEO – Bahrain
      GEO India – New Delhi
      OGA – Kuala Lumpur
      OGI – Jakarta
      OSEA – Singapore
      SPE MEOS – Bahrain
      SUBSEA Asia – Kuala Lumpur

Worldwide Agents:
Adam Ridgway
Overseas Exhibition Services Ltd
12th Floor, Westminster Tower
3 Albert Embankment
London, SE1 7SP, UK
Tel: +44 (0) 20 7840 2136
Fax: +44 (0) 20 7840 2119

Contact should be Adam for the time being. Edited ^

Fawzi Al Shehabi
Arabian Exhibition Management WLL
PO Box 20200
Manama, Bahrain
Tel: +973 17 550033
Fax: +973 17 553288

^ Fawzi or Razzaq ^?

Far East Agents:
Gerald Tan
International Expo Management Pte Ltd
1 Jalan Kilang Timor
#09-03 Pacific Tech Centre
Singapore 159303
Tel: +65 6233 6777
Fax: +65 6233 6768

^ IEM have a new address and contact numbers now. Edited ^


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