NeTraverse Win4Lin Terminal Server enables Windows Applications on Sun by grapieroo13


									                                                            NeTraverse Win4Lin Terminal Server enables
                                                            Windows Applications on Sun Ray Thin Clients
                                                            “I t is essential for Siceroo to provide a stable environment for existing
                                                            educations software on the Sun/Linux platform. NeTraverse provides the
                                                            ideal solution that makes this a reality.”
                                                            Ivar Janmaat, CEO, Siceroo

                                                                                                                                                          SUN THIN CLIENT CASE STUDY
                                                       Zodiac is Siceroo’s answer to the schools’       Server was clearly superior because of the
                                                       needs for a low cost, dependable computing       following points:
                                                       solution. Zodiac is Siceroo’s thin client
SOLUTION OVERVIEW                                      approach to desktop computing, which works       - Good audio/video/animation
                                                       well because it not only offers a highly         synchronization.
                                                       available, scalable, desktop environment but     - Good video performance. WTS showed
Company                                                also allows systems to be remotely managed.      2D panorama views in Encarta and 3D
Siceroo, a systems integrator in the                   For primary schools this is a great advantage    CAD/CAM applications. With Citrix this is
Netherlands, implements IT solutions for               as system management problems are an             unusable slow.
thousands of primary and secondary                     important reason for not integrating             - Almost full Windows 95/98 compatibility
                                                       computing solutions in the daily lessons.        is important for educational software which is
schools. Their mission is to provide cost
                                                                                                        written for Win3.1/95/98 because a lot of this
effective solutions for educational                    System Architecture                              software will not run on Windows NT or
institutions throughout their country.                                                                  2000 and thus not on a MS Windows
                                                       Students in the Netherlands utilize a number     Terminal Server.
                                                       of educational applications written for          -Separation between the running windows
Challenge                                              Windows. Zodiac delivers these applications      sessions so that application A can be
Schools need access to education                       via a thin client-computing model. Windows       optimized one-way for and optimize
applications written for Windows.                      applications are deployed from a central         Windows can be configured differently
However, they are limited financially, and             Linux server that has been enabled to run        application B. With Citrix this is not possible
by a lack of localized technical staff.                Windows applications thanks to NeTraverse’s      because all applications share the same
                                                       Win4Lin Terminal Server. The terminal’s          windows environment. This means that
                                                       that the student’s use are Sun Ray thin client   application A might work on Citrix and
A Citrix Alternative                                   terminals that allow students to access their    application B might work on Citrix but
Siceroo looked at a number of thin client              work via a smart card. This smart card let’s     application A and B can not work together on
computing solutions including Microsoft                them pull up their work at any Sun Ray           Citrix because they need conflicting
based Citrix to solve these problems.                  desktop be a workstation or their teachers       environments (.dll versions etc.)
                                                       desk.                                            - Easy distribution of software utilizing
However, the flexibility and performance
                                                                                                        Linux scripting tools.
of the Linux based NeTraverse Terminal                 NeTraverse Win4Lin Terminal Server is the        - The ability to install plain windows without
Server made that solution a clear-cut                  component that enables these applications at     an application. Schools can then install there
favorite.                                              a very reasonable cost, while Sun Ray            own applications. Since this plain windows
                                                       technology from Sun Microsystems provides        version is totally separated from the ones we
                                                       multimedia thin client desktops with state of    support they are free to do whatever they like
NeTraverse Solution                                    the art features and seamless administration.    with it. With Citrix you cannot allow this.
The reason Netraverse excels in this                   Siceroo’s Zodiac has integrated a winning        Citrix Metaframe / MS terminal server is a
situation and others is the fact that the              combination with these products..                shared environment so they could corrupt our
technology is hosted on the robust and                                                                  supported applications simply by installing
infinitely configurable Linux server                   Configuration                                    some software.
operating system. Additionally, the ability            Ivar Janmaat, President of Siceroo, is           Summary
for technical staff to access the systems              responsible for the deployment of these
remotely allows Siceroo to leverage                    systems in Dutch schools. A typical school’s     The solution has become a model for how
technical staff. Centrally located staff can           configuration consists of a single Linux         schools with very limited resources, a large
support a number of installations from one             server, together with a Sun Ray setup for 15-    number of users and shared workstations
point. This allows Siceroo to economically             50 concurrent users. Smartcards are used to      could deploy affordable computing systems.
service a large number of systems with less            maintain Win4Lin desktop state on the Sun        This solution works well because it’s highly
overhead.                                              Rays, allowing students and teachers to          available and configurable which would
                                                       instantly enable sessions on different clients   allow it to expand beyond the bounds of an
                                                       by simply transferring the smartcards.           education setting. Call centers, and other
                                                       NeTraverse Win4Lin Terminal Server also          large groups of knowledge workers could
                                                       uses advanced network-based audio to take        benefit from this solution. Anywhere a
                                                       full advantage of the Sun Rays’ multimedia       workstation is shared it would be ideal to
                                                       capabilities.                                    utilize Sun’s smart card authentication to pull
                                                                                                        user files and configurations from the server.
                                                       Why NeTraverse was the best                      Also, the increased stability of this type of
                                                       solution: Citrix Alternative                     system would yield productivity results and
                                                                                                        decrease computer downtime.
                                                       Siceroo did not come to the decision to use a
                                                       Linux solution lightly. They investigated a
                                                       number of different architectures including a
                                                       Microsoft Citrix but NeTraverse Terminal

                                                                        NeTraverse, Inc.
                                 7000 Bee Caves Road • Suite 300, Austin, TX 78746 • phon e: 512-228-2000 • fax: 512-228-2009

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