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									Genuine Accessories


Tailor your dreams
With the Honda Civic we’ve created a unique vehicle that combines top performance with innovative styling. Because we recognise that everybody’s different, we’ve created a comprehensive range of Honda Genuine Accessories enabling you to add your own personal touch to your new car. From high quality audio upgrades to bicycle attachments for your roof, our range of accessories has something for everyone.

Our range of exterior accessories perfectly complements the Honda Civic’s sporty image. Bold front, rear and side skirts integrate seamlessly, adding a dynamic edge that demands a second look.

Trunk Spoiler

17" Alloy Wheel

Side Skirts

Front Skirt Front Fog Light Kit

›	 Grand Prix Pack

Painted Front, Rear and Side Skirts Painted Trunk Spoiler


Trunk Spoiler

17" Alloy Wheel Rear Skirt

Side Skirts


Front Bumper Trim

Rear Bumper Trim

Door Trims

Rear Bumper Garnish


›	 Exclusive City Pack

Painted Front and Rear Bumper Trims Painted Door Trims Painted Parking Sensors Elegance Floor Carpets

Rear Bumper Trim

Door Trims Front Bumper Trim Front Bumper Garnish

Complement the stylish design of your Civic by fitting these subtle body-coloured bumper garnishes.

Front Fog Light Kit


18" Alloy Wheels

17" Alloy Wheels

alloy wheels

16" Alloy Wheels

What better way to give your car a visual edge than to fit upgraded wheels from Honda Genuine Accessories? Whether it’s the stunning looks of our 18" wheels or the stylishly understated appeal of the 17" range, we have a design to suit your taste.


Immerse yourself in technology by choosing from our range of advanced audio and navigation accessories. Each is fully integrated and specifically tailored to your Honda Civic.

audio & electronics



1 ›	 	 onda Compact Navigation System H

2 ›	 Civic Adapter for iPod

• Discreet Honda attachment bracket for seamless integration • Full Western European mapping, including petrol stations, Honda dealers and local attractions • Unique anti-glare back to reduce distracting windscreen reflections • Bluetooth® wireless technology for hands-free calls • Honda’s Genuine Accessory warranty (up to 3 years cover when bought with a new car)

With Honda’s handy iPod® adapter you can easily hook up your iPod® to your car’s audio system and enjoy your personal digital music collection while on the move.

iPod® is a trademark of Apple Computer, Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.


Take some of the stress from your journey by choosing from our range of driver aids. Use your mobile phone safely while you’re on the road by fitting our Bluetooth® hands-free system and reverse with confidence with one of our advanced parking aids.

audio & electronics

1 ›	 Rear Parking Aid Camera


›	 Bluetooth® Phone System


3 2

As soon as you select reverse gear the rear view appears on the screen of your navigation system giving you confidence that it’s safe to continue. (Requires factory fitted Satellite Navigation System. Not compatible with Honda Compact Navigation System.)
2 ›	 Rear Parking Sensors

The Bluetooth® Phone System is a simple, safe and convenient hands-free solution, allowing you to easily manage your calls while keeping focused on the road.

Pull confidently into those tight parking spots. 4 sensors integrated into the rear bumper detect obstacles within 1.5 metres of your Civic and warn you with a clear audible signal.

Tailor your in-car audio to match your taste in music by choosing from our range of front and rear speaker upgrades. Two dedicated Bass Works rear speakers coupled with a powerful amplifier enrich the deep bass tones of your music. Our Co-Axial upgrade speakers clarify the mid-ranges and provide crisp high tones. Dual Cone speakers offer flawlessly reproduced mid-ranges to perfectly complement our separate tweeters.

Speaker Upgrade Specifications
Dual Cone speaker upgrade Maximum input Nominal input Sound Pressure Level Frequency range Impedance Magnetic Woofer Sub Tweeter Edge Weight 30 – 30 kHz (- 15 dB) 4Ω Linear Dynamic Magnet Orange pearl mica (waterproof) Super high – – Dome Co-Axial speaker upgrade Bass Works speaker upgrade 40 W 25 W 87 dB 30 – 40 kHz (- 15 dB) 0 – 5 kHz 2Ω Nd-B-F Magnet – – – Formed rubber 400 g

Bass Works Amplifier Specifications
Number of channels Maximum power RMS power Maximum current use Stability Input impedance 2 2 x 40 W 2 x 25 W 5 Amp 2x2Ω 620 Ω

60 W 20 W 85 dB

Light weight cross dome 255 g 280 g

bass works

BASS WORkS kIT (2 BASS WORkS SPEAkERS & AMPlIfIER) - Speakers for rear installation - Specific for the lower tones and bass tones - Warm & powerful deep bass - Subtle integration of the speakers using original wiring & fixation points DUAl CONE SPEAkER UPGRADE - For front door installation - Perfectly balanced speakers for mid and high tones — to be combined with separate tweeters - Subtle integration using original wiring & fixation points

Bass Works audio accessories have been specially created to offer you the ultimate audio experience. We offer a full range of subtly integrated upgrades for your Civic, each designed to fit your car perfectly. Make sure your journey gets the soundtrack it deserves.

CO-AxIAl SPEAkER UPGRADE - For front door installation - Perfectly balanced speakers for the mid and high tones thanks to the individual tweeter - Subtle integration using original wiring & fixation points



Enhance your driving experience by surrounding yourself with our sporty interior accessories. feel connected each time your hands grip the eye-catching leather steering wheel and feet press the metal sports pedals.



2 3

4 5

1 ›	 Blue Ambient lighting

2 ›	 Gearshift knob

4 ›	 leather Steering Wheel

Blue ambient lighting adds a cool atmosphere to the interior of your Civic by illuminating the front foot area.

A perforated genuine leather, aluminium gearshift knob with a debossed pattern. Available for 6-speed manual and automatic transmission.

A sporty and stylish leather steering wheel.

3 ›	 Sports Pedals

5 ›	 Doorstep Garnish

Slick and responsive sports pedals for even better footwork.

Doorstep garnishes, with debossed Civic logo and a stainless steel dual finish.



1 › Front Bumper Garnish

2 › Rear Bumper Garnish

12 › Front Fog Light Kit

13 › Rear Parking Sensors

3 › Front Skirt

4 › Rear Skirt

15 › 16" Alloy Wheel - Titan

16 › 16" Alloy Wheel - Atlas

17 › 17" Alloy Wheel - Sedici

19 › 17" Alloy Wheel - Penta

5 › Side Skirts

6 › Trunk Spoiler

complete overview

20 › 17" Alloy Wheel - Epsilon

22 › 17" Alloy Wheel - Dynamic

24 › 18" Alloy Wheel - Storm

26 › 18" Alloy Wheel - Altimo

7 › Front Bumper Trim

8 › Rear Bumper Trim

27 › Locking Wheel Nuts

9 › Door Trims

10 › Front Mudguards

11 › Rear Mudguards 29 › Cassette Player 32 › 8 CD Changer 33 › Parking Aid Camera 34 › I-VES (In-Vehicle Entertainment System)


audio & electronics

alloy wheels


audio & electronics

36 › Civic Adapter for iPod

37 › 	 onda Compact Navigation System H

38 › Bass System

54 › Gearshift Knob 6MT

55 › Gearshift Knob AMT

56 › Leather Steering Wheel

39 › Speaker Upgrade Kit (Dual Cone)

40 › Speaker Upgrade Kit (Co-Axial)

41 › Front Tweeter Kit

42 › Bluetooth® Phone System

57 › Base Carrier

58 › Ski/Snowboard Attachment


complete overview

43 › Blue Ambient Lighting

44 › Doorstep Garnish

59 › Ski Box 320L

60 › Roof Box 350L

46 › Elegance Floor Carpets (Black)

47 › Elegance Floor Carpets (Ivory)

48 › Child Seat Group 0+ Baby-safe

49 › Child Seat Group 0+ Baby-safe Isofix

61 › Bicycle Attachment Classic

62 › Bicycle Attachment Easy-Fit

63 › Bicycle Lift

50 › Child Seat Group 1+ Lord Plus

51 › Child Seat Group 1+ Duo Plus Isofix

52 › Child Seat Group 2&3 Kid

53 › Sports Pedals

64 › Fixed Trailer Hitch

65 › Detachable Trailer Hitch

iPod® is a trademark of Apple Computer, Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.


carrying & towing


trunk & utility
66 › Interior Bicycle Attachment

67 › Tie-Down Belt

68 › Tie-Down Net

69 › Trunk Mat

70 › Trunk Tray

71 › Cargo Floor Lid

72 › Rear Seat Back Pocket

73 › Rear Shelf

74 › Dog Guard

complete overview

75 › Coolbox

77 › Warning Triangle

For more information contact your local Honda dealer.

These specification details do not apply to any particular product which is supplied or offered for sale. The manufacturers reserve the right to vary their specifications, including colour, with or without notice and at such times in such manner as they think fit. Major as well as minor changes may be involved. Every effort, however, is made to ensure the accuracy of the particulars contained in this brochure. This publication shall not constitute in any circumstances whatsoever an offer by the Company to any person. All sales are made by the Distributor or Dealer concerned subject to and with the benefit of the standard Conditions of Sales and Warranty given by the Distributor or Dealer, copies of which may be obtained from him/her on request. Whilst efforts are made to ensure specification accuracy, brochures are prepared and printed several months in advance of distribution and consequently cannot always immediately reflect either changes in specification or in some isolated cases the provision of a particular feature. Customers are always advised to discuss specification details with the supplying Dealer or Distributor, especially if your model selection is dependent upon one of the features advertised.

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