5 Ways to Increase the Love Making in Your

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					5 Ways to Increase the Love Making in Your Relationship

Written by Kayla Lane-Moore

Love is a single word but it carries many deep feelings within itself. These are care,
understanding, devotion, dedication, respect for each other, and sense of responsibility thereby
making this feeling so powerful and incredible. The feeling of love comes instantly in a person’s
heart and it has the power to merge an individual within itself. Love: a four letter word which fills
everybody’s heart with smile, happiness and joy. It is a delicate thread which binds two people
in such a strong relation. It makes life so beautiful.

Everything around you seems to blossom. Love brings meaning to ones life. It makes you feel
special in its own way. You just can’t stop thinking about your beloved. When you are in love
you can never be lonely wherever you go. Love is when you want to be with your soul mate
every time and everywhere. Love makes each day worth getting up for. It’s magic! It can do
wonders. It is the feeling of heart not mind.

You don't have to go overboard by going to a fancy restaurant every other day or going on
vacations that you cannot afford. Mind you those things help but, sometimes the little things that
mean the most. Here are five things you can do that will improve your relationship and will allow
you to have the best love making experience:

1. Listening

The lack of communication can be very frustrating to women but not listening can really get their
dander up. Many men have been accused of concentrating more on whatever was on television
than our wives and girlfriends. To a large degree it's true. Most women like to talk about
personal matters that have a direct bearing on their lives, their family or friends. What's on TV at
that time is irrelevant. Show that you appreciate her by listening. Don't just wait for her to start
talking. Initiate the conversation sometimes, and then listen carefully not only to what she says
but her body language as well. This is not a one shot deal. Listening to her on a steady basis
can only help better your relationship.

2. The Small Occasion Celebration

We've all seen the shows where the woman gets upset because the husband forgets their
anniversary or birthday. That quite honestly should never happen. However for a lot of women,
there are many smaller occasions that mean just as much; for instance the anniversary of your
first date or the day both of you bought something together.

Being able to surprise your lady with little things that you know mean something to her
(something she probably figured you took no notice of) can be a major relationship booster. If
you have to "cheat" a little bit then get your own personal journal to keep track of these things.

3. Get to Know her People

Women value their relationships. While many men are of the take it or leave it mentality, it is
very important to most women that you get to know her family and friends. These are people
who make up a special part of her life and by taking the energy and effort to genuinely get to
know them, you are showing her how much you love and care for her.

5 Ways to Increase the Love Making in Your Relationship

Written by Kayla Lane-Moore

They maybe coming from a perspective that you are not crazy about but hang in there. Be open
minded and respectful. The chances are that somewhere down the line you will want her to
meet your people. Extend the same courtesies to her family and friends that you would expect
from her if the situations were reversed.

It's easy to get stuck in a routine and set in our ways. But it's most important to continually show
the lady of your life that you love her. Again it doesn't take extravagance. Get to know her
people, be mindful of the small big occasions and above all listen. Doing these three things is
planting the seeds of long term healthy relationship.

4. Give Up Trying to Change the Other Person

The desire to fix or change the other person is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. Plus,
it causes power struggles within relationships and issues of control. One person feels she
cannot love the other unless the other changes. The other feels hurt, inadequate and as though
something is wrong with him.

Having a healthy relationship means having the ability to love your partner as they are. Our
partners have been put here to grow, develop and discover who they are. This can be a lengthy
and challenging process. But the surprising thing about change is that the less we push and
disapprove of others, the more easily and naturally they grow and change.

5. Develop Patience

Patience is an old-fashioned word in today's world. However, there is no way to rush growth in
relationships or in the development of joy. If you're eager to get on the right track, there are two
ways to get started: Learn how to be more giving and make an effort to be a better listener. But
each one of these tasks takes time to master -- and patience. That's why it is necessary to
realize that as we are, right now at this moment, we are lovable and acceptable. If you're ready
to increase the amount of joy you feel in your own relationship, take back the responsibility for
finding joy in your life, you will be pleased at the results.  Kayla Lane-Moore