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Assessments & Work ―Fit‖ Career Change Company & Industry Information Cover Letters Following Your Passion or Spirit General Job Search Interviewing Job Fairs Negotiation Networking Occupations, Researching Resumes Retirement Salaries, Costs of Living, & Relocation Transitions & Life Planning Work – Life Balance 3 6 10 14 16 18 25 27 29 30 35 36 38 41 45 48

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(Available online only.) Adventure, Outdoor, & Sports Animals & Wildlife Associations Consulting Contractors, USG Cross-cultural Training & Consulting Economics, Finance, & Trade Education Environmental Action Government Health & Human Services Information Technology International Development International Exchanges International – Overseas Law Music & Arts BIBLIOGRAPHY - 1 49 52 54 56 61 64 66 69 72 74 79 80 83 86 87 89 90

Nonprofit Organizations Office Management & Administrative Support Politics & Political Science Public Affairs Security Clearances Security Professionals Seniors Small Business Telecommuting Temporary & Part-time Think Tanks Travel & Hospitality Industries Volunteer Opportunities Washington, D.C. Area Writing & Publishing

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Buckingham, Marcus and Clifton, Donald O. Now, Discover Your Strengths Free Press, 2001 Davis, Sandra and Handschin, Bill Reinventing Yourself: Life Planning After 50 Using the Strong and MBTI Uses two scientifically based tools to help the reader understand themselves and make wiser decisions about work and relationships. Consulting Psychologists Press, First edition, 1998 Jung, Carl Psychological Types Routledge, an imprint of Taylor & Francis Books Ltd, 1992 Keirsey, David and Bates, Marilyn Please Understand Me: Character and Temperament Types Prometheus Nemesis Book Company, Third edition, 1984 Kroeger, Otto and Thuesen, Janet M. Type Talk: The 16 Personality Types That Determine How We Live, Love, and Work Dell, Reissue edition, 1989 Laney, Marti Olen The Introvert Advantage: How to Thrive in an Extrovert World Workman Publishing Company, 2002 Martin, Charles R. Looking at Type and Careers The book contains descriptions of the preferences of each of the 16 MBTI types and contains a section called "Careers Selected Most Often" for each type. Center for Applications of Psychological Type, 1995 Tieger, Paul and Barron-Tieger, Barbara Do What You Are: Discover the Perfect Career for You Through the Secrets of Personality Type--Revised and Updated Edition Featuring E-careers for the 21st Century Discover the perfect career for you through the secrets of personality type. Little, Brown, Third edition, 2001 BIBLIOGRAPHY - 3

Assessing Transition Readiness – Barriers/Challenges to Career-Decision Making – Birkman Career Style Summary – Bowling Green State University – And Career Anchors: Some Speculations on their Evolution – Career Changers – Career Interests Game – Career Interest Profiler – Career Key – CareerMaze – Career Perfect’s Work Preference Inventory – CareerStorm Navigator – Complete Kiersey Temperament Sorter II – Creative Job Search’s Online Guide – Discover Your Drivers –  Located on the Merrill Lynch website and based on the book Don’t Retire, Rewire!  ―Discover Your Drivers‖ is 1 of 3 parts of a section entitled ―Envision Your Future: Achieve The Retirement You Want‖ BIBLIOGRAPHY - 4

Motivational Appraisal for Personal Potential – Occupational Personality Questionnaire – Online Career Assessment Tools Review – Princeton Review Career Quiz – – Skills Profiler – Type Logic – University of Minnesota-Duluth – University of Waterloo - Career Development eManual – What’s Your Personality Type? –



Baehr, Ann ―I’m Changing Careers – How Do I Format My Resume?‖ Career Change Resumes – Duffy, Marcia Passos ―Resumes for Career Switchers‖ Wet Feet (website)– aspx Eagar, Heather ―You’re Ready For A Career Change…Is Your Resume? Resume Resource - Hansen, Katharine ―Strategic Portrayal of Transferable Job Skills Is A Vital Job-Search Technique‖ Quintessential Careers – Hentz, Maureen Crawford ―Career Changers’ Most Powerful Resume and Cover Letter Tool: Transferable Skills‖ Quintessential Careers – Isaacs, Kim ―Resume Dilemma: Career Change‖ - Jobs & Careers Newspaper & Job Fairs website ―Writing A Resume For A Career Change‖ Jobs & Careers Newspaper & Job Fairs The Princeton Review website ―Selling Your Career Change: How to Strengthen Your Resume‖ The Princeton Review – BIBLIOGRAPHY - 6

Reinhold, Barbara ―Retooling Your Resume to Change Fields‖ –

Bridges, William Creating You & Co.: Learn to Think Like the CEO of Your Own Career Practical guide for workers to see themselves as the leaders of their own businesses – i.e., themselves - and viewing employers as potential customers. Exercises help the reader define his/her ―product‖ and spot his/her markets. Perseus Books Group, 1998 Chope, Robert C. Dancing Naked: Breaking Through the Emotional Limits That Keep You from the Job You Want Focuses on emotional fitness and resilience in job searching and the workplace: career beliefs and identity; handling your emotions during a job search; and staying on track. New Harbinger Publications, 2000 Dilenschneider, R.L. 50 Plus: Critical Career Decisions For The Rest Of Your Life Kensington Publishing, 2002 Enelow, Wendy S. and Kursmark, Louise M. Expert Resumes for Career Changers JIST Works, 2005 Finnigan, Dan and Karasu, Marc Your Next Move: Success Strategies For Midcareer Professionals Sterling Publishing Company, 2006 Griffiths, B. Do What You Love For The Rest Of Your Life: A Practical Guide To Career Change And Personal Renewal Ballantine Books, 2001 Halfand, David Career Change Comprehensive manual to help those facing change deal with the psychological, emotional, and practical aspects of choosing a new career. McGraw-Hill, Second edition, 1999 BIBLIOGRAPHY - 7

Isaacs, Kim and Hofferber, Karen The Career Change Resume McGraw-Hill, 2003 Kay, Andrea Life’s A Bitch & Then You Change Careers: 9 Steps To Get Out Of Your Funk & On To Your Future Stewart, Tabori & Chang, 2005 Krannich, Ronald L. Change Your Job, Change Your Life: Careering and Re-Careering in the New Boom/Bust Economy Impact Publications, Ninth edition, 2004 Lore, Nicholas The Pathfinder: How to Choose or Change Your Career for a Lifetime of Satisfaction and Success Fireside, 1998 Pollan, Stephen M. and Levine, Mark Second Acts: Creating The Life You Really Want, Building The Career you Truly Desire Harper Resources/Quill, 2004 Ryan, Robin What To Do With The Rest Of Your Life Simon & Schuster, 2002 Stevens, Paul Stop Postponing The Rest Of Your Life / Expand Your Career Horizons This is a practical guide for realigning career goals through thoughtful, systematic analysis called the "career audit.‖ Provides the tools to identify, examine, nourish and maintain a truly satisfying work situation. Ten Speed Press, 1993

Career Voyages –  Another excellent Department of Labor website.  This one includes guidance on changing careers: where to start, which industries are growing, how to qualify, how to get a job, is additional education worth the investment of time and money? BIBLIOGRAPHY - 8

Vocation Vacations –  Test drive a possible career!  In addition to trips, they now have show on Travel Channel What's Next? --  Magazine and website focusing on second careers; targeted at "men whose priorities are shifting: from traditional careers toward work that is personally fulfilling, from getting rich to giving back, from staying late at the office to seeing the world."  Articles on health, money, travel and careers


Hube, Kessenides, Herr, & Hasbrouck "Easy Ways to Investigate A Company's Office Culture" The Wall Street Journal Online

Advertising Red Book. 4 volumes and monthly supplements, 2004 Gale Research Business Rankings Annual 2 volumes, 2005 Career Guide to Industries 2004-5 edition CorpTech Directory of Technology Companies 4 volumes and supplement, 2004 The Foundation Center Foundation Directory 3 volumes, 26th edition, 2004 Hoover’s Business Press Hoover’s Handbook International Directory of Company Histories. St. James, 66 volumes, 2005 Lexis/Nexis Corporate Affiliations: “Who Owns Whom?” 8 volumes, 2004 Standard & Poor’s Industry Surveys 3 volumes, 2004, updated biannually Standard & Poor’s Stock Reports 3 volumes, updated quarterly BIBLIOGRAPHY - 10

Thomas Register of American Manufacturers Washington Business Journal Book of Lists 20th edition, 2005 (published annually)

AllBusiness – America’s Career InfoNet – American Society of Association Executives – Annual Report Gallery – Annual Report Service - Barrons Online - –  Information on public and private companies, includes news, research, and even contact names Business Journals -  Provides free daily updates from 41 Business Journals in the U.S.  All 41 have free job boards and information regarding companies in the news Business 2.0 –  Magazine and website excellent sources of information on companies Company Research – Rutgers University Libraries –

Corporate Information –  Provided by Wright Investors Service  provides U.S. and international company information, including research reports, company profiles, earnings information, and analyst reports  Must register to use, but is a free site CNet Ticket Symbol Lookup EDGAR Online – BIBLIOGRAPHY - 11

Fast Company – Research Directory of Leading Companies Federal Jobs Digest - Fortune -  Magazine and website are excellent sources of information on companies Fuld & Company –  Their hyperlinks to ―General Business Internet Resources‖ are very useful research tools globalEDGE –  An excellent source of international news, trade information, directories, mailing lists, and government resources. Hoover’s Online -  Provides detailed and up-to-date information on more than 50,000 public and private companies  Usually available at public libraries Industry Portals / Industry Hubs  Sources of information on U.S. industries, including news, statistics and Business to Business commerce.  Includes good tutorial on ―How to Learn About an Industry or a Specific Company‖ Internet Nonprofit Center - Kompass – Learn Web Skills –  Top notch (and free!) tutorial on ―Researching Companies Online‖ Public Register’s Annual Report Service (PRARS) - Quintessential Careers -  See article entitled ―Guide to Researching Companies, Industries, and Countries.‖ Report Gallery - SearchSystems.Net Public Record Databases -



Provides business information, corporate filings, property records, deeds, mortgages, criminal and civil court filings, professional licenses, and more – U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics – Vault Reports - Virtual International Business & Economic Sources (VIBES)  Provides more than 1,600 very handy links to international business, trade, and country-specific sites as well as economic information. Wall Street Research Net - The Washington Post –  Great resource overall, especially the annual ―Post 200‖ with information on 200 companies in the DC area Washingtonian Magazine –  Publishes annual list of best places to work in DC area  Many articles profiling local movers and shakers in business world (―100 People to Watch,‖ ―Top 50 Journalists,‖ ―Best and Brightest,‖ etc.) WetFeet Career Research – Yahoo Finance Ticket Symbol Lookup –


Rossheim, John "Cover Letters Build the Case for 50-Plus Workers" Career Advice Newsletter,, June 20, 2006

Besson, Taunee Cover Letters (National Business Employment Weekly Career Guides) Learn to customize letters, respond to a want ad, contact an executive search firm, or contact a group of companies at once. Wiley, Third edition, 1999 Enelow, Wendy S. 201 Winning Cover Letters For $100,000+ Jobs: Cover Letters That Can Change Your Life! Includes a fabulous collection of cover letters drawn from 33 different career fields and keywords for each field. Discusses types of job search letters. Impact Publications, 1998 Kaplan, Robbie Miller How to Say It in Your Job Search Provides guidance on cover letters, resumes, and interviews. Prentice Hall Press, First edition, 2001 Kaplan, Robbie Miller Sure-Hire Cover Letters Amacom Books, 1994 Krannich, Ronald & Caryl Dynamite Cover Letters: And Other Great Job Search Letters Outlines the major principles for writing outstanding cover letters. Impact Publications, Second edition, 1994

College -


Job Smart - Minnesota Work Force Center - - Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute - Writing Center The Riley Guide –



Anderson, Nancy Work With Passion: How to Do What You Love for a Living Finding one's niche and following one's passion is the most effective and rewarding approach to business. Her step-by-step approach follows the ten "passion secrets" of powerful people. New World Library, 2004 Bloch, Deborah and Richmond, Lee SoulWork: Finding the Work You Love, Loving the Work You Have Authors look at seven different spiritual themes related to finding meaningful work: change, balance, energy, community, calling, harmony and unity. Exercises and stories make this a practical exploration. Davies-Black Publishing, First edition, 1998 Bolles, Richard Nelson How to Find Your Mission In Life Assists those who choose to include the spiritual dimension in their career planning, to seek/add meaning to their lives as expressed by the work they perform. Ten Speed Press, 2005 Cameron, Julia Artist's Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity Leads readers through a twelve-week program to recover/discover their creativity. Addresses blocks to creativity also. Tarcher, Tenth Anniversary edition, 2002 Karlgaard, Rich Life 2.0: How People Across America Are Transforming Their Lives by Finding the Where of Their Happiness Crown Business, 2004 Laskas, Jeanne Marie Fifty Acres and a Poodle: A Story of Love, Livestock, and Finding Myself on a Farm The author (who also writes for The Washington Post) long dreamed of living on a farm. This is an account of how she made her dream come true. Bantam, 2002


Leider, Richard J. The Power of Purpose: Creating Meaning in Your Life and Work What are your gifts? core competencies? strongest values and passions? What makes you want to get to your work each day? This is a practical guide for creating meaning in life and work, including setting up your own five-member "Purpose Discovery Group.‖ Berrett-Koehler Publishers, 2005 Levoy, Gregg Callings: Finding and Following an Authentic Life Examines the many kinds of calls (to do or be something) received and the variety of channels through which they may arrive. Offers guidance on how to recognize our callings. Three Rivers Press, 1998 Palmer, Parker J. Let Your Life Speak: Listening for the Voice of Vocation The author’s account of his vocational and spiritual journey. Jossey-Bass, First edition, 1999 Rosengren, Curt The Occupational Adventure Guide: A Travel Guide To The Career Of Your Dreams E-book Rosengren runs "Passion Catalyst International" which helps people find the passions that will lead them to more satisfying jobs. The website offers other ebooks, speaking engagements, and a blog for job hunters and career changers. E-book available at Zander, Rosamund Stone and Zander, Benjamin The Art of Possibility: Transforming Professional and Personal Life Penguin Books, 2000


Cenedella, Marc ―The Top 10 Blunders of Online Job Hunters‖ The Wall Street Journal’s - Ibarra & Lineback ―What’s Your Story?‖ Harvard Business Review, January 2005 Excellent article on telling your story during a career change.

Boldt, L. How To Find The Work You Love Penguin Books, 1996 Bolles, Richard Nelson What Color Is Your Parachute 2007?: A Practical Manual for Job-hunters And Career Changes Practical guidance. A classic. Explains the ―hidden job market‖ well. Ten Speed Press, Revised edition, 2006 Bridges, William Job Shift: How to Prosper in a Workplace without Jobs Argues that our information-based economy demands more flexible employment models. Shows that traditional jobs - daily 9-to-5 duties, base salary with benefits, defined careers paths - are headed for extinction. Proposes a futuristic career blueprint to carry workers into the 21st century. Perseus Books Group, 2000 Cohen, William A. Break The Rules And Get A Great Job Prentice Hall Art, 2001 Edwards, P. & S. Finding Your Perfect Work Penguin Putnam, 2003


Figler, Howard Complete Job-Search Handbook: Everything You Need To Know To Get The Job You Really Want Top notch job search advice, easy-to-read writing style. Author appreciates greatly the value of generalist educations and backgrounds. Owl Books, Third edition, 1999 Kanter, Rosabeth Moss Confidence: How Winning Streaks and Losing Streaks Begin and End Crown Business, 2004 Kaplan, Robbie Miller How to Say It In Your Job Search Provides guidance on cover letters, resumes, and interviews. Prentice Hall Press, First edition, 2001 Kaplan, Robbie Miller The Whole Career Sourcebook Discussion of the job skills and careers in greatest demand. Includes innovative ways to uncover job leads and provides advice on career development. AMACOM, 1991 Kennedy Information The Directory of Executive Recruiters 2003 (32nd Ed) The largest recruiter directory of recruiting firms and individual recruiters in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. Search by career specialty and geographic areas. Lancaster, Hal Promoting Yourself: 52 Lessons for Getting to the Top and Staying There Free Press, 2004 Lassiter, Pam The New Job Security Ten Speed Press, 2002 MacKay, Harvey We Got Fired! And It’s the Best Thing That Ever Happened to Us Ballantine Books, 2004 Morris, III, Thomas W. Career Mechanics I: Solutions to Common Career & Employment Issues Author approaches subject from four points of view – job seekers, employed professionals, hiring managers, and career coaches. Tal San Publishing – Bramor Distributing, 2006


Musich, Susan & Schlesinger, Eric S. Sams Teach Yourself 3-Job Hunting Today Excellent guide to online job search research. Sams Publishing, 2000. Musich, Susan; Borchard, David; & Bonner, Cheryl Your Career Planner General guide through your search for a satisfying career. Kendall / Hunt Publishing Company, Ninth edition, 2005 Reynolds, Smooch S. Be Hunted! 12 Secrets to Getting on the Headhunter's Radar Screen Wiley, First edition, 2001 Ryan, Robin 60 Seconds & You're Hired Penguin (Non-Classics), Updated edition, 2000 Simonsen, Peggy Career Compass How to replace old employment concepts with a dynamic new paradigm that will define your career success in the bold business frontier of the future. Davies-Black Publishing, 2000 Weddle’s – – telephone 317-916-9424 Weddle’s 2007/8 Guide to Employment Related Internet Sites Weddle’s 2007/8 Guide to Employment Sites on the Internet Weddle’s 2007/8 Guide to Association Web Sites 2007 Wendleton, Kate Targeting The Job You Want This Five O’clock Club Series book discusses changes in the job market and career makeovers. Guidance for self-understanding, developing a career plan, brainstorming possible careers, matching them to your values, needs and interests, targeting and researching an industry or company, and developing a marketing plan. Thomson Delmar Learning, Third edition, 2000 Wendleton, Kate Job-Search Secrets That Have Helped Thousands of Members (Five O'Clock Club) How to get meetings with the right people, beat out the competition, and negotiate the best salary. Five O’clock Books, 1996


All Job Search - America’s Career InfoNet – America’s Job Bank – American University’s School of International Studies Career Center –  Excellent list of companies and organizations with hyperlinks to each BlueSteps –  The Association of Executive Search Consultants provides this service for retained executive search firms that are looking for experienced executives.  For a fee, you can make your "Executive Profile" and resume available to member firms. Other services offered. –  Directory of U.S. businesses organized by type with links to the companies BusinessJournal -  Published in many U.S. cities. In DC area, Washington Business Journal has good leads on government contract awards.  In addition to business news, these publications list jobs, job fair schedules, and networking events. You can subscribe via e-mail for free. BusinessWeek –  Magazine and website are excellent sources of job search leads and advice Career Babe - Career Explorer - CareerJournal of The Wall Street Journal -  Free website with excellent advice on the job search, including salary information – one of the best.  They also have a good job board that enables you to search for jobs by key word, location, profession, and other factors. Career Pro News – Career Resources – CareerXRoads –  Free job board; but very few jobs listed BIBLIOGRAPHY - 21

 

Interesting articles and information on employment trends Free monthly e-mail newsletter -  Over 370 employers listed by state; No actual job openings listed, but there are hyperlinks to the companies’ websites  Also offers "Guidelines for Allowing Dogs In Your Workplace" GCS -  Website includes temporary and fulltime jobs (free access). Primarily contract and procurement jobs in government and commercial contracts. Fast Company –  Magazine and website offering good information and resources, including ―Interactive Directory of Companies‖ Foreign Policy Association -  Excellent website for jobs that interest foreign affairs professionals.  Free weekly Global Jobs Newsletter via e-mail. Fortune Magazine –  Free access to much of site, but some sections (like the famous 500) require subscription  Great articles on business trends, excellent small business section on website Google Base – Jobs – Government Executive –  Magazine available by subscription only, not at newsstands  Includes useful articles on government contractors and contracting trends, an annual list of the top 200 USG contractors, as well as guide to who’s who in technology contractors.  Publishes a retirement-related column every Friday available by free e-mail subscription International Career Employment Weekly -  Weekly newspaper has 500+ job vacancies. Includes some jobs in U.S. and a lot overseas.  Subscription charge reasonable. You can check out some ads for free on the website, but, to see all, you must subscribe. Job Hunters Bible –  The website of Richard Bolles, the author of What Color Is Your Parachute? Job-O-Magic –


 

Directory of job boards to help you find the right ones for your profession and location Also rates job boards in terms of effectiveness

Leaders Online / Careers - –  Offers career tools and connections, articles on industries and corporations MilitaryHire -  Offers a monthly newsletter and information on companies currently hiring. Monster –  THE biggest job board; free access  Also offers job search advice, including good interview exercises Simply Hired -  Job board on which you can search for jobs at dog-friendly companies:, searchable by keyword or location  For each job, they provide a connection to for salary research on that type of job and to for networking with that company's employees – U.S. Chamber of Commerce -  Directory of chambers in U.S. plus a directory for Chambers abroad  Individual Chamber websites often have reports on local economy plus hyperlinks to local employment commissions, business organizations, and companies University of California at Berkeley University of Manitoba - Virtual Career Information Center – Weedles –  Free bi-weekly newsletter about internet resources for successful job search and career management WetFeet, Inc. –  Offers helpful articles career tools



Sells ―insider guides‖ on various topics such as ―25 Top Consulting Firms,‖ ―Advertising & Public Relations,‖ ―Job Hunting A to Z‖, and ―Real Estate‖

Women In International Security -  Excellent job listings for WIIS members  Also excellent networking opportunities Yahoo! Hot Jobs –


Capell, Perri ―How To Answer Any Interview Question‖ The Wall Street Journal’s

Bixler, Susan with Nix-Rice, Nancy The New Professional Image: Dress Your Best For Every Business Situation Tailor your appearance for success in today's workplace, for men and women. Adams Media Corporation, Second edition, 2005 Fein, Richard 101 Dynamite Questions To Ask At Your Job Interview Questions applicants should ask at a job interview. Impact Publications, Second edition, 2000 Fry, Ron 101 Great Answers to the Toughest Interview Questions Examples of responses employers are seeking to standard questions. Thomson Delmar Learning, Fifth edition, 2006 Hirsch, Arlene S. National Business Employment Weekly's Interviewing This guide takes you step-by-step through the phases involved. Wiley, Third edition, 1999 James, Gayle Smart, Managing Editor Communicate Clearly, Confidently, & Credibly Brookfield Publishers, 2004 Kaplan, Robbie Miller How to Say It In Your Job Search Provides guidance on cover letters, resumes, and interviews. Prentice Hall Press, First edition, 2001

Krannich, Caryl Rae and Ronald L. BIBLIOGRAPHY - 25

Interview For Success: A Practical Guide To Increasing Job Interviews, Offers and Salaries Impact Publications, Eighth edition, 2002 Lavington, Camille with Losee, Stephanie You've Only Got Three Seconds Personal marketing book on first impressions. Main Street Books, 1998 Silberman, Mel and Hansburg, Freda Peoplesmart: Developing Your Interpersonal Intelligence Berrett-Koehler Publishers, 2000 Siemer, Nan; et al Communicate Clearly, Confidently & Credibly: Leading Authorities Share Their Best Communication Secrets So You Can Enjoy Stronger Relationships, Greater Respect & Renewed Self-Assurance Siemer’s chapter is ―Communicate So Someone Listens.‖ James & Brookfield Publishers, 2004

Monster Interview Center -  Virtual interviews! (very well done)  Articles with advice


Baltimore Sun - Career Fairs -
    Good site completely devoted to job fairs. Doesn’t include all job fairs everywhere, but good for general interests. Free access to site. Covers all of U.S. and Canada. You can search by month, category, and state.

Corporate Gray Online –  Lists military career fairs all over the U.S., many of which are open to civilians Diversity Job Fairs – Employment Guide –  Free job board for jobs nationwide  Lists of educational opportunities  Lists of job fairs nationwide Expo Experts -  Free access to site  Lists newspaper-sponsored job fairs and only those newspapers that subscribe to their service, but they do include various from the U.S. and Canada. You can search by 3 very general professional categories and the events are listed chronologically. Hire Quest Job Fairs – Intelligence Careers –  Free access to site  Most ―events‖ listed on this site are ―Defense Systems & Intelligence Careers‖ job fairs. The event announcements include lists of confirmed participants (the companies). This site also lists some intelligence ―industry‖ jobs and offers a connection to which has another job board.  Very DC-centric, but does include some fairs in other areas of the U.S. IT Career Events – – BIBLIOGRAPHY - 27 Job Fairs - National Career Fairs – Nonprofit Career Fairs - Security Clearance Expo - Targeted Job Fairs - Tech Expo - Transition Assistance Online –  Primarily for military transition employment services for veterans and family members, but also offers news about job fairs throughout the U.S. as well as articles and advice about the job search  Veterans and family members can post their resumes on the site  Offers a job board and a free e-mail newsletter The Washington Post –  In the JOBS section, they provide a limited list of job fairs in the area: &1150933149914


Babcock, Linda and Laschever, Sara Women Don’t Ask: Negotiation and the Gender Divide Princeton University Press, 2003 Chapman, Jack Negotiating Your Salary: How to Make $1000 a Minute Ten Speed Press, Second Revised edition, 2001 Cohen, Herb You Can Negotiate Anything This book topped The New York Times bestseller list for nine months, has been in print for 15 years, and continues to be a "must read" for negotiators. C Trade Paper, New Ed edition, 2000 Fisher, Roger and Ury, William Getting To Yes: Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In Fisher and Ury describe an almost scientific method of negotiating. Penguin (Non-Classics), Second/Rep edition, 1991 Koren, Leonard and Goodman, Peter The Haggler's Handbook: One Hour to Negotiating Power W. W. Norton & Company, Reprint edition, 1992 Koren, Leonard and Goodman, Peter Seal the Deal: 130 Surefire Negotiating Strategies W. W. Norton & Company, 2004 Krannich, Ronald and Caryl Dynamite Salary Negotiations: Know What You're Worth and Get It The authors outline the major issues involved in determining salaries: secrecy, salary requirements, salary history, and salary ranges. Impact Publications, 1994 Siemer, Nan; et al Communicate Clearly, Confidently & Credibly: Leading Authorities Share Their Best Communication Secrets So You Can Enjoy Stronger Relationships, Greater Respect & Renewed Self-Assurance Nan Siemer’s chapter is ―Communicate So Someone Listens.‖ James & Brookfield Publishers, 2004 BIBLIOGRAPHY - 29

Hansen, Randall S. ―Using Key Marketing Tools to Position Yourself on the Job Market‖ Quintessential Careers website Henry, Shannon ―Networking without the Wine and Cheese‖ Introduces an online networking system in DC The Washington Post, 15 January 2004, page E-01 Hirsch, Arlene ―Informational Interviews Pave the Way to Offers‖ The Wall Street Journal’s CareerJournal website Klein, Lisa and Shull, Brenda ―Learn to Become a Natural Networker‖ The Wall Street Journal’s CareerJournal website Mende, Barbara ―Structured Groups Can Help If You Missed Networking 101‖ The Wall Street Journal’s CareerJournal website Mende, Barbara ―A Guide to Finding Structured-Networking Groups‖ The Wall Street Journal’s CareerJournal website

Ormont, Ronda ―Introduce Yourself with a Personal Commercial‖ The Wall Street Journal’s CareerJournal website Peters, Tom ―The Brand Called You‖ Fast Company magazine BIBLIOGRAPHY - 30

―Informational Interviewing Tutorial‖ Quintessential Careers website A useful tool, very well done. RoAne, Susan ―The Mingling Maven.‖ Rosemarin, Judy ―Networking Strategies for Shy Professionals‖ The Wall Street Journal’s CareerJournal website

Baber, Anne and Waymon, Lynne Make Your Contacts Count: Networking Know-How for Cash, Clients, and Career Success Networking experts outline why and how contacts count; how to hone networking skills; and where and how to network. Excellent resource. American Management Association, First edition, 2001 Darling, D. The Networking Survival Guide: Get The Success You Want By Tapping Into The People You Know McGraw-Hill, 2003 Fisher, Donna and Villas, Sandy Power Networking: 59 Secrets for Personal & Professional Success Offers a networking self-assessment; hints for network improvement and skills Bard Press, Second edition, 2000 Granovetter, Mark Getting A Job: A Study of Contacts and Careers Explanation of how people get jobs through informal networks. University Of Chicago Press, Second edition, 1995 Krannich, Ronald and Caryl Dynamite Networking For Dynamite Jobs: 101 Interpersonal, Telephone, & Electronic Techniques for Getting Job Leads, Interviews, and Offers BIBLIOGRAPHY - 31

Examines interpersonal, telephone, and electronic networking for getting job leads, interviews, and job offers. Includes informational interviews, cold calls, follow-ups, sample dialogues, and using telephones, faxes, and the Internet. Impact Publications, New Ed edition, 1996 Sullivan, Rob Getting Your Foot in the Door When You Don’t Have a Leg to Stand On Headhunter’s insights and techniques for job hunters at all levels. Includes expert advice, case studies, strategies for getting the interview, plus the qualities and skills most likely to convince employers of one's abilities. McGraw-Hill, First edition, 2001

BizLaunch –  Operated by Arlington County for small businesses.  Offers information, counseling, research, education, and networking The Creative Network -  Limited to DC area DC Web Women -  Limited to DC area eWomenNetwork –  National groups of female business owners and professionals Execunet -  Offers networking groups all over the country. The Falls Church Episcopal Church -  A jobs ministry that is open to all for job search courses and meetings  Limited to DC area  Also have good resources online (including links to many area employers),. The Five O’clock Club -  National organization Forty Plus -  An organization dedicated to helping managers, executives and other professionals over 40 years of age find jobs.  Chapters in nine states BIBLIOGRAPHY - 32

McCarthy & Company -  An Arlington firm that deals in career transition.  Offers "Executive Network Group" meetings for networking, learning, and circulating your resume. (Charge per meeting.) National Peace Corps Association Online Career Center –  Free job board designed for return Volunteers  Includes some basic advice, notification of networking events, and a forum Northern Virginia Technology Council – www.nvtc  Excellent for networking, members include area’s movers and shakers, interesting events Society for International Development – Washington Network Group - Women In International Security -  Excellent job listings for WIIS members  Also excellent networking opportunities World Affairs Council –  This is the address of the DC branch, but there are branches of the organization throughout the U.S.

Business Journal –  Select the ―Market‖ (i.e., the city) you are targeting  Then under the ―Community‖ section, select ―Calendar‖  There you will find a list of business events, including networking events (esp. rich source for the Washington, D.C. market) Networking on the Internet –  Excellent guidance for networking on the internet ListServ Directories  Topica -  Google Groups -


WetFeet – Networking Articles


Krantz, Lester Jobs Rated Almanac : The Best and Worst Jobs - 250 in All - Ranked by More Than a Dozen Vital Factors Including Salary, Stress, Benefits, and More Barricade Books, Sixth edition, 2002 Farr, J. Michael (Editor); Ludden, Laverne (Editor); Shatkin, Laurence (Editor) ONet Dictionary of Occupational Titles JIST Works, Second edition, 2001 U.S. Department of Labor Occupational Outlook Handbook U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics –

America’s Career InfoNet – JobStar – Career Guides – Occupational Outlook Handbook - O*Net Online – U.S. Department of Labor – Career Guide to Industries – University of California at Berkeley – Career Exploration Links –


Enelow, Wendy S. Best Career Transition Resumes for $100,000+ Jobs Impact Publications, 2005 Enelow, Wendy S. Best Resumes For $100,000+ Jobs Impact Publications, Second edition, 2002 Enelow, Wendy S. and Kursmark, Louise M. Expert Resumes for Career Changers Jist Works, 2005 Greene, Brenda Get the Interview Every Time: Fortune 500 Hiring Professionals’ Tips for Writing Winning Resumes and Cover Letters Dearborn Trade Publishing, 2004 Isaacs, Kim and Hofferber, Karen The Career Change Resume McGraw-Hill, 2003 Jackson, Acy L. and Geckesis, C. Kathleen How to Prepare Your Curriculum Vitae McGraw-Hill, Third edition, 2003 Kaplan, Robbie Miller How to Say It In Your Job Search Provides guidance on cover letters, resumes, and interviews. Prentice Hall Press, First edition, 2001 Kaplan, Robbie Miller Resume Shortcuts: How to Quickly Communicate Your Qualifications With Powerful Words and Phrases Impact Publications, 1997 Kaplan, Robbie Miller Resumes: The Write Stuff – A Quick Guide to Presenting Your Qualifications Effectively Garrett Park Press, 1987 BIBLIOGRAPHY - 36

Kaplan, Robbie Miller Sure-Hire Resumes Step-by-step approach to make writing your resume easier. Impact Publications, Second edition, 1998 Parker, Yana The Damn Good Resume Guide: A Crash Course in Resume Writing Ten Speed Press, Fourth edition, 2002 Wendleton, Kate Building a Great Resume (Five O’Clock Club) Real stories and resumes from executives, professionals, career changers, recent grads, and homemakers. Covers over 100 industries and professions. Thomson Delmar Learning, First edition, 1999

Professional Resume Writing & Research Association –  You can find professional help for your resume on this site Quintessential Careers – The Riley Guide – Susan Ireland’s Resume Writing Guide – The Wall Street Journal’s – University of Minnesota Duluth –  Offers a ―Transferable Skills Survey‖


Faiola, Anthony ―Sick of Their Husbands in Graying Japan: Stress Disorder Diagnosed in Many Women After Spouses Retire‖ The Washington Post, 17 October 2005, page A-01 Trafford, Abigail ―When Spouse Retires, Real Work Begins‖ The Washington Post, 25 October 2005, Page H-06

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Davies-Black Publishing, First edition, 2000 Novelli, Bill (AARP President 2006) 50+: Igniting a Revolution to Reinvent America St. Martin’s Press, LLC, 2006 Schlossberg, Nancy Retire Smart, Retire Happy: Finding Your True Path In Life Provides guidance on the psychological and emotional adjustments to be made in retirement and tips on coping with its ups and downs. American Psychological Association, 2003 Schlossberg, Nancy Going To Plan B: How You Can Cope, Regroup and Start Your Life on a New Path Reveals how to regroup after failed plans and unattained goals in order to renew a sense of personal direction; covers career expectations and other issues. Fireside, 1996 Sedlar, Jeri and Miners, Rick Don’t Retire, REWIRE! Focus on planning and executing a retirement plan. Five steps to fulfilling work. Alpha, First edition, 2002 Smith, Mary Helen and Shuford 101 Secrets for a Great Retirement: Practical, Inspirational, & Fun Ideas for the Best Years of Your Life! McGraw-Hill, First edition, 2000 Zelinski, Ernie The Joy of Not Working: A Book for the Retired, Unemployed, and Overworked - 21st Century Edition) A delightful indictment of workaholism and ways to counteract it. The author views unemployment as a true test of who one really is. Ten Speed Press, 2003 Zelinski, Ernie How To Retire Happy, Wild, And Free Ten Speed Press, 2004

American Association of Retired People – BIBLIOGRAPHY - 39

Center for Creative Retirement – Gen Plus - Kiplinger’s Personal Finance –  Magazine and website with good financial and lifestyle advice and resources Mature Resources - Maturity Works -  Website of the National Council on the Aging My Next Phase –  Includes personality tests, questionnaires, resources, and guided exercises  Company provides a ―Your Next Phase Toolbox” which includes personalized pointers and more to help you plan a future that fits your personality.  Newsletter free, but analysis and toolbox are not free! Retirement Success Profile –  Calls itself ―a mini-course on the non-financial aspects of retirement‖  Free newsletter and information, but fees for coaching Retirement Well-Being –  Interesting exercises for use in retirement planning  Free newsletter and exercises Senior Journal - Senior Search – Third Age - 2 Young 2 Retire - Your Second Life –  Offers a free Retirement Profile to find out what retirement lifestyle suits you best and provides you with immediate results


Bizjournal "What 20 top jobs pay: Salary study shows that top pay not always in largest metros" January 8, 2007 - Bizjournal "What 20 jobs pay in 75 metros" January 8, 2007 -

Grey House Publishing America's Top-Rated Cities, 2006: A Statistical Handbook (America's Top Rated Cities: a Statistical Handbook 4 Vol Set) Grey House Publishing; 13th edition, 2006 Krannich, Ronald L. Dynamite Salary Negotiations Impact Publications; 4th edition, 2000 Simkin, Joyce P. American Salaries And Wages Survey: Statistical Data Derived from More than 300 Government, Business & News Sources (American Salaries and Wages Survey) Thomson Gale; 8th edition, 2005 Sperling, Bert and Sander, Peter Best Places to Raise Your Family, Frommers, 1st edition, 2006 Sperling, Bert and Sander, Peter Cities Ranked & Rated: More than 400 Metropolitan Areas Evaluated in the U.S. and Canada (Places Rated) (Paperback) Wiley; 2nd edition, 2007


Wright, John W. The American Almanac of Jobs and Salaries (2000-2001 Edition) Harper Perennial; New Rev edition, 2000

Site Selection Magazine –  Primarily designed for businesses, but has useful tools for individuals Where to Retire –  Available in hard copy by subscription or at your neighborhood newsstand  Also publishes books on the subject

America’s Most Livable Communities –  Publishes annual list based on a variety of factors Bankrate.COM –  Offers free cost of living statistics for U.S. cities that also allows comparisons Chamber of Commerce Directory – –  Offers free cost of living statistics for U.S. cities that also allows comparisons CNN Money –  Slick research tool to help you find the best place to retire. Enter your priorities on weather, affordable housing, low crime rate, proximity to major airports, etc.; then you receive a list of cities that meet your priorities.  You can receive a ―Statistical Snapshot‖ on each city which includes statistics on weather, financial, housing, leisure, culture, travel, health, and more. Economic Research Institute –  Studies compensation in U.S., Canada, and the European Union ePodunk, The Power of Place – Find Your Spot –  Similar format as CNN Money plus each location recommended comes with general information, photos, climate data, real estate and job connections! BIBLIOGRAPHY - 42

Full Circle International – – JobStar – Monster Moving –  Online marketplace for relocation information, services and moving-related decision support tools –  Offers statistics for U.S. cities that also allows comparisons Neighborhood Scout – The NonProfit Times –  This is a link to an article about a nonprofit salary survey -- ―Special Report: NPT 2005 Salary Survey‖ Occupational Outlook Handbook – –  Site of National Association of Realtors  Offers a ―salary‖ calculator which is really a cost of living calculator Retirement Living Information Center – The Riley Guide –  Connections to helpful resources in ―Salary & Compensation Information‖ and ―Evaluating the Salary Information You’ve Found‖ sections. – – Sperling’s Best Places –  Similar criteria to other sites for sorting the best place for you  Does include lists of the best and worst cities for various subjects.  Offers good tool to compare economy, housing, health, crime, education, climate, transportation, etc. in 2 cities (incl. number of Starbucks in each!)


U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics –  Good source of information on salaries in many market sectors (Office of Compensation Levels & Trends)  More good information in their Office of Employment & Unemployment Statistics



LaBier, Douglas ―The Inside Out Solution‖ The Washington Post, February 14, 2006, page F-1 Sull, Donald N. and Houlder, Dominic ―Do Your Commitment Match Your Convictions?‖ Harvard Business Review, January 2005, pages 82-91

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Washington Post columnist encourages boomers to try out new ways of being and dreaming – as in adolescence, but now with wisdom and experience. Basic Books, 2004 Viorst, Judith Necessary Losses: The Loves, Illusions, Dependencies, and Impossible Expectations That All of Us Have to Give Up in Order to Grow Free Press, Reprint edition, 1998

Turning Points Navigator –  Their mission is to help clients ―to discover their meaning & purpose‖  Offers planning tools, books and group curricula for life transitions.  Online assessments, coaching, and seminars are not free


Covey, Stephen R.; Merrill, A. Roger; and Merrill, Rebecca R. First Things First: To Live, To Love, To Learn, To Leave A Legacy A principle-centered approach to make sure the most important things in your life are receiving the care, emphasis and time you really want to give them. Free Press, Reprint edition, 1996 Guterman, Mark S. Common Sense For Uncommon Times: The Power of Balance in Work, Family and Personal Life Provides techniques and exercises for attaining great balance, a sense of enrichment and deeper satisfaction in the connected spaces of work and home life. Challenges common notions about success and meaning. Consulting Psychologists Press, First edition, 1994 Leider, Richard J. and Shapiro, David A. Repacking Your Bags: Lighten Your Load For The Rest Of Your Life How to clarify, simplify, and balance one's life is the focus of this thoughtful volume, aimed at people who wonder if true fulfillment in life is possible. Berrett-Koehler Publishers, First edition, 1995


ONLINE RESOURCES a camp job 4 u - A Plus Summer Jobs - Sports and Recreation Jobs Action Jobs - Adventure Careers - American Camping Association - American Therapeutic Recreation Association – Amfac - Anheuser-Busch Adventure Parks - Anywork Anywhere - Aspen Education Group - Association for Environmental & Outdoor Education in California Association for Experiential Education (AEE) - Backdoor Jobs - Camp Careers - Camp Channel - Camp Nurse Jobs - BIBLIOGRAPHY - 49

Camp Jobs - Cool Works - Disabled Sports USA - Extraordinary Jobs - Fishing Jobs - Fun Jobs - Global Scavenger Hunt - Great Camp Jobs - Job Monkey - Jobs in Sports - Llama Day Treks North Carolina - Looking for Adventure - Malakye – National Association of Therapeutic Wilderness Camps National Intramural-Recreational Sports Association - National Outdoor Leadership School – National Recreation and Park Association - National Ski Patrol - Natural Resource & Recreation & Tourism Job Postings & Career Information - National Collegiate Athletic Association Outdoor Adventure Professionals Network - BIBLIOGRAPHY - 50

Outdoor Education Jobs--Google Group Outdoor Industry Association - Outdoor & Environmental Careers - Racing Jobs - Rail Train Jobs - Season Workers - Summer Camp Employment - Summer Jobs - Therapeutic Recreation Directory - U. S. National Whitewater Center - Vocation Vacations - - Women’s Sports Jobs – Yellowstone National Park Lodges -


American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) -  Lists accredited animal hospitals and provides hyperlinks to those with websites American Boarding Kennels Association (ABKA) -  Has a very limited ―Help Wanted‖ section on its ―Classifieds‖ page  Offers educational and networking opportunities American Humane Society –  Free job board that includes more than AHS jobs throughout U.S. at vices_jobopps Animal Concerns –  Free job board with jobs in DC, FL, MD, NY, OR, and VA only Animal Jobs –  Free job board with jobs throughout U.S. Animal Legal Defense Fund -  Free job board is small and lists jobs requiring legal degrees or certificates Association of American Zoos & Aquariums –  Free job board at Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) -  Job board available to members only  Also for members are educational and networking opportunities Association of Professional Humane Educators -  Free but very limited job board  Some workshops and conferences listed Dog Friendly -  List of dog friendly employers at


Equimax –  Free job board and advice for horse industry employment International Wildlife Rehabilitation Center -  Free but small job board that also includes many volunteer and internship opportunities - Metropets –  Covers DC area, but has hyperlinks to other animal job sites National Association for Humane and Environmental Education (NAHEE)  Offers training workshops and teaching materials National Association of Professional Pet Sitters -  Professional association offering some educational materials and networking opportunities National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association (NWRA) -  Free job board at Pet Sitters International -  Professional association with opportunities to promote your business, learn more, and network Simply Hired –  Search for jobs for employers who allow your dog to accompany you to work  Jobs listed are heavy on IT, but there is some variety Society of Animal Welfare Administrators -  Professional association with networking and educational opportunities  Free but small job board


(Also see section regarding Nonprofit Organizations)

Thomson / Gale Encyclopedia of Associations Database with international, national, regional, state, and local nonprofit membership organizations in all fields. Entries provide the names of directors, executive officers or other personal contacts; telephone, fax, telex, electronic mail, websites and bulletin boards; the group's history, governance, staff, membership, budget and affiliations; the goals and activities of the international organization, including research, awards, certification, education, lobbying and other important activities; and publication and convention information. Updated annually. Available in hard copy volumes or on CD. (Many libraries subscribe.) Russell, John J.; Downs, Buck; and Steele, Valerie National Trade and Professional Associations of the U. S. 1991 (2 volumes; also known as the NTPA Directory) Columbia Books Inc. Publishers, 1991

American Research Company –  Offers a compensation study of association chief staff executives American Society of Association Executives -  Free access  In their Career Headquarters you can search for jobs by professional category, location, salary range, work hours, and more (  Annual compensation and benefits study of associations  Also known as The Center for Association Leadership – and the Greater Washington Society of Association Executives – Association Forum of Chicagoland –  Annual survey of association employees in Chicago area  Also offers free job board BIBLIOGRAPHY - 54

Association Job Boards –  Directs employers and job seekers (who want to network) to niche job boards operated by professional societies and trade associations Association Trends –  A weekly newspaper for associations and related industries. An individual subscription by First Class Mail is costly, but many articles are available online for free.  Lists very few jobs in the newspaper but more jobs are found on their website. You can also subscribe for e-mail notifications of job openings. Associations Unlimited –  A Thomson / Gale database of international, national, regional, state, and local nonprofit membership organizations in all fields. Updated annually.  Includes Encyclopedia Associations information plus IRS data on U.S. 501(c) nonprofit organizations.  Available on CD or online. (Many libraries subscribe.) CEO Update -- (also known as )  A publication listing senior level positions in associations, NGOs, and NPOs. Available in Career Transition Center section of the FSI Library.  There are subscription fees for both hard copy and website editions, but cost is reasonable and subscription period is flexibe.  They list jobs from all over the U.S., not just in the DC area. Concept Marketing Group, Inc.: Marketing Resource Center – Giving Forum – Internet Public Library -  Lists ―Associations on the Net‖ by industry or interest  Includes description of the association and a hyperlink to its website – Professional Associations –  A yahoo list with convenient hyperlinks Weddles’ Association Directory –


Friedman, Lynne ‖Thirteen Steps to Building a Successful Consulting Practice‖ A helpful article written by a psychologist about consulting. Pressman, Sue and Kahnweiler, Jennifer B. ―Federal Consulting: Strategies and Tools for the Career Development Professional,‖ 2003, rchValue_0=Pressman&ERICExtSearch_SearchType_0=authors&_pageLabel=R ecordDetails&objectId=0900000b8012a0c8 An article which has good basic information for all types of prospective federal consultants. McFarland, Lynn A. ―What Does It Take to Start a Successful Consulting Firm?‖ Society for Industrial & Organizational Psychology Inc.

Association of International Consultants -  ―AIC is an independent non-profit making Professional Association providing on a very short notice Companies and International Institutions with Highly Qualified Experts for short-, medium- and long-term assignments.‖ Association of Management Consulting Firms –

Biech, Elaine The Business of Consulting: The Basics and Beyond Pfeiffer, 1998


Block, Peter and Markowitz, Andrea The Flawless Consulting Field Book and Companion: A Guide to Understanding Your Expertise This is the industry standard. Block cites three ways that consultants work with clients: in an expert role, pair-of-hands role, or a collaborative role. Pfeiffer, 2000 Bridges, William Creating You and Company: Learn to Think Like the CEO of Your Own Career This a good read for prospective consultants. Perseus Books Group, 1998 Sheridan, Valerie S. (Editor) Washington Representatives 2006: A Compilation of Washington Representatives of the Major National Associations, Labor Unions, Governments, U.S. and Foreign ... Registered Agents An excellent resource for information and networking. Lists lobbyists, foreign agents, consultants, legal advisors and public affairs representatives. Columbia Books Inc. Publishers; 30th edition, 2006 Downs, Buck; Damrosch, John; Flanigan, Mary; Gutierrez, Melissa (Editors) National Trade and Professional Associations of the United States 2006 Columbia Books, 41st edition, 2006 Downs, Buck; Damrosch, John; Flanigan, Mary; Gutierrez, Melissa (Editors) State and Regional Associations of the United States 2006 Columbia Books Inc. Publishers; 18th edition, 2006 Goodman, Gary Scott Six-Figure Consulting: How to Have a Great Second Career Complete how-to-manual to establish yourself as a consultant. AMACOM/American Management Association, 1997 Foreign Representatives in the US Yellow Book This directory is published annually and includes contact information for executives in the U.S. offices of foreign corporations, foreign nations, the foreign press and inter-governmental organizations. Other YELLOW BOOKS published include: Congressional, Federal, State, Municipal, Federal Regional, Judicial, Corporate, Financial, News Media, Associations. Law Firms, Government Affairs, and Nonprofit Sector. Leadership Directories, Inc.


Wong, Lily, editor The Harvard Business School Guide to Careers in Management Consulting This is a good basic guide to larger consulting firms. Harvard Business School Press, 2000 Lukas, Carol A. Consulting with Nonprofits: A Practitioner’s Guide Amherst H. Wilder Foundation, 1st edition, 1998 Schein, Edgar Process Consultation: Its Role in Organization Development Prentice Hall; 2nd edition, 1988 Process Consultation Revisited: Building the Helping Relationship Prentice Hall, 1998 Expert from MIT’s Sloan School of Management describes 3 consulting roles: expert, doctor-patient, and process consultation. Shenson, Howard; Nicholas, Ted; and Franklin, Paul (editors) The Complete Guide to Consulting Success Includes helpful chart of median daily rates by specialty area, location, and size of client base. (An old but useful resource, may find in a library.) Dearborn Trade; 3rd edition, 1997

ONLINE RESOURCES  Job board and advice plus other job search services  Connects consultants to small and medium-size businesses needing their services (not free) Consultants on Demand  For a fee, offers fundamental services for IT consultants – record-keeping, insurance, marketing, business development Consulting Magazine -  Chooses annually The 10 Best Consulting Firms to Work For. Go to for the 2003 list. Stories about the 2002 best companies are also available through a link on that site. (The 2003 stories are available only to subscribers.)


Do A  Referral service for IT contract-based employment eLance –  On this site a consultant can find projects and bid on them. –  A consultant can find projects on this site as well as good business tips. –  Consultants can bid on projects advertised on the site  Consultants can also post their profiles on the site  Free for basic membership International Civil Service Commission (ICSC) of the UN –  A register for UNDP consultants iVillage: The Internet for Women -  Search this site for ―Consulting‖ to find more good articles there. MBA Global Net –  Network of experienced MBAs looking for high-profile jobs and projects Prosavvy –  Offers services to clients and suppliers. For the supplier, i.e., the consultant, these include ―pre-scanned project opportunities, exposure to clients with immediate consulting needs, and a ―streamlined method for finding and responding to consulting opportunities.‖  Membership required. Quintessential Careers –  This website has a (very long) list of books about consulting at –  A website that offers articles on consulting as a career and the consulting industry as well as a job board.  They also offer a weekly newsletter for subscription.  Free ―job‖ board, including ―Global Opportunities in Consulting‖  Contracting marketplace


Vault -  Free consulting job board  Also offers company research, job search advice including salary information, listservs, and articles on the consulting business and related skills Wall Street Journal -  Find the Article Search function, type in ―Free Agent‖ or ―Consulting‖ or ―Contract‖ to see the articles that are available there.


(Also see section on Small Business)

Amtower, Mark "Is the Government Market Right for You?" Entrepreneur - June 13, 2006 646.html Gangemi, Jeffrey "Small Biz: Winning the Federal Contracting Game" BusinessWeek - July 26, 2006 ?chan=search Kurlantzick, Joshua "Landing a Government Contract" Entrepreneur - February 01, 2006 06.html Government Executive, August 15, 2006 (Vol. 38 No.14): Dickey, Beth ―Vying for Energy‖ - Top 25 Energy Department Contractors ―Space Shuttle 2.0‖ - Top 25 NASA Contractors Palmer, Kimberly ―Best Bets: Top Contracting Shops Share Their Secrets‖ ―No Surprises‖ - Top 100 Civilian Agency Contractors Perera, David ―Piling Up‖ - Top 50 Technology Contractors ―Hard Times‖ - Top 25 GSA Contractors Pulliam, Daniel ―Flier's Poker‖ - Top Travel Vendors & Top Traveling Agencies Scully, Megan ―After the Bow Wave‖ - Top 25 Army Contractors ―Flexible Fleet‖ - Top 25 Navy Contractors BIBLIOGRAPHY - 61

―Trimmed Wings‖ - Top 25 Air Force Contractors ―Weak Hand‖ - Top 100 Defense Contractors Shoop, Tom ―Raking It In‖ - Top 200 Federal Contractors

National Contract Management Association –  Free job board -

Greenberg, Paul Winning Government Contracts for Dummies John Wiley & Sons Inc., 2006

FedBizOpps (FBO) -  Advertises USG procurement opportunities over $25,000 Government Express -  Provides information needed for small businesses to enter the USG market intelligently Procurement and Technical Assistance Center (PTAC) –  Mission is to expand the number of businesses capable of participating in the USG marketplace. Administered by DOD’s Defense Logistics Agency (DLA).  Procurement Technical Assistance Centers (PTACs) provide procurement assistance, including classes, counseling, and easy access to opportunities. SCORE -  Nonprofit organization of experienced businessmen, many retired, who offer counseling to people starting small businesses  Website offers outstanding resources  SCORE often works in concert with SBA.


Small Business Administration -  a section of their very helpful website is devoted to government contracting  they also offer courses on government contracting U.S. General Services Administration Office of Small Business Utilization (OSBU) -  Promotes access to GSA’s nationwide procurement opportunities  Monitors and implements small business policies to nurture new business and enhance technological capabilities  Small business community can meet key contracting experts and be counseled on the procurement process.


If you are interested in cultural training programs, here are a few of the many companies and organizations that offer those services. Please note that many of these companies hire consultants and send them to clients all over the world, so, do not be put off by the location of the company’s headquarters. Even if their offices are not located in your hometown, you may be able to work for them.

A.C.E. Training and Development Institute— (Seattle) Berlitz— (major cities worldwide) Cultural Savvy (CS) - (San Francisco) Eaton Consulting Group— (Copenhagen and Boston) FGIworld— (Canada, MN, CA, NJ, TX) G. Douglas Lipp & Associates— (CA) Global Integration— (England and OR) Global Intercultural Services (GIS) - (New York) Global Workforce Development — (New York) Graybridge Malkam— (Ottawa) Hodge International Advisors— (WA) Interchange Institute - (Brookline, MA) Intercultural Insights— (St. Louis, Missouri) Intercultural Management Institute, American University— (Washington, DC) International Orientation Resources (IOR) Global Services— (Chicago, Detroit, London, Amsterdam) Kwintessential - (Somerset, UK) 64

Language and Culture Worldwide, LLC (LCW) - (Chicago and India) Meridian Resources— (San Francisco) People Going Global - (Washington, DC, Detroit, Edinburgh) Prudential Relocation’s Intercultural Communicaid Global Communication— (London, Paris, Frankfurt) SoCoCo Intercultural— (Princeton, NJ) Spring Institute for Intercultural Learning— (Denver) WorldVu LLC - (Highland Park, NJ)


Schumacher, Mary A. ―Career Focus: International Relocation Administrator‖ CareerFrames International Job Searching website

Worldwide ERC –  Professional association for relocation experts, offers training and networking opportunities  Free job board

CareerFrames International Job Searching


American Association of Exporters & Importers  "the national voice of American business in support of fair and open trade among nations"  the only national association dedicated exclusively to representing the interests of both U.S. exporters and importers before U.S. government agencies, Congress, international organizations, and foreign governments.  Offers job board with free access: JOE - Job Openings for Economists American Association of Finance and Accounting (AAFA) –  An alliance of executive search firms that specialize in finance and accounting professionals American Economic Association -  Professional association with career advice and jobs for economists and trade/commercial specialists Association for Financial Professionals -  Professional association with free job board and career advice National Association for Business Economists - National Association of College and University Business Officers (NACUBO) –  Professional organization with career advice and free job board

The Accountancy Job –  Free job board Accountemps –  A specialized financial temporary staffing firm for accounting and financial professionals, a division of Robert Half International, Inc. 66 –  Free job board and discussion group for accounting and finance professionals Ajilon Finance –  Free job board  Salary guide and other job search advice American Banker Online –  Job board - American Institute for Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) – –  Free job board CareerBank –  Free job board for jobs in accounting, finance, banking, mortgage, and insurance –  A publication of CFO Magazine  Free job board and career advice Econ Jobs – Economics Bulletin - eFinancialCareers –  Offers news articles, salary surveys, employer profiles, and other useful information  Search jobs by sector, location, or keyword  Partners with Bloomberg, Financial News, JobsintheMoney, CareerJournal Europe, and Securities Institute Finance Ladders –  Job board specializing in financial services jobs Financial Job Network – –  Free job board and advice for accounting and finance professionals at all levels 67

The Financial Times -  Lists financial management and economic jobs mostly in the UK, but some in other countries including U.S.  You can make application for the jobs on the website.  Also includes job search advice and training opportunities (mostly in UK). If you are interested in a job in the UK, there is a nice directory of recruiters on the site.  Most areas of the job search site are free. Institute for International Economics - International Economic Development Council (IEDC) – Jobs in the Money –  A website for jobs and career management in accounting, finance, retail banking and wealth management  Also offers a resume database for employers, hiring news, industry trends, and compensation information National Banking & Financial Services Network (NBFSN) -  An association of independently owned recruiting firms specializing in searches for experienced accounting, audit, tax, banking, mortgage and financial services professionals  Job board requires registration, but is free National Council on Economic Education - Rutgers Accounting Web (RAW) -  Very large collection of accounting information, including professional associations Schwab Advisor Transition Support -  Designed to assist independent financial advisors in developing strategic transition plans for their current business and finding a new job  Job board subscription is not free Women In International Trade –  A professional association of members who share an interest and expertise in international trade. Largest chapter is in Washington, D.C.  Membership for an annual dues fee includes access to an excellent job bank.


Agre, Phil ―Networking on the Network: A Guide to Professional Skills for PhD Students‖

AAR/EEO – Affirmative Action Register –  A monthly publication available in the FSI library. Very reasonable price for Individual printed subscription.  Also available online for free.  You can sort jobs by employer, state, and category. –  Free access  Comprehensive listing of internet resources for job searches in higher education. You can search by type of position, discipline, and location.  Offers hyperlinks to websites of professional associations and a list of books on job searches in academia. Academic Career Online –  Free job board listing jobs in colleges, universities, and research institutes around the world  Provides some e-mail connections with employers Adjunctopia –  Free access  Job board for part-time teaching jobs.  Also offers resume posting, links to training, and more. American Association of Community Colleges Careerline –  Free job board for jobs at community colleges  Provides hyperlinks to employers


American Board for Certification of Teacher Excellence  Their Passport to Teaching is designed to help professionals change careers and become teachers Association of International Educators -  NAFSA promotes the exchange of students and scholars to and from the United States.  NAFSA has an excellent (free) job board and the website as a whole is very informative. The Chronicle of Higher Education –  Free job board - An excellent resource for job searches in the academic community – definitely one of the best, if not The Best. Their vacancies include ads from schools all over the U.S. and a few for jobs overseas.  Also very good source of information about trends in higher education, some of which is accessible for free online.  Subscription to online edition and hard copy is fairly expensive. The FSI Library has a subscription and most public libraries also subscribe. –  Free job board for jobs at community colleges Colleges and Universities –  Offers links to some helpful resources and information  Also offers links to college and university websites U.S. Department of Education - ESL Employment -  Career opportunities abroad in the ESL/EFL field. –  Free job board for executive, fundraising and mid-level jobs in nonprofit, government, healthcare, education, and other non-profit sector industries  Offers free e-mail notifications –  Free job board for teaching and administrative positions at universities and colleges, including part-time positions. Search by type of position and/or location.  Offers free e-mail notifications of jobs.


H-Net Job Guide –  Free job board which posts academic position announcements in History and the Humanities, the Social Sciences, and Rhetoric and Composition, listings are sortable and searchable Inside Higher Ed -  Free job board  Free e-mail subscription for new jobs N.A.F.G.Job-List – or  Free job board sponsored by the National Adjunct Faculty Guild with adjunct academic opportunities; a little difficult to navigate  Offers job search advice and message boards to connect with other temporary faculty colleagues, including one for those who teach abroad or are thinking about it  Also offers a magazine, Adjunct Advocate, (available online and in hard copy) for reasonable subscription cost, as well as lists of events, cartoons, books for safe, teaching tools, and other items of interest to adjunct professionals NAFSA Association of International Educators –  Free job board  Resources on international education, esp. foreign students  Offers professional development workshops National Center for Alternative Certification -  Offers information about alternative routes to teacher certification in the U.S. Society for Intercultural Education, Training, & Research –  Interesting topics and good networking opportunities Transition to Teaching -  A Howard University School of Education alternative certification program, funded by the Department of Education  Designed to recruit college graduates and mid-career professionals to be trained as teachers for public schools in the Washington, DC metro area. University Job Bank –  Job board for faculty and administrative positions.  Also offers salary information and other resources.  You can post your resume on this site and request e-mail notifications of job leads.


Aquatic Network –  Free job board  List of employers with hyperlinks  Subscription to listserv available Cyber-Sierra’s Natural Resources Job Search – Earth Works Jobs - Ecological Society of America (ESA) – Ecotourism Society -  Special interest group with educational and networking opportunities  Very small, but free job board Environmental Jobs - Environmental Jobs & Careers -  Free job board  Provides good hyperlinks to other related websites Environmental Career Opportunities – Environmental Career Center –  Free job board  Features specific employers –  Free job board  Offers a ―Green Career Advisor‖ section –  Free job board  Lists job fairs; provides job search tips in Career Center; also offers some great hyperlinks  Free e-mail notification of jobs in chosen fields


Naturalist Network –  Free job board with good hyperlinks to employers North American Association for Environmental Education Sustainable –  Free ―Green Dream Jobs‖ board  Hyperlinks to employers


Careers in Government -  Free access  Includes state and local governments as well FedWorld -  Free access, USDOC publication  Lists jobs in entire U.S. Government; covers entire U.S. Federal Jobs Net –  includes useful links, job hunting tips, and current job vacancies Government Executive –  Magazine available by subscription only, not at newsstands  Includes useful articles (i.e., job leads) about government contractors and contracting trends, an annual list of the top 200 USG contractors, as well as guide to who’s who in technology contractors. -  Free access  Job openings with the federal, state, and local governments; search by professional category or state Military and veterans –      Office of Personnel Management -  The U.S. Government's official site for jobs and employment information provided by the United States Office of Personnel Management.


Agency for International Development -  This is a GREAT resource for jobs in international development! Go to the actual website and select Iraq. On the Assistance for Iraq page you can click on the name of a contract company and go directly to that company's website which lists the jobs available.  Very easy and well organized.  Note: on the AID intranet site you can find a list of partners with hyperlinks to NGOs and NPOs that AID works with. USAID Personal Services Contractors – (also or )  PSC ads are published in Federal Business Opportunities (aka FedBizOps) with ―Vendors‖  The site is not easy to navigate and, if you do not speak AID-contract-ese, it is also difficult to understand. If you enter through the Second site above, select ―find business opportunity,‖ in ―Full Text Search type in ―personal services contract,‖ select AID as the agency, then try to decipher the results! Department of Agriculture - Central Intelligence Agency - Department of Commerce – Congress House Employment Office - Senate Employment Office - The U.S. Senate Employment Office provides weekly bulletins on job openings in Senators' offices and Senate Committee offices and a job opening recording, listing the latest vacancies and how to apply for them. The Employment Office also conducts informational interviews that help to familiarize people with the U.S. Senate. The Senate Employment Office Job Announcement Recording: Updated Every Friday - Call 202-228-JOBS. For additional information, please call: 202-224-9167. Walk-in traffic, please go to 142 Hart Senate Office Building, Washington, DC.

Department of Defense - Department of Education - 75

Department of Energy - Environmental Protection Agency - Department of Health and Human Services - Department of Homeland Security –  Vacancies at DHS headquarters and component agencies are listed on the Office of Personnel Management USAJOBS web site. If you are interested in a position with any of their ―component‖ agencies, you should submit an application using the instructions provided in the vacancy announcement.  If you do not have access to the internet, you can also access USAJOBS by calling (478) 757-3000 or TDD (478) 744-2299. Transportation Security Administration –  This is the TSA’s site listing job vacancies all over the U.S.  It includes management, administrative, and professional positions as well as screener positions. Department of Housing & Urban Development – Department of Interior - Department of Justice - Federal Bureau of Investigation Department of Labor Department of Labor -  This is the U.S. Department of Labor's site for seniors.  It lists relevant laws and regulations and has some good hyperlinks to other senior sites. America's Job Bank -  Lists contact details for more than 1,800 state Employment Service offices  Has more job listings than any other site on the Internet - about 5% of the jobs listed are in government and the rest are in the private sector 76

National Security Agency - Department of State - Department of Transportation - U.S. Coast Guard (civilian jobs) U.S. Maritime Administration (MARAD) Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) – National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Treasury Department - U.S. Secret Service - U.S. Department of Veterans' Affairs - The White House Office of Presidential Personnel –  Responsible for placing people in political jobs at the White House (including the West Wing, the Eisenhower Executive Building - formerly the Old Executive Office Building - and the entire White House complex) and all political staff at all the Executive Branch Departments throughout Washington.

National Council of State Legislatures - National Governor's Association - 77

Careers in Public Service--National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration - National League of Cities -


American Medical Association -  Information on career trends in the health field -  Provides information on the profession, scholarships and schools, salaries and benefits Global Health Council – International Health Exchange – International Federation of Social Workers – International Medical Placement, Ltc. –  Free job board and news about employment in the industry –  Free job board and other career resources National Assembly of Health & Human Service Organizations –  An association of nonprofits in the fields of health and human services.  Free access to job board. Society for Medical Anthropology –


AFE Job Board - Ajilon - Alpha Systems Inc. - Aquent - Association of Internet Professionals (AIP) - - BrainBuzz - Broadband Careers Network - CIO Wanted - Comforce Corporation - Computer Jobs - ComputerWork - ComputerWorld -  Good for career news and job search guidance (including salary surveys)  Free job board at Computing Research Association -  Free job board; jobs primarily at universities DataMasters –  Salary information for IT professionals Developers Net -


Dice -  Excellent job search advice and information, including salary surveys and job fairs  Free job board, one of the best for the industry Hire Rocket - ISHUNTER.COM - Internet Jobs - i-Recruit (Oya's Directory of Recruiters) - IT Classifieds - Jobs4IT - Jobs For Programmers - Jobs.Internet.Com - JobServe USA - JustTechJobs Network - Marblejar LLC - Operation IT - Pure Power  COBOL Jobs -  C++ Jobs -  Data Base Jobs -  Delphi Jobs -  LAN Jobs -  Lotus Notes Jobs -  VisualBasicJobs -  Web Programming Jobs -


RCR Wireless News –  Best for news of industry  Good resources for the industry, including links to professional associations and organizations  Free job board very limited and difficult to navigate Rollins Search Group, Inc. - Semiconductor Online - Software Architects - - Starpoint Solutions - TechJobBank - TechJobs SuperSite - –  Free job board  Good resource section with helpful links Volt Information Sciences - Wireless Week -  Good for news and links to resources  Free job board but very limited


Brinkerhoff, Jennifer M. and Brinkerhoff, Derek W. Working For Change: Making A Career In International Public Service Kumarian Press, 2005

Action Appointments – International development recruiters for Africa Aid Workers Network --  Subscription free  Offers articles with good job search advice from veterans in the field.  Lists other websites with jobs. Careers Without Borders –  Free job board and job search advice for international development and humanitarian relief Communications Initiative –  A listing of open posts in development and communication organizations.  Also provided a frequent list of the most current Vacancies posted through The DB Classifieds Vacancies e-publication. Development Executive Group -  An excellent source of job information particularly those looking for opportunities in the international development arena.  The site allows subscribers to post their resumes for free. –  ―Provides free resources that will benefit development professionals.‖  Offers a job board as well as other information about the profession. DEV JOBS -  A free listserv that sends out current job openings in the field of international economic development. People on their list get comprehensive job listings in the US and overseas by e-mail 2 to 3 times a week.  Free subscription. 83

DevNetJobs –  Free access to job board, free jobs newsletter  For a fee you can advertise your resume and events Eldis –  This ―knowledge service‖ associated with the Institute of Development Studies in Sussex, England, includes a free job board on its website and an excellent list of other websites with international development jobs –  Network for international development consultants International Civil Service Commission (ICSC) of the UN –  A register for UNDP consultants InterAction: American Council for Voluntary International Action  An alliance of U.S.-based international development and humanitarian NGOs.  Publishes biweekly newsletter, ―Monday Developments‖ with some very good vacancy announcements. Subscription to the hard copy is fairly costly.  You can sign up to receive weekly e-mail job announcements for a more reasonable fee. Excellent job and volunteer search resource for those interested in development and/or NGOs. International Career Employment Weekly -  Weekly newspaper has 500+ job vacancies. Jobs are listed by function international development and assistance; international understanding, education, communication, exchange; etc. Includes some jobs in U.S. and a lot overseas.  Cost of subscription to the newspaper reasonable.  You can check out some ads for free on the website, but, to see all, you must subscribe. International Development Links –  Offers comprehensive lists (with hyperlinks) of international development websites, international development employment resources, as well as bid and grant opportunities Microfinance Gateway – OneWorld Online –  Free job board for jobs in human rights, environment, and sustainable development 84

ReliefWeb -  A project of the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA)  The vacancy announcements appear to have good detail and contact information.  The vacancies page also includes links to jobs in academic and research institutions, governments and intergovernmental organizations, NGOs, and UN agencies. Sustainable Development Gateway -  Provides hyperlinks to a few international development job boards  Provides a better list for international development listservs  Also publishes news and events


Alliance for International Educational & Cultural Exchange - American Field Service - Council on International Educational Exchange - Ecologia - Environmental Policy-Maker Exchange Program / Tahoe-Baikal Institute General Opportunities for the International Exchange International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience - International Research & Exchanges Board (IREX) - Lions Club International National Council for International Visitors - or Sister Cities International - Youth for Understanding USA - 86

(Also see Researching Companies and Industries)

American Citizens Abroad – The Big Guide to Living and Working Overseas –  Offers a comprehensive list (with hyperlinks) to NGOs and public sector job boards, private sector job boards, and other international career-building websites Career Frames –  Calls itself ―a portal for expatriate life‖ and offers interesting selection of articles on working abroad.  Free job board in which you can search by type of job and by country. Includes some job types not frequently seen, such as wine industry and tour guides. Careers Without Borders –  Free job board and job search advice for international development and humanitarian relief Escape Artist - Expats Abroad – Expats Unite – GOINGLOBAL –  Offers country career guides on 23 foreign countries and on some U.S. cities International Career Employment Weekly -  Weekly newspaper has 500+ job vacancies. Jobs are listed by function international development and assistance; international understanding, 87

 

education, communication, exchange; etc. Includes some jobs in U.S. and a lot overseas. Subscription charge reasonable. You can check out some ads for free on the website, but, to see all, you must subscribe.

International Executive Search –  Headhunters of executives for private sector, large industry companies in North America and Latin America  A few job ads posted on website  Website also offers some general job search advice –  Job board for jobs in international organizations IO/S/EA –  Vacancies for U.S. Citizens in the UN and other International Organizations  Department of State, IO/S/EA, Rm. 4808, Washington, DC 20520 Jobs Abroad - Kompass -  Good for business and company research (covers companies all over the world) Transitions Abroad –  Offers ―Short-Term Jobs and Sumer Work Abroad: Key Web Sites and Print Resources,‖ ―Short-Term Work Abroad: Key Employers,‖ ―International Jobs and Careers: Key Region-Specific Job Sites,‖ and ―International Jobs and Careers: Key Worldwide Work Abroad Portals‖


Emplawyernet: The Legal Career Resource -  Has a nice recruiter directory  Monthly charge Hieros Gamos Career Center -  No job list, but offers job search advice and good hyperlinks Lawcrossing -- - Lawyers Weekly - Legal Career Center - Legal Jobs by State - Lexis Nexis - Rominger Legal - The Law Info Career Center - The Legal Employment Search Site -  No job list, but offers good hyperlinks to sites that do


Airwaves MediaWeb – American Institute of Graphic Arts –  The professional association for communication design  Job board, but requires membership for access Art Calendar: The Business Magazine for Visual Arts -  Annual charge for subscription to printed magazine  Career opportunities and internships available for a range of arts related positions. Art Careers –  Excellent list of art-related job boards as well as websites for professional associations, art schools, employment agencies, and career advice artjobonline –  Charge for subscription, short-term subscriptions available.  Up-to-date listings of jobs in the arts. Most are for professional positions in arts organizations. Artslynx International Arts Resources –  Offers connections to job boards which specialize in jobs in the arts (theater, music, film, video, etc.) Arts Opportunities –  Free job board sponsored by the Southern Arts Federation Arts Resource Network –


Good hyperlink connections to other job boards, such as Actor’s Equity and Art Opportunities

Artsearch –  Charge for online subscription  Lists over 6,000 positions annually for the performing arts and arts administration. Sponsored by Theatre Communications Group. – 90

Berkleemusic Music Jobs & Music Careers  Subscription free.  Berkleemusic and Billboard cooperative publication for musicians and employers in the music industry. College Art Association –  Free to members, charge for non-members. Published bi-monthly. (This website difficult to navigate to find subscription information.)  CAA Careers lists employment opportunities for artists, art historians, and other visual arts professionals. Cultural Alliance of Greater Washington -  An organization "dedicated to sustaining and increasing regional leadership, appreciation, support and resources for arts and culture" in the DC area  Free CAGW JOB Bank includes opportunities in arts and administration. Entertainment Jobs - Industrial Designers society of America –  Professional association of industrial designers  Free job board, apply directly to the employer from this website National Association of Independent Artists –  Encourages the work of artists; offers tips and show information National Endowment for the Arts –  Offers information on national, state, regional, and other grants New England Conservatory Job Bulletin –  Annual charge for a biweekly e-mail subscription.  One of the premier sources for arts jobs worldwide. New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA) –  Excellent resources, including jobs, grants, and more (not restricted to NYC) Northern Virginia Theatre Alliance, Inc. –  Posts some (usually part-time) jobs on its Message Board Passager Journal & Books -  Publishes journal with collection of poetry and prose by writers over 50 91

Playbill: Casting & Jobs – ShowBiz Jobs –  Free job board TalentMatch –  Basic membership is free.  Matches member artists of many disciplines to talent seekers, such as agents, publishers and venue managers. TV –


(Also see section on Associations)

Civic Ventures ( ―The Boomers’ Guide to Doing (Good) Work‖ Needleman, Sarah E. ―Jobs Blog: Sites to Help You Find Openings at Nonprofits‖ The Wall Street Journal’s

Alliance for Nonprofit Management -  Professional association of individuals and organizations devoted to improving the management and governance of nonprofits  Free job board American Association of Fundraising Council (AAFRC) – American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) – Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) –  Excellent news, events, and resources (including salary surveys) on fundraising.  This organization has affiliates in many states of the U.S.  Job board at Association of Researchers on Nonprofit and Voluntary Action (ARNOVA) – Coalition on Human Needs -  A national alliance of organizations to promote public policies which address the needs of low-income and other vulnerable populations – includes organizations dedicated to civil rights, religion, children, women, the elderly, people with disabilities, and more  Free job board, but few ads are listed


Cohen, Lilly and Young, Dennis R. Careers for Dreamers and Doers: A Guide To Management Careers in the Nonprofit Sector The Foundation Center, 1989 Colvin, Donna and Nader, Ralph Good Works: A Guide to Careers in Social Change Barricade Books, Fifth Edition, 1994 Hamilton, Leslie and Tragert, Robert One Hundred Best Nonprofits To Work For Thomson Learning, 2000 King, Richard M. From Making A Profit to Making a Difference: How to Launch Your New Career In Nonprofits Planning/Communications, 2000 Klein, Kim Fundraising for Social Change John Wiley & Sons, Inc., Fourth edition, 2000 Krannich, Ronald & Caryl Jobs and Careers with Nonprofit Organizations: Profitable Opportunities with Nonprofits Impact Publications, Second edition, 1998 Lowell, Stephanie The Harvard Business School Guide to Careers in the Nonprofit Sector Harvard Business School Press, 2000 Lukas, Carol A. Consulting with Nonprofits: A Practitioner’s Guide Amherst H. Wilder Foundation, First edition, 1998 Salamon, Lester America’s Nonprofit Sector: A Primer Foundation Center, Revised edition, 1999 Salamon, Lester The State of Nonprofit America Brookings Institution Press, 2003 94

Slesinger, Larry Search: Winning Strategies to Get Your Next Job in the Nonprofit World Piemonte Press, 2004

The Chronicle of Philanthropy –  Excellent articles and resources Nonprofit & Voluntary Sector Quarterly (NVSQ) -  International, interdisciplinary journal of the Association of Researchers on Nonprofit and Voluntary Action (ARNOVA). Nonprofit Management & Leadership  Focuses on the management, governance, leadership and policy of nonprofit organizations The Nonprofit Quarterly - The NonProfit Times - Philanthropy Journal - or  Online journal reporting on philanthropy and nonprofits in U.S. and abroad.  Free job board and newsletters PNN Online –  ―Delivers news, information, and resources‖ to those interested in nonprofits.  Free access to job board. Stanford Social Innovation Review (SSIR) -  Research and info to promote the exchange of ideas between nonprofit, public, and private sectors and to foster innovative solutions to social problems Voluntas: International Journal of Voluntary and Nonprofit Organizations –  Published by International Society for Public Sector Research (ISTR)

Abbott, Langer, & Associates –  Annual compensation survey of nonprofit organization employees 95

Better Business Bureau’s Philanthropic Advisory Service –  Reports on major charitable organizations, including an overview, governance information, financial data, and ratings on compliance with ethical standards. BoardNet -  Connects nonprofit boards and individuals hoping to serve on one.  Offers free e-mail newsletter ―Board Café‖ ( Board Source –  Resources for members of nonprofit boards of directors. Bridgestar –  Free job board  Provides hyperlinks to its nonprofit member organizations  Free e-mail newsletter has excellent articles about the nonprofit sector Career Choices --  Lists jobs in NPOs and for-profit organizations Center for Nonprofit Advancement -  Free NPO job board for DC area only Center for Nonprofit Management –  Performs annual compensation surveys of nonprofit groups in California Charity Channel Career Search Online –  Free job board searchable by title, location, organization, and classification Community Career Center –  Job board with subscription charge  Search by region, salary, job type, and title, employer, skills, and mission Cordom Associates –  Annual compensation survey of nonprofit organization employees in the DC area Council on Foundations –  2,000+ member grant making foundations and giving programs worldwide  Offers resources for philanthropic organizations, especially concerning grants.  Free job board ( provides hyperlinks to other nonprofit job boards. 96

Cultural Alliance of Greater Washington –  Covers DC area only Deep Sweep –  Free nonprofit job board with hyperlinks to other similar job boards. Searchable by job type (fund raising, education, finance, etc.) or location. DotOrgJobs –  Free job board searchable by region or type of job –  Free job board and job search advice for jobs with nonprofit organizations Energize Inc. –  Free job board for volunteer management ExecSearches -  Nonprofit job board, free, Lists jobs by function, industry, and region The Foundation Center --  Website is a great source of information on private philanthropy in the U.S.  Philanthropy News Digest - - Collection of philanthropy-related articles from U.S. print and electronic media  Free job board at searchable by state, job function, organization type Good Works Foundation --  No jobs listed but does provide some good hyperlinks to many NGOs GuideStar: The National Database of Nonprofit Organizations -  Free access to detailed information about the finances and management of nonprofits.  Includes information from IRS records regarding salaries of the organizations’ highest level staff Idealist --  Action Without Borders free job board plus e-mail updates of jobs  Also lists job fairs, provides job search tips, and offers some great hyperlinks Independent Sector –  Group of nonprofit organizations  Free job board – but do be careful of dates jobs are posted as many are old 97

Internet Nonprofit Center –  Information on NPOs, a directory of NPOs, discussion forums, and more Jobs at Nonprofits –  Free job board  Also features resume advice and news on benefit trends for nonprofit professionals Maryland Association of Nonprofit Organizations –  Free job board National Assembly of Health & Human Service Organizations –  An association of nonprofits in the fields of health and human services.  Free access to job board. National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy (NCRP) National Council of Nonprofit Associations –  Directory of state associations of nonprofit organizations  Many state associations publish or sell salary and benefit surveys National Network of Grantmakers -  An organization of individuals involved in funding social and economic justice  Free job board National Organizers Alliance (NOA) –  Free job board and a job bank list serve Nonprofit Career Network -  Free job and volunteer boards  Directories of NPOs and NPO service providers –  Free job board  Good hyperlinks to other NPO job boards The Nonprofit Quarterly – The Nonprofit Times - and  Free access to jobs in non-profits all over the U.S. 98

 

Subscription to the NPT newspaper (with some job vacancies) is a little costly, but it is published twice monthly. Free resources also available, including an annual salary survey (, the ―NPT Top 100‖ profiles of the biggest U.S. nonprofits, and a newsletter

On-Line Sources for Nonprofit Jobs Opportunity Knocks (aka Opportunity NOCs) - or  Free job board with good hyperlinks Philanthropy Careers --  Part of The Chronicle of Philanthropy  Free job board searchable by state, organization, position, date, or field  Offers free e-mail job ad notifications PRM Consulting –  Annual compensation survey of management positions in nonprofit organizations Professionals for Nonprofits –  Executive search group in New York City  Offers annual salary survey and advice on NPO employment Service Leader –  Job list for volunteer managers, resources for volunteers United Way -  All branches offer a directory of nonprofit organizations that participate locally.  Some branches perform compensation surveys for nonprofit jobs Work 4 A Good Cause –  Free job board for national and international jobs


Association of Professional Office Managers (APOM)  Professional association promoting excellence in office management  An information resource and authority in office management ideas and best practices.  Provides information, tools, networking, training, and recognition. International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP) –  Nonprofit international professional association for ―individuals who are responsible for administrative tasks and coordination of information in support of an office related environment and who are dedicated to furthering their personal and professional growth in their chosen Profession.‖  Free job board  Previously known as the National Secretaries Association National Association of Executive Secretaries and Administrative Assistants (NAESAA) -  Professional association providing resources and services through education, networking and other member benefits.  Free job board

Burge, Joan Become An Inner Circle Assistant Insight Publishing, 2005 Duncan, Melba J. The New Executive Assistant: Advice for Succeeding in Your Career McGraw-Hill, 1st edition, 1997 McKinney, Anne (Editor) Real Resumes for Administrative Support, Office & Secretarial Jobs Prep Publishing, 2004 100

ONLINE RESOURCES -  Free job board for Administrative & Executive Assistants, Receptionists, Secretaries & all Office professionals OfficeTeam -  Specialized temporary staffing service for administrative professionals  300 offices worldwide  Free job board The Effective Admin -  Offers free newsletter and job board to administrative professionals who want to do a better job, a faster job or advance in their careers.


About Politics1 –  Website with political news, also offers a few job ads American Association for Public Opinion Research – American Association of Political Consultants –  Bipartisan organization of political professionals American Political Science Association –  Job board and job search mentoring available to members only  Some articles regarding job search are available online for free, including ―Making Use of Online Resources to Find a Job in Political Science‖ which has some interesting hyperlinks  Membership is expensive but this is one of the leading professional organizations for the study of political science and offers a wide range of programs and services  Members (from 80 countries) enjoy many networking opportunities online, at conferences, and other venues Asociacion Latinoamericana de Consultores Politicos – Capitol Works Inc. –  ―Connects organizations with job seekers in the political, campaign and public relations fields‖ for a fee by running job searches for political organizations and public affairs companies; can be employed by the employer or the job seeker  Articles in their ―Pressroom‖ are worth reading to learn more about jobs on The Hill  Also provides savvy personnel for temporary and permanent positions through their partner, PoliTemps, Inc. European Association of Political Consultants – International Association of Political Consultants –  Professional organization of senior political and public affairs advisors


International Republican Institute -  Sends expert volunteer trainers, elected officials and skilled staff members to >50 countries to teach others ―how to build strong and lasting democracies in their countries‖  They publish job vacancies on their website Johns Hopkins University SAIS: Career Services – National Democratic Institute for International Affairs -  A nonprofit organization ―working to strengthen and expand democracy worldwide‖ and providing practical assistance to political and civic leaders advancing democratic values, practices and institutions  They publish job vacancies on their website California State University –  A directory of U.S. lobbyists for special interest groups with hyperlinks PoliTemps, Inc. –  Provides temporary and permanent personnel ―who, in addition to administrative and computer skills, possess an understanding of the political, legislative, and public relations processes in the city‖  Recruits for public relations, media relations, fundraising, lobbying support, legislative affairs and tracking, grassroots activities, special events and conferences, telemarketing and polling, internet research and analysis, customer service, word processing and clerical PoliticsOnline –  Hosts the websites of several professional political organizations  Provides fundraising and internet tools for politics  Boasts a ―Political Job Board‖ but it was not operational on 12-16-04 Polling Report – Politix Group –  Offers free career resources, including hyperlinks to the different organizations; but they do charge a subscription fee to their job board  Also provides political news and commentary


International Association of Business Communicators  Free access and you can receive e-mail job notifications for free as well  Jobs in PR, marketing, communications and academia -- with links to the companies advertising the jobs Public Relations Society of America -  A professional organization ―to advance the standards of the public relations profession and to provide members with professional development opportunities‖  Chapters all over U.S. offer opportunities for networking  Free job board  Excellent articles regarding job search, salaries, employment options Opportunities in Public Affairs -  Public affairs openings in the Washington, D.C. area. Jobs are listed by functional area - public relations & media jobs, jobs on Capitol Hill, etc.  Hard copy newsletter published twice monthly.  Some vacancies accessible on website for free, but there is a subscription charge for access to 200+ vacancies. Short-term subscriptions are available. TV Jobs Broadcast Employment Service -  Job board with subscription fee; short-term subscriptions available  All types of jobs in television news, production, engineering, sales, post production, cable, corporate-industrial and satellite uplink facilities  You can post your resume on this site for registered employers to peruse


JOBS REQUIRING SECURITY CLEARANCES -  An IT news site that includes job ads -  Publishes a Job Seeker Update Newsletter and job advertisements CLEWS Classified Employment Web Site - - -  An IT job board - -  Lists job fairs for people with security clearances


(Does not include job boards which deal exclusively in IT security)

American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS) –  International organization for professionals responsible for security, offers educational opportunities and Security Management magazine  Job board available to members only American Society of Law Enforcement Trainers –  Free job board Association of Former Intelligence Officers –  Nonprofit association of former intelligence professionals providing employment support to members and has a free but very limited job board The Blue Line –  Law enforcement job board (primarily uniformed law enforcement jobs) with annual subscription fee (a few jobs can be viewed for free)  Vacancies listed appear primarily uniformed law enforcement, but some corporate and university jobs listed –  Recruiter for job seekers with active or current DOD, DOS, and DOE security clearances  Free job board, but security vacancies listed primarily IT security jobs  Some good articles regarding industry trends CopNet –  Home of ―CopSource, ― a law enforcement job board (Difficult to navigate) Cop Law Enforcement Employment Center – Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association (FLEOA) – International Association of Auto Theft Investigators –  Professional association with educational and networking opportunities International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators –  Free job board, including jobs at educational facilities 106

International Association of Chiefs of Police –  Nonprofit organization > 19,000 member in > 89 countries  Free job board on site with good hyperlinks to employers International Association of Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysts –  Professional association with educational and networking opportunities  Job board International Association of Professional Security Consultants –  Calls itself a ―consulting association‖ with rigorous membership requirements  Offers a directory of consultants on security topics International Homicide Investigators Association –  Provides leadership, training, resources, and expertise. International Police Association – and  Professional association committed to principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights; membership > 300,000 in 58 countries Law enforcement Alliance of America –  Nonprofit and non-partisan association focusing on public education –  Free job board for all types of security specialties (Search engine difficult to use, easier to scroll down all jobs)  Free e-mail notifications of vacancies, but cannot narrow down by specialty National Association of Chiefs of Police – National Association of Legal Investigators – National Sheriffs’ Association –  Free job board and e-mail notifications, you can also post your resume on site National Society of Professional Insurance Investigators –  Professional association with educational and networking opportunities 911hotjobs Employment Portal –  Free law enforcement job board (primarily uniformed law enforcement jobs)  Also offers books, test preparation materials, and online networking 107 – –  Free law enforcement job board (primarily uniformed law enforcement jobs)  Also offers books, test preparation materials, and online networking PoliceOne –  Free job board (primarily uniformed law enforcement jobs) Public Safety Recruitment –  Free law enforcement job board (primarily uniformed firefighter and paramedic jobs)  Also offers books, test preparation materials, and online networking Security Jobs Network –  Job board sponsored by SMR (see above)  Charge for subscription, short-term subscriptions are available Security Jobs Today –  Free job board, you can post your resume on this site Security Management Resources, Inc. –  An international executive search firm SSR Personnel – or  Recruiters for U.S. and UK companies  Job board includes only the vacancies they are contracted to search for, but include permanent, part-time, and temporary positions U.S. Process Servers Association –  Professional association with educational and networking opportunities  Job board


Ruben, Barbara ―Placement Help at the Gray Divide‖ The Washington Post, October 9, 2005, page K-01

Harkness, Helen Don’t Stop the Career Clock: Rejecting the Myths of Aging for a New Way to Work in the 21st Century Woodward, Jeannette Finding A Job After 50: Reinvent Yourself For The 21ST Century Career Press, 2007

AARP Job Seeker’s Tool Kit – AARP Working Options -  Offers excellent articles and resources for job-hunting, changing careers, or starting a business, including list of best employers for older workers D.C. Office on Aging Older Workers Employment and Training Program – Experience Works! -  A national, nonprofit organization that provides training and employment services for mature workers FortyPlus -  Career and job-hunting networking organization available in many states Mature Services –  Lists job fairs just for seniors  Offers some employment guidance 109

MaturityWorks -  National Council on the Aging (NCOA) job board  Also offers tips and resources - In coordination with AARP National Older Worker Career Center -  Provides professional, technical, and administrative work opportunities to older workers through the EPA's Senior Environmental Employment (SEE) Program Not Yet Retired -  Includes information on starting a business, freelancing, finding a postretirement job, and more  Free Older Workers & Retirement Interest Group  Sponsored by the UNC Institute on Aging  Meetings to exchange ideas, discuss research, program and policy issues, and develop projects based on mutual interests  Listserv also used for group announcements and discussion Over 60 Counseling and Employment Service –  Covers DC area only -  Free job board searchable by keywords, industry, and location  Register for an e-mail job-search agent  Also includes career resources specifically for older workers Retired Worker International -  Free job board for retired Americans and Canadians seeking work on a parttime, temporary, or casual basis Retiree Careers -  Free job board searchable by keywords, profession, industry, and location  Register for a job search agent  Offers other career resources


Retirement Jobs –  Free job board whose goal is to “identify companies most-suited to older workers and match them with active, productive, conscientious, mature adults seeking a job or project that matches their lifestyle” Senior Employment Resources –  Covers DC area only Senior Job Bank -  Free job board searchable by city, state, and profession  There are lots of hyperlinks to other useful senior and job sites. Senior Service America -  An employment and training program that uses community service to update enrollee's skills  Offers job clubs that assist in networking, preparing resumes, and polishing interviewing techniques  Other programs, resources. Senior Success –  News and articles for Baby Boomer job seekers Seniors4Hire -  Free job bank with opportunity to apply online; many jobs listed are retail sales and management; search for jobs by city and state  Company profiles of employers  Career resources and articles plus hyperlinks to other senior and job sites, including state-related sites The Next Chapter –  National community organization for those over 55 to network and volunteer  Offers connections to websites for job and volunteer searches The Phoenix Link –  Recruiters of experienced executives  You can post your resume on this site  Includes job board 2 Young 2 Retire –  Good articles on job search and careers  Free access to site and to newsletter subscription


U.S. Department of Labor -  DOL's site for seniors, listing relevant laws and regulations.  Offers some good hyperlinks to other senior sites. Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development  Offers articles for mature job seekers and an ―Older Worker Friendly Employer Assessment Tool‖ Your Encore –  Small job board for scientists, engineers, technicians, etc.


(Also see section on USG Contractors)

"IRS Advice on Independent Contractors vs. Employees"

Edwards, Paul The Best Home Businesses for the 21st Century Tarcher, Third edition, 1999 Edwards, Paul and Sarah Finding Your Perfect Work How to blend your personal goals and dreams with the practical realities of earning a meaningful and prosperous livelihood working on your own. Tarcher, Revised edition, 2003 Lesonsky, Rieva Start Your Own Business: The Only Start-up Book You’ll Ever Need McGraw-Hill, 2001 Pink, Daniel H. Free Agent Nation: The Future of Working for Yourself A contemporary classic. The new paperback features a comprehensive 30-page resource guide that explains the basics of working for yourself (how to get started, where to find health insurance, how to market yourself) and includes 101 Free Agent Survival Tips culled from successful solo workers nationwide. Warner Business Books, Reprint edition, 2002 Ramsey, Dan 101 Best Home Businesses American entrepreneurs with 101 business examples perfect for every lifestyle, budget, and personality. This book has specific information and resources that the reader can use immediately to get started. Career Press, Second edition, 2001


AARP on Self-Employment AllBusiness -  Good articles including helpful explanation of "Business Structures" at Association of Small Business Development Centers – -  Includes "Legal Entities, Licenses and Permits" by Tim Berry at -  Guide to USG rules and regulations, provides access to services and resources for small businesses Business Filings, Inc. – Business Know-How – Business Owner’s Toolkit – Business Plans –  Lots of good resources, including sample plans for many types of small businesses BusinessWeek magazine and website -  Good articles on small business, including articles on how to organize the business such as ―Should My Business Be a Corporation, Partnership, or an LLC?‖ at D=1769&dup=true and "Comparing a Sole Proprietorship with a Partnership and a Corporation" at D=1799 The Company Corporation -  Includes "Different Forms of Business Entities" which offers a handy chart comparing different types of businesses at 114

Entrepreneur –  Magazine and website featuring information on buying and operating small businesses  Lots of good information (e.g., "Start a Business ...Even After 50" and "Do You Really Have What It Takes?") and helpful tools (e.g., "Calculate Your Start-up Costs").  They offer "Startup Kits: Quick Guides To Today's Popular Startups," including personal concierge, event planning, import/export, arts and crafts, adventure/specialty travel agency, and pet-related products and services.  Also includes several good guides on how to organize a small business: "Business Structure Basics" by Thomas J. Stemmy; "75 Startup Secrets" from Entrepreneur's StartUps - March 2006 (Go to subtitle "To Inc. or Not to Inc.?"); and "How--and Why--to Incorporate Your Business" Fortune –  Good resources in their ―Ultimate Resource Guide‖ Government Express –  Provides tools and information for small business government contractors to enter the USG market Internal Revenue Service –  Small Business and Self-Employed One-Stop Resource  Business Structure,,id=98359,00.html Internet Senior Success Center - Seniors Home Business -  Includes "Incorporating Your Business" at Quick, Inc. –  provides Incorporation and Limited Liability Company (LLC) formation services nationwide LegalZoom Inc. –  Online legal services center My Corporation – National Small Business Association (NSBA) – 115

Senior Corps of Retired Executives (SCORE) –  Excellent mentoring service Small Business Administration –  Very helpful and informative website with key resources such as ―Business Startup Guide,‖ ―Checklist for Starting a Business,‖ ―Startup Basics,‖ and ―Small Business Planner - Get Ready - Forms of Business Ownership‖  Offers some online courses and lists courses to be held all over U.S. Small Business Development Centers – Small Business –  Provides information on starting a business or buying a franchise Startup Nation –  Website, e-newsletter, and radio show all offering expert advice from the Sloan Brothers and others Tax Tips 4 U from the American Bar Association’s Section of Taxation –

Senior Corps of Retired Executives (SCORE) Washington DC SCORE - Chapter 0001 American Bar Association Building, 740 15th Street, 3rd Floor, NW Washington, DC 20005 Tel: (202) 272-0390 FAX: (202) 638-7670 E-mail: Southern Maryland SCORE - Chapter 0390 49 Old Solomons Island Road, Suite 204 Annapolis, MD 21401 Tel: (410) 266-9553 FAX: (410) 573-0981 E-mail: Greater Baltimore SCORE - Chapter 0003 The City Crescent Bldg., 6th Floor, 10 South Howard Street Baltimore, MD 21201 Tel: (410) 962-2233 FAX: (410) 962-1805 E-mail: 116

Virginia Department of Business Assistance Street Address: 707 E. Main Street, Suite 300, Richmond, Virginia 23219 Mailing Address: P.O. Box 446, Richmond, Virginia 23218-0446 Main Telephone: (804) 371-8200 Virginia Business Information Center Tel: (804) 371-0438 Toll free: (866) 248-8814 Virginia Small Business Development Website: Counseling Resources in Northern Virginia Website: Virginia Small Business Development Center (SBDC) Website: Virginia Small Business Development Center Network 4031 University Drive, Suite 200, Fairfax, Virginia 22030 Tel: 703-277-7700 Fairfax Small Business Development Center 4031 University Drive, Fairfax, Virginia 22030 Tel: 703-277-7700 Fax: 703-277-7722 Website: Arlington Small Business Development Center & International Trade Center Mason Enterprise Center, School Of Public Policy George Mason University 901 S. Highland Street, Room #326, Arlington, VA 22204 Tel: 703-892-1528 Fax: 703-892-1542 Website: Women's Business Center of Northern Virginia 7001 Loisdale Road, Suite C, Springfield, VA 22150 Telephone: 703-778-9922 Fax: 703-768-0547 Email: Website: 117

Maryland Small Business Development Center - Capital Region (Serving Montgomery and Prince George's County) 7100 Baltimore Avenue, Suite 402 College Park, MD 20740 Tel: 301-403-0501 Website: Maryland Small Business Development Center - Central Region (Serving Baltimore, Baltimore City, Howard and Anne Arundel County) Towson University 8000 York Road, Towson, MD 21252-00010 Tel: 1-877-421-0830 Website:


Capel, Perri ―The Trials and Tribulations of a Non-Techie Telecommuter‖ Dunham, Kemba J. ―Telecommuting Loses Favor With Employers‖ Lublin, Joann S. ―Telecommuting Can Be A Recipe for Success‖

Dinnocenzo, Debra A. 101 Tips for Telecommuters: Successfully Manage Your Work, Team, Technology and Family Berrett-Koehler Publishers, First edition, 1999 Dziak, Michael J. and Gordon, Gil Telecommuting Success: A Practical Guide for Staying in the Loop While Working Away from the Office Park Avenue Productions, 2001 Froggatt, Cynthia C. Work Naked: Eight Essential Principles for Peak Performance in the Virtual Workplace Jossey-Bass, First edition, 2001 Zbar, Jeffery D. Teleworking & Telecommuting (Made E-Z) Made E-Z Products, 2002 Zetlin, Minda Telecommuting for Dummies Hungry Minds, 2001


ONLINE RESOURCES -  In the ―Telecommuting From Overseas‖ section, there are excellent hyperlinks for telecommuters. Gil Gordon – Telecommuting –  A website sponsored by Gil Gordon Associates, a company specializing in the implementation of telecommuting and telework  Offers a variety of links and information on telecommuting, teleworking, the virtual office, and other topics Home Job Stop -  Offers a Job Bank of work from home jobs, email update reports, and a newsletter, all for subscription fees International Telework Association and Council (ITAC) –  A non-profit organization dedicated to advancing the growth and success of work independent of location June Langhoff’s Telecommuting Resource Center –  ―Advice for wannabees,‖ ―Tips for telecommuters,‖ ―FAQs about telecommuting‖  Results from a number of surveys on telework  A calendar of conferences and seminars  Links to other telecommuting sites Portajobs -  Offers a free job board and e-mail notifications as well as articles, news, and links to other websites  You can post your resume on this site Quintessential Careers –  This website has several very helpful articles on telecommuting with hyperlinks to other websites: ―Making Your Case for Telecommuting: How to Convince the Boss‖ ―Telecommuting & Work-at-Home Job and Career Resources‖ ―Your Home-Based Career: A Key Resource Guide‖ ―Home-Based Career Do’s and Don’ts‖


The Riley Guide –  This well-respected website’s section on ―Telecommuting & Work-At-Home‖ ( offers some very basic information in these articles – all of which provide hyperlinks to more focused websites on the subject: ―Telecommuting / Work-at-Home Info & Opportunities‖ ―Suggestions for Home Businesses You Might Try‖ ―Work-At-Home Scams‖ ―Considering Self Employment‖ Telecommuting -  Basic information about telecommuting, tips for success, types of employment, etc. Telecommuting & Freelance Job Finder  The web site of Mothers' Home Business Network offers advice on telecommuting and evaluates work-at-home jobs, opportunities and resources Telecommuting Jobs -  Access to job board is free, but access to contact details of employers requires a password for which there is a charge  You can post your resume on this site  Website also has links to job search advice, online training, ―teletools,‖ and free tech magazines Telecommuting, Teleworking, and Alternative Officing -  Basic information and links to resources


Bennett-Astesano, Sarah ―How to Negotiate a Parent-Friendly Work Schedule‖ (, September 2003 Dukess, Karen ―Part-time Jobs Give Moms, Others Flexible Lifestyles‖ USA Today, December 9, 2002 ―Ask Electra: Part-time Work‖ JobStar Central (, April 4, 2005 Larson, Christine ―Family Balance: More Professionals Opt to Go Part Time‖ U.S. News & World Report, March 21, 2005 Lewis, Katherine Reynolds ―Want Better Work-Life Balance? Negotiate Reduced Hours‖ Newhouse News Service (NNS,, 2005 ―Changing Work Hours‖ Mom’s Refuge ( Tergesen, Anne ―Part-Time: The Best or the Worst of All Worlds?‖ BusinessWeek Online (, March 23, 2006, Yang, Jessica. ―Part-time Work‖ (

National Association of Part-Time & Temporary Employees P.O. Box 3805, Shawnee, KS 66203 E-mail: Website:


Bridges, William Jobshift: How To Prosper In A Workplace Without Jobs Addisson-Wesley, 1994 Justice, Peggy O. The Temp Track: Make One of the Hottest Job Trends of the 90s Work for You Peterson’s, 1994. Directory of Temporary Placement Firms for Executives, Managers & Professionals Kennedy Information, 2004 Landes, Michael The Back Door Guide to Short-Term Job Adventures: Internships, Summer Jobs, Seasonal Work, Volunteer Vacations, and Transitions Abroad (4th edition) Ten Speed Press, 2005 O’Hara, Bruce Put Work In Its Place: How To Redesign Your Job To Your Life New Star Books; Revised edition, 1994 Woods, Saralee Terry Executive Temping – A Guide For Professionals John Wiley & Sons, 1998

About - Association of Part-time Professionals – –  Advertises short-term jobs, including many overseas and outdoors - -  Non-professional jobs with hourly wages 123

Monster Contract & Temporary – National Association of Part-time and Temporary Employees (NAPTE) – National Association of Temporary and Staffing Services (NATSS) – NetTemps -  Online recruiting service for the staffing industry serving their direct placement and temporary (contract) requirements  Offers free job board plus some job search tools and resources, you can also post your resume on this site New Ways To Work – Retired Brains -  Free job board  Also offers articles regarding the job search  You can post your resume on this site Share Goals - Snag A Job –  Non-professional jobs with hourly wages Unicru's Job Board -  Non-professional jobs with hourly wages When Work Works - - Yahoo Small Business Directory: Temporary Recruiting & Placement Agencies -


American Center for International Labor Solidarity - American Enterprise Institute –  For jobs: American Institutes for Research (AIR) – Atlantic Council of the United States – Atlas Economic Research Foundation Job Board British American Security Information Council – The Brookings Institution – Carnegie Council on Ethics and International Affairs – Carnegie Endowment for International Peace – The Carter Center - Cato Institute –  For jobs: Center for International Policy –  For jobs: Center for Naval Analyses (CNA) –  For jobs: Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) –  For jobs: Center for the Study of the Presidency –


Competitive Enterprise Institute –  For jobs: Council on Foreign Relations –  For jobs: The European Policy Centre – Freedom House –  For jobs: Henry L. Stimson Center – The Heritage Foundation –  For jobs: Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace – The Hudson Institute –  For jobs: Institute for Defense Analyses –  For jobs: Institute for International Economics – Institute for the Study of Diplomacy – International Relations Center –  For jobs: Jamestown Foundation –  For jobs: Mercatus Center - The Nixon Center – Rand - Transatlantic Policy Network – Urban Institute - 126

Washington Office on Latin America – World Economic Forum –

Columbia University Lehman Social Sciences Library  Excellent bibliography of think tank books and resources infoUSA -  Provides hyperlinks to many think tanks as well as other directories of lobby and political interest groups; excellent resource National Institute for Research Advancement -  Directory of international think tanks with hyperlinks U.S. Department of State -  List of think tanks with hyperlinks U.S. Air War College -  List of think tanks with hyperlinks University of Michigan Documents Center  Excellent list of think tanks with hyperlinks to each one World Press Review Library of International Affairs  Index of international think tanks and research organizations with hyperlinks


American Society of Travel Agents –  Job board accessible to members only Association for Living History, Farm & Agricultural Museums CareerFrames –  Has a good article entitled ―Career Focus: Tour Professional‖  Offers a hyperlinks to job boards for international jobs, including tourism and hospitality and the wine industry Club Managers Association of America – Cool Works –  Free job board with seasonal and permanent jobs in national and state parks, camps, ski resorts, ranches, amusement parks, etc.  Includes an ―Older & Bolder‖ section! Cruise Ship Employment Agency –  Employment agency which markets your application to cruise lines for a fee Destination Marketing Association International – Ecotourism Society -  Special interest group with educational and networking opportunities  Very small, but free job board H Careers - Hospitality Jobs Online - Hotel Career Solutions - New World Cruise Ship Employment Agency job boards: Cruise Ship Jobs – Cruise Lines Employment – Cruise ship Entertainment Employment Guide– 128

The Cruise Employment Databank –  Job boards sponsored by New World Cruise Ship Employment Agency, jobs include some land-based jobs as well as jobs on the cruise ships  You can register on their database which they market to cruise companies  Includes profiles of cruise lines and job search advice Purdue University Hospitality Marketing & Tourism Education –  Includes a great list of hyperlinks to ―Hospitality Travel Hotel Tourism Jobs and Employment on the Web‖ Resort Jobs - Resort and Commercial Recreation Association - Travel Industry Association of America (TIA) –  Includes job board  Good for networking and educational opportunities Travel Job Search - TravelJobz –  Canadian job board with membership fee that includes several publications with advice on finding a job in the travel industry  Free descriptions of the specializations are offered on the site and they sell lists of employers for each type of industry specialization  Free weekly newsletter with travel job advice and a few employers’ contact information Wine and Hospitality Jobs – or  Free job board  You can post your resume on the site and apply for jobs  Offers some hyperlinks to the employers of jobs advertised


ACDI VOCA - Action Against Hunger - Adopt-A-Minefield - America Supports You, Our Military Men & Women Amizade - Archaeological Institute of America -  Offers a directory of archaeological fieldwork volunteer opportunities all over the world Believe In Tomorrow – National Children’s Foundation or Big Brothers & Big Sisters - and Biosphere Expeditions - Brother’s Brother Foundation - Care & Health - Change Net - Christian Appalachian Project - Christian Children's Fund - City Harvest - Coalition for the Homeless - Concern Worldwide (U.S.) Inc. -


Corporation for National & Community Service -  Provides opportunities for all ages in all states to serve their communities and country through AmeriCorps, SeniorCorps, and Learn & Serve America. AmeriCorps - SeniorCorps - Network of programs including Foster Grandparents, Senior Companions, and RSVP Retired & Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) National program of the Corporation for National and Community Service which matches the personal interests and skills of persons 55 years and older with opportunities to solve community problems. Council on International Educational Exchange - Cross-Cultural Solutions - Direct Relief International - Doctors without Borders - Donate Life - Earthwatch Institute –  ―engages people worldwide in scientific field research and education to promote the understanding and action necessary for a sustainable environment‖  Offer fascinating volunteer work in gorgeous locations for good causes Eco Volunteer - Experience Corps - Feed the Children - Food for the Hungry - Global Crossroad - Global Service Corps - 131

Global Volunteers -  a nonprofit international development organization that sends small teams to work projects as teaching conversational English and other basic subjects, assisting with health care, building schools and community facilities, etc.  About 67 percent of volunteers are older adults, drawn primarily from the U.S. and Canada. Globe Aware Vacations In Service - Go Abroad - Green Volunteers - Guidestar -  Covers entire nation.  Hosts advertisements for special opportunities and offers a searchable database of 850,000+ nonprofit organizations in the U.S. Habitat for Humanity International -  A nonprofit, nondenominational Christian housing organization which builds simple, decent, affordable houses in partnership with those who lack adequate shelter in every state of the U.S. and 100 countries  Offers volunteer opportunities in formal groups and in one-time short projects HHS/The Children’s Bureau – AdoptUsKids - Help Exchange - Idealist -  Also known as ―Action Without Borders‖  Covers world.  Search by interest, project, location and other factors. International Medical Corps Interplast - i-to-i - InterAction: American Council for Voluntary International Action  An alliance of U.S.-based international development and humanitarian NGOs.  Publishes biweekly newsletter, ―Monday Developments‖ with some very good job and volunteer vacancy announcements. 132


Subscription to the hard copy is fairly costly. Subscription to the weekly email job announcements is more reasonable.

International Executive Service Corps (IESC) –  Business advisors International Mission on Diplomacy –  Recruits faculty advisors to help lead groups of university students through overseas educational programs which introduce them to career options in the field of international affairs Internet Volunteer Initiative -  Free skills registry for people wanting to volunteer.  Also offers a database of opportunities. Keep America Beautiful - The Land Conservancy -  A non-profit, charitable Land Trust working throughout British Columbia to protect important habitats and properties  Offers working holidays for volunteers Lean On Me Trust - LiFeline Cat Research and Recovery Center -  Works to conserve 5 species of cat native to Belize with rescue, rehabilitation, and research.  Accepts 2 volunteers at a time for a minimum of one month Locks of Love - Make a Wish Foundation - Map International - Matching Donors - Mentor - Mercy Corps - Mercy-USA for Aid & Development - Microcredit Summit Campaign - 133

My Wonderful World, A National Geographic-led Campaign National Center for Missing & Exploited Children - National Coalition for the Homeless - National Council for International Visitors –  National network of community organizations working with State Department’s International Visitor Leadership Program and other exchanges National Mentoring Partnership -  Connects America’s young people with caring adult mentors and with mentoring opportunities with local organizations by zip code.  Offers training online. National Trust -  Acquisition and protection of threatened coastline, countryside and buildings in England, Wales and Northern Ireland  Offers working holidays every year throughout England, Wales and Northern Ireland Network For Good -  Covers entire nation.  Search by zip code, distance, interest, or organization. One - Operation Smile - Oceanic Society -  A nonprofit conservation organization to protect marine wildlife worldwide  Offers research expeditions on which volunteers perform various tasks related to a research project -  Provides direct connections to local volunteer opportunities that match interests and skills. Orangutan Foundation International -  Supports the conservation and understanding of the orangutan and its rain forest habitat while caring for ex-captive individuals as they make their way back to the forest. 134


Offers several types of field work for volunteers in Sumatra and Borneo

Orphanage Outreach -  A nonprofit organization that works with orphaned and abandoned children in the Dominican Republic  Volunteers can travel there to teach English and math Peace Games - Pratham USA - Rainforest-Alliance - Relief Riders International - ReServe – Right to Play - or Safe Kids Worldwide - St Jude’s Children Research Hospital - Save the Children - Second Harvest - SERVEnet -  Enter your zip code, city, state, skills, interests, and availability and be matched with organizations needing help.  Also offers job openings and a calendar of events. Sierra Club - Stop Hunger Now - United Nations Volunteers (UNV) – USA Freedom Corps -  A U.S. government effort to promote volunteerism.  They also work ―to expand and strengthen federal service programs like the Peace Corps, Citizen Corps, AmeriCorps, and Senior Corps, and to raise awareness of and break down barriers to service opportunities with all federal government agencies.‖ 135

Volunteer for the Visayans - Volunteer Match - www.volunteermatch.Org/results  Covers entire nation.  Search by zip code, distance, and interest. Volunteer Travel - Volunteers for Peace - World Volunteer Web –  Provides information, resources, and a forum for organizations linked to volunteerism. Was created by the UN Volunteers program (UNV).  Lists volunteer opportunities worldwide ***********************

Alexandria Volunteer Bureau - Arlington County Volunteer Office -  Covers Arlington County, VA.  Search by interest and zip code.  Really excellent site with hyperlinks to others. Doing Something –  Covers DC and some opportunities in surrounding area. Greater DC Cares -  Volunteer opportunities  Also offers training to be a board member of a nonprofit organization Montgomery County Volunteer Center - or  Search by interest.  Excellent site. Northern Virginia Senior Environment Volunteer Corps (NVSEC) –  An RSVP project in alliance with the Environmental Alliance for Senior Involvement (EASI) 136


Addresses local environmental challenges.

Points of Light -  Based in Washington, D.C., this organization advocates community service through a partnership with the Volunteer Center National Network.  Links for 360 Volunteer Centers nationwide. Prince George’s County Voluntary Action Center or Touch DC -  Covers DC and some opportunities in surrounding area.  Some good hyperlinks to nonprofit organizations. Voluntary Action Center of Prince William Area - Volunteer Fairfax - Washingtonian Online – Volunteering  Excellent source listing local nonprofit organizations.  Includes contact information for each. The Washington Post –  In the print edition on Thursdays there is an ―Extra‖ section inserted for your city (e.g., Arlington/Alexandria). That section always includes a column that lists volunteer opportunities in the metro area.  The column is also available online.


BusinessJournal -  In the DC area, you can choose the Washington BusinessJournal. Their articles are especially good for leads on which companies are getting government contracts.  In addition to business news, these publications list jobs and networking events. You can subscribe via e-mail.  You can also post your resume on the site. Congressional Quarterly Hill Jobs  Free access  Lists jobs with contact information, no hyperlinks Cultural Alliance of Greater Washington -  An organization "dedicated to sustaining and increasing regional leadership, appreciation, support and resources for arts and culture"  Free CAGW JOB Bank includes opportunities in arts and administration. District of Columbia – DC Job Network –  Focuses on DC area and lists a wide variety of jobs for which you can apply on the website.  You can post your resume on the site.  Also offers job search articles and advice.  Provides links to: Jobs in Georgetown – Baltimore Job Network – Jobs in Bethesda – Jobs in Rockville - Jobs in Silver Spring - Arlington Job Network - Alexandria Job Network - Jobs in Fairfax - Jobs in Reston - Fairfax County – 138

Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce -  This website is an absolute gold mine with hyperlinks to member companies' websites and some truly excellent hyperlinks to other job search resources. Fairfax County Economic Development Authority -  This website has a "Living and Working" page with "Career Information" and more truly excellent hyperlinks to local companies and job search resources. Fortune Magazine “The Power 25: Top Lobbying Groups” –  AARP is currently #2, guess who’s #1?!?!  Free access to this list, but access to many articles on this site require subscription  Great articles on national business trends  Excellent small business section on web page  Hyperlink to job board GCS: Professional Staffing Services for the Government Community  Website includes temporary and fulltime jobs (free access). Primarily midlevel contract and procurement jobs in government and commercial contracts.  Covers DC area only.  You can list your resume with GCS. The Hill Newspaper -  Free access Hill Zoo Job Bank -  Free access  Sort by Democratic jobs, Republican jobs, and off-hill jobs Montgomery County, Maryland – Northern Virginia Technology Council -  This website has a "Regional Job Center" on their website. Northern Virginia Workforce Investment Board -  This website has information on jobs, on starting a small business, on training, and more.


Opportunities in Public Affairs -  Public affairs openings in the Washington, D.C. area. Jobs are listed by functional area - public relations & media jobs, jobs on Capitol Hill, etc.  Hard copy newsletter published twice monthly.  Some vacancies accessible on website for free, but there is a subscription charge for access to 200+ vacancies. Short-term subscriptions are available. Roll Call’s RC Jobs -  Roll Call’s free job board, primarily lists jobs on Capital Hill, including lobbyists; search for jobs by title, keyword, or category.  You can post resume on the site  Their job seeker resources were prepared by Tom Morris who will be a familiar name to many of you! Society for Intercultural Education, Training, & Research –  Interesting topics and good networking opportunities Society for International Development –  Interesting topics and good networking opportunities United Way DC –  Represents approximately 1,100 social service agencies and 8 local offices.  Lists jobs in all agencies and branches.  Also lists volunteer opportunities. Virginia's Electronic Labor Market Access -  This website has "job seeker connections" plus other helpful info and hyperlinks to other job search resources. Washington Council of Agencies -  Access free  Covers DC area only  Lists jobs in NPOs The Washington Post -  Available online and in hard copy; free access to website  Excellent articles on area and national business trends  In hard copy, Sunday edition is best for jobs – check both the Business and Jobs sections for job ads and job fair announcements  Website offers all kinds of job search advice, networking opportunities, and resources  Look for the annual ―Post 200‖ profile of area companies 140

Washington Times - The Washingtonian Magazine –  Free access  Publishes annual list of best places to work in DC area  Offers hyperlinks to job boards, including The Chronicle of Higher Education, and to executive-headhunting firms  Also lists area employment commissions and some career counseling firms  Many articles profiling local movers and shakers in business world (―100 People to Watch,‖ ―Top 50 Journalists,‖ ―Best and Brightest,‖ etc.)  Hyperlinks to Small Business Administration and a Small Business Help Center


Potts, Rolf ―Advice to Travel Writers: Make Travel Itself Your First Priority‖ Transitions Abroad Magazine, July/August 2004 (also on Transitions Abroad website: Wasnak, Lynn Beyond The Basics: How Much Should I Charge? Writer’s Market (, 2006 Includes rates for specific written products.

Bernays, Anne and Painter, Pamela What If? Writing Exercises for Fiction Writers HarperCollins Publishers, 1991 Busch, Frederick, editor Letters to a Fiction Writer W. W. Norton & Company, 2000 Checkoway, Julie, editor Creating Fiction Story Press Books, 1999 Friedman, Bonnie Writing Past Dark: Envy, Fear, Distraction and Other Dilemmas in the Writer's Life HarperCollins Publishers, 1994


Fulton, Len (editor) International Directory of Little Magazines & Small Presses DustBooks, 1998 Gardner, John C. and Laslocky, J. (Editor) Art of Fiction: Notes on Craft for Young Writers Knopf Publishing Group, 1991 Gardner. John On Becoming a Novelist Norton, W. W. & Company, Inc., 1999 Joselow, Beth Baruch Writing Without the Muse: 50 Beginning Exercises for the Creative Writer Story Line Press, 1995 Kercheval, Jesse Lee Building Fiction University of Wisconsin Press, 2003 King, Stephen On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft Pocket Books, 2002 Lamott, Anne Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life Knopf Publishing Group, 1995 Lerner, Betsy The Forest for the Trees: An Editor’s Advice to Writers (out of print) R. R. Bowker Publishing (Editor) International Literary Marketplace 1998: The Directory of the International Book Publishing Industry (in library reference sections) Reed Elsevier, Inc., 1997 Writer’s Digest Children’s Writer’s & Illustrator’s Market, Guide to Literary Agents. Novel & Short Story Writer’s Market Poet’s Market Writer’s Market Writer’s Digest Books, an imprint of F&W Publications, Inc. 143

(Updates published annually in August) Website:

American Society of Association Executives –  To find many associations that focus on science, fiction, poetry, medical, etc. American Society of Journalists and Authors -  National organization for freelance nonfiction writers. Copy Editor -  A great site for job listings and networking opportunities with other copy editors. Directory of Free Agent Job Listing Web Sites try=specialty  Links to 85+ free agent web sites, many of which post opportunities for freelance writers. Ed2010 -  This is a great site for insider leads on jobs. Editorial Freelancers Association -  The web site for the national organization of freelance editors.  Members also include writers and artists.  This site has a page of links to excellent web sites in the writing/editing arena. Elance - Forward Motion - Funds for Writers – Guide to Writers Conferences & Workshops –  An excellent directory listing of 800+ conferences worldwide, with a focus on varied content, such as journalism, autobiography, environment, children, humor and fiction. - National Novel Writing Month – 144

Photo Source International -  Web site for photo buyers and sellers. RPCV Writers & Readers -  An online newsletter with a strong focus on linking people to other cultures. Although geared toward returned Peace Corps volunteers (RPCVs), this is an excellent site for anybody interested in either fiction or nonfiction. Selling Your Book to Electronic Publishers  A short article on the advantages and disadvantages to consider if you are interested in publishing your works on the web. Sun Oasis Jobs - Winning Writers – The Writer’s Center -  This site offers information about upcoming workshops as well as pages and links to excellent resources for writers and editors. Writers Digest –  You can also find a list of more writing websites on this website. Writers Online Workshops -  Offers online courses for aspiring writers Writers Weekly -  A nice collection of information about getting your work published on and offline, including links to 15+ sites that list jobs for freelance writers. Writers Write -  Good site with minimal, but solid job leads for technical and business writing.  Links to other sites that mostly focus on journalism-style writing opportunities. Zoetrope –  Virtual writers workshop with short story focus The Zuzu’s Petals Literary Resource -  Provides 10,000+ links to helpful resources for writers, artists, performers, and researchers.  Also offers literary news, with a focus on poetry.


Cyber Journalist -  Free job board  Offers very good hyperlinks to other job banks and company job boards AJR JobLink For Journalists -  Free job board with e-mail notification of new jobs also available Journalism Jobs –  Free access; search by type of job, location, and schedule.  Affiliated with the Columbia Journalism Review  Lists a wide variety of public affairs jobs in the U.S. and overseas; also lists job fairs and professional conferences.  Offers some articles with advice on job searches in the field as well as recent professional issues. Media Bistro -  Job board requires membership with annual fee – you can see the job and employer listed but cannot access the job details without membership  Site also offers articles on profession and job search National Writers Union -  Free job board  E-mail notifications of jobs available with NWU membership

American Copy Editors Society Jobs (ACESjobs) Editor & Publisher -  Print and online journal covering North American newspaper industry, including business, newsroom, advertising, circulation, marketing, technology, online and syndicates  Free job board in the Classifieds; jobs include all specialties in the industry eWomen Publishing Network – Publishers -  Free job board  Free e-mail notification of new jobs in specific specialty areas 146

AWP Writer’s Chronicle Poets & Writers -- Magazine and organization  Telephone: 212-226-3586  Website:

The Writer’s Center  Telephone: 301-654-8664  Website: Associated Writing Programs Telephone: 703-993-4301 Website: Women’s National Book Association Website: Washington Independent Writers Telephone: 202-737-9500 Website:

Bread Loaf Writer’s Conference Telephone: 802-443-5286 Website: Sewanee Writer’s Conference Telephone: 931-598-1141 Website:

Writer Beware -