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Overland Trail Interpreting Graphs

1. The situation below shows the temperature in Arlington Heights, Illinois between midnight and
   10:30am on a certain December day. The temperature depends on the time of day.

Answer the following questions based upon the graph. (estimate when necessary)







                  Temperature (degrees Celcius)




                                                        2   4   6   8       10      12      14        16   18   20   22   24










                                                                        # of Hours (since Midnight)

a. What was the temperature at 4 a.m.?                                            b. What was the temperature at 10:30 a.m.?

c. When was the temperature 2 degrees?                                            d. When was the temperature -2.5 degrees?

e. When was the temperature rising?                                               f. When was the temperature falling?

g. When was the temperature constant?                                             h. During what time interval is the temperature
                                                                                  changing at the fastest rate?
2. When a flu epidemic starts in school, the number of students who are ill varies over the next
   several weeks. The diagram below shows the pattern of the number of students absent over a
   period of 14 days. Use the graph to answer the following questions. (estimate when necessary)

a. How many students were ill
on day 4?

b. How many students were ill
on day 11?

c. On what days were fewer
than 150 students ill?

d. On what day were the most
students ill and how many were
ill on that day?

In the following problem, you are given a diagram with three graphs and the description of a
situation involving related variables. Choose the graph that best fits the relation and explain why
you think your answer is correct.

3. When you work at a job with an hourly wage, your total income is a function of the time worked.

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