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									38 Minutes of meeting of Nutfield Parish Council held on Wednesday 3rd October 2007 at 7.30pm at Nutfield (C of E) School, Mid Street, South Nutfield. Present: In attendance: Councillors Coombs (Chair), Fletcher, Gammon, Higgs, Renaut, Sandiford, Stamford County & District Councillor Myland District Councillor Black District Councillor Elias WPC Moira Cocks – Casualty Reduction Officer Insp. Elaine Burtenshaw - Neighbourhood Inspector PC Nick Shrapel 24 residents present, list attached ACTION

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Public Forum - General

SC opened discussion re The Avenue ditches project and funding. MM advised SCC letter re funding £30k for laying drains, filling in ditches and grassing over. Pavement south side of road in good state, North side poor and will be widened and re-surfaced. Numerous residents incl. Ford's & Nye's made comments on proposed work and were all agreed that the ditches are a hazard, especially the wood boarded parts. SC also stated that Christchurch congregation gives increasing footfall and that the footpaths in the road are used by many villagers. Proposed that Clerk writes to The Avenue residents explaining the project and asking for their comments and views on this scheme. Mrs Nye offered to distribute the forms for NPC to all houses in The Avenue RB Public Forum – Speeding in Nutfield – Guest WPC Moira Cox – Casualty Reduction Officer Moira explained the Speed Watch scheme and operational duties. It has commenced in Bletchingley and other villages and is proving most successful at reducing speeding. The flashing speed advice road signs are also most effective and have reduced speeds through Bletchingley. Moira listed various locations where it could be used, as advised by letters and communication from residents to the police. MM stated the fatal accident on Church Hill recently and that this could be considered as a suitable location for checks. Also Nutfield Marsh Road, as no edges to road, no pavements and that speeding was dangerous to pedestrians. Why not try traffic calming measures there? Moira explained they had a limited budget to work to. MM stated the junction to Hen Haw Farm and the houses there, also a footpath walk and cycle route. Moira explained about the Vehicle speed interactive signs, Limpsfield PC part paid for some and a basic unit would cost approx £800 and solar powered unit up to £3/4K. Only SCC approved units supplied. Mr Sowton described the problems along Nutfield Marsh Road with excessive speeding and overtaking. Moira stated accident figures as Nutfield 5 2005 8 2006 1 serious 1 2007 South Nutfield 5 2005 6 2006 3 serious 4 2007
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39 Mr Sowton also mentioned the potential of increased traffic along Nutfield Marsh Road travelling to and from the new Watercolours housing estate, with 500 minimum properties, 2 cars each equalling a potential of 1000 extra vehicle using the roads. Mr Curran stated there had been fatalities on this road, which they had discussed speeding with lorry drivers and they had reduced speeds accordingly. However the commuting traffic is high volume and all are rushing to and from work. He would even be prepared to fund and install on his property a speed reduction sign. There was a general consensus that the speed must be restricted to 50mph at the minimum. Other comments were for traffic lights to be installed the junction of Church Hill/Coopers Hill Road and the A25 High Street. This would slow traffic down on entering Nutfield from Bletchingley and have the added value of slowing traffic through the High Street. Also the car wash company have caused problems at the weekends with queues of drivers/vehicles waiting to be cleaned, one actually queuing around the corner into Church Hill. Moira said they would investigate this with the 2 traffic wardens available. RB to check Marriott’s terms of business and to check water discharge with Environment Agency. RB Moira then explained how we could set up Speed Watch, minimum 6 volunteers, how we could work together with Bletchingley (they have already offered to work with us) and how the scheme works. RB to place an article in The Link asking for volunteers and explaining the scheme in detail. RB Mr Damen was concerned that drivers were swerving to avoid potholes in many parts of the area, especially on School Hill, Egg Arch Bridge and Mid Street Bridge. RB said he had been contacted by David Munro who is a SCC Executive member for Highways and who would like to visit Nutfield to see the extent of the traffic issues we have. RB will arrange an appointment with him to meet with MM, SC and RB as soon as possible. RB Mr F Brown mentioned speeding cars in Mid Street between 07.45 and 08.15am every weekday morning. PC Shrapel asked for further details which Mr Brown supplied. Moira stated she would like to see a 20mph speed zone at the School in Mid Street but this may take some time to implement. Mr Elias queried this and asked her to check with SCC Highways. Moira also stated that the residents along Nutfield Marsh Road should form a petition for a reduced speed limit as this bears weight to their argument. MM stated the A25 study from some 10/12 years ago which started with High Street, next was south of A25 but funding ran out to cover the North side of A25. Moira stated she will be able to install a speed monitoring unit in various locations around the village, which would create date, time and speed statistics for future reference. RB to liaise with Moira on Speed Watch and other issues that were raised. RB End of Public meeting 20.50pm Following the meeting, Mr Peter Burnett also stated he would be willing to fund the purchase of a flashing speed advice road sign for use in High Street, Nutfield RB 3.  District & County Councillor - Marian Myland MM updated Council on the latest proposal from Redhill Aerodrome Ventures of an Equestrian Centre. SCC still state that the site in not a Brownfield site, but Greenbelt. Maps and statistics have been checked on the set aside issue with RAV and we now know exactly which areas are included. Next airfield meeting 16 Jan 08.
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40  SC asked MM if a sign could be erected in High Street to show St Peter & St Paul Church? MM to ask SCC SC also mentioned a brick being thrown through a car windscreen by youths on Mid Street hill area recently. MF asked MM to check with Highways re large water puddle constantly in Clay Lane and how vehicles were swerving across the road to avoid it. MM Mr Barker stated that the hedges in Clay Lane are not adequately cut back by Highways. They were always trimmed well but not any more MM Apologies Apologies received from David Chapman 5. Minutes of the meeting held on 5th September 2007 There being no alterations, the Minutes were duly signed 6. Matters arising from those Minutes which are not included as later Agenda items (5.2) New Post Box RB now received reply from Royal Mail Collections Manager in Croydon, stating that they will remove the existing post box in Station Approach, move it to outside the new Post Office at Holborn’s Store and tape up the existing wall mounted Post Box. Council stated they could not see any reason why a new post box cannot be installed outside Holborn’s, leaving the existing one still in use at Upper Station Approach. RB to write stating Councils comments and insist this is better for the village. RB 7. Working parties’ reports – VFM Report taken as read. Matters arising: SC,CS & RB to evaluate budget figures for 2007-2008 ready for the next VFM meeting to be held on 17th October. 8. Working parties’ reports – EAP KS explained to Council the new interactive method of examining planning applications. All Planning Applications received at TDC will be dealt with and responded with 21 days. Application received at TDC, evaluated and then sent to NPC same night or next morning, to the Clerk. They can be found on the TDC interactive website on line where all applications received can be read. NPC response will be on line with no further paperwork necessary. Full details can be found on TDC website. Next meeting 29th Oct.


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41 9. Working Parties’ reports – Memorial Hall SC & MM reported that they had met representatives from TDC and no Portacabins are available for temporary us as they cannot offer that facility. The site has been partially cleared by TDC and made safe with barriers. A Memorial Hall sub committee has been formed to oversee the re-building of a new replacement building on the site, comprising NPC, Football Club and Memorial Hall Management committee representatives as follows: NPC David Chapman – Councillor & Chairman of Sub Committee Sheila Coombs and Chris Stamford - Councillors Roger Brown – (not as Clerk of NPC) Football Club Tim Bellars MHMC Alan Streeter, Norman Neilson & Jeanne Wilson (Secretary) Results so far on claim. Lawyer’s letters received re Lease, which is owned by Charity Commission, has 40 years to run. NPC to rebuild structure for tax reasons but will not pay for rebuild, only guidance and management of project, funding and donations all handled by Trustees. Draft plans to be drawn up and discussed at first meeting scheduled for 15th October. Tim Bellars will approach the Sports Council and others for funding their part of the building. Clerk to contact NN and obtain copies of letters to Charity Commission plus original documents from the lawyers for examination and safe storage RB SC asked Clerk to instruct David Cullen, NPC rep for Village Hall, to re-assess the current Insurance Policy on the Hall, for adequate insurance cover RB/DC Mr Coombs offered his assistance to design the building. 10 Planning Applications 10.1 SCC - Patteson Court - Biffa – referred back to EAP committee List 36/7 – Item 23 - TA/2007/1430 2,North Station Approach…. Demolition of conservatory. Erection of single storey rear extension. No objection – Neighbours issue List 38/7 – Item 8 - 1 Adlington Cottages, Nutfield Road…Demolition of outbuilding. Erection of single storey side/rear extension No objection. Neighbours issue List 39/7 – Item 11 – 9 HIGH STREET… Demolition of outbuildings. Conversion and change of use of private club to residential use in the form of 4 terraced houses, with associated parking. No objection. Neighbours issue List 39/7 – Item 12 – 4 Pimlico Cottages, Nutfield Road.. Rear conservatory. (certificate of lawfulness for an existing development) No objection. Neighbours issue

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42 11. Correspondence (Incoming/Outgoing) Items discussed from list: 11.2 Standby Saturday - switch off non essential electrical appliances Saturday 20th Oct. 11.54 Socy. Local Council Clerks one day conference 14 Nov. RB and DC to attend 11.66 SCC Surrey Youth Opportunities Fund pass to Danny Harper 12. Other Reports Health & Safety Monthly Check SC reported one step on children’s slide in Recreation Ground. Roundabout stiff to use. Clerk to contact TDC RB 13. Publicity Officer - Link Police figures given on crime to go in Link Report number of people at the public meeting re speeding in the village 14. Any Other Business 14.1 DC advised on Raven Trust commencing work and problems incurred with local residents parking. He thinks there may be extra space at the side of the rear parking area which could be used. DC to check DC 14.2 SG advised on blocked road drains not being cleared by TDC at the top end of Mid Street. Banks need cutting either side of School Hill. 14.3 SR reported 2 badly parked vans blocking the pavement in Trindles Road. RB to advise PC Shrapel to be made aware of this problem. RB 14.4 RB reported on emails from East Surrey Parish Liaison Committee and its new constitution. RB to re-join NPC into this again RB 14.5 SC asked Jamie Barker if he would like to be co-opted onto the Council – to assist NPC on Environmental matter. He kindly agreed to do so. 14.6 SC also asked if we could consider changing our Meeting night to Thursday evening, as the Village Hall would be free after 7.45pm and this may be more suitable for us while the Memorial Hall is out of action. Some members cannot make that evening so it was agreed to stay as we are for the time being. 15. Payments The following payments were agreed and cheques signed: £ Roger Brown 687.70 Roger Brown – Expenses 71.91 Nutfield Church (C of E) Primary School – Hall Hire 62.94 Nutfield Memorial Hall – Hall Hire x 3 sessions 33.00 Redhill Farm Services - Mowing grass Allotments 58.75 Ken Hamilton – Maintenance Cemetery 330.00 Total Cheques 1244.30 PROPOSED, Chris Stamford, SECONDED, Sue Renaut, AGREED
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43 Dates of next meetings: VFM Meeting - 17th October @ Parish Office at 9.15am EAP Meeting – 29th October @ Parish Office at 7.00pm Full Council – 7th November @ Village Hall, South Nutfield at 7.30pm

........................................................... Signed, Chairman, 7th November 2007 Cc Marian Myland Tony Elias Gill Black

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