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					Sun Microsystems
makes GWL Realty’s Oakland Corporate Centre
its new home
Construction is complete on Phase IV of the
prestigious Oakland Corporate Centre. Situated
on a beautifully treed, campus-like 22.6 acre
site, the Oakland Corporate Centre is
strategically located at the Hwy 404/407/7
juncture enabling Sun Microsystems employees                                                                  and cutting edge power and
and other businesses within the Centre easy access                                                         communications technology, elevator
to the entire GTA. Maintaining a Markham address,                                                       systems, lighting, heating, ventilating and
Sun Microsystems is moving its offices from 100                                                      air conditioning.
Renfrew Drive to the new class A office facility at 27
Allstate Parkway, the 4th phase of the Oakland Corporate Centre.                “The Oakland Corporate Centre serves as a prestigious gateway to
When completed, the Centre will boast a net rentable area of                    Markham at the busy Hwy 404/Hwy407 interchange”, says Economic
nearly 575,000 sq. ft. of class A office space serviced with 2,560              Development Chair Bill O’Donnell.
underground, surface and structured parking spaces for its
employees and visitors.                                                        GWL Realty Advisors Inc. has been a prominent developer and
                                                                               manager of real estate property within Canada, specifically the
Developed and managed by GWL Realty, the 4 buildings of                        Markham area. GWL currently manages 1.5 million sq. ft. of
the Oakland Corporate Centre feature state of the art security                 existing class A office and industrial property within the Town
systems including on and off-site monitoring, sophisticated                    and the ability to develop an additional 750,000 sq. ft. For
fire detection and sprinkler arrays. All buildings feature                     leasing and development inquiries, please contact Glenn Way,
                                                                               Director of Leasing at GWL Realty Advisors Inc.
award-winning architecture while ensuring leading

                                          Markham Vision
                                           The 20 Year Plan
                                            Markham - August 7, 2002 - With the help of people from throughout the community, Markham has
                                            developed a long-term vision for the Town. “Through the Engage 21st Century Markham Strategy, we are
                                            developing a 20-year plan for Markham,” says Mayor Don Cousens.
                                            “Over the last 12 months, we asked residents, business, community groups, staff and service providers to help
                                            us develop a strategic direction,” says Ward 1 Councillor Stan Daurio, who chaired the Engage strategy
                                            The draft report titled “Building for the Future - Preserving the Past” details the new vision of the
                                            Town. The draft report, which includes an executive summary, has been circulated to the more than
                                            300 people who participated in various parts of its development, business groups and organizations
                                            and those who participated in the Engage process.
                                            Input is still being recieved from all who are interested in working on the Markham vision. After input
                                            from the public meetings, the final report will be presented to Markham Council in the fall.
                                            Key information for the draft report came from a number of areas, including the Environics social val-
 ues, issues and satisfaction survey, the first of its kind for a municipal government. Canada’s National Quality Institute provided another part
 of the framework for the management
                                                                                                                                         Continued on back page
Always Something New
                                                                    happening on our website
The Town of Markham’s website just keeps growing and                You can also find a variety of information on Markham’s
growing! In addition to Markham’s Top Employers listing             website at with regards to the
posted on the economic development page, we are happy               Character Community initiative, the Queen’s Golden Jubilee
to report that the Top Employers Headquarters has also been         activities and various events taking place in Markham
added. Our Explore Markham Investor Tool is newly expanded          throughout the year.
and is a very useful tool for our clients. A website dedicated
                                                                    “I’m very proud of our award-winning internet web-site,” says
entirely to the Engage 21st Century Markham project
                                                                    Mayor Don Cousens. ” Recent survey results point to the
has also been up and running for quite some time at
                                                                    growing proportion of residents and businesses who regularly use the This site features not
                                                                    Markham web pages as their first point of reference for municipal
 only a wealth of information on Markham but as well it
                                                                    services and information.”
allows the user an opportunity to participate in a variety of
interactive services such as discussion forums and online
surveys. Check it out today!!

New Additions to Markham                                             nications strategies on how to effectively use call centres, the
Ostaco 2000 Windoors                                                 Internet and advanced networking to improve customer service,
In January of 2002, Dennis Ostapovich, President of Ostaco           revenue and productivity throughout their client organizations.
Windoors Inc., announced the completion of its move into a
new manufacturing and office facility at 5990 14th Ave. Mayor        FOX GROUP is also becoming very active in the community
Don Cousens and M.P.P David Tsubouchi helped cut the ribbon          through the Markham Business Improvement Association, the
at the company’s grand opening on February 21, 2002.                 Markham Board of Trade and their weekly visits to Participation
Ostaco 2000 Windoors is a family-run vinyl window &                  House with the FOX GROUP corporate mascot Shadow.
door manufacturing business, employing more than 50 staff.           Genexis Design Inc, specializes in industrial design, product
Regus Offices                                                        design, machine design & engineering, visual design, 3D model-
On June 1, 2002, Regus opened a new flexible office space centre     ling and CAD consulting for various Canadian and Global firms.
in the prestigious Trillium business centre on 675 Cochrane          Both companies moved their corporate headquarters to provide
Drive. Johnnie-Mike Irving, President of Regus Canada,               clients and consultants with a unique office environment. Both
personally gave the Town’s Economic Development staff an offi-       companies occupy the same office on Markham Main Street.
cial tour of the facility and a corporate presentation. The          Fox Group Consulting and Genexis Design are excellent
new facility introduces to the Markham market a flexible and         examples of how new high-technology business and the
prestigious alternative, which will compliment traditional long      dynamics of a small town environment work hand in hand in
term office leasing.                                                 the Markham context. The integrated neighbourhoods of
Fox Group Consulting & Genexis Design Inc.                           Markham Centre will provide Markham’s citizens and workers
Hi-Tech companies, Fox Group Consulting & Genexis Design             with a unique urban experience while ensuring that the
Inc., have recently made the Town of Markham their new place         community remains a people place.
to work, live and play.
FOX GROUP provides technology strategy, architecture, design, and    For more information on how to contact these companies please
vendor and project management assistance to “Telecommunications      contact the Economic Development Office. 101 Town Centre
Intensive” organizations; whether they are mid or large-sized        Boulevard, Markham, Ontario L3R 9W3 Tel: (905) 475-4878
organizations including numerous municipal governments through-      Fax: (905) 479-7764 Email:
out Ontario. They are in fact currently working with numerous
municipalities in developing their long-term IT and telecommu-
New Hotels
                                in Markham
Over the past five years Markham has experienced phenomenal growth           The new Courtyard by Marriott in Markham is just one
in employment and development industries. In the year 2001 alone,            of 540 hotels in its worldwide chain.
Markham achieved nearly one billion dollars worth of construction
investment. With this growth the Town has also seen a significant            Residence Inn by Marriott ( Tel. 905.707.7933 )
increase in hotel development.                                               Recently opened, Residence Inn by Marriott is located at 55 Minthorn
                                                                             Court adjacent to the Courtyard by Marriott. With 100 suites designed for
Monte Carlo Inn ( Tel. 905.513.8100 )                                        stays in excess of five days, Residence Inn offers its clients all the amenities
The Monte Carlo Inn, located at 8900 Woodbine Ave., just north of            of ones own home. Complimentary breakfast, high speed internet services,
Hwy. 7, was named best Motel/Inn in the 2001 Markham Economist &             indoor swimming, daily housekeeping and complete kitchens are just some
Sun Readers’ Choice Awards. The Inn features meeting rooms,                  of the conveniences Residence Inn offers to business and leisure travelers.
83 luxury rooms & suite accommodations with hi-speed internet                The new Residence Inn by Marriott is just one of 375 hotels in its North
connections and business centre facilities. Monte Carlo is planning for      American chain.
extensive growth within southern Ontario, as well as other Canadian
regions and the United States.                                               Hilton Garden Inn ( Tel. 905.709.8008 )
                                                                             Located at 300 Commerce Valley Drive East, the Hilton Garden
Courtyard by Marriott ( Tel. 905.707.6533 )                                  Inn is serviced by three major transportation arteries, Highways 404, 407
Opened this summer at 65 Minthorn Court, Courtyard by Marriott offers        and 7. The hotel has 145 spacious rooms. All rooms offer working desks,
its guests 144 well appointed rooms with convenient access to Markham        high speed internet connections, 2-line phones, basic kitchens, ironing
based businesses. Accommodations will feature a number of suites with king   facilities and hairdryers as standard conveniences. Complete with free
sized beds, sitting areas and high speed internet service in each room.      parking and a 24 hour business center, the Residence Inn offers
The hotel also offers two meeting rooms with 630 sq. ft. of space and a      a great package for the business traveler in Markham.
business centre.

Changes & Additions                                                                  Markham
to the Economic Development Office                                                    just keeps on winning!
The Economic Development Office is pleased to announce changes                       It seems that Markham companies and their employees
and additions to our department. Congratulations to Stephen Chait                    just keep on winning. The following is a list of recent
on his appointment as Director of Economic Development.                              award winners:

Welcome aboard to Darren Ciastko, our new Economic Development                       Jon Baird of the Canadian Association of Mining
Officer. Darren graduated from the University of Toronto with an                     Equipment and Services for Export, was awarded
honours degree in Urban & Economic Geography and has experience                      the Northern Ontario Global Traders Leadership Award.
in both commercial real estate and purchasing.
                                                                                     Vanbots Construction Corporation was awarded the
A resident of Unionville for the past fifteen years he wants to continue             prestigious Royal Ontario Museum award for planned
to bring economic sustainability to our community and supports                       expansion.
a strong business environment. “These are not only my professional
goals” says Darren, “but because my heart is in Markham, they are a                  Markham Radisson Hotel’s Chris Hale won the 2001
personal goal as well.”                                                              Espirit Award for the top General Manager in the
                                                                                     Radisson Hotel chain.
                        Markham Centre
                                                                  growing with the community
Citizen Advisory Committee guides                                        the volume of automobile traffic must be reduced.The Markham
development of new city centre                                           Transportation Planning Study 2002 (MTPS-2002) recommends the
                                                                         implementation of rapid transit to provide sufficient capacity and
Planning continues for Markham’s fabulous new downtown core              service frequency to accommodate Markham Centre’s
south of Highway 7 between Woodbine Avenue and Kennedy Road.             employment needs:
Twenty-one community representatives were appointed to the               • A rapid transit corridor along Highway 7 and into Markham Centre,
Markham Centre Advisory Committee to help guide the ongoing                fed by an extensive feeder bus system, will provide fast,
process of public consultation with residents and local businesses         comfortable and convenient service.
and to formulate our key performance measures that will assure           • Road network enhancements are planned to support an efficient
that Markham’s downtown is built according to the best principles          transit system.
and practices of Smart Growth and sustainable development.               • New policy initiatives will provide the framework necessary to
Members of the Committee include business representatives from             support the development and use of rapid transit.
Hydro One, IBM, Lucent Technologies, Markham Board of Trade,             • Education and support programs will raise awareness of the
Motorola, Remington Group and Unionvillle BIA, as well as resident         significant environmental and health-related benefits of non-
and environmental representatives. To learn more about the public          automotive modes of travel.
consultation process key to Markham Centre visit                         Reducing the demand for parking through transit improvements                                                   and getting consensus into parking structures right from the
                                                                         beginning will help optimize land-development potential and
Vibrant employment areas will make                                       economic vitality. Prime land that is used for employee parking is
the downtown core an ideal place to work                                 very expensive to build and maintain. Companies will be attracted
                                                                         to Markham Centre because they can put their funds into their
“We plan to grow the community in a measured way, within                 primary business and have less need to put dollars towards
our natural settings,” says Mary Frances Turner, Commissioner            maintenance of extensive surface parking areas.
of Development Services. “By protecting our natural heritage,
promoting rapid transit and having the right mix of parks and            For more information about MTPS-2002, visit the Town website at
open spaces, commercial, public and residential uses, Markham  
Centre will raise the bar in “green” planning and Smart Growth
in the GTA.”                                                             New Transportation Management Association
A key goal is the creation of a walkable downtown area. Non-             will benefit local businesses
employment areas will be conveniently located within walking
distance of rapid transit stops. Buildings will be located along         A Transportation Management Association (TMA) brings major
the street edge to create a pleasant environment by protecting           employers and small businesses together to implement a travel
pedestrians from inclement weather. Generous sidewalks, high             demand management plan aimed at decreasing reliance on the
quality lighting, street tree plantings, public squares and courtyards   automobile as the primary method of transportation. Initiatives
will provide a pedestrian-friendly environment for residents,            such as ridesharing, parking programs, shuttle bus services,
employees and visitors. The Rouge Valley integrated with new             staggard work hours and subsidized transit passes can significantly
parks, open spaces and linked to employment, retail and residential      reduce employee travel times during peak periods.
areas will enhance the quality of life for people who want to live,      The TMA can facilitate new partnerships, hold education seminars
work and play in the same community.                                     and be an active advocate for the transportation needs of the
                                                                         business community. If you would like a representative of your
Rapid transit corridors will significantly                               company to participate in the Markham Centre TMA, please call
reduce traffic congestion                                                Arup Mukherjee, Engineering Department at 905-477-7000
                                                                         Ext. 8120 for more information.
To create an inviting, walkable downtown area in Markham Centre,
                                                      Update: IBM Software
                                                       development lab in Markham

The Town of Markham’s Economic Development Office is                   computer science, engineering or mathematics, which highlights
extremely proud and excited to be working with IBM’s new               their technical expertise. This academic knowledge brings
software development lab located at 8200 Warden Avenue                 important well-grounded ideas to their software development.
in Markham.
                                                                       The blend of experienced professionals, academic learning, and
IBM Canada’s Software Laboratory is a software development             young graduates creates an exciting environment where different
facility within the IBM Software Group. In 2001 its software           viewpoints come together to create leading-edge products that are
operations generated US$12.9B worldwide revenue, making it             used by customers world wide.
the second largest software companies in the industry. In its 35
                                                                       The Lab’s Centre for Advance Studies (CAS) facilitates the transfer
year history, the Lab has seen tremendous growth, and today has
                                                                       of advanced academic research into future, strategic product
more than 2,000 software developers, engineers and support staff.
                                                                       development. The first of its kind in the computer industry,
The Lab is the largest software application research facility in the
                                                                       CAS provides a successful model for collaborative research
country and one of the largest IBM software development Labs
                                                                       among industry, academia and government laboratories thus
                                                                       strengthening the link between research communities and IBM.
In 2001, IBM moved its Lab into a new state-of-the-art
                                                                       IBM, always recognized as a high-tech leader in the industry and
development facility, in a park- like setting located in Markham.
                                                                       which others try to emulate, has also made great inroads in their
The 563,000 square foot complex includes a fitness centre, bistros
                                                                       environmental programmes. IBM Canada’s Software Laboratory
and cafes, oasis areas and games rooms, with wireless technology
                                                                       has been recognized recently for its environmental stewardship
throughout the facility and a Voice Over IP phone system. The Lab
                                                                       with the Wildlife Habitat Council certification and the Rouge River
also has worldwide missions for DB2 database management
                                                                       Keeper award. IBM continues to set the bar higher every year for
products, WebSphere application development tools and
                                                                       others to follow.
electronic commerce applications.
Over 70% of Lab employees hold a degree with a major in

Oyez! Oyez! Oyez!                                                                        Company Focus:
                                                                                         The Interface Financial Group
John Webster has done it again. The best cryer in the World,                              Do you need start-up financing?
our official Town Crier has won many national awards, international                       The Interface Financial Group, headquartered in
acclaim and recognition for his “crying”. Recently John traveled to                       Markham, believes it offers a unique financing
Pennsylvania and in the July 4th competition, won his 7th                                 opportunity for small expanding companies.
consecutive North American
Championship. The competition                                                             One of the main hurdles that new business owners face
was held in Carpenters Hall, the                                                          is the availability of adequate working capital to sustain
site of the first reading of                                                              their initial growth. In many cases small businesses and
                                                                                          start-up businesses find it difficult to obtain such capital
the Declaration of Independence.
                                                                                          from conventional banking sources.

Review John’s accomplishments at                                                          The Interface Financial Group provides another avenue                                                                 for Markham entrepreneurs to explore when faced with
                                                                                          obtaining immediate working capital.
Congratulations to all! If you or
your company has received                                                                 For more details please contact
an award recently, drop us a line at                                                      The Interface Financial Group
                                                                                          Tel: 905-475-5701 or
                                          China’s Premier Science Park
                                                    to open representative
                                                    office in Markham

On return from their mission to China, Regional Councillor Tony
Wong and Ted Northcott, Sr. Business Development Officer, were
overwhelmed by the changes since the last business mission
Markham made in 1998. What a difference a few years can make.                The delegation was astounded at the rate and quality of change in
A focal point of the mission was to investigate and promote                  the country as well as the eagerness of its people to embrace the
awareness of business opportunities that could be fostered with              changes that are rapidly occurring. Shanghai has recently spent
Markham companies. In Shanghai they met with the Chinese staff               $6.4 billion (US) improving their subways, expressways, tunnels
of Petroff Partners Architects, a Markham based firm. They were              and other municipal projects.
taken to the site of the Hangzhou Opera House that Petroff has               Soon after returning to Markham, the delegation received word of a
co-designed with Carlos Ott. It is being built at a cost of $300M.           desire by representatives of the Zhongguancun Science Park to visit
They were greatly impressed by the way the Chinese are now                   Markham and further discuss the possibility of establishing a repre-
approaching technological advancement. And that’s not all.                   sentative office.
A visit to the cities of Shanghai, Hangzhou, Wuhan and Beijing
showed progress in architectural, as well as technological sophistication.   Zhongguancun was the first state level high-tech development zone
                                                                             to be approved by the Chinese government (1988), and is now
During their visit, Regional Councillor Wong used the opportunity            China’s biggest Science Park. On September 13, 2002, the Town of
to continue to build on Markham’s alliance with Haidian and the              Markham and senior Science Park officials signed a memorandum
Science Park. They also had an opportunity to meet with Vice                 that will result in the new representative office. This office will be
Mayor Liu to discuss future business prospects.                              their fourth international office, the others being located in Tokyo,
The purpose of the trip was three-fold. Firstly, to actively renew           Amsterdam and San Jose.
acquaintances with business and government officials in an effort
                                                                             If you would like further information on the trip or an introduction
to continue building on existing relationships. Secondly, to identify        to contacts that were made, please contact either:
Chinese companies that might have an interest in investing in
Markham. And thirdly, to identify trade and strategic alliances for          Regional Councillor Tony Wong at 905-477-7000 ext. 7757
Markham corporations through the co-operation of the Canada                  e-mail:
China Business Council, Industry Canada, the Embassy in Beijing,             or Ted Northcott at 905-477-7000 ext. 6590
and Ontario Exports Inc.                                                     e-mail:

      Markham Builds
                                    strong connection to NC high-tech cluster
On April 25 & 26, 2002, Mayor Don Cousens, Regional Councillor               President of Wake Technical
Bill O’Donnell together with fellow Councillors and the Economic             Community College, about education
Development Department, hosted a 41 person delegation from the               and business training needs.
Cary Chamber of Commerce, North Carolina.
                                                                             ”Markham and Cary have been communicating and exchanging
Cary is located next to the famous 7,000 acre Research Triangle Park,        information for over the past three years. To solidify this relationship,
and sits between Durham on the west and Raleigh on the east. Cary is         a Memorandum of Understanding was signed under the enthusiastic
the proud home of MCI Worldcom as well as the SAS Institute, the             eye of USA Consul General Antoinette Swain Marwitz, who brought
world’s largest, privately owned software facility. Over the day and a       congratulatory remarks to the signing luncheon.
half intensive work sessions held, various topics of common interest
were discussed between the two communities, including economic               If you are interested in exploring business opportunities, be it trade,
development, managing growth, cultural exchanges and skate board             strategic alliances or real estate development with Cary, North Carolina,
parks. Cary opened its first one in May. One of the “local” invited          please contact Ted Northcott of the Markham Economic Development
guests, was Peter Ross of York University’s Office of Research and           Department at 905-477-7000 ext 6590 or at
Innovation. He had the opportunity to talk with Bruce Howell,      
Bearskin Airlines Markham
Ottawa service well underway

In the summer of 2001, Bearskin Airlines commemorated its 38th            purchase or minimum stay requirements, free parking is provided, and
anniversary with the launch of air service from Markham’s Toronto         Aeroplan Frequent Flyer Program points are awarded to customers.
Buttonville Municipal Airport to Ottawa’s MacDonald Cartier               With Markham being Canada’s High-Tech Capital, a service like the
International Airport. Seven round trip flights are offered each          one Bearskin Airlines offers is particularly beneficial to companies
business day as well as weekend flights. Since its inauguration,          in the Markham area. Carol Stephenson, President and C.E.O. of
the service has proved very successful.                                   Lucent Technologies points out that “Our Canadian headquarters
                                                                          in Markham is minutes from Buttonville Airport where I enjoy free
According to Harvey Friesen, President of Bearskin Airlines “We’ll
                                                                          parking, quick and easy check-in, and no long lineups through
fly between Ottawa and the northeaster quadrant of the GTA in
about the same time as it takes to drive from Markham to Pearson
and park your car.”                                                       Whether it’s a trip to Ottawa or to a remote fishing and hunting site,
                                                                          the air service now offers a “surf and fly” opportunity for the last
Bearskin Airlines utilizes two Swiss manufactured Pilatus PC-12
                                                                          minute weekend traveller, be it business or pleasure. To obtain up
turboprop aircraft, which seats 9 passengers, can cruise at speeds
                                                                          to the minute specials you can join their E-club.
up to 300 mph and at altitudes of 20,000 to 25,000 feet. Bearskin
offers fares from as low as $99 to as high as $329 varying in price       For more information you can contact the Bear
depending on weekday or weekend flying. There are no advance              at

Be A Part Of Unionville’s                                                                    continuing history
Unionville’s history began in the 1700s when the Berczy Settlers first    residents and tourists. The Town of Markham is proud to present a
arrived here from Pennsylvania to settle the land. Since then, history    rare opportunity for Markham companies and residents to become
continues to be made and residents have steadfastly maintained Main       immortalized as a part of millennium history. If you want your
Street’s uniqueness. As a Millennium project, the Town and its partners   company or family name to be remembered for years to come, you
have constructed the Millennium Bandstand on quaint and historic          are invited to purchase a stone engraved with your company or
Main Street Unionville.                                                   family name to be placed on the grounds of the beautiful Millennium
Does your family date back to any of the original settlers? Have you
or your family had any participation in maintaining Unionville’s          The goal is to raise $200,000 to cover the continuing costs of
history over the years? Did your company come to Markham                  landscaping around the bandstand. Various sizes and prices are available for
because of its ability to blend the “old” with the new?                   your stone. If you would like more information on this exciting opportunity,
Then you all have something to be proud of.                               please contact Ward 3 Councillor Joseph Virgilio’s assistant Jeanie
                                                                          Fragale at 905-415-7512 or at Order
The Bandstand has become a new focal point in town where people           forms can be accessed online at
meet to enjoy a variety of musical concerts or to just meet other

                                                                              Markham Business
                                                                              Self-Help Office has moved
                                                                              We are moving upward and onward in order to provide
                                                                              our clients with better customer service. Our office has
                                                                              re-located to the library at the Thornhill Community Centre,
                                                                              at the corner of Bayview Avenue and John Street.
                                                                              New Address: Thornhill Community Centre Library
                                                                                              7755 Bayview Avenue
                                                                                              Thornhill, Ontario L3T 4P1
                                                                              Office Hours: Monday to Friday: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m
MARKHAM VISION, continued from page 1

principles and practices section.
The draft report identifies a number of priorities the
Town will use in future decision-making and resource
                                                                    Watch Us Grow!                                                                         New Office, Industrial Buildings
                                                                                                                                                           and High-Tech Companies
allocation as it acts on this 20-year plan. These include:
                                                               Project Type                           Location                            Size (sq. ft.)   Developer
• Focus and support as the high-tech/
  knowledge based capital of Canada
                                                                        Completed since 1999                                               5,584,078
• Invest in the expectations and requirements
  of the different communities within the Town                                    Hotel               2000 55 Minthorne                     87,500         Marriott Marriott Residence Inn

                                                             Under Construction
                                                                                  Hotel               2000 65 Minthorne                     89,500         Marriott Marriott Courtyard
• Recognize, promote and support                                                  Hotel               2001 300 Commerce Valley Drive E      102,872        Zuli Walii - 1392275 Ont.- Hilton Hotel (145 rooms)
  ethnic diversity                                                                Office              2001 195 Duffield Drive               140,300        Plm Graphics - Addition to the existing building
• Support programs, services, facilities and                                      Office              2001 50 Minthorn Crt                  170,000        Teubner - 8 story office
  employment and housing opportunities that                                       Office              2001 27 Allstate Pky (3rd Bldg)       200,000        GWL Realty Advisors - 3rd of 3 buildings
  meet the needs and expectations of different                                    Industrial          2002 280 Hillmount Rd                 193,750        Metrus Properties - Multi tenant Industrial.
  age, income and ethnic groups                                                   Office              2002 8312 McCowan Rd                  17,029         Madrid Developments - 2 sty office (business & personal serv.)
• Lead in e-government services
• Lead in the efficient and effective                                             Under Construction Sub-Total:                             1,000,951
  management of growth
• Lead in the preservation of both the                                            Industrial          200 Shields Court                     85,000         Menkes Developments - spec. blgd
  natural and built environment                                                   Industrial/Office   201 Hood Road                         58,448         Windemere Homes - wearhouse and office facility
                                                                                  Industrial/Office   S/E corner - Warden & 14th            76,500         Anthony Yates Design - Concord Idea Corp. (phase 1)
“Markham has always been resolute in seeking to                                   Office              10 Commerce Valley Dr. E              92,000         Grenadier - spec. bldg..
distinguish itself as a place that is admired for its                             Office              Warden/Hwy. 407 (MC)                  250,000        Remington Group

prosperity, community, quality and beauty,” says Mayor                            Hotel               65 Times Avenue                       51,408         1456217 Ontario Inc.- 5 storey long term stay hotel
Cousens. The executive summary and the draft report                               Industrial/Office   100 Konrad Crescent                   11,862         Big Al’s Aquarium Services - office and distribution centre
are available on the Town’s website -                                             Industrial           82 Old Kennedy Rd.                   39,880         Wu’s International Group Inc.- new industrial building                                                            Industrial          90 & 100 Clegg Rd.                    77,026         Stringbridge Investments - 2 new industrial buildings
Information contact:
Engage 21st Century Chair Councillor
                                                                                  Imminent Projects Sub-Total:                              742,124
Stan Daurio 905-479-7747
Director, Corporate Strategy and Quality
Stephen Chait 905-475-4873                                                        Imminent projects are those projects with either a building permit application or site plan approval/application

   2002 Bell Canadian Open generates economic benefits
     The Royal Ontario Golf Association (RCGA) has estimated the total                                       as attendance, ticket sales and event staffing.The tournament drew
     economic impact of the 2002 Bell Canadian Open for the Markham                                          over 100,000 spectators to the Angus Glen Golf Club and required
     region to be over $26 million. The Bell Canadian Open was held at                                       over 2000 volunteers and staff to run the tournament. The economic
     the Angus Glen Golf Club from September 2 - 8, 2002.The economic                                        impact results from the Bell Canadian Open were similar in comparison
     impact of the Bell Canadian Open is derived from a model recently                                       to other PGA Tour events. The PGA Tour estimates that the average
     commissioned by the PGA Tour to assess the economic impact of a                                         economic impact for a golfing event in their respective local markets
     Tour event. This model known as RIMS II, estimates and quantifies                                       is approximately $20-30 million. The economic impact model does
     the total inputs and outputs of new money brought to an area.The                                        not take into account television coverage or dollars spent outside of
     calculations include an aggregate count of the economic impact to the                                   the Markham region. Broadcast live nationally in both English and
     Markham area in four major categories: lodging and accommodation,                                       French, the Canadian television coverage of the 2002 Bell Canadian
     food and beverage, transportation and event merchandise and conces-                                     Open was in excess of 17 hours on CTV, RDS and Sportsnet. The
     sions.The model does not take into account the effects of reallocation                                  Open was also televised live on ESPN throughout the United States
     of monetary funds within the local economy, i.e. money spent in the                                     and international distribution to over 236,000,000 households. The
     area that would have been spent regardless of an event taking place                                     Town of Markham looks forward to the return of the Bell Canadian
     in the Markham region. the total economic impact of the 2002 Bell                                       Open to Angus Glen in 2007.
     Canadian Open for the Markham region also factors in variables such

     Contact Us At:                                             For Personal Service, contact:                                               Mr. Ted Northcott
     Information on how the Markham Economic                    Stephen Chait                                                                Senior Business Development Officer
     Development Office works with potential investors and      Director Economic Development                                                Tel: 905-477-7000 ext. 6590
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