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									                                                               Expect more from your floor.

Silikal in the meat processing industry
Clean, extremely durable, seamless and quick to install—Silikal reactive resins are the
perfect basis in all utility areas at butchers, slaughterhouses and meat processing facilities
                                Clean, quick, safe and fine-lo
                                                                                They go down overnight: hygienic flo

A piece of cake to put down—the        The word hygiene is capitalised in        Seamless and non-porous, Silikal
floor is fully cured and ready for     the meat processing industry and          floors can be cleaned quickly,
action after only 2 hours. A perfect   is a topic that certainly has to start    but more importantly thoroughly,
way to avoid standstills in your       from the bottom up, which means:          a special advantage for meat
operations!                            the floor. Reactive resin flooring        processing facilities where
                                       products from Silikal offer the best      impeccable hygiene is a must. It is
                                       basis for the flawless handling of        also possible to make the floors into
                                       sensitive foodstuffs, especially meat,    a basin to catch any and all wastes
                                       and for a safe and rationalised daily     and residues. The same is true for
                                       routine at meat processing and            anti-skid surfaces which can be
                                       packing plants.                           delivered to customer specifications.
ooking ... Floors from Silikal!
oors for the meat processing industry

         Aggressive materials, for example           without any downtimes for your
         salts, acids, fats, lye and cleaning        factory and at temperatures down
         agents cannot make a dent in                to –25 °C! After a drying time of only
         durable reactive resin floors. The          one to two hours, the floor is able
         same can be said for the extreme            to bear its specified load. And by
         mechanical loads one often finds in         the way, the same also holds true
         meat plants.                                for later changes, renovations or
                                                     repairs to the surface, for example
         It is virtually no problem to fulfil your   when you want to change the use or
         wish for a new floor. Silikal reactive      design of the space.
         resins go down quick and easy
Photos: Fotoatelier Werner Schäfer, Koblenz, Germany

                                                        Your call—Silikal!                                                                                             We see to the best
                                                        An overview of the advantages.
                                                        Hygienic and clean …
                                                        ■ Monolithic, seamless surface                                                                                 The best solutions require know-
                                                        ■ Resistant to alkalis, acids, greases,                                                                        how and experience. We can pro-
                                                          oils, salts and other aggressive                                                                             vide it.
                                                          media                                                  Silikal production and administration
                                                        ■ Easy to take care of                                   in Mainhausen, near Frankfurt/Main,                   When we go out on site to analyse
                                                        Safe …                                                   Germany.                                              a problem, we know what we’re
                                                        ■ Anti-skid surface grades                                                                                     doing. Practical help, friendly and,
                                                        ■ Wear and tear resistant                                                                                      of course, reliable.
                                                        ■ Can withstand hot and cold
                                                                                                                                                                       Contact us. We would be pleased
                                                        Quick and beautiful …                                                                                          to go into detail with you—at no
                                                        ■ Extremely short curing times;                        Certified Ecology                Certified Quality      cost or obligation to you, of course.
                                                          no interruptions in business when                  Management System               Management System
                                                          renovations are made!                            Cert. Reg. No. 73 104 856       Cert. Reg. No. 73 100 663
                                                        ■ Easy to lay, even at temperatures
                                                          below zero
                                                        ■ Selection of appealing colours,
                                                          e. g. with coloured quartz sand or
                                                                                                                                 Ask about our
                                                          flakes mixtures as standard
                                                                                                                                 Colour Concept!

                                                       All details given above can only serve as general information. The various working conditions or circum­
                                                       stances beyond our control and the many different materials in use exclude any claim which might arise out
                                                       of the information contained herein. In case of doubt, we recommend that you make sufficient trials on your

                                                         Your expert applicator:
                                                                                                                                                                       Expect more from your floor.

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