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Glinda of Oz

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In which are related the Exciting Experiences of Princess Ozma of Oz, and Dorothy, in their hazardous journey to the home of the Flatheads, and to the Magic Isle of the Skeezers, and how they were rescued from dire peril by the sorcery of Glinda the Good. by L. FRANK BAUM “Royal Historian of Oz” This Book is Dedicated to My Son Robert Stanton Baum

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Glinda of Oz


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Welcome to the free preview of the Once Upon a Time edition of Frank Baum’s classic story, Glinda of Oz. This preview features two excerpts from the story and a few brief peeks at some of the d20 game information and artwork that you can find in Glinda of Oz, published by Bloodstone Press. Glinda of Oz features the full story as written by Baum, edited slightly for d20 roleplayers. The story is interspersed with artwork and sidebars detailing various monsters, characters and items in d20 game statistic format as they appear in the story. At the end of the book is an appendix that collects all the d20 game material from the previous chapters in one convenient place. CREDITS It is also in the appendix that you will find an Design and Development: Lojag Hern extensive description of the title character, Glinda Original Story By: L. Frank Baum of Oz. Art: Mongoose Publishing and Louis Porter, Jr. Design Special Thanks: Thomas Hardin, Brian Davisson, Andrew Burton, Chris Cant, and Chad Wilkerson


This fist excerpt is from the early chapters of the book and describes how Dorothy and Ozma set out for the Gillikin Country. Along the way, they are assailed by the vile Spider King and his horde of minions.

Glinda of Oz
...The least known of all is the Gillikin Country, which harbors many strange bands of people among its mountains and valleys and forests and streams, and Ozma was now bound for the most distant part of the Gillikin Country.

“I am really sorry,” said Ozma to Dorothy, as they rode away in the Red Wagon, “not to know more about the wonderful Land I rule. It is my duty to be acquainted with every tribe of people and every strange and hidden country in all Oz, but I am kept so busy at my palace making laws and planning for the comforts of those who live near the Emerald City, that I do not often find time to make long journeys.” “Well,” replied Dorothy, “we’ll prob’bly find out a lot on this trip, and we’ll learn all about the Skeezers and Flatheads, anyhow. Time doesn’t make much diff’rence in the Land of Oz, ‘cause we don’t grow up, or get old, or become sick and die, as they do other places; so, if we explore one place at a time, we’ll by-an’-by know all about every nook and corner in Oz.” Dorothy wore around her waist the Gnome King’s Magic Belt, which protected her from harm, and the Magic Ring which Glinda had given her was on her finger. Ozma had merely slipped a small silver wand into the bosom of her gown, for fairies do not use chemicals and herbs and the Belt of the Gnome King: Dorothy Gale, who now wears tools of wizards and sorcerers to this magical belt when adventuring, stole it from the king perform their magic. The Silver Wand of the gnomes. The Belt of the Gnome King is a wide leather was Ozma’s one weapon of offense and belt studded with azure gems. It buckles at the wearer’s defense and by its use she could back, like a Championship Boxing belt. The magical belt accomplish many things. protects the wearer with several powerful abjurations and imparts the ability to cast some powerful spells.... They had left the Emerald City just at sunrise and the Sawhorse traveled very To find out more about this fantastic artifact, check swiftly over the roads towards the north, out Glinda of Oz, published by Bloodstone Press but in a few hours the wooden animal had to slacken his pace because the farm houses had become few and far between and often there were no paths at all in the direction they wished to follow. At such times they crossed the fields, avoiding groups of trees and fording the streams and rivulets whenever they came to them. But finally they reached a broad hillside closely covered with scrubby brush, through which the wagon could not pass. “It will be difficult even for you and me to get through without tearing our dresses,” said Ozma, “so we must leave the Sawhorse and the Wagon here until our return.” “That’s all right,” Dorothy replied, “I’m tired riding, anyhow. Do you s’pose, Ozma, we’re anywhere near the Skeezer Country?” “I cannot tell, Dorothy dear, but I know we’ve been going in the right direction, so we are sure to find it in time.” The scrubby brush was almost like a grove of small trees, for it reached as high as the heads of the two girls, neither of whom was very tall. They were obliged to thread their way in and out, until Dorothy was afraid they would get lost, and


Glinda of Oz
finally they were halted by a curious thing that barred their further progress. It was a huge web — as if woven by gigantic spiders — and the delicate, lacy film was fastened stoutly to the branches of the bushes and continued to the right and left in the form of a half circle. The threads of this web were of a brilliant purple color and woven into numerous artistic patterns, but it reached from the ground to branches above the heads of the girls and formed a sort of fence that hedged them in. “It doesn’t look very strong, though,” said Dorothy. “I wonder if we couldn’t break through.” She tried but found the web stronger than it seemed. All her efforts could not break a single thread. “We must go back, I think, and try to get around this peculiar web,” Ozma decided. So they turned to the right and, following the web found that it seemed to spread in a regular circle. On and on they went until finally Ozma said they had returned to the exact spot from which they had started. “Here is a handkerchief you dropped when we were here before,” she said to Dorothy. “In that case, they must have built the web behind us, after we walked into the trap,” exclaimed the little girl. “True,” agreed Ozma, “an enemy has tried to imprison us.” “And they did it, too,” said Dorothy. “I wonder who it was.” “It’s a spider-web, I’m quite sure,” returned Ozma, “but it must be the work of enormous spiders.” “Quite right!” cried a voice behind them. Turning quickly around they beheld a huge purple spider sitting not two yards away and regarding them with its small bright eyes. Then there crawled from the bushes a dozen more great purple spiders... Spider King: CR 12; Large Vermin; HD 15d8+45; hp 112; Init +9; Spd 40 ft., 30 ft (climb); AC 26 [-1 size,+12 natural, +5 Dex] (touch 14, flat-footed 21); base Atk +9; Grp +24.... Poison: The Spider King’s bite is especially toxic (Injury, Fortitude DC 22... The Spider King is always accompanied by a troupe of 10100 Medium, Large, and Huge monstrous spiders (See the SRD for stats on these creatures) Read the Spider King’s full stat-block and description in Glinda of Oz today!


In the excerpt below, one of the adventurers has gone missing. After finding their wayward companion in a perilous situation, Glinda works a powerful spell to ...The Wizard turned to Glinda. save him.

Glinda of Oz

“Cannot your sorcery discover where Button Bright is?” he asked. “I think so,” replied the Sorceress. She called to Uncle Henry, who had been carrying her wicker box, to bring it to her, and when he obeyed she opened it and drew out a small round mirror. On the surface of the glass she dusted a white powder and then wiped it away with her handkerchief and looked in the mirror. It reflected a part of the forest, and there, beneath a wide-spreading tree, Button Bright was lying asleep. On one side of him crouched a tiger, ready to spring; on the other side was a big gray wolf, its bared fangs glistening in a wicked way. “Goodness me!” cried Trot, looking over Glinda’s shoulder. “They’ll catch and kill him sure.” Scrying Mirror: Glinda owns a small (5-inch x 4Everyone crowded around for a glimpse at the magic mirror. inch) oval mirror that functions in the same “Pretty bad — pretty bad!” said the Scarecrow sorrowfully. manner as a crystal ball with see invisibility. “Comes of getting lost!” said Cap’n Bill, sighing. “Guess he’s a goner!” said the Frogman, wiping his eyes on his purple silk handkerchief. “But where is he? Can’t we save him?” asked Ojo the Lucky. “If we knew where he is we could probably save him,” replied the little Wizard, “but that tree looks so much like all the other trees, that we can’t tell whether it’s far away or near by.” “Look at Glinda!” exclaimed Betsy Glinda, having handed the mirror to the Wizard, had stepped aside and was making strange passes with her outstretched arms and reciting in low, sweet tones a mystical incantation. Most of them watched the Sorceress with anxious eyes, despair giving way to the hope that she might be able to save their friend. The Wizard, however, watched the scene in the mirror, while over his shoulders peered Trot, the Scarecrow and the Shaggy Man. What they saw was more strange than Glinda’s actions...

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Glinda of Oz
The d20 game statistics presented in the Appendix and all the artwork in this document except the cover and the image of the Spider King is hereby declaired Open Content.


Glinda the Good Sorceress of Oz: Female Human Sorcerer-20; CR 20; Medium-size Humanoid; HD 20d4+80; hp 130; Init +2; Spd 30 ft.; AC 21 (touch 14, flat-footed 19); base Atk +10; Grp +9: Atk +9 melee (1d6-1, staff); Full Atk +9/ +4 (1d6-1, staff); Space/Reach 5 ft/5 ft; SA arcane spells; AL LG; SV Fort +14, Ref +12, Will+19; Str 8, Dex 13 (15), Con 14 (18), Int 16, Wis 16, Cha 22 (28)...

See Glinda’s full statblock and profile today in the appendix of Glinda of Oz

Glinda wears a ring of sorcery on her right hand. This sapphire ring has the following d20 game statistics: Ring of Sorcery: This ring adds a +1 DC to all arcane spells cast by the wearer, and a +1 bonus to all caster level checks. Caster Level: 13th; Prerequisites Forge Ring, Spell Focus; Market Price: 12,000 gp This magic item first appeared in the Hero’s Handbook


Glinda of Oz
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Glinda of Oz
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