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Volume 18, No. 1
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Spring, 2008

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Endless Possibilities
4611 Sharon Road Charlotte, NC 28211 When a woman receives a gift of jewelry, there is most often a huge significance attached to it: “Will you marry me? “The rest of our lives together, “Thank you for our baby son” “Can you believe 25 years?” “Our daughter is 16? How about pearls?” “You’re more beautiful at fifty than you were at twenty!” “Congratulations on a job well done!” So it’s fitting that jewelry—good jewelry— lasts forever, like the memories attached to it. But how can you acquire new jewelry in an economic downturn such as we’re experiencing now? Elsewhere we have written about taking some summer time to go through your jewelry boxes. Even the ones you never open anymore. Sort out old gold, silver or platinum to sell to us. While you’re doing that, take time to look, really look, at some of what you have that might be updated, reset, changed into something more “you” and more useful. Ah, there’s the Great Aunt’s graduation diamond in a setting that not my style.And an old class ring from decades ago…But wait! That’s an old sapphire and diamond

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Proud recipient of

July: Ruby (red, red, red!) August: Peridot (lemony, yellow-green) September: Sapphire (blue, pink, orange, yellow, green)

Endless Possibilities continued pin and my birthday is September. Perfect! I’ll sell the gold I’ve collected here and turn the sapphire and diamonds into a gorgeous enhancer for the pearls John gave me years ago. Hmmmm, better get those cleaned and restrung to a better length while I’m at it. Do you get the idea? Maybe your birthday is January and the stone is a garnet and you want a ring, not an enhancer. The idea’s the same.The possibilities are endless. Come on in and sit with one of us and have some fun. We’re here to help with ideas too.
Warning: Best friends will wonder where your windfall came from!

Masriera Art Deco & Art Nouveau Enameled Jewelry
A little background on our newest line
18 carat yellow gold Massiera Nouveau pendant brooch with diamonds fired enamel and cultured pearl.

help if you are thinking of dividing assets in the family or selling outright.Your insurance appraisal is not an effective measure for fair market pricing. Our verbal valuations offer a realistic view of fair market value, that is, dollars you can expect to receive. There are several options available to you; selling outright, brokering or selling the items yourself (with caveats). We can explain those options to you in detail, but generally for gold, selling outright is the only decision. For jewelry and diamonds, there are more options and pricing factors. We offer all avenues right here. Please call for an appointment for your convenience of not having to wait. Ask for Scott.




Keeping It Clean No old gold to sell? No jewels to reset? Then at least bring in your jewelry to be cleaned! You’d be surprised at how NEW clean gems and polished jewelry can look! • • • Cosmetic Surgery Seems EVERYONE is doing it. Even us! Have you seen our new face-lift at DHD? New showcases, new paint job, “zippier” look? Tell us how you like it… • • • Summer Road Show Don and Jan will be signing copies of their books at the annual air show in Oshkosh, Wisconsin the end of July/early August.. Acres of aircraft from all over the world are on display during this extravaganza. Bush Pilot in Diamond Country, A Light on the Runway, and Diamond Safari will be on sale there. Wisconsin is where the adventure all began for these two! We have the books here and they can be found at Barnes & Noble (Birkdale), Joseph Beth, Park Road Books, and the Bookmark. Do you have your summer reading ready?

Fantastic colors. Fairies, nymphs flowers, dragonflies. The luminosity of a gem. Incomparable bass relief, Masriera jewels are renowned around the world for European Art Nouveau and Art Deco style, and unique enameling techniques. This fine jewelry line is named for Lluis Masriera, born on January 17th, 1872, a versatile artist that turned jewelry into first class art. His designs are dedicated to the female figure in a variety of images, floral motifs, butterflies, dragons, swans, birds and frogs.* • • •

Donald Haack has been trading in diamonds and fine gems for 40 years—He has earned an international reputation for quality and value, and as a recognized diamond authority, is frequently consulted by bankers, lawyers, insurance companies and financial planners.

A Golden Lining
If you read the newspapers or listen to the evening news on TV, you suspect the entire economy, if not the whole world is unravelling. Not True! Gold is at a record high and it might be a good time to check the drawers, the safe and the safe deposit box to see what you have. That goes for diamonds as well. The world market demand along with the soft U.S. dollar has made this the best time in several decades to sell any unused family jewels. For twenty-five years as a public service Donald Haack Diamonds has offered free verbal valuations that will give you an idea of what your gold/jewels are worth on the going market. A valuation provides you with a realistic amount that a piece would fetch from a market sale now and would

Masriera Art Deco In 1913 a new movement appeared that influenced Masriera. He abandoned symbolic designs and adopted more classical style with more geometric lines and designs. In this, Masriera comes close to what we know as Art Deco.*
*Background from Masriera web site.

18K WG diamond pendant crosscut center 1diamond =1.12ct and 15round brilliant cut=.62ctw

Platinum diamond ring with 1 square emerald cut diamond=1ct and 204 round brilliant cut=.62ctw

S U M M E R




18K WG ring with one round sapphire = 2.01ct and 12princess diamonds = .19ctw and 118rb = .58ctw

18K WG sapphire and diamond band 10oval sapphires = 3.01ctw and 126round brilliant cut = .46ctw

Platinum and 18kt yellow gold diamond band with 5 radiant cut yellow diamonds = 2ctw

18K YG diamond pendant with one pear shape diamond = 1.38ct Deep orange-brown and 31round brilliant cut =.14ctw

14K YG 9mm peridot checkerboard cushion earrings 18K YG ring with one round diamond = 1.03ct Fancy Dark Orange-Brown, and two round diamonds = .45ctw and 104round brilliant cu t = .63ctw 18K WG Ballerina Ring with an oval Ruby =1.67Ct. 26round brilliant cut=0.45ctw and 25 baguette cut diamonds = 1.15ctw

18K WG diamond ring with 1 radiant 2.03ct Fancy Yellow and 2 trapezoid diamonds = .46ctw 14K YG gold with green quartz dangle earrings

18K pendant with 103 white diamond =.47ctw, 1 brown diamond =.97ct and 4yellow diamonds =.27ctw

18K WG ring with 2 oval rubies = 1.84ctw and 88round brilliant cut = 1.14ctw

While every effort is made to present accurate information, descriptions and pricing, Donald Haack Diamonds is not responsible for printing inaccuracies, inconsistencies or errors and reserves the right to make corrections at any time without notice.


Yellow Gold Alternating Textures

Yellow Gold Medallion Pendant with Diamonds

Hammered Yellow Gold Earrings

Masriera jewelry is a unique enameling process, created in Barcelona, that combines several meticulous, hand-made processes. Colored glass is crushed in a mortar and pestle type of container, powders are mixed in to attain the exact color desired creating a paste, and then the paste is painted into the spaces between metal. The jewelry is fired, again by hand, to create these translucent beauties in the Art Nouveau style. These pieces are crafted with ‘extreme skill and precision’, and sought after around the world as collectible works of art. Please visit us in the Fall when we debut Masriera .We will show the movie that allows us to tour the Barcelona factory and see the process! Summer is time to update your appraisals, clean and check your jewelry, sell your gold, (see Don’s article), address your jewelry wardrobe or create a wish list!

Las Vegas 2008: Spotting Trends
Gold Bangle Bracelet Yellow Gold Filigree Band 9rb =.34ctw

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Recently CC Communications and Donald Haack Diamonds & Fine Gems were recognized with a Gold Award for “creative talent that exceeds a high standard of excellence.” Produced by CC Communications in close collaboration with the marketing and operations staff at DHD, our website was recognized in the international 2008 Hermes Creative Awards sponsored by the Association of Marketing and Communications Professionals. We’d be glad to have your comments on our website. Take a look and let us know what you think. www.donaldhaack.com

The Las Vegas Gold Rush was on. At this year’s show, we saw hammered and textured gold, gold medallions, wide gold bangles. And lots of heavy, well made silver, too. • • • We discovered more everyday-wear beautiful jewelry. One of the most eyecatching trends was jewelry crafted of textured silver with some gold accents. There were wide, angled, silver bangles with lightly painted black designs. Beautifully matte-finished swirl-designed right hand rings and bangles to match. Christina, Scott and I had not seen anything as pretty as these silver pieces in a really long time! • • • We also found an amazing collection that we have decided to showcase in our store. The Masriera collection arrives this fall and we can hardly wait.

Calendar and Contributions
July 25th & 26th: 24 Hours of Booty (Bronze level sponsor of the 24 hour cycling event supporting cancer research organizations.) August 29th & 30th: Sidewalk Sale 2nd Annual Family Friendly Event featuring super savings, giveaways and free PW’s homemade ice cream) September 10th: Mom @ Wo r k Luncheon (Donald Haack Diamonds will provide a door prize valued at $500 as well as $100 gift certificates.)

From the Art Nouveau Collection: A pair of Masriera 18 carat yelllow gold earrings with brilliant cut diamonds and specially fired enamel.

• • • Lastly, we brought back beautiful leather -looking brown travel pouches and new jewelry cases. They make great gifts and treats for yourself when you come in to get your jewelry cleaned! • • • An invitation for those of you who have not seen our new showroom — please come in! Our customers LOVE being able to see nearly all of our jewelry at one time!

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