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Cover: Loro Piano Around the Island Race Photo: Kevin Lewis

19 HK Rowing
Hong Kong Harbour Day 2007


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Commodore Harald Dudok van Heel Vice Commodore Jimmy Farquhar Rear Commodore Sailling Warwick Downes Rear Commodore Club Ambrose Lo Honorary Secretary Stephen Vine Honorary Treasurer Victor Yung Rowing Captain Patrik Talas C L ass s ECrEta ri E s Rowing Secretary Jim Newton 9830 9809 Sailng Secretary Russ Parker 9457 3573 Cruiser Christopher Wong 9489 9128 Dragon Phyllis Chang 2533 2718 Etchells John Breen 9886 0175 Flying Fifteen David Phillips 9520 7577 Impala Dennis Chien 9091 3445 Laser/Dinghies Andrew Moore 9130 6202 Magic 25/SBR Steve Bourne 2110 6762 Pandora Joseph Wong 9428 2228 Ruffian Claire Morgan 9036 7512 Sonata Andrea Richey 9095 6652 Youth Sailing Class David Early 9462 6786 sPOrts COnV E n O r s Bowling Convenor Nigel Wightman 9222 8826 Squash Convenor Andrew Sullivan 9106 4632 Golf Captain Chris Hutchings 9170 6779 C L uB COntaCts General Manager Ray Parry 2239 0300 Executive Secretary Polly Lee 2239 0301 Club Operations Manager Alfred Leung 2239 0338 Financial Controller Tim Gallagher 2239 0315 Membership Manager Tracy Leung 2239 0371 PR & Communications Manager Betty Chan 2239 0312 Member Relations & Communications Manager Koko Mueller 2239 0342 Sailing Manager Alex Johnston 2239 0362 Sail Training Manager Peter Wilkins 2239 0363 Sponsorship & Promotions Manager Lindsay Lyons 2239 0391 Assistant Sailing Manager Iris Yang 2239 0314 Senior Sailing Instructor Markus Wong 2239 0361 Rowing Coach Jonathan Cantwell 2239 0322 Boatyard & Marine Operations Manager Roger Eastham 2239 0308 Boatyard Office Supervisor Connie Chan 2239 0304 Boatyard Foreman Yip Man Tai 9125 9311 Food & Beverage Manager Billy Fung 2239 0327 Catering Manager Shirley Tam 2239 0321 Technical & Projects Manager Carton Lam 2239 0303 Human Resources Manager Susanna Chung 2239 0310 Ship Shop Manager David Ho 2239 0336 Marine Co-ordinator Joanne Ho 2239 0309 House Manager Lorence Leung 2239 0352

Commodore’s Message
I trust you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year and wish you all the best for 2008. To kick off the New Year I would like to thank management and staff at our three locations for dealing with the large number of functions during the festive season in their usual professional manner. You will have received with your last monthly statement a request for a member’s contribution to the Chinese New Year Staff Fund. Please note that the contribution is not compulsory and feel free to notify the Club as to whether you would like to contribute or not, and whether you would like to make any changes to the amount. All information received will be treated in strict confidence. As offering of Lai See to our staff is prohibited, General Committee feels that this contribution is a nice way of thanking of staff, both Front-of-House (who we all see) and Behind-theScenes (who we don’t). Turning now to the 2007 Phuket King’s Cup Regatta held last month – whilst there was a sea of members at the event, the following won their respective classes – Frank Pong with Jelik in the Racing division, Commodore Harald Dudok van Heel Geoff Hill with Strewth in the Premier division, and life absent member Henry Kaye with Mamba in the Firefly division. David Yourieff and Ailsa Angus were on board Scott Duncanson’s Raimon Land which won the Sportsboat division. The Raja Muda Selangor International Regatta 2007 in November was also well attended by Members and its is worthy to note that Nick Burns and Fred Kinmonth came second on Fortis Mandrake in Class 1 and Dr. Ian Nicolson came second on Intrigue in Class 2. Also, Jon and Sandra Stonham who have been sailing around Asia with their two young daughters since April 2006 – came in third on their ‘house’ Tui Tai in Class 5. Also held in November was the Lipton Trophy, which was won by Li Fook Hing on Ruffian Victory 9. The Class Regatta was held over the weekend of 15 and 16 December with over 30 boats on the water at Port Shelter. The short course was won by Henry Wong on Impala Ling Yuan and the long course won by Mark Thornburrow on Etchells Dream On. A full report will appear in next month’s Ahoy! Congratulations to all participants. In November the General Committee took a look at the Club logo (alongside the eight or so more other variations that have appeared on our merchandise over the years). The end result is the approval of three logos – a standard, a simplified version and a simplified version for the Rowing Section. Ray Parry in his General Manager’s Message this month will go into more detail on this. The General Committee is concerned with the continuing problem of the number of people who are prepared to serve on committees steadily declining. A Nominating Committee was appointed therefore in November to give its members ample time to search for suitable candidates to stand for election. This year’s Nominating Committee consists of Alan Lau, Inge Strompf-Jepsen, Warwick Downes, Cowen Chiu and myself. If you are interested in serving on a committee, please contact any of the members of the Nominating Committee. I would like to congratulate Member Ronnie McCracken on being appointed by the International Olympic Committee as an International Technical Officer (ITO) to the sport of sailing at the 2008 Games in Qingdao. Hope to see everyone blowing away those Christmas cobwebs on 12 January at the Tomes Cup. Sign-on is on the day.

Kellett Island Causeway Bay Hong Kong, SAR Kellett Island Tel: 2832 2817 Fax: 2572 5399 Middle Island Tel: 2812 7202 Shelter Cove Tel: 2792 2744

January 2008 Ahoy!


General Manager’s Message
It was wonderful to see so many members in the Club over the recent Christmas period. We hope you all enjoyed our Christmas programme and are hopefully now recovering from your New Year’s festivities. Over the years our Club logo has taken on all manner of variations and designs. We have felt for some time that this was a far from satisfactory situation. The logo is a significant and valued asset to the Ray Parry, General Manager Club and should not, in the opinion of the General Committee, be open to interpretation. Just prior to Christmas we completed an audit of the many club logos presently in use, and presented our findings to the General Committee. It was agreed that the Club should have one official logo with two permitted variations. The three selected logos are shown here. You will see that in the case of variation one, the scales are enlarged. This allows for accurate and easier embroidery on the vast array of monogrammed apparel available in the Ship Shop and elsewhere. The second approved variation carries the cross oars traditionally associated with our Rowing Section. All other logos will be withdrawn from circulation over the next few months. Any member wishing to use any of the approved logos is asked to contact the Club’s PR office for consent, and they will also supply details on all other specifications including pantones, sizing and high-resolution images of all three logos. At the same time it seemed a natural step to take this opportunity to reverse the Chinese version of our name to better reflect the modern and now more frequently used custom of reading from left to right. We do hope you approve of the consolidation and new control of our Club logo. We have many exciting events and promotions ahead of us, and if you are a fondue fan or a chocoholic you are going to love January! Also in the middle of the month we have the Californian Wine Dinner. All of these events are detailed elsewhere in this issue of our magazine. Looking to Chinese New Year, the fireworks display is usually shown on the second day of the Lunar New Year. However the government has not made any announcement during the production of this issue of Ahoy! Once we have the relevant information it will be posted on the Club website, sent out on the weekly event email, and advertised on posters at the three clubhouses.
Standard Logo Simplified Logo (variation 1) Rowing Section (variation 2)

I look forward to seeing you at the Club.

AMendMents oF Bye-lAWs
General Committee at its meeting on November 29, 2007 approved the following amendments of Bye-Laws: To amend Bye-Law 4.18: 4.18 Smoking Smoking is only permitted in the areas stated in these Bye-Laws. For avoidance of doubt, smoking is prohibited in any area that has not been mentioned in these Bye-Laws. At Kellett Island, smoking is only permitted in the following areas: a. the balconies of the Chart Room and the Main Bar; and the Main Lawn Corridor, b. Bistro lower terrace, c. Swimming pool (except under marquees) and sun deck, d. open areas of car park, boatyard, pontoon and courtyard. To amend Bye-Law 9.15: 9.15 a. Personal Possessions: Members are strongly advised to put valuables in a locker. Keys are available from the attendant. b. Locker Keys: Members should complete a chit which will be destroyed when the key is returned. Guests should enter their host’s name and account number.
6 | January 2008 Ahoy!

c. Members Belongings: Members are strongly advised not to leave personal belongings or clothing in the Changing Rooms. Use of lockers is restricted to a daily basis and contents shall be removed within 24 hours of the signing of the chit. Any clothes which are left for more than 24 hours will be treated as “Lost and Found”. d. Any children over the age of 5 are not permitted to enter the opposite sex’s changing room. To amend Bye-Law 16.7: 16.7 Dogs Members are permitted to bring pet dogs to the Island under the following conditions: a. The dog is under the control of the Member at all times. b. Dogs are not permitted inside the Clubhouse or within the restricted area at the Clubhouse level, lawn area and function rooms. c. The dog must be kept on a lead at all times and tethered at Clubhouse level. d. Members are responsible for cleaning up any mess made by their dog(s).



W o rds & p ho t o s : l i n d s Ay lyo n s

lipton trophy
the traditional pursuit race warm-up for the loro piana Around the island race welcomed 47 entrants to the staggered start in brilliant sunshine and 8-10 kts of breeze. the fleet consisted of the usual suspects familiar to harbour racing, garnished with top international sportsboat talent, fresh from the AisC, as well as pier luigi’s international crew getting to grips with FfreeFire 70. had taken the lead by the time she reached Tai Koo Shing about 45 minutes later, with the Pandoras, Sonatas and Flying Fifteens still very much in touch. At 1615 hrs Victory 9 was still out in front of Miss Piggy and a posse of F15s, with two legs to go to the finish, Ambush 15 places back and FfreeFire 70 some 23 boats behind, representing a 10-minute time difference. Totally unruffled, 83 year old skipper Li Fook Hing cruised across the finish line just three seconds inside the target time of 1630 hrs to claim the Lipton Trophy. This classic pursuit race, with all boats finished within 30 minutes of the first, produced a couple of protests, one of which involved the second-placed boat. With the final result outstanding at 2000 hrs and the free beer (and the sailors) exhausted, prizegiving was delayed until the following evening.

1 Victory 9 Ruffian Li Fook Hing F15 F15 Rupert Sydenham Jin Ogawa


ace Officer Karl Grebstad opted for a Club start and Course 3, and the participants set off at their designated times without incident. By 1500 hrs Ruffians Miss Piggy and Victory 9 were first to round the Shau Kei Wan mark, with the Flying Fifteens in hot pursuit. Victory 9

2 Ffatal Attraction 3 No Name 4 Miss Piggy 5 French Fries 6 FfreeFire 70

Ruffian Peter Leung F15 Jin Komatsu

Cruiser Giovanni Arrivabeme

A special ‘thank-you’ to RO Karl Grebstad and his assistants James Samuels, Marc St. Laurent, and Johannes Boers for their exemplary efforts on the water!

8 | January 2008 Ahoy!

Jade Marine


January 2008 Ahoy!


The buzz created on the Kellett Island hardstand by 191 sailing boats of all sizes, nine outrigger canoes and one offshore rowing boat preparing for the ‘big race’ is a special one and, after a week of extraordinary conditions promising great sailing and blue skies for the 2007 Loro Piana Around The Island Race, if the grey and humid conditions at 0700 hrs on the morning of the race were a slight disappointment to the competitors, it didn’t show.



eports of 12.5 kts at Green Island and 12 to 15 at Shek O sounded promising, although the harbour starts rarely enjoyed higher than 6 kts. With the outriggers and ocean rowing boat starting at 0815 hrs, there then followed an hour-long staggered start sequence, using two lines to start the class boats, cruisers, multihulls and sportsboats. Given the light conditions, it was the Outrigger Canoes that were first to go through Stanley gate after just over two hours with Sam Chan’s FfreeFire 52, leading the way for the sailing boats minutes ahead of the Title Sponsor’s very own Pier Luigi Loro Piana, helming stable-mate FfreeFire 70. The two FfreeFires reached Ap Lei Chau by 1125 hrs, while further back in the fleet a few cruisers and dinghies had retired due to

10 | January 2008 Ahoy!

gear failure or frustration at being caught in a windless hole off Lai Yue Mun. Wind speeds were holding at 8 to 10 kts, carrying Sam Chan’s FfreeFire 52 to line honours in 03h 33m 24s. However, Loro Piana and FfreeFire 70’s luck ran out in Victoria Harbour, when IFC2 robbed her of breeze and she spent a frustrating 15 minutes wallowing next to the start of the Hong Kong Harbour Day Star Ferry Race. From then on, a fickle afternoon breeze dropped to nearly nothing, filling back in to 12 kts and trapping boats in holes all around the course. The upside of these delays was that Hong Kong’s residents were treated to the spectacle of over 100 sail boats coming down Victoria Harbour towards the finish line, and in spite of the frustrations, most competitors seemed very happy to reach the finish!
January 2008 Ahoy!

| 11

Outriggers – Female Division Outriggers – Male Division Cruiser Multihulls Sonata 470 & Fastest Dinghy Elapsed Laser Stratos Dragons Magic 25 Pandora Ruffian FF15 Cruiser HKPN 760-839 Dart 18 & Fastest Dart Elapsed Etchells & Fastest Dayboat Elapsed HKPN 840-939 HKPN 1050 and above Impala HKPN 940-1049 Hobie 16 Sportsboat HKSOA Overall 6th Lady Godiva First Bavaria Overall 4

Team HKOCC Team Hawaii The Lizard of Oz Chopstix Just Fast RHKYC 14 Davinloong Red Herring II Pasisana Victory 9 3882 Tipsy Free Trouble N Strife Gunga Din Tara Rhapsody Moll Tardis 105415 Vitra Blauwvoet Tardis Tardis Tardis Folly Squiffy FF 3882 The Black Pig The Black Pig FfreeFire 52 FfreeFire 52 FfreeFire 52 Loro Piana Jacket FfreeFire 70 FfreeFire 70 FfreeFire 70 FfreeFire 70 Peter Weiley Arnold Lunty Ashun Tong Alain Choi Simon Wong Jens Erik-Olsen Pearl Wong Li Fook Hing Jin Ogawa Leon Chan Tom Nunan Nick Burns Lila Chan Mike Scantlebury Jack Ng Philip Bowring Harriet Skipworth B Phipps / P Moriau Southworth / Killip Steve Corrigan Harriet Skipworth Harriet Skipworth Harriet Skipworth Martin Heath Howard Williams Jin Ogawa Mike Scantlebury Mike Scantlebury Sam Chan Sam Chan Sam Chan Pier Luigi Loro Piana Pier Luigi Loro Piana Dunhill Trophy Pier Luigi Loro Piana Around The Island Race Trophy Pier Luigi Loro Piana La Cigale Trophy, Loro Piana Cup George Duboeuf Loro Piana Jacket Multihull Trophy North 22 Trophy Loro Piana Jacket COA Trophy Loro Piana Jacket Bavaria Trophy HKSOA Trophy Impala Trough San Miguel Trophy Adrenalin Trophy Yeti Trophy Larrikin Bucket Snifter Cup Dragon Shield Burnham Plate Tamar Cannon

Hobie Tiger & Fastest Hobie Elapsed The Black Pig

Conditions dictated that the Impala, Ruffian, Pandora, Dart, Hobie 16 and Laser Stratos fleets were finished at Cyberport Gate rather than risk competitors missing the 1700 hrs cut off time. Many of these class boats continued all the way around to Kellett to record one of 143 finish times in the HKPN Overall results, but, after the sums were done, it was the Title Sponsor that carried off the silverware with 1st Place Overall, Overall Monohull, 1st Cruiser HKPN and 2nd Cruiser IRC. A well-attended prizegiving was held in the Compass Room the next evening, with prizes graciously presented by Ms Erica Nicola Broglio on behalf of the Title Sponsor.

Overall 3rd Overall 2nd Overall Multihull Fastest Multi Elapsed Cruiser IRC 1st Place Overall 5th Fastest Monohull Elapsed Cruiser IRC 2nd Place First Cruiser on HKPN Overall Monohull Overall Winner (HKPN)

12 | January 2008 Ahoy!

When Hong Kong Radio ceased to operate its ship to shore VHF service in 2006, it inadvertently created a communications challenge for the RHKYC’s Loro Piana Around the Island Race. With a VHF relay no longer available, the challenge was to find a solution which would provide the same, or possibly better, levels of safety communication than had previously been available and enable a full record of safety communicaitons to be kept by the Gun Room assistant. A chance encounter at the RHKYC Main Bar with a Yacht Club member from Research In Motion (RIM), led to a meeting between RIM, PCCW mobile and RHKYC – and a proposed solution for this year’s Race. During the Loro Piana Around the Island Race, RHKYC relied on a 40-strong team of volunteers to monitor race progress, communicate with the Gun Room safety centre and coordinate any assistance required by participants. In past years, VHF was the primary source of communication, with mobile phones rapidly entering common usage but for the 2007 Race, PCCW mobile and RIM configured twenty three BlackBerry 8820 smart phones for use by the safaty teams, linked in to e-mail accounts hosted by PCCW Mobile and RIM.

PCCW mobile also provided a mobile phone audio conferencing bridge for emergency contact, whereby users could have used their BlackBerry smart phones to connect to the bridge and have an open discussion with Safety Officer Robert Brashear – fortunately, in the event, this function was not required! Prior to the race, PCCW Mobile technicians travelled the route of the race on a Cheoy Lee and had checked that 100% wireless coverage could be achieved – they also organised a training evening, combined with the safety briefing, to ensure that volunteers had a chance to get ‘hands on’ with the BB8820 before race day. On race day itself, Freda Ho (PCCW mobile) was in the Gun Room from 0700hrs to assist with any last-minute queries from the volunteers before they headed out on the water for the day and a PCCW Mobile suppoprt team was on standby to deal remotely with any technical hitches. In practical terms, the BB8820 was most useful where information needed to be communicated to all safety boats, or sensitive information was to be passed on. It was also invaluable where engine noise rendered VHF or mobile phone usage impractical and allowed users to double check messages. Of 111 outgoing e-mails, 43% were generated by the on-water race control teams, 19% by on-shore personnel, 22% from safety RIBs and 22% from other safety boats – the gate boats were able to keep the RO constantly updated with the progress of the fleet, helping him make the final decision about which classes to shorten and where. RHKYC would like to thank PCCW Mobile and RIM for all their assistance, as well as the lucky draw prize (won by Paul Bankowski of Jaywalker) of a BB8820 with three months’ service plan. We look forward to developing the system for the 2008 Race! Thank you also to the Safety and Race Control volunteers, without whose time and efforts we could not run the race: Race Officer Jimmy Farquhar, Safety Officer (Shore) Robert Brashear, Safety Officer (Water) Iain MacRobert, Cyberport ARO Inge Strompf-Jepsen, Del Kaddatz, Patricia Parry, Stanley ARO Hillary King, Liz Dunn, Ian Fleming, Bal Taylor, Di Watson, Alice Page, Liz Hamerton, John Mayow, Ivy Lam, Stephen Mitchell, Shaun McEvoy-Dix, Michael Berndt, Ken Barclay, Tom Bispham, Elthea Li, Ah Chun, Chris Howarth, James Bidlake, Susanna Ng, Carolyn Lee, Tommy Chan, Martin Lodge, Pearl Cheng, Vivian Shum, S K Kou, Greg Jarzabkowski, Richard Chau, Kevin Lewis and John Hellinikakis.
Safety Communications Provider

January 2008 Ahoy!

| 13

asian International Sportsboat Championships


W O RDS : cO LIN I P • P HO T O S : G u Y NO W E L L
to reach for his heart pills. Canting keels, once found only on exotic one-offs, are now creeping into the must-have design package for smaller yachts. So it was a surprise to see this year’s competition of sportsboats range from the stalwart-teenage-in-designyears J80 (which is as about as exotic as plain vanilla ice cream with a chocolate flake sticking out from the side) to a Kerr 31 (all carbon, canting keel, testosterone and beer belly) with a high number of Magic 25s and a smattering of SB3s, Shaws, a turboed B32, a Mumm 30 and some Longtzes (China’s own designed and built sportsboat effort) provided in the mix. RHKYC’s extensive boatyard facilities (and they are very fortunate to have the best run and equipped boatyard facilities in Asia, if not for a yacht club in general) was a hive of rigging, mast stepping and launch activities on the weekend before the event. Crews were seen busily discussing rig tension as much as what they were going to wear at that evening’s Regatta Ball, the Club’s and one of Hong Kong’s premier annual social dos.

uite why the event was curiously titled ‘Asian International’ beats me – it sounds like one of those overfancy restaurants… Asian Fusion with a hint Baltic. In any case, from 10 to 16 November 2007, the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club saw a plethora of international crews from Australia, China, New Zealand, Singapore, USA and even Hebe Haven (RHKYC’s friendly rival club from further north in the New Territories – think Liverpool/Everton or VHS/Betamax) descend to the once visibly unchallenged former British colonial outpost for a week of fine yachting (boats delivered courtesy of Maersk Shipping), fine winds and fine socialising (VB’s kindly provided by Vitra, who sponsored one of the Singaporean SB3 entries). The previous convocation of such global talent was in 2001 when the Club hosted the Magic 25 Asia Pacific Championships; it was held much the same month as well, November, when the north easterly monsoons blesses Hong Kong with decent moderate-to-fresh winds. So it is a head-scratching conundrum as to why 6 years have elapsed before another event was organised, albeit extended this time to sportsboats in general. Much has changed in yacht building design and technology in those 6 years. Carbon spars that were in 2001 just on the cusp of being within the acceptable limits of your marine mortgage are now easily accommodated by the bank manager without him having

14 | January 2008 Ahoy!

The morning after the early morning of the Ball sorted the men from the amoebae, with a moderate north easterly to easterly blowing away the hangover at the start of the practice race; this was a 4-hour clockwise passage from the Club, out of Hong Kong’s spectacular harbour and round to the race base for the week at RHKYC Middle Island. One of the newly delivered J80’s won the practice race amidst much shaking of heads and muttering, ‘you don’t win the practice race…’ but this was caveated by pre-event fears (which were well founded, given their Cowes 2006 and 2007 results) regarding the J80s’ rating and performance for the coming races. And so to the 10-race championship. Winds were predicted to be in the moderate to fresh range in the early part of each day and that is what we got most of the time, with waves and seas that came with the wind! With the race course about an hour’s reach south of the Middle Island in glorious sunshine and warmth, it was a great way to start the morning. Broaches of exquisite quality (that even Cartier would have proud of, but for the numbers of them) were executed on Day 1 by several crews. Yours truly on the other Singaporean SB3, Glasgow Kiss, entertained the fleet and Committee Boat by conducting Kellogg serial broaches down towards a shortened finish of one the races. It was hardcore XXX stuff as we initially crossed the wrong line before the skipper was deafened senseless by the verbal assault of the crew as we crawled back to finish on the correct line. Heart stopping stuff. Winds and seas generally abated slightly in the afternoons, probably exhausted from watching Custard Truck (a winged Shaw 7m) zooming around course like an egg tart desperately trying to avoid being eaten. Moderation of the conditions was generally appreciated by most of the fleet, although continued rudder stock issues precluded the Longtzes from competing all the races that week. Magic 25s like Phoenix and Shenanigans were also plagued with gear failure, jib headboard and forestay respectively. The story of Shenanigans crew was particularly Churchillian (of Gallipoli note), whereby the Australian crew had entered their Melges 24 from Sydney, only for shipping issues to prevent the speedster from arriving on time; they then chartered Shenanigans, looked promising on the practice race and took the bullet on the first race of Day 1. However, they lost their forestay on the first race of Day 2 and retired, so sat out the remaining two races that day, effectively ruling

themselves out of the championship. Sterling work from Roger Eastham, Manager of the RHKYC boatyard, in having a replacement forestay made up literally just after the incident, ensuring that the boys had the rig up later that same afternoon. They could have raced on the following day but for the fact it was a lay day!

race committees in other parts of Asia where the ROs often don’t look at race management for the benefit of the competitors. The IJs were called in only twice, once to arbitrate on a mark rounding incident involving Magic 25s FreeFfire 69 and Good Vibrations, the latter taking on the temporary role of top mark laying boat, and the other a Magic 25 having diet/weight issues… all was sorted without boxes of tissue papers. Après sail beers were generously provided by Vitra, and the social highlight was as usual at Sam Chan’s (FreeFfire 69’s owner) castle on the hill on Bowen Road. These events need more sponsors, and no matter how much a Club can host and provide support, other than the obvious, wind, money and backing is still the critical key success factors to any great international sailing event. Where and what next for this event? A number of factors will affect whether this will develop further: time off issues, shipping times and costs, busy race schedules around the region etc. But to have 20 sportsboats hit the line in 18 knots breeze with the Hong Kong coast line/harbour as a backdrop in clear sunshine has to be a great advert for yacht racing in the Asia Pacific region. Yes, there is the big boat sailing in China and elsewhere around the region, but for fundamental grassroots level and fun competitive sailing, it firmly remains with the sportsboats. Let’s not wait another six years for the next event.
Many thanks to our other sponsors, Maersk, Vitra, and all the others, to hosts RHKYC, and to RO George Strome, Mark and Sara Houghton, the International Jury chaired by Penny Carter, Sam Chan, and to Roger Eastham for getting all the boats unpacked and on the water! And to such a wonderful bunch of Competitors! Steve Bourne, Regatta Chairman
January 2008 Ahoy!

Throughout the week the two J80s, San Diego and Newport, and the SB3, Vitra, ruled the results table, occasionally with the odd Magic 25 and the Kerr 31, Ambush, breaking up the pattern. In the end the overall results reflected what had been seen at Cowes. ROs George Strome (for Day 1, 2 and 3) and Mark Houghton (for Day 4) proved once again it takes experienced yacht racers to set great courses which will be enjoyed by the competitors; this should be considered by

| 15

China Cup International Regatta
three months after the event, and plenty has been written about the inaugural China Cup international regatta. Anyone remotely connected to or interested in sailing in this part of the world will have read about China’s first foray into the world of ‘big boat’ regattas; how the CCir successfully ‘seeded’ the event by buying ten Beneteau 40.7s to kick start a one-design class (and has plans to buy more), how the CCir was ‘more than just a regatta’, and how the whole event was reported (for the most part) as a resounding success.


here were teething problems, to be sure. You may have heard about amazingly long queues for immigration clearance at the Longcheer Yacht Club, or the fact that the ‘Opening Ceremony’ took place on the second day of the event – and all the boats and sailors were absent (because they were out on the race course). You may have read about the ‘Seven Graces of the China Cup’ – the celebrity golf tournament, the economic forum, the art show, the wine tasting and the fashion show (with the regatta and the competitors constituting the other two). And you may even have heard opinions that the regatta was just a ‘sideshow’ or a ‘backdrop’ to a sort of overall Lifestyle Event. But the fact remains that there was a regatta, it did attract a goodly number of overseas participants, and it will be happening again next year – the dates are already set, and the intention to buy more boats is not just hot air. After all, there’s another slice of the US$40m budget to be spent! The only exposure that sailing has received in China recently is related to either the Olympics (ie ‘small’ boats) – or the America’s Cup, and the CCIR organisers specifically declared that

16 | January 2008 Ahoy!

they were modelling the event on the latter (with all its attendant ‘glam and glitz’ but, hopefully, minus the legal wrangles!). Those of us accustomed to a regatta consisting of simply some competitive sailing, a few drinks, and a prizegiving party have to expand our horizons a little. As Shirley Robertson said in the CNN Mainsail report on the China Cup, “the organisers have certainly made every effort to bring in the spectators”. Let’s hope that some of those coming for the wine tasting or the fashion show stop long enough to notice the sailing, and become interested.

just a pat on the back. More than 60 boats in six divisions participated in five races over three days, and Ray Roberts’ Quantum Racing was declared winner of the first-ever China Cup at an astonishing extravaganza of a Closing Ceremony.

It was a regatta, Jim, but not as we know it. It’ll be happening again, and it will change the face of sailing in this part of the world. Now, if we can only sort out the media boats for next year…

And, yes, maybe the organisers need to adjust their perspective slightly, too, so that there is no need for the assistants in the Press Room to ask the overseas sailing media “why is it so important for you to go out on the race course in a boat?” If the event is called the China Cup International Regatta it is probably fair to expect that the most important activity on display is the sailing. Aside from a lack of breeze towards the end of the passage race from Hong Kong to Longcheer, the regatta was a substantial success, due in no small degree to the excellent on-water race management provided by RHKYC – Race Officer Jimmy Farquhar and his highly competent cohorts, who deserve a great deal more than
January 2008 Ahoy!

| 17

PaDDlERs lEaD thE way Around the islAnd

harbour. After having been shown a higher class of paddling by the strong Hawaiian crew last year, the local crews were keen to show their talent and give the imports a hard race. The HKIPC and Team Hawaii crews led the fleet around the island with the local crew living up to their promise to work the overseas crew hard, but it was Hawaii finally winning by a margin of less than a minute, crossing the line in 3:37:16, with HKIPC in 3:38:11. A member of the Hawaiian crew later admitting that the pursuing HKIPC crew had made them “hurt” for the win. The only thing faster than these men on the day was Sam Chan’s racing yacht FfreeFire 52 in 3:33:24. The RHKYC 4-man rowing boat was the third human powered boat over the line (4:03:13), just ahead of the third placed outrigger canoe, also an RHKYC entry (4:05:13). The Women’s event was won by HKOCC in 4:31:54, almost 9 minutes clear of the next placed crew from local rivals HKIPC. The Singapore Paddle Club followed by a similar margin for third. The HKOCC girls were very pleased with their performance and enjoyed the fact that they beat two of the male crews home.

oping to build on last year’s dominating finish, Team Hawaii started the weekend with a powerful win in the warm up event racing around Middle Island. Dubbed the “Around the Little Island Race”, the event provided a great opportunity for the crews to warm up. Hong Kong Island Paddling Club (HKIPC) pressured


Team Hawaii around the back of the island, but Hawaii pulled away in the final straight to win in 12min 56sec. In the women's event it was a strong Hong Kong Outrigger Canoe Club (HKOCC) crew that won comfortably, with the mixed event won by HKIPC. At the main event, the start order saw the paddling craft lead the ATIR through the

t was somewhat of a miracle that our crew of ocean boat Atlantic bobbed to the start line at all. Only a week previously we had still been one man down and all had looked lost until Vesta member, Richard Moody, got more than he bargained for during a holiday to Hong Kong by being drafted into

JAMes odell
and Marcello. To the sailors’ frustration, winds were thankfully light and swell in the harbour relatively small; we hoped for a good time. From the gun, two outrigger crews slowly started to pull ahead. With a third in hard pursuit, it was one of those rare occasions when competitors struggle face to face, a position maintained throughout the race. We followed a pattern of 20-30 minute sections between which bow pair would break for 30 seconds, followed by stroke pair, to keep the boat moving. Some water and a carbo gel sachet and we were ready to pull again at a steady rating of 26. Jel’s job of navigating, coordinating breaks, correcting poor technique, and keeping up morale was a tough one, but critical to our overall success. Conditions around Shek O were some of the most challenging, with a 6ft swell obscuring the horizon and flecking the waves with white. The 15 or so kilometres down the south side of the island seemed interminable and always the pursuing outriggers were on our tail, alternately gaining and dropping back as they changed crews. We knew Victoria Harbour would be tough, not only as the finishing stretch, but also because the irregular choppy conditions make it very hard to row. It was here that our pursuers made up most ground, leading us to increase our rating to over 30 and haul the last couple of kilometres to the line. The gun blast echoing off the skyscrapers of central was a huge relief, marking our time as 04:03:13 and setting a new record for rowing the 42km around Hong Kong Island.

the vacant seat. With the remaining crew including three novices (Dominic Hardoon, James Odell, Jelita Gardner-Rush), it was Simon Walpole who provided valuable ocean rowing and ATIR experience at stroke. As the only rowing boat entered, the nine outriggers on the line added a sense of competition, as did last year’s time of 4 hrs 12 mins, set in an ocean double by Simon
18 | January 2008 Ahoy!

hoNG koNG RowING ChAMpionships
The club crews had a good day of racing at the HK Rowing Championships, with many strong performances and even winning some medals (see box). While each crew has reported the day in their own individual style, special mention should go to the Women’s 8+ that missed 3rd place by 0.36 seconds behind three national team crews from Hong Kong and Taiwan.
RHKYc Masters “A” M8+ RHKYc W2x RHKYc M2x RHKYc M4RHKYc/HKu Alumni M8+ 2nd in Final, silver Medal 1st in the B Final 4th in the Final, winners of Div2 Medal 3rd in Final, Bronze Medal 1st in B Final
Masters 8+

Men’s Double – Mark and Martin



fter bidding fond farewell to Hong Kong in February this year, it wasn’t entirely clear to me that there would be opportunities to come back and race for the RHKYC, though I certainly planned to hang onto my membership and give it a try. Luckily, through the good graces of Rowing Captain Paddy Talas (and fortunate work scheduling), I’ve had a couple of chances this year to don the blue and yellow again and try to relive past glories – the latest being at this year’s Hong Kong Championships, where I hoped to help defend last year’s Masters Men’s 8+ title and avenge a humbling defeat in the Masters Men’s 2x. Planning the logistics of training in one country (in my case, Japan) and racing in another is nothing new to diehard 40-somethings that fancy themselves “international athletes” of a sort (ahem!). Joining a rather fit group of Masters rowers in Japan with access to state-of-the art facilities, equipment and an Olympic rowing course was a good start. Finding a doubles partner and having adequate time to practice together was a different issue.


RHKYc/Sanyo-Gunma Masters “c” M2x 1st in Final, Gold Medal


Women’s Double – Alex and Fleur


reports on his flying visit from Japan.

Luckily, random correspondence forwarded around to my rowing club in Japan led me to Kenji Yoshida, a fit, easy going 40 year old rower who was planning to race as a Japan entry in the Championship Open Singles. I quickly decided that this modest, former East Asian Games 1x gold medal winner would be the answer to my prayers, until I realized that the finger of blame for any screw-ups during the race could only be pointed in one possible direction – at the unlucky figure of your humble narrator. With one practice in Tokyo a week before the race and a quick exchange of phone numbers, we were ready to go. After an ignominious second place finish in the 8+ (described elsewhere in these pages), I jumped out of one boat and into the other to paddle out for the warm-up with Kenji, who had come through his qualifying heat and the semi-finals with a spot in the A Final Singles Race. I would be carrying the RHKYC flag as the second half of our combined entry. It was a full six-boat final with Chris Hanselman and Chris Riggs, last year’s champions, in the far lane and doubles from Hong Kong, India and Macau flanking us. We had decided to

try to get out quickly with a clean, controlled start, take control of the race from the front if possible and put on a strong move at the 500 metre mark to try to shake any crews that might be close. Our fallback plan was our secret Japanese code language – screamed at the top of our lungs – which would surely unnerve and frighten any crew who would dare to attempt to stay with us, leading to their immediate collapse. Unfortunately, as we lined up the strong wind pushed us onto the strokeside lane buoys, our bow off line and leaving me, responsible for the positioning of the boat, thinking of fast excuses for losing the race. We blasted off the start line, skidding to correct our course with water flying and blades miraculously missing the buoys. Yet it was a clean start and after a short wind-up, ten stroke push and smooth transition into the settle, we had jumped out to a half boat lead over the India and Lion Rock doubles, with the two Chrises pushing to close the gap. At the 500m mark we made our move with a hard ten, taking an additional two seats from the stubborn Lion Rock crew, with India trying to match us while battling through the swells.
January 2008 Ahoy!

| 19

MEN’s Coxless Four
to give it go and spent the next 12 weeks working through a training plan that looked to get them ready for this typically heavily contested event. Come race day the crew was ready. By race time the wind had died down and it was a quick and clean start for all 6 boats. By the 500m mark, the HK Squad and Taiwan National crews were pulling away, with the Club boat in 4th place, fighting it out with PolyU the far Powering away from the real start lane. With a solid rating in the low 30’s, the boat. By they 1750m mark the crew were boat found its rhythm and was 3 seats down firmly in third place and crossed the line 3 at the halfway point. Per their race plan – Jon seats up and winners of a bronze medal, Witts called for a surge at 1200 metres and happy they were able to deliver on the goal the boat began to move through the PolyU set earlier in the fall.

Warming up with practice starts


hen planning for the 2007 HK Championship in September, the section decided one of our better chances at medalling in a men’s open event would be the Men’s 4-. John Skinner, Greg Austin, Jon Witts and Mark Welles – under the guidance of coach Alice Page – agreed

MastERs 8+
his year’s Men’s Masters 8 race included a record number of entrants and the competition was as expected. Defending the 2006 title, the Club entered a strong line up including several members of last year's winning crew. LRRC had an equipment failure in the first 100 meters so the race was re-started after a bit of delay to allow the race officials to maintain the pace of the original race program. For a second

Open 8 – smiles all round!

time the race officials lined up the five 8’s for a quick start, with the HKU Alumni off at rate in the high-30’s and boasting a 3 seat lead over the RHKYC 8+ after settling in after the start. Battling back, the crew were even at the halfway mark, at which point HKU Alumni made a move that took 3 seats, hanging on to keep that margin as they crossed the finish line. The silver medal was awarded to the RHKYC entry of Henry Dunlop, Nobuhisa Ishizuka, Mark Welles, John Skinner, Martin Emery, Jon Witts, Mark Northwood, Jim Newton and Martin Reynolds.

lene northWood


rom the moment that they all stepped into the longboat together they suspected that this boat was different. Then the first time that the boat god in the stern called “Easy” to rein that joyful boat in – and it sailed calmly forth for length upon length with not a blade deigning to touch the surface of the water, until called for. Then the boat god’s eyes sparkled and we all knew “The Truth”. This National meeting on the Fragrant River would not be just any meeting... it would be the Clash of the Titans. But(!) disaster struck the week before, when the other jealous gods conspired against the proud and hopeful Valkryies and their boat

god... and threw a wheeled Valkyrie into the path of a fire-burning metal warhorse and with this a small chink of doubt crept into the armour of the warriors. Heads held proudly high though, they calmly took up the fight and assumed their position in the Final Battle. But the jealous gods were not finished with them. They sent winged Angels against our heroines. The Valkyries fought bravely back stroke upon stroke... holding their rightful place. But in the end, at the very line, the heavens fell open and breathed into the wings of the angels... and the waters gaped and a water god pulled the brave Valkyries’ stern backwards... and the Angels stole across the line. At least that’s how I remember it...
Women’s 8 – led the international crews for 750m

20 | January 2008 Ahoy!



January 2008 Ahoy!

| 21

Crowds and Smiles
at hoNG koNG haRboUR Day 2007
Hong Kong’s largest celebration of its iconic harbour attracted thousands of spectators and participants on 18 november for a massive festival including activities on the water, on the land and in the sky.

rs. Carrie Lam, Secretary for Development, Development Bureau of the HKSAR Government, officiated at Hong Kong’s first Star Ferry races, one of the events of the day. She commented, “I congratulate the organisers – Hong Kong Harbour Day is an important celebration not only of our beautiful Victoria Harbour, but also of the vibrant Hong Kong community.”


22 | January 2008 Ahoy!

Ms. Margaret Kennedy, Chairperson of the Hong Kong Harbour Day Organizing Committee, said, “It takes a tremendous group effort by businesses, non-profit organisations and the community to make an event like this a success. It is part of what makes Hong Kong so special.”

Of the two Star Ferry races, one was won by the HSBC-sponsored boat and the other by the Sun Hung Kai Properties/Henderson Land Group jointly sponsored boat. Activities under the Hong Kong Harbour Day umbrella also included the traditional Hong Kong Waiters’ Race, and a spectacular Marine Parade showcasing around 40 Hong Kong boats including traditional Chinese junks, ferries, tugboats, government boats, fire boat, jet skis,and classic yachts. The Bounty, a three-masted replica sailing vessel recently arrived from Australia, led the Parade. Five helicopters from Hong Kong Regional Heliport Working Group flew along the length of the harbour in a Helicopter Flypast, while 186 sailing boats of all sizes, 10 outrigger canoes and one ocean rowing boat participated in the Loro Piana Around the Island Race.

January 2008 Ahoy!

| 23

Nigel WightmAN
Bowling Convenor

Senior Players (18 years and over)

The RHKYC Bowling Section 2007-08 season is currently in progress, with competition in the RHKYC Junior and Senior Leagues and the Hong Kong Interclub Tenpin Bowling Leagues.

The Tenpin Bowling Season for the year 2007/08 has changed to a 4-man team format and matches are held using the competition style of rotating players between lanes 1/2 and 3/4. Seven teams are competing this year and already the competition is warming up. Results will be posted on the notice board at the bowling alley. If you wish to join in League play, please contact the Bowling Convenor.

The RHKYC Dragons Tenpin Bowling team has started a new season in the Hong Kong Inter-Club Tenpin Bowling League Competition. This year we started the combined Scratch and Handicap League. This is the first year for handicap, which gives teams of all abilities the chance to compete on a level playing field (or alley, in our case). All players are allocated a handicap based on their average game score to date. Your Club bowling team, the RHKYC Dragons, needs your support at these events!
Junior Players (7 to 17 years old)


The Junior Bowling Club continues on Saturday mornings with the following dates for your diary: 12, 19 January, 16, 23 February, 2, 9 March, 5, 12, 19, 26 April, 3 May. After nine rounds the Junior Bowling Club competition is still very close between leading players Christopher ‘Roo’ Nowell (14) with average game score 125.7 and William Drake (13) with average 125.5. The high match and game score of 436 and 176 is currently held by William Drake. The league competition is based on the best 10 games, but the front runner positions have changed: William Drake leads with 1426, followed closely by Christopher Nowell on 1379. The other junior players (not using rails) with a best-10 score are Robert Drake (10) with 1173 and an average game of 104.9, and Leigh Schellack (12) with a best-10 score of 945 and an average game of 90.7. Hanson Fok (11) after two matches is averaging 79.5 (without rails). Players using rails are Michael Hellinikakis (10) and his brother Nicholas (8) with averages scores of 78.5 and 87.2 respectively and Branson Fok (6) is averaging 77. We hope to see more excellent matches this year. Keep up the good match play! If you wish to join the Junior Bowling Club please contact the Bowling Convenor or just turn up at 1100 hrs on Saturday morning on one of the dates above. There is plenty of opportunity to play and improve your bowling skills and meet new friends. There is a keen competitive spirit developing between the young players. Why not join us in the New Year?

The Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club is a registered club with the Hong Kong Tenpin Bowling Congress. As a Club team we are now a recognised tenpin bowling club and this will enable the RHKYC Dragons Team to complete in Hong Kong Team Tournaments. The Bowling Convenor will provide you with a certificate of your bowling average if you need this for entering any HKTBC competitions.
BOWLING LADDER (Men’s and Ladies’ Ladders)

The Bowling Ladder for both Men and Ladies encourages active participation in competitive bowling match play on an individual basis. These are one-on-one matches and can be played at any available time. Contact the Bowling Convenor to join.

We will introduce both Bowling Coaching and Bowling Clinics to help interested players acquire the appropiate skills and technique to help them play more competitively. At present internal coaching at the Junior Bowling Club is provided by the Bowling Convenor. If you wish to be coached on 10-pin bowling techniques, please notify the RHKYC.

The Bowling Section Club Night is scheduled every Wednesday at 1930 hrs onwards so just turn up and play. I hope to meet up with you at one of these Club Nights for a social game. Look out for other bowling evenings of fun organised by our Bowling Convenor Nigel Wightman and Social Convenor Maggie Wightman.

INdIvIduaL PErfOrmaNCE


PLAYeR NAme AGe (1 sePT 2007)

8 8 4 2 7 2 2 2

3016 3011 1088 477 2203 471 523 462

149 176 114 107 138 98 121 83

125.7 125.5 90.7 79.5 104.9 78.5 87.2 77.0

405 436 297 269 357 252 286 233

1 2 4 2 1 3 1 2

1379 1426 945 1173 -

2 1 3 2 1 -


Christopher Nowell William Drake Leigh Schellack Hanson Fok Robert Drake Michael Hellinikakis Nicholas Hellinikakis Branson Fok

14 13 12 11 10 10 8 6

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B O At B u i l d E r s

r E N O VAt i O N s


Builder and repairers of
pleasure boats, fibreglass and woodwork specialists, riggers, fitters, metal workers, painters and all kinds of marine work. Slipway available.
Contact: EVA WONG Tel: 2719 8875 • Fax: 2358 0621 Lot 491 DD 210
Hebe Haven, Sai Kung New Territories
great rentals on oahu’s ‘7-mile miracle’ Diving, paddling, sailing – World’s best surfing 45 minutes from Waikiki and Honolulu Airport Direct Flights from taipei and tokyo

Contact us for a quotation or visit us at: Block A, 21/F., Tins Plaza, 3 San On Street,Tuen Mun, Hong Kong Tel: (852) 2775 7711 Fax: (852) 2775 7722 Email: Web:

VA c At i O N s

North Shore Beach Rentals

Holiday in Hawaii

Performance Cruising

From all-out cruising to flat-out racing, we deliver performance sails. performance in design, materials, construction, service and value. neil pryde sails produces the best made sails in the world. Contact us today.

The Kanter 53 with laminate Spectra® Neil Pryde sails.

Hong Kong / AsiA support
email: (852) 2827-5876 or visit our Web site at:

tel: FAx:

2870-0289 2870-0217


Web site:

Heung Wah Industrial Bldg, 19th Floor 12 Wong Chuk Hang Rd, Aberdeen, Hong Kong | 25

January 2008 Ahoy!

Tomes Cup Inter-School Sailing Festival 12 January 26 to 27 January

SA iliNg/ Ro WiNg CiR Cul A R
the Sailing office puts this out every other tuesday throughout the year regarding sailing and rowing events. Please contact

Welcome to 2008, which will be a busy year for sailing here at the RHKYC. Now is the time to get out on the water and fullfil those New Year resolutions by participating in more racing or taking that sail-training course you have been meaning to do for a while. All details are on the sailing page of the Club website. Easter will be earlier than usual this year, so skippers and crew are reminded to submit their entry forms and paperwork for the Rolex China Sea Race as soon as possible, and book yachts into the boatyard well in advance. Enjoy this year’s sailing!

if you want something to be included or if you are not receiving these emails and would like to. the circular is best viewed in html format on your computer due to the pictures included in this newsletter. For further details please contact Alex on


2239 0362
or via email: For the latest information please visit our website:

Anyone wishing to assist as a volunteer at any of our races and regattas throughout the season will be greatly appreciated! Please contact Iris on 2239 0314 if you are available. Volunteers are essential to the efficient running of our events, and volunteering is a good way to learn and get involved in the Club’s yacht racing, plus a great opportunity to meet other members at the accompanying prizegivings and parties.

NOTICE BOard 訓練班預告
YO U T H s A I L I N G 青 少 年 組
Chinese New Year Courses
4 to 8 february

tomes Cup 2008
the second pursuit race of the 2007/2008 top Dog series will take place in Victoria harbour on Saturday 12 January. Pursuit races are different from normal class racing, as yachts from different classes are given staggered start times under an hKPN handicap. the slower boats get a head start on the faster boats, but if all boats are sailed equally well, they should (in theory) all finish at the same time. Sign-on will be on the day in the Sailing office Course Room.

Courses Running:

Under 9s step 1, 2, 3 and Go Optimist Beginners Level 1 and 2 Improver Level 3 Go sailing. High Performance. february

High Performance Youth Keelboats

4, 5, 6 8, 9 5, 12, 19 2, 16, 23 1, 8, 15 5, 26 3

January february march April may

Youth Racing and silver squad

Youth sailing Club and Under 9s

Rolex China Sea Race 2008
this year’s 565nm offshore race to Subic Bay in the Philippines will start in hong Kong on thursday 20 march. Sponsored by Rolex, this very popular race promises to be the largest offshore event in Asia this year. owners and skippers are reminded that 30% of their crew, including the skipper, must have a Sea Survival and First Aid certificate in order to participate. the NoR and entry form and all other details of the race are published at:

every sunday except 27 Jan and 13 April

A d U LT s A I L I N G 成 人 組
Adult Beginners Weekend
Option 1 Practical Re-sail Option 2 Practical Re-sail Option 3 Practical Re-sail January 6, 12, 13, 19, 20 february 2 february 3, 9, 10, 16 and 17 february 23 february 24, march 1, 2, 8 and 9 march 15 January 5 January 5, 20 february 2, 17 march 2, 8, 16
Please submit your entry form, iRC certificate and other required documents as far as possible in advance of the published deadlines in the NoR, as this really assists us here in the Sailing office. your support is greatly appreciated!

Introduction to Cruiser sailing supervised sailing

Application forms and more details
click on 按 “Training Courses”

26 | January 2008 Ahoy!

Skandia Sail Training in partnership with RHKYC Y o u T H S a i l T R a i n i n g

regular weekly updates are available through the Youth sail training mailing list. Ask me if you wish to receive them. there will be youth sailing courses during chinese New Year if you are staying in town.

Saturday afternoons and Optimist regattas in the future. The session is run from the pontoon, so timing is flexible. Sailing Club Have fun, make friends, practice and gain experience. Open to anyone with Level 2 or equivalent experience. Every Sunday from 1300-1730 hrs. YOUTH COURSES The Beginners HKSF Level 1 & 2 course is a largely practical course that takes you from being a complete novice to being capable of sailing a dinghy in moderate conditions without an instructor. On the Improvers’ Level 3 Course you improve boat-handling techniques to handle moderate wind conditions. HKSF Level 2 and one season of sailing recorded in a logbook are required. Go Sailing is a non-certificate course. Plenty of fun and games while you gain experience on the water.

UNDER 9s SAILING Silver Squad Under 9s who have completed Step 3 can join the Silver Squad (see below). Sunday Afternoons Sailing Optimists, the under 9s can work towards RHKYC Steps 2 and 3. 1330-1700 hrs. REGULAR WEEKEND SAILING Youth Racing Join Youth Racing on Saturday afternoons and compete for prizes on a series ladder. A handicap system means that anyone has the opportunity to win. Silver Squad On Saturday mornings, younger Optimist sailors meet to practice boat-handling skills for racing, with the aim of competing in the youth races on
Skandia Sail Training in partnership with RHKYC a d u lT S a i l T R a i n i n g

RHKYC CITIBANK If you are interested in learning how to be a competent dinghy sailor in light winds then our Beginners Course is the one for you. The format consists of five practical days at Middle Island and covers the syllabus of Hong Kong Sailing Federation (HKSF) Levels 1 and 2. The next course running with space available starts on 6 January. ADULT IMPROVER COURSES Weekend Supervised Sailing sessions are very popular at the moment so be sure to book early. Supervised Sailing is also available every Friday in case you feel like taking a long weekend and having Repulse Bay pretty much to yourself. Regular updates are available through the Weekday mailing list. Ask me to add your name if you wish to receive them. During the week you may have a private lesson at the rate of $700 for 2 hours with one of the club’s Senior Instructors. In addition to the basics, you can try sailing the 25 foot Platu keelboats and one of our high performance dinghies, and cover other Improver topics.
January 2008 Ahoy!

For Sail training enquiries contact



2239 0363

| 27

RogeR eASthAm



t i D e S

KEllETT iSland CREW CHanging RooMS
members owning boats registered with the Club should by now have received information regarding new arrangements for shower and toilet facilities for crew – specifically crew in the employ of the boat owner. the old laundry room, located on the top floor of the administration building, has been converted to a male changing room which can be accessed with an electronic key card issued by the membership office. Boat owners with crew (boat boys) who might need to access this facility should contact the membership office to complete the registration procedure. From 1 January access to the existing male changing rooms in the main Club building at Kellett island will be restricted to members and their guests.


00:23 1.6 08:59 1.0 16:57 1.8 02:27 05:04 09:31 17:30 02:33 06:55 10:05 17:48 02:16 08:35 10:43 18:06 02:43 09:38 11:27 18:35 03:14 10:12 12:14 19:10 03:45 10:41 13:00 19:48 04:15 11:10 13:45 20:29 04:44 11:40 14:32 21:12 05:12 12:09 15:20 21:57 05:40 12:39 16:12 22:43 06:09 13:13 17:06 23:27 1.3 1.3 1.1 1.9 1.1 1.3 1.2 1.9 0.9 1.3 1.2 2.1 0.8 1.3 1.3 2.2 0.6 1.3 1.3 2.3 0.5 1.3 1.3 2.4 0.4 1.4 1.3 2.5 0.4 1.4 1.2 2.5 0.4 1.4 1.2 2.5 0.4 1.4 1.2 2.4 0.5 1.5 1.2 2.3


04:32 08:49 16:50 23:39

1.4 1.1 2.0 0.9


2 3 4


06:30 1.2 09:28 1.2 17:36 2.1 01:08 08:44 10:20 18:25 02:13 09:42 11:32 19:17 03:03 10:19 12:51 20:09 03:47 10:51 13:57 21:01 04:27 11:22 14:53 21:50 05:03 11:53 15:42 22:35 05:35 12:22 16:28 23:15 06:03 12:50 17:13 23:52 0.6 1.3 1.2 2.3 0.4 1.3 1.3 2.4 0.3 1.3 1.2 2.5 0.2 1.4 1.2 2.6 0.2 1.4 1.1 2.5 0.2 1.4 1.1 2.4 0.3 1.5 1.1 2.3 0.5 1.5 1.1 2.1



As the marina fills up we have now reached a situation where all the 12m and 14m berths are either occupied, or will be in the early New year. Whilst the marina project resulted in a net increase of 30 moorings at Shelter Cove, we are now in a position where we have waiting lists for both swing moorings and pontoon berths in Sai Kung. As our mooring facilities in this area are finite we shall be reviewing what steps can be taken to streamline the booking and waiting list procedures. We would also like to remind members that whilst the old pontoon system at Shelter Cove is open to visiting yachts to use for up to three days without charge, access to Shelter Cove marina is restricted to berth holders and visitors who have registered with the marine office. We would ask members wishing to use the marina facilities on a daily or part time basis to contact the marine office to make the necessary arrangements.




6 7





8 9


members may have noted that the concrete pontoon system at Kellett island is suffering slightly from wear and tear. A repair and maintenance programme is about to start, to address the most immediate issues, and there may be some disruption to pontoon access during these works, which we hope to be completed by mid January. We will aim to keep such disruption to a minimum, and for the pontoons to be fully usable at weekends.







06:29 0.6 13:15 1.6 17:59 1.1 00:23 06:54 13:41 18:49 00:42 07:18 14:12 19:51 1.9 0.8 1.6 1.1 1.6 0.9 1.7 1.2

After a fairly frantic period surrounding the China Coast Race Week, China Cup, the Asian international Sportsboats Championships and the Around the island Race some level of normality is returning to the yard. We are, however, still close to being fully booked through until 8 January, so with the Rolex China Sea Race starting early (20 march 2008) and Chinese New year in between it is certainly not too soon to start planning your race preparations. Some of the more interesting projects in the yard recently have been the commissioning of HiFi, Neil Pryde’s stunning new Welbourne 52 from mcConaghy’s facility in Zhuhai and geoff hill’s new Strewth, a very slick-looking tP 52 from the uS circuit. At the other end of the scale is the recently relaunched and now immaculate classic yacht Ariki. Sporting the Club registration number C8, Ariki is under new ownership, and with new standing and running rigging, bright work, sails, engine, decking, deck hardware and interior and exterior paint she is looking pretty as a picture. Wishing you all fair winds and safe sailing for the New year.




06:39 0.6 13:53 1.5 18:02 1.2 01:11 07:09 14:36 19:02 00:58 07:41 15:20 20:15 02:03 08:14 16:05 21:59 2.1 0.7 1.6 1.2 1.9 0.8 1.7 1.1 1.6 0.9 1.8 1.1




00:02 1.4 07:39 1.0 14:50 1.8 07:39 1.1 15:35 1.9




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White Short Sleeve Polo Shirt


Burgee Cuff links

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Rechargeable Searchlight




Amara Sailing gloves

Call DAViD in the Shipshop on

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mARiNe DiReCtoRy mARiNe DiReCtoRy mARiNe DiReCtoRy mARiNe DiReCtoRy mARiNe DiReCtoRy

T: 2358 2113 F: 2396 5572 M: 9457 3573 Contact: Russ Parker X-YACHTS / DK YACHTS


BOAt AccEssOriEs
Unit 2002 20/F Kodak House II 39 Healthy Street East Hong Kong T: 2834 1633 F: 2834 0201 MAXELL ANCHORING SYSTEMS

Your Compass To Yachting Gold Coast Yacht and Country Club 1 Castle Peak Road Castle Peak Bay Hong Kong T: +852 2815 0404 F: +852 2618 0991 E: SALONA / COBALT / GRADY WHITE / HALVORSEN / BLINK / HAMMERHEAD

93 Che Keng Tuk Road Sai Kung. Hong Kong T: 2791 4106 F: 2791 4124 Contact: Steve Piercey HANSE YACHTS

BOAt chArtErs
Contact: Graham Young T: 9195 5959 CHARTER THE 46FT PETERSON

Aberdeen Marina Tower 8 Shum Wan Road Aberdeen, Hong Kong T: 2555 8377 F: 2873 4014 Contact: Olivier Decamps, Robin Wyatt, Mark Woodmansey BENETEAU / WAUQUIEZ / AZIMUT / LAGOON / RIVA / SEA RAY / BENETTI

Marina Village Hamilton Island Marina PO Box 65 Hamilton Island, QLD 4803 Australia T:+61 (7) 4948 9509

Shop B11 Marina Cove Shopping Arcade Sai Kung Hong Kong T: 2358 0023 F: 2358 0006 Contact: Don Chow JEANNEAU / ZODIAC

Royal Langkawi Yacht Club Jalan Dato Syed Omar Kuah 07000, Langkawi Kedah Darul Aman Malaysia T: +61 7 4948 9809

Unit B5 Marina Cove Shopping Centre Sai Kung Hong Kong T: 2719 0831 F: 2719 6397 DYNA / MONTE FINO / VITECH

Contact: Robert Howison T: +65 9821 9046 ELAN YACHTS / SOUTHSTAR 37 / INTERNATIONAL BROKERAGE

(The Inter Island Quay) P.O. Box 1076, Victoria Mahe Seychelles Email: T: +61 7 4948 9809

803 Double Building 22 Stanley Street Central, Hong Kong T: 2555 2805 F: 2555 2919 Contact: Edwin Ho AICON / BERTRAM / CRANCHI / PERSHING / VERSILCRAFT / DUFOUR / FOUNTAIN PAJOT / GRAND SOLEIL

T: 9333 8084 F: 2887 8550 Contact: Vic Locke BAVARIA YACHTS

Phuket Boat Lagoon 20/5 Moo 2 Thepkrasattri Road Koh Kaew Phuket 83200 Thailand T: 66(0) 76 239 057

G/F Aubin House 172 Gloucester Road Wanchai Hong Kong T: 2900 2222 F: 2116 9729 CUSTOM LINE / FERRETTI / MOCHI CRAFT / RIVIERA

403 4/F Wing On House 71 Des Voeux Road Central, Hong Kong T: 3105 9693 F: 2545 8035 SUNSEEKER

STORED! Unit 13 13/F Hing Wai Centre 7 Tin Wan Praya Road Aberdeen Hong Kong T: 3165 1039 SELF STORAGE UNITS AIR-CONDITIONED. 24 HOUR ACCESS 13-40SQ FT FROM $500/MONTH CALL TO ARRANGE A VIEWING

T: 2581 4212 F: 2581 4845 Contact: Michael Spivey M: 9882 9510 Contact: Paul Harrison M: 6053 3795 HUNTER YACHTS AGENT
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114 G/F Kau Sai Sun Chuen Hebe Haven Sai Kung Hong Kong T: 2719 2212 BOAT: SUPRA / MOOMBA / ROBALO BOATS

mARiNe DiReCtoRy mARiNe DiReCtoRy mARiNe DiReCtoRy mARiNe DiReCtoRy mARiNe DiReCtoRy

Your Compass To Yachting Gold Coast Yacht and Country Club 1 Castle Peak Road Castle Peak Bay, Hong Kong T: +852 2815 0404 F: +852 2618 0991 E:

MAriNE ENGiNEs / cONsultANts / surVEYOrs
N.J.ROBINSON CO. LTD 43 Tin Kwong Road, 2nd Floor To Kwa Wan, Kowloon, Hong Kong T: 2711 2715 F: 2711 2999 M: 9022 8301 Contact: Capt. Nic Robinson MARINE SURVEYORS / CONSULTANTS / MARINE TRAINING

RYA Offshore Instructor and RYA Ocean Yachtmaster T: 2711 2715 F: 2711 2999 M: 9022 8301 Contact: Capt. Nic Robinson Mariners’ Club. Tsim Sha Tsui Kowloon, Hong Kong RYA OFFSHORE YACHTMASTERS COURSE. LOCAL LICENSING COURSES: GRADES ONE AND TWO. MASTERS AND ENGINEERS

14 Shum Wan Road, Aberdeen, Hong Kong T: 25523557 F: 25805100 Contact: Joe Chan

2/F 16C Hing Keng Shek, Sai Kung, Hong Kong T: 2537 5370 Contact: David Salter M: 9077 4019 MARINE ENGINEERING CONSULTANTS AND MARINE SURVEYORS

YAcht dEliVErY

Aberdeen Marina Tower 8 Shum Wan Road Aberdeen, Hong Kong T: 2555 8377 F: 2873 4014 Contact: Olivier Decamps, Robin Wyatt Mark Woodmansey

MAriNE FABrics
B. VAN ZUIDEN (ASIA) LTD Unit 2614-15 Horizon Plaza 2 Lee Wing Street Ap Lei Chau, Hong Kong T: 2580 1263 F: 2580 1893 PRODUCTS AVAILABLE IN THE SHIPSHOP

YAcht iNsurANcE
21/F Aon China Building 29 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong Contact: Colin Dawson, Director – Yacht Division Tommy Ho, Senior Manager – Yacht Division T: 2862 4134 / 2862 4241 F: 2861 6487

MANDARIN DIVERS MARINE SERVICES LTD Unit 2 Ground Floor Aberdeen Marina Tower 8 Shum Wan Road Aberdeen, Hong Kong T: 2554 7110 F: 2554 7121

MAriNE PrOducts
1204 Dominion Centre 43-59 Queens Road Central, Hong Kong Contact: Simon Boyde T: 2866 0114 HONG KONG’S PRIME DISTRIBUTOR OF GOODS TO THE LEISURE MARINE INDUSTRY

1901 Central Plaza 18 Harbour Road Wan Chai, Hong Kong T: 2877 7777 F: 2877 7666 Conact: Kevin Overton T: 2585 8221 M: 6056 6835 Conact: Tom Chan T: 2585 8218

Address: 168 (HK Marina) Che Keng Tuk Road, Sai Kung Contact: Damon Rose, Master Instructor T: 2792 4495 M: 9047 9603 PADI RECREATIONAL AND COMMERCIAL DIVING / BOAT CLEANING

MAriNE sAtEllitE
20/F Tai Tung Building 8 Fleming Road Wan Chai, Hong Kong T: 2965 3103 F: 2558 0406 SATELLITE TV ONBOARD INSTALLATION/ CONSULTATION / MAINTENANCE

RONSIL DEVELOPMENT LTD Unit 2002 20/F, Kodak House II 39 Healthy Street East, Hong Kong T: 2834 1633 F: 2834 0201 BOAT NAMES / LOGOS / NUMBERS

WAtEr sPOrts
No 29C Shum Wan Road Po Chong Wan Aberdeen Hong Kong T: 2580 8248 F: 2870 0263 Contact: May Chan

17 Tsam Chuk Wan, Sai Kung T: 2792 6234 M: 9680 7063 Contact: Guy Nowell YACHTING, MARINE, ARCHITECTURE, ENGINEERING, PRODUCTS, PORTRAITS AND TRAVEL

FAITHFUL MARINE CO LTD 28 Shum Wan Road Po Chong Wan Aberdeen, Hong Kong T: 2554 1541 F: 2554 3736

Protech Engineering Company 114 G/F Kau Sai Sun Chuen Hebe Haven Sai Kung, Hong Kong T: 2719 2212 F: 2358 2202 SUZUKI OUTBOARDS

ARe YOU INTeResTed IN ReACHING THe BOATING COmmUNITY IN HONG KONG? ...then Ahoy! should be your choice.
If you are interested please email

or contact suzy Rayment on 2792 6234 or 9680 3511
January 2008 Ahoy!

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Wine of the Month from


W iNe D iNNeR
thursday 17 January – compass room
This Californian Wine Dinner will feature selected wines from two wineries – Fisher Vineyards in Napa Valley and Martinelli in Sonoma County. The wines for the evening are highly rated by the Wine Spectator and various wine critics, and were awarded over 90 points by Robert Parker.

copperidge chardonnay 2005 Rich palate with pear, peach, tropical star fruit and subtle oak. Crisp and medium-bodied with a hint of minerals. Available in all F&B outlets at $180 per bottle. redwood creek Merlot 2005 The wine exhibits a round mouthfeel with a medium palate weight. Flavours of black cherry, blackberry, plum and jammy fruits are accentuated by hints of mocha, brown spice and vanilla. Available in all F&B outlets at $190 per bottle.

BEER of the Month
sagres cerveja Beer – Portugal Pale yellow colour with a fine and long hoppy finish. Available in all F&B outlets at only $21 per bottle.

Fisher Vineyards was founded by Fred and Juelle Fisher in 1973. They developed the Spring Mountain Estate in Sonoma County and planted their first vines, plus they purchased two vineyard sites at the northern end of the Napa Valley called Napa Valley Estate. Their mission is to grow and produce wines of consistent, world-class quality that express their unique mountain or valley heritage in the truest sense of ‘terroir’; the resulting wines should pay tribute to the land they are fortunate enough to care for. The Martinelli Winery is one of the oldest wineries in California, having been founded in 1896. It is now in its fifth generation of family operation. Over the years the family has acquired many acres of vineyards in the Russian River Valley. The winery sells 80% of its grapes to local wineries, saving grapes from its best vineyards for its own wines. The winery also has the services of world famous consultant and winemaker Helen Turley guiding the production of the wines. Mr. Yves Sauboua, Senior Wine Advisor & Sommelier of Altaya Wines Limited will conduct the wine dinner in the Compass Room. Priced at only $680 per person, this includes an informal tasting at 1900hrs, followed by a four-course dinner at 2000hrs. Please call Janice on 2239 0340 or email for reservations.

Warm timbale of sole Fillet, chive Butter cream sauce Fisher Vineyards Mountain Estate Chardonnay 2004

Mallard duck and truffle terrine, Onion Jam Martinelli Bella Vigna Pinot Noir 2005

Lion Dance and Chinese New Year Fireworks
Friday 8 February
the Chinese New year fireworks display is usually shown on the second day of the lunar New year. however the hK government has not yet made any specific date announcement. once we have the relevant information it will be posted to the Club website, sent out on the weekly event email, and advertised on posters at all our clubhouses.
32 | January 2008 Ahoy!

slow-cooked Beef shank, Gravy sauce, Vegetable Fricassée Martinelli Giuseppe & Luisa Zinfandel 2005

French cheese Platter, Grapes, Walnuts and sour dough Bread Fisher Vineyards Coach Insignia Cabernet Sauvignon 2001

Freshly Brewed coffee or Gourmet tea

meN u
7 to 20 January
Indulge in a tantalizing food experience in the Compass Room with a creative chocoholic menu from our Executive Chef, Robert Fontana. Get ready to embark on a new dining journey throughout your meal from appetiser to dessert. We will tempt your taste buds with a delicious and unique blend of different chocolates.

iN t he C o m PAS S Ro o m

Gooseliver and Chocolate Terrine, Warm Brioche, Mille-feuille of Celery and Sour Cream King Prawn, Mango and Papaya Salad, Cocoa Powder and Sichuanese Pepper Dressing Roast Chavignol Goat’s Cheese, Honey, Crushed Cocoa Beans, Toast, Mesclun Salad

iN t h e BiS t R o
2 to 31 January
the ever-popular Fondue Promotion returns to the Bistro between 2 and 31 January. An array of irresistible fondues of cheese, beef and chocolate will be available during lunch and dinner.
T R A D I T I ONA L SWISS C HEESE FOND UE gruyère and emmental simmered with White Wine, Kirsch and garlic, Baguette, Farmer Bread

Sautéed Scallops, White Chocolate and Feuillantine, Warm Spinach Salad

Roast Jumbo Quail Pastilla, Stuffings of Almond, Pine Nuts, Cinnamon, Moroccan Spices and Cacao Pan-fried Gooseliver, Chocolate and Port Wine Sauce, Roast Chinese Yellow Wine Poached Pear coated with Grated Roast Pistachios, Almonds and Peanuts Roast Turkey Mole Poblano, Chocolate and Chilli Sauce, Stewed White Beans, Tortillas Veal Tenderloin Rossini, Coffee Gravy, Cocoa Bean and Potato Mash Grilled Turbot Fillet, Grated Black Chocolate, Creamy Sabayon Sauce

瑞士芝士火鍋 法式麵包、農夫包
B E EF BOURGUIGNONNE N.Z. Beef tenderloin Cubes in hot Vegetable oil, Assorted Sauces, Potato Chips

Banana and Milk Chocolate Delight Jocund Biscuit, Banana, Rum Jam, Chocolate Mousse, Italian Meringue Crunchy Trianon Delight Black Chocolate Biscuit, Hazelnut, Feuillantine, Chocolate Mousse Home-made Nougat Ice-cream, Cocoa Beans, Candied Orange

牛肉火鍋 紐西蘭牛柳粒烹調於蔬菜油、雜錦醬汁、薯片
V EGETA RIA N FOND UE tomato, Asparagus and leek Broth, Portobello, Champignon and Shiitake mushrooms, Beancurd, Vegetables, Penne Pasta,

素菜火鍋 番茄、露筍及大蒜湯、雜錦蘑菇、豆腐、蔬菜、直通粉
C HEESE RA C LETTE Boiled New Potatoes, mixed Pickles

瑞士式烘熔芝士 烚新薯、雜錦酸菜
S W I S S C HOC OLATE FOND UE melted toblerone and lindt Chocolate with grand marnier, Seasonal Fruit, Dried Fruit, marshmallow, Banana Cake

香橙酒瑞士朱古力火鍋 時令生果、乾果、棉花糖、香蕉蛋糕
January 2008 Ahoy!

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Home-made Chinese New Year Puddings
Chinese turnip Pudding / 腊 味 蘿 蔔 糕 Sweetened glutinous Pudding / 椰 汁 年 糕 Sweetened Water-Chestnut Pudding / 香 甜 馬 蹄 糕 Available from 21 January to 5 February 2008 in the Bistro. the order form is enclosed with this issue of Ahoy! and can be downloaded from the website. Please fax your completed forms to 2239 0341. For enquiries, please call angie on 2239 0389.

spring Dinner
it’s time for you to get together with your staff, business associates or family to celebrate the renewal of the season. the Club has prepared several value-for-money packages of year-end Dinners and Spring Dinners for you to choose from. Please call the Banquet office on 2239 0385 / 2239 0339 or email to for further details.

m o N t h ly W i N e F A i R S
Did you know that you can ‘try before you buy’ and by doing so enjoy a 5% discount at our Wine Fairs? For details, please refer to the home Delivery Wine order Form at the back of this magazine.
WeD 2 January, 1830 hours to 2030 hours at Kellett island FRi

meN u
2 to 31 January

At miDDle iSlAND AND ShelteR CoVe

4 January, 1930 hours to 2130 hours at Shelter Cove

Middle island and Shelter Cove feature a selection of Dutch specialities for your enjoyment throughout the month of January, except on the 1st of the month. Don’t miss this opportunity to sample the mouth-watering dishes below.

Appetiser and Soup
Egg Salad Boiled Eggs, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Lettuce, Parsley, Mayonnaise
俄羅斯雞蛋沙律 烚蛋、番茄、青瓜、生菜、番芫茜、沙律醬

Green Pea, Bacon and Frankfurter Soup, Pumpernickel

Main Courses
Braised Lamb Tongues in Madeira Sauce

Ground Beef and Breadcrumb Stuffed Onions

Ragout of Veal Kidneys on Bread

Baked Fillets of Cod, Boiled Potatoes
34 | January 2008 Ahoy!

December 2007
ORDINARY MEMBERS Mr Philippe Gresinski Rev Father Robert R Saucci Mr & Mrs Richard B Bilby Mr & Mrs Martin W Emery Mr & Mrs Fung Ka Wai Mr & Mrs Jean-Francois Gillard Mr & Mrs David H E Salembier Mr & Mrs Jefferson P Vanderwolk SHORT TERM MEMBERS Mr Michael H Hill FULL MEMBERS Mr Jonathan R Hodgson JUNIOR MEMBERS Mr Scott P Adams INDIVIDUAL DEBENTURE MEMBERS Mr Peter K L Lee Mr Frederic M J Salomon Mr & Mrs Lancilotto G Acconci Mr & Mrs Leung Siu Hon Mr & Mrs Mok King Yu Ms Michelle S L Wong & Mr Eugene Y H Wong CORPORATE NOMINEE SUBSCRIBERS Mr Martin J Rees Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corporation – Banker Mr & Mrs Henry K L Cheung Hang Lung Group Limited – Assistant Director

Gareth Williams and Di White were married on 1 December 2007 at the Chapel-on-the-Lagoon, Phuket – just in time for the King’s Cup!

Spot the umbrella! It was a “soft” Irish day (17 November 2007) when Barry Hayes and Claire Morgan were married at Glandore, Co Cork.

ABSENT MEMBERS CHANGE OF MEMBERSHIP Miss Fiona M McManus STATUS FROM JUNIOR TO Mr & Mrs David K C Cheung ORDINARY Mr & Mrs Peter F Goode Miss Alisa M Lunty Mr & Mrs D L Harry Harkins Mr & Mrs Pierre Le Pape CADET MEMBERS Mr & Mrs Timothy Robinson Alec Coombes Tiffany W S Cheung Alexandra L Davidson Ewan D MacAulay George Geicke Christopher U F Shipman RESIGNED MEMBERS Emily Wilks Mr Glenn S Spellman Ms Sophia Leung & CADET MEMBERS Mr Stan Chu SPONSORED BY A Ms Ng Yi Kum and MEMBER Mr Lee Sik Kui Pascal Boisvert-Leung Mr & Mrs Timothy W Otway Jack Parfitt Timothy W H Lee Natalie M Y Tsui

STAFF WoW Awards
Congratulations to the WoW getters in December, from left to right: 1st row, Joe Au-Yeung, Eddy Wong, 2nd row, Lo Tin Shing, Tong Ka Pong, Chan Ka Wai and Paul Leung who have delivered exceptional service to our members.

Left to right: Leo Au-Yeung and Larry Chim Another 3 employees, James, Vincent and Zarex were unavailable for presentation.

Shelter Cove Carols

Phuket King’s Cup
Many congratulations to Frank Pong and the crew of Jelik on winning the Phuket King’s Cup 2007

Claire Fedder and Sara Hopkirk lead the choir at the Shelter Cove Carol Singing on 18 December

January 2008 Ahoy!

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相信大家都渡過一個愉快的聖誕及新年假 期,在此謹祝各位在2008年一切順利! 在新一年開始,在此感謝本會管理層及 三個會所之所有員工在節日期間以他們 一貫專業水平為我們籌備了大量活動。 在上月的月結單提及給員工捐獻款項,好 等於農曆年發放給員工作鼓勵,請注意此 項捐獻全屬自願性質,你可以選擇捐獻與 否或捐出有別於提議之一個月會費之金 額。所有資料定必作保密處理。由於本會 禁止會員向員工發放利是,理事會認為結集各會員的捐獻是我們向所有 員工表示我們心意的好方法。 在剛過去的十二月,本會出賽「2007年布吉泰皇盃帆船賽」之人數眾 多。在此恭賀在賽事贏出的各會員,包括龐輝的 「自力號」 在賽艇組 奪魁、Geoff Hill 的「Strewth 號」在超級巡行艇組奪標、Henry Kaye 的 「Mamba 號」在 Firefly 組奪冠,而 David Yourieff 及 Ailsa Angus 以 Scott Duncanson 的 「Raimon Land 號」 則在運動艇組勝出。 於去年十一月舉行的「Lipton Trophy 帆船賽」由 Ruffian 組別,李褔 慶的「Victoria 9號」 勝出。 於十一月在馬來西亞舉行的「2007年 Raja Muda Selangor 國際帆船 賽」亦是本會會員擁躍支持的賽事。藉得一提是本會會員 Nick Burns 恭喜所有帆船賽事優勝者! 十一月的理事會對本會的會徽作出審議(在過往日子內出現八款或以 上會徽標誌),最終通過了一個標準版本、一個簡化修定版本及一個 划艇組之簡化修定版本。Ray Parry 在其總經理通訊對此事宜有較詳細 的交代。 理事會關注到繼續留任為委員會服務的會員人數有趨減少的問題,就 此在十一月成立了提名委員會,希望在充足時間內物識適當人選參加 有關選舉。提名委員會成員包括劉國霖 (Alan Lau)、Inge StrompfJepsen、Warwick Downes、趙不求 (Cowen Chiu) 及本人。如你有興 趣參與會務工作,請跟提名委員會任何一位成員聯絡。 最後祝賀本會會員 Ronnie McCracken 獲國際奧林匹克委員會委任為 2008年在青島舉行之帆船賽事之國際技術專員。 希望在一月十二日之「Tomes Cup 帆船賽」見到大家參與。 在十二月十五及十六 日在西貢牛尾海舉行的「級別帆船賽」共有三十 多艘賽艇參與。短途賽由 Impala 組別,Henry Wong 的「Ling Yuan 及 Fred Kinmonth 的 「Fortis Mandrake 號」 於第一組贏得亞軍、Ian Nicolson 的 「Intrigue 號」在第二組亦以亞軍勝出,而 Jon Stonham 連 同其太太 Sandra 及兩名年幼女兒自2006年四月起在亞洲各處揚帆, 今次以他們的‘家’– 「Tui Tai 號」在第五組奪得季軍。

號」奪冠,而長途賽則由Etchells 組別,Mark Thornburrow 的「Dream On 號」勝出。

很高興聖誕假期中在會所與各位碰面,希望我們安排的節目迎 合大家喜愛,想此際你們正從連日來繁忙的新年節慶活動回復 過來。 會友可曾注意,本會的會徽標誌並不劃一;基於會徽象徵意義重 大,經理事會的反覆思量,我們認為有正視的必要。為了慎重其 事,聖誕假期前,我們完成有關其他會所標誌的比核,並且呈交 理事會審議。在一番推敲後,決定本會採用下列三款會徽標誌: 一個為標準版本及兩款修定版本。 就兩款修定版本來 看,第一個修定版 本上主要是龍身的 鱗片放大了,這是 考慮到刺繡上得以 精確處理;第二個 修定版本是圖案上
	 標準版本	 簡化修定版本	 划艇組之簡化修定版本

加州名釀 一月
Copperidge Chardonnay 2005 每瓶售價180元, 可於各餐廳選購。 Redwood Creek Merlot 2005 每瓶售價190元, 可於各餐廳選購。

Sagres Cerveja Beer – Portugal 每瓶售價21元, 可於各餐廳選購。

附有划艇用的雙槳,此乃專為划艇組而設。有關會徽標誌既已成定案,會員有需要應用時,務 請聯絡公關及傳訊部尋求批準,此外亦讓他們提供正確細節如顏色、呎吋、高解像版本等,以 免偏差。 與此同時,這次改動亦配合潮流所趨,將本會中文命名排列改變至由左到右,希望會友支持這 有關會徽標誌更動的決定。 如果你是芝士火鍋或朱古力的愛好者,請不要錯過在一月推出的一系列精彩美食活動。而一月 中的加州美酒佳餚宴亦是一個不可錯過的美食活動,詳情請參閱本期月刊有關推廣。 一般農曆年翌日為煙花日,可惜至今政府仍未公佈有關安排。當我們確切了是項活動日期,將 透過本會網址、每周電郵及張貼於各會所之海報敬告各位。 盼望在會所跟大家碰面。
36 | January 2008 Ahoy!

訓 練 班 預 告
詳情請參閱第26頁 報名及查詢詳情,可瀏覽網址:
按 “Training Courses” 譯者:莫仲平

Home Delivery wine january 2008
‘Try Before You Buy’ and enjoy a 5% discount on these already low prices! …
The wines are showcased each month at the Kellett Island and Shelter Cove Wine Fairs – wine orders received at these events earn a 5% discount. Kellett Island Wine Fairs – first Wednesday of every month from 1830 hours to 2030 hours, guests are welcome. Shelter Cove Wine Fairs – first Friday of every month from 1930 hours to 2130 hours, guests are welcome. (If however, these dates fall on a public holiday, the affected wine fair will be moved to the following week). Wine Fair entry is only $50 per person which includes the sampling of all the wines on the list, complimentary canapés as well as receiving your $50 back to spend on F&B at the Club. See the website for further details. Book now with Janice on 2239 0340 or email

Rich palate with pear, peach, tropical star fruit and subtle oak. Crisp and medium-bodied with a hint of minerals.

Per Bottle



$98 $100 $126 $126 $160 $212
Per Bottle Qty AmoUnt

A fresh and flavoursome wine displaying ripe fruit aromas of pear, banana and pineapple with a reminiscence of vanilla from the French oak.

An unwooded Chardonnay matures on the lees, producing a fresh, lemony flavoured wine with a yeasty nutty aftertaste.

Aromas of citrus zest, passion fruit and gooseberry. The palate is bursting with zest of citrus and dripping with juicy ripe melon and white peach.

This wine shows a blend of gooseberry, lemon and ripe tropical fruits on the nose. The full multi layered palate of herbaceous flavours and stonefruit are well balanced by the natural crisp acidity.

Citrus, quince and pear fruit flavours with malolactic creaminess on the palate. The wine displays great elegance, fine texture and fresh acidity with a long clean finish.

The wine exhibits a round mouthfeel with a medium palate weight. Flavours of black cherry, blackberry, plum and jammy fruits are accentuated by hints of mocha, brown spice and vanilla.

$109 $122 $140 $160 $172 $200

Aroma berries and cherries that blend with toast, mocha and a subtle touch of vanilla. It is complex, balanced and well structured with round tannin that lead to a long finish.

A perfect combination of red fruits and spices enriched by the French oak. Its soft tannin of great quality provides a special structure with a pleasant finish.

Vibrant and spicy Shiraz aromas of rich fresh black fruit and hints of vanilla dominate the nose. Rich sweet fruit, fine grained tannin and subtle oak integration make up the features of this wine. Other subtle spicy flavours enrich the palate.

The nose is bold, fresh and cheerfully fruity. It is bursting with cherry, cassis, mocha and a touch of coconut.

Pull out aND fax back

Elegant nose of red cherry, rose petal and cranberry. On the palate, luscious dark berry fruit flavours mingle with rich fruit and oak tannin, resulting in a silky mouthfeel.

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all wines are delivered to your designated address by the supplier and are subject to availability of stock. all orders will be accepted on a case basis (12 bottles) only. Mixed cases will be accepted. The cost of the wines will be charged to Members’ accounts. Free Delivery to Hong Kong, Kowloon and new Territories (excluding outlying islands, Lantau Island, Tung Chung and Discovery Bay). Delivery is available every weekday except Public Holidays.

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FAX THIS FORM BACK TO 2239 0341. FOR ENQURIES PLEASE CALL 2239 0340. * Deadline for Ordering: 31 JANUARY 2008*

Gingerbread House Decorating Party
for the Hong Kong Sports association for the mentally Handicapped
31 happy athletes from the Hong Kong Sports Association for the Mentally Handicapped (HKSAM) took a day off from their regular training of swimming, table tennis and athletics on 1 December to spend a wonderful afternoon at Kellett Island. In addition to supporting the HKSAM with donations raised at the Regatta Ball, the RHKYC also invited their young athletes to our Gingerbread House Decorating Party. While the children were sticking together the gingerbread and edible decorative goodies (some just couldn’t resist a taste!) with icing, they took time out to share their sporting experiences with the RHKYC volunteers. Their imagination was also employed in decorating a huge gingerbread house measuring over a metre long. Every participant left the Club with a unique gingerbread house to share with their families, while the larger-than-life version was then moved to Reception where it was on display throughout the Christmas season. HKSAM was founded in 1978 by a group of professionals dedicated to the service of the mentally handicapped. The mission of the Association is to develop, promote and organise sports activities for persons with mental handicaps in order to fully develop their potential in sports, to cultivate positive attitudes in sportsmanship and facilitate their integration into society. HKSAM’s athletes have achieved outstanding performances in international sports events including the Special Olympics and the Paralympics.

Catriona Finlayson-Wilkins (wife of RHKYC Sail Training Manager Peter Wilkins)

UK Face & Body Art Convention 2007
Congratulations to Catriona FinlaysonWilkins for her British Face Painting of the Year 2007 Award!

The winning design of a tree frog, painted on the face of Club member Carolyn Lee

Staff BBQ
to all members from the Management and Staff

Season’s Greetings

Tuck in! The annual Staff BBQ at The Waterside was enjoyed by one and all. 38 | January 2008 Ahoy!


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