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									Dunbar Sloane
Colonial Collectable Auction
On Wednesday 2nd
September 2009 At 7 Maginnity St., Wgtn On view Monday 31st Aug & Tuesday 1st Sept 9am to 5pm
Enquiries Ph (04) 472 1367 Fax (04) 475 7389

PORCELAIN AND POTTERY 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 Cornish Ware coffee pot and milk jug

29 30

Six Copenhagen Xmas plates ‘80-84, 1995 Olympics Devon Rouge Royale dish and Carlton dish Tunstall Panola plate and Viola dish Meissen B&W plate Various fancy specimen vases, cups & saucers (8) Sarraguemines plate, Adams dish, Art Nouveau vase Tunstall jug, two dishes and horn vase Two troughs, Derby plate, glass dish, other and jug, mug Devon ware (4) and mixing bowl Seven assorted dishes Ashet, six plates, pair glass vases and jug Vict tray, RD dish, celery dish, tin bowl and lid Large Carlton ewer, dish, plate, mug and box Clarice Cliff dessert set, plates and saucers (12) Two large wall plaques Selection pottery dishes and pots (9) Selection pottery plates, dishes, butter trays (11) NZ Pottery pieces (8) NZ Pottery pieces (4) Six NZ Brian Gartside bowls Five NZ Peter Collis plates Three Vict bisque figures and jug Satsuma mantel vase Satsuma mantel vase Vict glass vase/lamp and floral vase Two chamber pots Two chamber pots RD jardinière Italian table lamp Two Italian table lamps Minton table lamp Pair Vict mantle vases and two others Brass and faux marble table lamp

Amphora posy basket, Gouda vase & ewer 31 Sylvac teapot, dog and other, Beswick bowl Vict painted bisque figure Crown Devon musical jug John Peel 34 Crown Devon musical jug John Peel Chinese vase and ginger jar Art Deco part coffee set Winton AOF tazza, condiments, two dishes, two cup, saucer and plates Teapot, bell, vase, dish, paperweight and Swarovski mouse Six Mini glazed pottery pieces and Amphora vase 40 RD Autumn Glory Dish and other Two Beswick pig figures Two Beswick Dog models 42 Beswick plough horse and foal and other 43 Cottage teapot and part mini teaset 44 Fancy trinket dishes and dishes (6) 45 Wedgwood Jar and Cover, dish, Vict covered mug and B&W odds 46 Quimper plate, bowl, two shoe ornaments, dish, bird and vase 47 41 35 36 37 38 39 32 33

Schedule 10am Lots 1 - 488
Pottery, Porcelain, Glassware, Silver, Woods and Metals

18 19 20 21 22 23 24

2 pm Lots 489 - 629
Jewellery, Costume and Sea Shell Collection

Selection Limoges and other miniatures 48 (14) 49 Bayreuth pot, Arabian pattern 50 Bayreuth pot, sun set pattern and other ewer 51 Asprey chocolate pot, gourd vase, trinket box, bowl and jug Five Carlton ware dishes, sauce jug and tray Wedgwood jug, three dishes, Aynsley dish, Spode basin, Amphora posy and jug Five Copenhagen Xmas plates ‘68, 1972-75 Six Copenhagen Xmas plates ‘76, ‘80, 1988-91 Six Copenhagen Xmas plates 1978-79, 85-87 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61

4 pm Lots 630 - 738
Stamp and Postcards 739 to 800 No Lots


26 27 28

5 pm Lots 801 – 1017
Framed Works, Furniture, Collectables and Rugs

62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 91

Imari vase, Derby cat and cup, B/W whiskey jug Three religious ornaments C19th mini Staffordshire dog and sugar pot Art Deco part coffee set, Chinese sauce bowls, Carlton dish, spoons Dish and various ornaments Four figure groups

92 93 94 95 96 97

Crown Staffordshire England’s Bouquet coffee set Various Poole, Crown Devon, glass dish (9) Various B/W including Shelley jug (5) German floral fancy plate and two dishes Royal Albert Rose pattern serving dishes (8) Three RD plates and Adams plate Various C19th pottery

122 123 124 125 126 127 128

Two cup, saucer, plates and various dishes Two teapots, table bowl, dishes Royal Albert two tea cup on trays, Winton dish, Shelley sugar and cream Victorian lustre Christmas china, part miniature tea set Two Winton gold cup, saucer and plates, part fancy teaset and posy Rorftrand, Sweden Tango teacup and saucers Grosvenor teaset Selection of fancy cup, saucer and plates Royal Albert Old English Rose butterfly handle cup, saucer and plate, and other tea ware RD plate, serving dish, miniatures and figure Various fancy cup, saucer, plates and three piece teaset Fancy tea china and Crown Devon vase Ridgway Cornwall pattern and other dinner ware RD Countess dinner ware Royal Worcester and Engadine dinner ware Woods Seaforth B&W dinner ware RD Larchmont dinner ware Hutschenreuther Sylvia six soup coups and saucers Hutschenreuther White Ware dinner ware Belle Fiore dinner ware including tea pot and two coffee pots B&W serving dishes and two jugs (10) Royal Albert Albany Green tea set B&W serving dishes, jugs, childs feeding dish (13) Aynsley part tea set and four other cup, saucer and plates Carlton Ware and other serving dishes, posy, RD jug and soapstone ornament (10) B&W Willow pattern ware including teapot

Falcon childs feeding bowl, Australian theme Two Hornela novelty pots and elephant wall ornament Shelley dish, Winton vase and Tunstall bowl Winton tray, tea cup on tray, others Leaf dish and various thimbles Four mini Parian bust and wall plaque

98 99 100 101 102 103

Ashet, dishes and mug, RD floral posy (7) Spode Byron pattern teapot, two plates and Vict biscuit barrel Grafton and Salisbury part coffee sets Royal Worcester part coffee set and Crown Staffordshire part breakfast set Spanish part coffee set Various fancy serving dishes, pots etc (8) and miniature pair Limoges shoes Six Royal Albert mugs, serving dish and s/plate tray Vict tea china and Worcester plate Blue Domino Ware tea ware and V&B tray RD Como dinner ware Johnson Bros fish plates Hutschenreuther dinner serving ware Nine ribbon plates and three others

129 130

131 132 133 134 135 136 137 138 139 140

Quantity NZ souvenir ware (13) 104 As above (8) As above (10) Two Australian dishes, Lissaman dish and pair napkin rings Victorian printed lidded pot, other and plaque Winton rose dish and B&G Christmas bell Two Grimwades plates, toby jug and Hummel monk jug Masons plate with various pottery dishes, trinket pots etc (11) Wgtn Grand Hotel plate, five pottery small posy pots Minton plate with various dishes, pots etc (13) 115 Wade ale jug and five tumblers RD head rack plate Pair Chinese posy vases, coffee cup, saucer and wooden ornaments Chinese charger and pair vases 118 Chinese B/W plate Various Carlton Ware pieces (12) As Above (9) Royal Worcester Royal Garden teaset 121 Fancy serving plates, dishes etc and Aynsley posy vase 119 120 Selection of mini dishes, two serving dishes, Belle Fiore Five Wedgwood Country Days plates Two Limoges plaques, five dishes and two vases 147 146 116 117 105 106 107 108 109 110 111 112 113 114

Various part tea and coffee china Small selection Belle Fiore dinner ware 141 Royal Albert Old English Rose six breakfast cup and saucers 142 Part coffee set, tray and various pottery including Doulton mug Two sauce tureens, two pots and vase Carlton Ware and other dishes, jug, candlestick (8) 143 144 145


Hutschenreuther Sylvia dinner set, 8place setting including tea and coffee sets, three tureens Selection assorted B&W willow pattern dinner ware Grindley dinner ware

174 175 176 177

Selection of small sample scent bottles Selection of scent bottles, powder bowls etc Miniature Chinese pottery village, pottery figures, two plastic toys etc Selection of assorted souvenir ware dishes, pots etc

201 202 203 204 205

Royal Doulton Fairfax dinner ware Hutschenreuther Apart dinner and coffee ware Furstenberg white ware dinner plates Hutschenreuther Tavola dinner, tea and coffee ware Johnson Bros Coaching Scenes & English Countryside dinner plates and sandwich set

149 150 151 152 153 154 155 156 157 158 159 160

Vict part teaset White glassware serving set of punch bowl, cups and 13 various dishes Kent plate, two Wedgwood coffee pots, Denby and Royal Victorian teacups Holme Gaard designed pair graduated amethyst glass vases and goblet Holme Gaard graduated pair decanters, crystal jug and goblet Holme Gaard designed bowl, white glass vase and goblet Fancy china dishes, and three cup, saucer and plates 184 Two Vict plates, s/plate salver and pair salts 185 Wedgwood vase pot and Grosvenor breakfast set 186 Churchill B&W four bowls, two commemorative plates and two Coalport shoes Queens Ware boxed three vases, three dishes and mug (7) As above, vase, two candlesticks, mug and two dishes (6) As above, vase, seven dishes, mug and pot (10) 190 Two boxed Lilliput Lane cottages 191 187 188 189 178 179 180 181 182 183

Two miniature tea sets and childs play tea set Selection of assorted scent bottles, atomisers etc Selection of various vanity combs, compacts etc Selection of miniature plates, posy and two powder bowls Assorted coffee cup and saucers (10) Assorted dishes, hand painted panels, pair ginger jars, miniature clock etc RD Royalty pattern tea set including teapot AOF butter dish, tazza, Vict dessert set and dish Royal Albert Old Country Roses tea ware 214 Six Royal Copenhagen b&w dinner plates & other 215 Six fancy cup and saucers and two dishes 216 Royal Albert American Rose tea ware, Vict dish, vase and Spode coffee cup, saucer and bowl Spode Primrose pattern teaset Branksome tea ware Royal Albert Chelsea Bird tea ware, Vict teapot, two mugs, paperweight and fish set Selection various flower posies Tusan and Poole tea ware and platter Royal Albert Golden Glory and Tuscan coffee ware Ridgway and Aynsley tea ware Wedgwood Susie Cooper coffee ware with pot Royal Albert Brigadoon tea ware and csp 226 Paragon coffee set with pot 227 224 225

205a Selection various b&w wares including oriental 206 207 208 209 210 211 212 213 Pair Vict b&w tureens and ashet Vict b&w tureen and various plates Spode Bryon pattern dinner ware Three Vict b&w sauce tureens, ashets and plates Royal Albert Prudence teaset Wedgwood Athenian pattern dinner ware Whitefriars bowl, B & G pot, novelty, horn beaker, compact Vict glass biscuit barrel, glass dishes, scent bottle etc Spodes Italian b& w plates, teapot, 3 breakfast cups and saucers RD plate, Beswick jug & bowl, 2 Vict jugs Royal Worcester June Garland tea set incl teapot

161 162 163 164 165 166 167 168 169 170 171 172 173

CRYSTAL AND GLASSWARE 217 218 219 220 221 222 223 2 Crystal trays & dessert dishes Asstd crystal, kiwi paperweight, vase, s/s rim pot Various crystal goblets & sundae goblets (22) Part suite Orrefors glassware Tudor & Stewart crystal glasses (25) 2 Crystal decanters & various glasses Orrefors 9 brandy balloons & 7 champagne goblets Ships decanter and other Glass tray, various goblets, jugs, bottle, c/stick 3 various knobbly glass vases 2 Crystal decanters Crystal & glass decanters with 4 labels

Selection of fancy cup, saucer and plates Wedgwood and Susie Cooper tea cup and saucers


193 Selection of floral posies and basket 194 Novelty clocks, s/plate and agate miniature eggs Selection of scent bottles, powder bowls etc Selection of Wade Irish porcelain Part boxed Vict child’s teaset 198 Selection of various miniature pots, dishes etc 199 Selection of scent bottles, atomisers and powder bowl 200 195 196 197

Royal Doulton Tonkin dinner set 228

229 230 231 232 233 234 235 236 237 238 239 240 241 242 243 244 245 246 247 248 249 250 251 252 253

Large Medina glass vase and stopper, Edw shade Sel Vict glassware (8) Art glass bowl, vase & Carnival glass pot Pr Vict pressed glass compotes

257 258 259 260

Three crystal fruit bowls Two crystal bowls, salts and five punch cups Two jelly moulds and various Vict pressed glass Four crystal trays, fruit bowl and jug Two crystal bowls and comport Two crystal fruit bowls, cream jug and plate Eight glass fruits

285 286 287 288 289 290 291

Three crystal dishes, basket, candlestick and cig box Two crystal decanters Crystal decanter and ten various tumblers Four Waterford Crystal wine goblets Pair pressed glass decanters and five crystal goblets Eight various Vict goblets and wine decanter Two Orrefors spirit decanters Pair Vict decanters

Pr Vict painted glass mantle vases & other Ruby lustre glass, decanter, goblet & 4 bowls Green flash cut crystal vase & Mary Gregory jug Vict coloured and pressed glassware, mini crystal decanter (7)

261 262 263 264 265

Two crystal fruit bowls, comport and tray Crystal fruit bowl, two dishes and pressed glass comport Twelve crystal goblets and sundaes Boxed as New Swarovski Crystal ‘Wings of Liberty’ Spread Winged Eagle on polished stone base


Various glass ornaments, dishes & tazza (7) 266 Asstd crystal goblets 267 Vict lobed vase, 2 pots, 2 shades, & oyster shell Pr marigold Carnival glass bon bon dishes Marigold Carnival glass pr bowls, & other Pr Marigold Carnival glass fruit bowls & vase Marigold Carnival glass vase, dish & planter Victorian vaseline bowl, 2 white posy dishes and pot 274 Paperweight, posy vase, penguin, scent bottle 275 Various Vict glassware, (8) Edw glass light shade and two others Crystal fruit bowl and qty napkin rings Bohemian ruby vase, other scent flak and goblet Vict cranberry biscuit barrel 279 Seven pieces Vict cranberry glass and clear glass posy bowl 280 Milk glass nesting hen tureen and tazza Two crystal bowls, powder bowl, chutney jar, pair napkin rings and pair sundaes Vict amber glass jug and paper weight Crystal fruit bowl, two vases, honey pot etc Two crystal fruit bowls and vase liner 283 284 281 282 276 277 278 268 269 270 271 272 273

293 Crystal decanter and Georgian decanter PORCELAIN 294 295 Two Maling serving dishes and sugar bowl Maling Spring Flower cake plate and fruit bowl Two McCallum character jugs and B&W whiskey jug Four Toby jugs, two large, two small Three various toby jugs and pottery vase Pair early C20th German mantle urns with pair candlesticks Beswick RD Beatrix Potter figure, Tommy Brock RD figure, Highland Snowman Derby Posies two cream jugs and three dishes As Above pair coffee cup and saucers, two jugs Vict lustre Royal tea cup and saucer, other and tea bowl Cloisonné trinket box, two dishes, satsuma plate and agate grapes RD plate and ten Limoges miniatures Hammersley dish, six white horse ornaments Four RD teacup and saucers, plate Four RD Coaching Scene side plates Unmarked RD fruit bowl, Pansy pattern RD Coaching scene jam dish and miniature pot RD Rustic England dish RD Old Moreton bowl

Ships decanter and comport on dolphin 296 pedestal Vict epergne, jug and decanter Two Edwardian light shades Crystal goblets (37) 299 Caithness vase Swarovski mouse, two trinket pots, B&G posy and Derby cake knife Royal Worcester hand painted rose tea saucer Five C19th goblets, Grimwades lustre plate and fish service 303 Crystal goblet suite (26) Five Swarovski Crystal ornaments, other 304 and two dishes Derby Posies Three dishes, cream jug, two condiments and four egg cups As Above three dishes, posy vase and trinket box As Above sugar and cream, miniature jug, tea cup and saucer 308 As Above four tea cup, saucer and plates As Above sugar and cream, jug and three dishes As Above two cake plates and five side plates 312 Various crystal goblets (45) 313 309 310 311 305 306 307 300 301 302 297 298

254 255 256

314 315 316 317 318 319 320 321 322 323 324 325

RD Tony Weller small character jug and tiny Paddy and other Two RD bowls and childs feeding plate

343 344 345

Two part cutlery sets with canteen Canteen of cutlery, Kings pattern Cased fish set, table lamp and tray Three s/plate entrée dishes and Japanese pottery jardinière S/S bottle cage with s/plate tray, tea strainer, spoon and ladle Pair S/S rimmed vases


Imitation ivory goddess ornament, two plastic ornaments and sandalwood ceremonial elephant S/S rimmed scent bottle, pair salts, spoons and vase S/plate tea caddy, five various vanity pots and boxes Brass ladle, three spoons and pewter spoon Cased cake forks, sugar tongs, two vanity pots and S/S vase New S/S lidded trinket box and music box S/plate entrée dish, two serving dishes, tureen, jug and ice bucket Cased cake forks and tea spoons S/plate basket embossed Gainsborough Angles and epergne Various S/plate dishes and toast rack S/plate entrée dish, tea caddy, two jugs and ice bucket Cased carving set, fish set and teaspoons S/plate serving dish and assorted cutlery Cased fish set and teaspoons S/plate claret jug Vict goblet and three serving cruets S/plate mounted biscuit barrel and two cake stands Cased carving set, serving spoons, dessert and coffee spoons S/plate tray, entrée dish, condiments, caster and toast rack S/plate tray, candlestick, jug, mug and fruit set Two S/plate trays, spirit kettle and teapot Cased set of fish knives and forks, two tins gramophone needles Pair s/p salts in case and three piece enamel smoker set Painted wooden toy doll Cornish ware sugar caster, glass cruet set, commemorative glass, spoons etc Art deco strip light Cased set four s/s salts and spoons

375 376 377 378

RD Waterlily dish and Carlton Ware bowl Clarice Cliff Fantasque side plate

346 347

Set of five Beswick flying ducks Set of three Poole Flying Ducks Two Beswick flying finches Two dog wall masks and horse ornament Boxed Hereford NZ Wading Bird 351 Coalport and Derby cake plates, two cream jugs Carlton Ware five section daisy head serving tray Unmarked small Royal Worcester hand painted specimen vase and Belleek vase Vict B&W mantle vase Three Crown Staffordshire posy baskets Nao Lladro figure of mother and child 358 352 353 354 355 356 357 348 349 350

Silver rimmed agate bowl, bone snuff bottle and vanity mirror 379 Small ivory vase, Budda, two other figures and dish 380 S/S rimmed scent bottle and salts S/plate boson whistle Ivory budda bust Ivory figure group of George and the Dragon Ivory group, elephant and tigers Ivory dream shell 385 Small ivory puzzle ball on monkey stand 386 Ivory clenched fist Small ivory elephant group, fisherman and carved wood tiger Ivory small two elephant towers, god figure, three paper knives and necklace Ivory ceremonial elephant and pair of pots Ivory travelling chess set with two fans Carved cameo shell 392 Two paper knives and Rabone rule Thai silver dish, two bowls, toothpick holders and clip Two S/S trinket dishes Japanese figured jug 396 Cased fish servers and six oyster forks Pair Art Deco sunglasses G/plated pocket watch, spectacles, paper weight, two carved panels etc Playing cards, bead necklace and Vict pocket toy 400 Copeland plate, condiment set and cutlery S/S fruit bowl and two dishes 401 397 398 399 393 394 387 388 381 382 383 384

326 327 328 329 330 331 332 333 334 335 336 337

Nao Lladro figure of young girl 359 Lladro figures of Goose Girl and Girl with Flowers 360 Two Lladro Geese and Nao goose Similar lot as above and other bird figure Two Nao Lladro Geese figures and Lladro goose Lladro ornament of doves and other of polar bear Lladro figure of a Goose Girl Lladro Catalogue 366 Japanese celluloid plaster filled group of Snow White and Seven Dwarfs 367 368 369 370 361 362 363 364 365

389 390 391

SILVER, WOODS AND METALS 338 339 340 341 342 Six piece s/plate tea and coffee set with tray Nine s/plate serving dishes and tray Assorted s/plate wares including bachelor teapot, circular tray (9) Similar lot as above (11) S/plate tea ware on tray (7)

371 372 373

402 403 404 405 406 407 408 409 410 411 412 413 414 415 416 417 418 419 420 421 422 423 424 425 426 427 428 429 430 431 432 433

Royal Winton sandwich plate, six pieces of cutlery Miniature singer sewing machine Pair s/p coasters, and cast brass mirror Bakelite ashtray, cup and spoon, small bowl and cig box Chrome desk stand sel. pens, souvenir dish etc S/S photo frame, oval frame and print

434 435 436 437

Victorian vanity case Pewter four piece tea set and Price teapot Seven small cloisonné ornaments Antique potter oil lamp, soapstone ornament, brass crumb brush and scoop Three cloisonné vases, and two ginger vases

461 462 463 464 465

Framed needlework wall rack Stanley combined plough and beading plane Black Bakelite telephone and small desk stand Victorian brass architects rule Brass shell case, trivet stand and two copper coaching horns Tinplate clockwork toy WWII tin helmet and gun cleaning rod Two reproduction cast metal money banks Butchers reflex carbine camera Ensign reflex model B camera, case and accessories Gulbransen Bakelite radio Wooden nutcrack, novelty wooden toy, plastic toy, and two coin sets Sel rolling pin, sprayer, torch, pen trays, signed ashtray etc Pair of brass incense burners, and pair brass lamps Edw oak and silver plate tray Four lignum lawn bowls Sel lacquered boxes, brass toasting fork etc Architects rule, sel. rulers etc Arts and crafts s/p oval tray Four brass planters Sel of chrome cigarette cases Sel of ebony and carved wooden ornaments Two double handled tea trays Sel brass name plate, antique keys, blotter, glass cruet etc Large Victorian copper cooking pot Four PNG spears and two small carved masks Two PNG drums Pacific Islands carved totem

438 439

466 Three small cloisonné jars 467 440 441 442 443 444 445 446 Sel wood ware, paua shell ornaments etc Three shell and paua decorated boxes 469 Japanese carved wooden shi-shi ornament Meerschaum pipe (faults) 471 Swagger stick and two riding crops 472 Three Victorian riding crops, with silver mounts 473 Sheaffer fountain pen Selection of various fountain pens Five smoking pipes 475 Pair of opera glasses and pair of field glasses 476 477 478 449c 450 451 Seven various bell weights 479 German pottery bowl, two copper measures, and glass table lighter Pair of ebony elephant bookends, and brass candle holder English pewter candlestick, bowl and vase Victorian Japanned hand lamp Marquetry box, glass crocodile, lacquered case, owl ornament etc Marquetry box, two fans, small box, etc Sikes hydrometer and miniature cased weights Stereographic viewer and slides Sel of lead and diecast toys Victorian brass bowl, carved wooden nutcracker, simulated tortoise shell comb, mirror and dish etc Sel of NZ brass buttons, badges and braid 480 481 482 474 447 470 468

Crystal fruit bowl s/p cruet set, jug, brass bowl etc Portrait miniature, four Clarice Cliff bowls Selection mixed cutlery, and three printing blocks Selection mixed cutlery Part suite cutlery As above As above Four boxed sets of knives Cased fish fork and slice, and four boxed sets of cutlery Community plate cutlery set Selection mixed cutlery

448 449

449a Made in England ‘The Gat’ air pistol Five piece carving set 449b Set five bell weights Selection of spoons, tea strainer, fancy spoon and cake slice Selection of mixed cutlery Carving set, and six boxed sets cutlery Set of MOP handled knives and forks Selection of mixed cutlery Selection mixed cutlery, napkin rings etc Selection of mixed cutlery Selection kings pattern cutlery Selection of mixed cutlery Selection kings pattern cutlery 457 Five boxed sets assorted kings pattern cutlery Carved oak panel, opera glasses, and lighter Two mantle clocks, pair binoculars 460 Victorian book stand and wooden mask 458 459 455 456 452 453 454

483 484 485 486 487 488

JEWELLERY 489 490 18ct 7stone diamond ring 9ct diamond ring, amethyst ring and other

491 492 493 494 495 496 497 498 499 500 501 502 503 504 505 506 507 508 509 510 511 512 513 514 515 516 517 518 519 520 521 522

18ct single diamond ring 9ct topaz ring and band ring

523 524

9ct bar brooch, cased wrist watch, pendant, charm and silver mount Mosaic brooch, enamel brooch, other and pair studs Five various silver and gem rings, brooch and pair earrings Silver agate brooch, teething ring, pewter brooch and buckle Two pair earrings, two rings, paua brooch etc Selection of assorted cufflinks, badges, etc Pendant and three bead necklaces

549 550 551 552 553 554

Three fountain pens Gold plated pocket watch and chain Selection of assorted Two wrist watches, silver bangle and bracelet Selection of assorted costume jewellery S/S and enamel powder compact Vintage compact, pair buckles, purse, card case Vintage brooch, dress clip and S/S snap bangle Selection vintage necklet, bracelet, brooches and bead necklaces Selection vintage costume jewellery including buckle and crystals Selection cufflinks, studs, rule and collar box Two S/plate belts, various hair combs and pins Vintage lipsticks, some with boxes Quantity royal souvenir key rings, three stick pins, and cig holders Royal souvenir medallions, some coinage, two napkin rings Various badges, whistle and some coinage 1912 Paris International Exhibition medallion Collection of various Swatch Watches Similar Lot as Above Similar Lot as Above Similar Lot as Above Similar Lot as Above Swatch 1983 - 1990 catalogue/ magazine Selection of assorted wrist watches

9ct & onyx signet ring and 9ct wedding band 525 9ct trace link bracelet with heart clasp Six asstd bangles and necklace Selection asstd jewellery 527 9ct single diamond ring and eternity band 528 18ct diamond, ruby and emerald band 18ct 3stone diamond ring 18ct diamond and sapphire band 18ct ruby and diamond band 18ct sapphire and diamond cluster ring 532 18ct 3stone sapphire ring 9ct sapphire ring and 18ct white gold eternity band 9ct single pearl ring and 18ct wedding band 14ct signet ring 9ct wedding band and signet ring 536 15ct half and seed pearl spray brooch 9ct three moonstone bar brooch 537 533 534 535 529 530 531 526

555 556 557

Agate necklace and two jade rings S/S and agate bangle, jade bead necklace Faceted amber style bead necklace, needs restringing Two pink and black bead necklaces and matching bracelet Two green agate bead necklaces and two matching bracelets Two red agate bead necklaces and two matching bracelets 563 Two Hematite necklaces and two matching bracelets 564 Embossed white metal belt Two fresh water pearl necklaces, two pair earrings, odd Tortoiseshell and gold necklace, three bracelet and pair earrings Faceted glass star necklace and matching earrings Topaz pendant on 9ct chain Various opal and greenstone jewellery, S/S snap bangle Silver and enamel brooch, opal ring, pair gold earrings and various costume jewellery Two 9ct bar brooches, three various pendants and other brooch Gold cross pendant, chain, t bar, brooch and watch 574 Enamel spoon, pencil holder and five shilling coin 575 Small selection of jewellery 576 Marcasite brooches, paua initials and enamel coin 565 566 567 558 559 560 561 562

Gold mounted agate cross pendant and 538 brooch 9ct snap bangle set with amethyst and diamond Single strand cultured pearl necklace Single strand cultured pearl necklace 541 Two cultured pearl necklaces (need restringing) Single strand cultured pearl necklace 543 Two pair cultured pearl earrings 9ct single pearl ring, pearl brooch and Mizpah brooch Two gold and gem stick pins 545 22ct neck chain and pair sleepers 9ct signet ring and 9ct cased ladies wrist watch Cameo brooch, mosaic brooch and earrings Cameo brooch, ring and earrings 546 547 548 544 542 539 540

568 569 570 571 572

COSTUME AND SEWING 573 Vict misers purse, beaded purse and childs tinplate sewing machine Late Vict beaded purse and other silk purse Two Vict handmade lace collars 1954 sampler cloth and 1970 two book marks

577 578

C1956 school sampler book, ribbon work panel, tatting and other samplers Two wooden sewing boxes, complete with sewing gear, beads and tin of MOP buttons Vintage plastic vanity pots, jewel boxes etc Selection vintage sewing gear, needle cases, corset bones, lamp, fan and shoe horn Pair Victorian beaded cuffs, assorted vintage beads and trim Sylko three drawer cotton chest Quantity embroidery cottons, wooden cotton reels and sewing bag Five assorted handbags

SEA SHELLS 607 608 609 Quantity of cowrie shells Ditto Ditto Six baler shells

STAMPS AND POSTCARDS 630 Gt Britain Stamp Album Page Penny Black x2 1840 imperf Penny Brown x3, blue x2 1841 imperf Gt Britain Stamp Album Page Penny Brown x10 1841 imperf Gt Britain Stamp Album Page 1854 to 1865 24 perf stamps including 1s green Gt Britain Two Stamp Album Pages 1854 1d x14 and 1858 ½d red x23 Gt Britain Two Stamp Album Pages 1858 1d red x 53 and1858 2d blue x 10 Gt Britain Stamp Album Page 1865 4d red x4, 6d violet x4, 3d red x5 and 1s green x1 Gt Britain Stamp Album Page 1872 6d brown x2, 1873 2½d mauve & blue, 3d red, 4d green x2, 1880 ½d green x2, blue x3,1d brown and 1½d red Gt Britain Stamp Album Page 1873 2½d mauve x8, 2½ blue x3, 3d red x6, 6d grey x6 and 1s green x 3 Gt Britain Two Stamp Album Pages 1880 1d brown x8, ½d blue, 1881 1d lilac x11, 1883 2s6d lilac x2, 5s red x5 and eight 1883 various frames Gt Britain Stamp Album Page 1887 various frames x23 including 1s green x3 1902 various frames x19 including 5s red Gt Britain Two Stamp Album Pages 1902 various frames x 69 including 2/6 purple x1 Gt Britain Four Stamp Album Pages 1911-1912 GeoV lined background including 2s6d brown x 2, 10s blue and 5s red Similar lot as above Gt Britain Eleven Stamp Album Pages 1934 Solid Backgrounds, Silver Jubilee, 1937, 1939 high values Gt Britain Eleven Stamp Album Pages Four Stamp Booklets mint GeoVI, 1940 – 1948 Silver Wedding, Olympic Games, Centenary, 75th Anniv of UPU including pound brown x2 Gt Britain 39 Stamp Album Pages EIIR 1952 and 1953 Coronation mint and used including high values and mint stamp booklets Gt Britain Album 17 Stamp Booklets mint C1950’s, mint and used C1965 – 75, Channel Islands etc

631 632

579 580

610 611 612

Quantity Pacific Island various shell necklaces Collection Indo-Pacific seashells Collection of World shells 634 Ditto Ditto Collection Indo-Pacific corals Collection of World shells 636 Collection sea eggs, starfish, crabs etc Collection of World shells Collection Indo-Pacific seashell including cameo shell Collection Waitarere Beach shells Ditto Collection Indo-Pacific seashells Ditto 639 Ditto Collection Wellington and Kapiti shells Collection cowrie shells, cameos etc Two framed butterfly and moth displays 641 Framed display as above with five other single displays 642 640 638 637 635 633

581 582 583 584 585 586 587 588 589 590 591 592 593 594 595 596 597 598 599 600 601 602 603 604 605 606

613 614 615 616 617

Five beaded and material evening bags 618 Similar lot as above 619 Ditto 620 Oroton purse and three various purses Quantity vintage home magazines, patterns etc Collection of jewel boxes, trinket boxes etc Vintage sleeping bag, linen and purse 1930’s snakeskin purse, Vict scarf and knitted leggings Selection of assorted beads, sewing gear, patterns etc Two Vict cotton babies cot gowns Vintage childs folding chair, four dolls and carved box Vintage sewing box and various buttons Collapsible top hat 621 622 623 624 625 626 627 628 629

643 Three bowler hats Vintage top hat and Vict silk shawl 644 Two fox stoles Wooden sewing basket Hat mould, vintage fez and motoring jacket 1920’s gold net lace dress and blouse Vintage tea cosies, scarfs etc 646 Collar and brush boxes, binoculars etc Vict trick box magician set with extras 645


Stamp Album Great Britain Victoria to EIIR including 1883 various frames, 1912 lined backgrounds 1939 GeoVI, 1951 2’6, 5s, 10s, 1pound Pictorials, Anniversaries and envelope stamps, perforated initials etc Stamp Album Pitcairn Islands Mint mainly in four stamp blocks including 1940 Stamp Album Pitcairn Islands C1980’s mint mainly in four stamp blocks Stock Album Pitcairn Island Stamps, mint and used Stock Album Pitcairn Island Stamps, mainly mint some used, some four stamp blocks Collection of Pitcairn Island FDC’s, stamped postcards, photos and histories Album Pitcairn Islands FDC’s Another as above Two Stock Albums Israel Stamps, unused singles and blocks of two Stock Album USA Stamps, page display of pre-1900, later mint blocks etc Small Stock Album of various world stamps with flaws, specimens etc Hawaii 1853 imperf 13c red, 1864 perf 1c, 2c, 5c, 6c, 18c and 1851 5c blue specimen NZ 1855 imperf Full Face Queen 2d blue and 3d red-brown

667 668

Postal History Tin Can Mail Niuafoou – Tonga to NZ Postal History Three Envelopes: Ist NZ Air Mail 1931 x2 Rotorua to Sydney 1937 - four 1d Safeguard Health Postal History Three Envelopes: 1st Direct Air Mail Wgtn to Sydney by Solent Flying Boat 1950 Trans-Tasman Air Mail Wanganui to Sydney 1934 Air Mail - 1st Flight Wgtn to West Coast 1932 Postal Histories Four Envelopes: 1st Official Air Mail Papua to Australia 1934 x2 Registered Post Western Samoa to Wgtn 1935 Registered Post Niue to Wgtn 1935 Postal Histories Four Envelopes: 1st Official Air Mail New Guinea to Australia 1934 Solomon Islands FDC 1982 Cook Island FDC x 2 1968 Postal Histories Four Envelopes: German Occupation of East Belgium 1914-18 including Echo de la Presse Internationale German Postal Histories Envelope and three Postcards: German Air Post 75pf 1936 Postcards 1938 Austrian Plebuscite & Hitler Two Postcards 1954, 1960 Five Various Postal Histories: Vatican Envelope 1953, Roma 1967, Roma folded letter 1867 with stamp and two Israeli envelopes 1955 Five Various Postal Histories: Two Ethiopian Envelopes 1955 & 1956, Republic of the Philippines 10th Anniv. 1956 and WCOTP Conference 1956, 50th Anniv. Martyrdom of Dr Jose Rizal 1946/1948 Four Various Airmail Postal Histories: Madagascar to Harvard Business School 1947, Hamilton, Bermuda to Cornwall and Stanley Gibbons to Wgtn NZ, 1948 Coronation Four American Postal History Envelopes: 1st Inaugurating Air Mail Route 20 Buffalo NY 1927 20th Anniv. 1st Air Mail 1911-1931 LA California Tahiti to California 1926 Associated Press 1940 Three Early Pre-stamp Letters USA 1842 Westfield to Connecticut USA 1851 Hanover to Pepperell, Mass. USA 1838 Oxford to New York


Two Early Pre-stamp Letters 1857 Steamship 10/Cadiz to New York USA 1832 to New York and letter New Orleans 1849 (no mark) 10 Various USA Postal Histories Postage, Advertising Cards, FDC’s etc Similar lot as above Ditto Ditto Ditto Ditto Ditto Nine UK Mid C19th Victorian Letters all with 1d brown stamps Six NZ Commemorative Envelopes and Ross Dependency FDC’s (7) NZ Antarctic FDC x2, Sets of 10 NZ Government Life, Sheet Dominica War Tax, 1981 NZ Rivers Set x 10 stamps 14 NZ FDC’s, some qty loose stamps and water mark set Miniature Sheet Album of assorted world, Australian QEII booklet and Walt Disney - off alignment Small stock book album USA stamps mainly mint and qty stamp booklets Israel large miniature sheets, miniature sheets and booklets Vintage album British Empire Vintage album NZ, Australia and Pacific Island stamps Vintage album world stamps The Australian Stamp Album (incomplete) and some UK stamps Stock album of Australian stamps and some world stamps FDC BOAC 1st Flight London-Colombo x2 and Qantas Australia to South Africa x5 NZ Commemorative FDCs and some world FDCs Qty NZ FDCs Selection stamp catalogues, un-used albums and qty loose stamps Premier NZ Stamp Album (in-complete) Two Albums of World Stamps Collection of 1980 Olympic Stamps and FDCs etc

680 681 682 683 684 685 686 687 688 689




650 651




653 654 655 656 657 658


690 691


692 693


694 695

659 660

675 Ceylon 1857 imperf 2d green, 5d brown, 1s violet and other (af) with two Gt British 1d red Cape of Good Hope 1853 imperf 1d red Collection Early Korean Stamps C19851903, mint and used, overprints and set of reprints (54) Gt Britain Victorian C1883 various frames collected for post stamps (27) Australia mint un-used 1937 coronation 10s purple block of four, 5s block of three, 1pound block of three with South Africa, Basutoland (20) NZ, Samoa, Raratonga and other Island mint and used mainly with over-stamps (81) NZ un-used Health Red Boy x2 and Blue Boy 678 677 676

696 697 698 699

661 662

663 664

700 701 702 703 704 705



706 707 708 709 710 711 712 713 714 715 716 717 718 719 720 721 722 723 724 725 726 727 728 729 730 731 732 733

Collection World Olympic FDCs and stamp packs Qty NZ and World FDCs Eight NZ hand decorated envelopes, drawn in ink and signed Kingi Tin Can Island Envelope Niuafoou Isle Tonga to NZ Two vintage albums and loose pages - Australian, NZ and world stamps Vintage world stamp album, singles mounted on page sheets Three folders vintage world stamps, singles mounted on page sheets Small collection NZ stamps, vintage health, blocks and loose Collection NZ stamp and presentation packs Collection NZ stamp and presentation packs Collection NZ stamp and presentation packs Small vintage world album stamps and some loose NZ 1985, 1986, 1988 Stamp Collections NZ 1987, 1991 Stamp Collections and modern postcard album Large Vintage Post Card Album of NZ, Military and World Album Military Xmas Greeting Cards others including five silk cards Vintage album postcards Vintage album postcards

734 735 736 737 738

Six vintage film reels Sheet of Music ‘Football Greetings’ and souvenir booklets Two cook books, counters, two Hutt charts Three 1 pound notes Flemming, 1878 Paris medallion and small qty coinage Small qty pocket change coinage

827 828 829 830 831 832

Three framed pictures and wall paper cuttings Seven small prints and photographs Sel of eleven paintings, prints and photographs Two cartons of photographs, pictures and prints Two small oil paintings, watercolours, photo etc Sel of small watercolours, photographs and prints John Gully print, photograph of Wgtn and watercolour Charcoal sketch, oil seascape, and print Set of three large Victorian oak framed engravings Two oil landscapes Sel Japanese prints, engraving, watercolour etc Two watercolours and two oils Oil landscape E W Christmas and another Pair of watercolours, fishing boats by A Walker Two oil paintings, coastal views Two framed etchings Watercolour of cruise liner Small watercolour, coastal view at dusk Oil painting of three kittens Victorian engraving “Soliciting A Vote”, in maple frame Pair Japanese lacquered panels Pair watercolour still lifes and print No smoking sign Scientific instrument Thermistor Bridge Three wooden boxes Five books, tin sign, and two jigsaws Two Victorian boxes Soft toy dog pyjama case Seven various books Five leather bound books and two others

LOTS 739 – 800 NO LOTS FRAMED WORKS, FURNITURE 801 802 803 804 805 806 807 808 809 810 811 812 813 814 815 816 Vintage album postcards, world, NZ, Australia Photo Snap album of photos Napier earthquake and scrap album Postcard album Gibson comedy cards with Fiji map and etching 819 Framed set of eight Victorian polychrome postcards 820 Four Bonzo postcards and others 821 Photograph album personnel WWII photos and souvenir album Niagara Collection vintage photos, cards etc Victorian scrap album Collection lantern slides Collection postcards, photos and razors 822 823 824 825 826 Pair of Japanese paintings on silk Victorian oil portrait of Dickens Victorian oil portrait Three oil paintings and print Large B/W photo Dutch canal scene 18th Century engraving King Henry IV 853 854 855 856 857 817 818 WWI NZEF Certificate Watercolour of Lake Como 834 Print of golden eagle 835 Watercolour of farmstead Gilt framed engraving retor de chasse Two engravings, NZ War Canoe race, and the War in NZ Three steel engravings, and two aeronautic lithographs Victorian engraving of Wgtn harbour Victorian lithograph and print Framed needlework panel Oil of the Hutt River and a coastal view Victorian oil, coastal scene Oak framed print called “Thursday” Hand painted YMCA certificate 845 Small oil study of a garden and a small coastal painting Two oak framed prints and school photograph Set of six NZ prints by George Woods Small Japanese watercolour and two prints Oil forest scene, architects drawing and photograph Enamel tile picture by John Pilson 846 847 848 849 850 851 852 840 841 842 843 844 836 837 838 839 833

858 859 860 861 862 863 864 865 866 867 868 869 870 871 872 873 874 875 876 877 878 879 880 881 882 883 884 885 886 887 888

Retro telephone, magazine stand, magazines, and frames Umbrella, walking stick, set square and ruler Wooden pond yacht Carton of Little Folks magazines from the 1920’s To cartons of antique collecting magazines Eight footrot flat books, a Murray Ball cartoon, and Dennis Glover LP Sel of books with art nouveau bindings and cookery books Sel of assorted NZ magazines and booklets

889 890 891 892 893 894 895 896 897 898 899 900

Banjo, ukulele and case Vintage imperial typewriter Two art deco glass light shades Two walking sticks Two wicker bound stoneware flagons Victorian painted tin hat box Violin, bow, and case

925 926 927 928 929 930 931

Victorian pine, four drawer chest C19 NZ colonial kauri chiffonier Victorian gilt and ebonised wall mirror C19 colonial food hutch C19 NZ colonial scotch chest Two late Victorian armchairs (for restoration) Late Victorian circular oak dining table Bentwood chair and spindle back chair Gilded and painted oval wall mirror Ebonised oval framed mirror Art nouveau cast metal and tiled fireplace Leather suitcase and trunk Painted wooden trunk Leather saddle Sel leather horse harness, stirrups, bits etc Selection of leather horse harness Selection of leather horse harness Pair of black leather riding boots with wooden stretchers Jodhpurs and riding jacket Sel stirrups, riding crops, polo mallets etc (2 cartons) Two horse collars Large Persian rug Victorian stained kauri centre table Curio Cabinet Small Victorian pedal organ Pair of Wassily chairs Modern designer red and black table with leather chairs Small Persian rug Victorian toilet set and trinket set C19 NZ colonial kauri chiffonier C19 colonial kauri flat front chest Carved circular occ table Elm and beech single chair Edwardian inlaid davenport

Violin, two bows and case 932 Violin, bow, and case 933 Violin, bow and case 934 Brass jelly pan, iron kettle, and poker 935 Enamel bread bin and fake fruit Wrought metal hanging pot rack Leather suitcase Brass jelly pan and wooden ballot box Leather baseball glove, rugby ball, belts and satchels Brass hanging oil lamp (adapted for electricity) Victorian circular wall clock Gilt framed wall mirror German painted pine wardrobe 943 Quantity of mahogany door frames 944 Elec operated ride on spaceship Caucasian rug Persian runner Persian rug, brown and natural tones Three Victorian chimney pots Late Victorian plan chest Late Victorian coal depot Single Victorian and dining chair Two small folding dolls chairs 952 Wicker dolls pram and two teddy bears 953 Wicker pram 954 C19th copper warming pan and two Geo III steel fire irons Painted American mantle clock Art nouveau pine dressing chest Late Victorian mirror back sideboard 955 956 957 958 945 946 947 948 949 950 951 936 937 938

Kitchen scales and weights, pewter box, painted wooden bird etc 901 Lead figure horse racing game Two Wheatstone bridges 904 Copper coal bucket and seven antique glass jars 905 Sel antique enamel kitchenware Four wooden boxes Two antique wooden crates, and wooden suitcase Two small leather cases and wicker bottle carrier Sel of kitchenlia, glassware etc Sel coffee grinders, toaster, sifter, trays Three wooden boxes Sel coffee grinder, mugs, ice bucket etc Sel shoe stretchers, flat iron, lamp etc Wicker basket, wooden clothes hangers, ironing sleeve etc Tinplate globe and spinning top 917 Octagonal glass hall lantern 918 Eleven various boxes 919 Art deco glass and chrome light shade 920 Art deco three branch light fitting 921 Victorian cast brass metal and glass drop wall sconce 922 Edw painters box 923 Stoneware drinks bottle 924 Sel of Pirelli calendars and book 906 907 908 909 910 911 912 913 914 915 916 902 903

939 940 941 942

959 960 961 962 963 964 965 966 967 968 969 970 971 972 973 974 975 976

Large hand embroidered floral panel Small pair Persian mats Victorian two seat sofa with ebonised frame Ebonised footstool Victorian ebonised rocking chair Victorian ebonised rocking chair Oak Morris style armchair Three mirrors Pair Victorian mahogany dining chairs

992 993 994 995 996 997 998 999

Colonial kauri dressing chest Oak drop side kneehole desk Oak piano stool Octagonal gilt framed mirror Japanese ceramic jardinière pedestal Majolica stick stand Small glazed pine cabinet Art nouveau jardinière and pedestal

1000 Stained oak inverted breakfront bookcase 1001 Pine open bookcase

American blonde oak open armchair 1002 Over mantle mirror Victorian oval breakfast table 1003 Wooden model of sailing ship Pair of Morris style armchairs 1004 Model of sailing ship in glazed case Art deco childs armchair 1005 Edwardian oak sideboard C1950 nest of tables 1006 Painted door panel C1950’s chrome and black glass tea trolley Large oak kneehole desk Art deco smokers stand and drinks trolley Art deco chrome occ table 1011 Edwardian revolving bookcase 1012 Wurlitzer cigarette dispenser 1013 Butlers tray, cake stand AF, small suitcase 1014 Two Persian rugs (faults) 1015 Small Persian mat 1016 Persian rug 1017 Persian rug 1007 Oak coat rack 1008 Weaving loom 1009 Side table with pigeon hole top 1010 Eastern brass top occ table

976a Art Deco glass and chrome smokers stand 977 978 979 980 981 982 983 984 985 986 987 988 989 990 991 Small retro TV Oak extension dining table and six chairs NZ arts and crafts hall stand Art deco four piece bedroom suite Wicker laundry basket Two Victorian wooden curtain poles Victorian painted pantry cupboard NZ colonial kauri shelf and mantle Pair bentwood chairs Victorian single chair and childs highchair Victorian relief moulded plaster panel Edwardian mahogany press cupboard Edwardian two seat settee C19 NZ colonial kitchen table Persian rug

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