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Fiesta del Sol Saturday, April 12, 2008

6:30 p.m.

Cocktails and Silent Auction Music provided by Jason Fioto, Signature Events Dinner, Live Auction, and Dancing Silent Auction closes Checkout begins

8 p.m. 9 p.m. 11 p.m.

Faculty and Administrators Talk About the Endowment Fund
“For me, one incredible benefit of working at Eagle Hill has always been the tremendous support provided for ongoing professional development: attending conferences on a variety of topics, purchasing new and specialized researchbased materials, co-teaching to mentor new teachers, not to mention the time provided to collaborate with colleagues.” Wendy Salisbury, Director of Education “There is an intellectual excitement throughout the campus that encourages faculty to share information … It is a place where the best are challenged daily and supported in the quest to further individual professional growth and development.”
Ellen Clifford, Department Head, Speech and Language

At the heart of Eagle Hill is its faculty, all of whom are dedicated to the education of children with learning disabilities. Through the resources provided by the endowment fund, they are able to analyze new research processes and programs, develop innovative teaching practices, and design customized learning plans for every child.


A Message from Ken deRegt, Chairman Board of Trustees
On behalf of the Board of Trustees, I welcome you to our Annual Benefit for Eagle Hill School – Fiesta del Sol. This year’s event gives us an opportunity to enhance our Endowment Fund, a critical component in our ongoing commitment to scholarships and faculty development. Thank you in advance for your support! I’d like to extend my sincere thanks and appreciation to our EHS faculty for their dedication to academic endeavors and to the success of this benefit. A heartfelt thank you to Benefit Co-Chairs, Kim Augustine and Barbara Walsh, and to Silent Auction Chair Chris Nichols: Their endless enthusiasm and energy are the reason this benefit will be an evening you won’t want to miss. Special thanks to our Development Office – Brook Urban, Kathleen Rinaldi, Christie Fountain, and Sandy Aitchison, as well as the Parents Association and the many volunteers who have contributed countless hours preparing for this benefit. Most importantly, thank you to Mark and Rayma Griffin. Since they will be retiring in June 2009, this is their last Annual Benefit before they have the luxury of returning as guests only. Be sure to catch Mark this year as he brings the gavel down on years of auctioneering!

Board of Directors
Dr. Peter Acker Mrs. Jody Bellows Mrs. Nancy Brookman Mr. Robert G. Burton Mr. Guy de Chazal Ms. Diana Dowling Mr. Craig Harding Mr. Jeremy Henderson Ms. Caroline Hirschfeld Mr. Bradley S. Hvolbeck Mr. Ramesh Karnani Ms. Valerie Lauderdale Mrs. Helen Maccarino Mrs. Audrey MacDonald Mrs. Derrel Mason Mrs. Audrey Nathanson Dr. Betty Osman Ms. Mary Pedersen Mr. John Pendergast Mr. Fred Poses Mr. Stewart Reid Ms. Rosemary Richards Mr. Kenneth Schulman Mr. John Sites Mr. Daniel Tishman Mr. Carroll Wetzel Mr. Joe Zimmel Dr. Mark Griffin, Headmaster (ex-officio)


A Message from Dr. Mark Griffin, Headmaster
Dear Parents and Friends of Eagle Hill, Buenas Noches! We are absolutely delighted that you are able to join us for this wonderful evening as we go south of the border and experience the ultimate “Fiesta del Sol” prepared and orchestrated by our extraordinary Benefit Committee. Just when it seems that our world is too demanding, too challenging, filled with things to do, and simply not great fun, our Benefit Committee rescues all of us and beckons us to put on our jeans and enjoy the warmth of a southwestern sun as we partake of a fabulous evening in the glow of Eagle Hill’s own Fiesta del Sol!! Images of warm breezes, aqua waters, white sand beaches, a cool margarita in our hands, and the accompanying sound of good music will melt our cares away. Browse the incredible silent auction items, sample the wonderful and endlessly varied food, test your moves on the dance floor, and join us in a celebration of the special community that is Eagle Hill! Somehow, each and every year, the Parents Association with its outstanding leadership creates another benchmark evening that contributes to our robust Benefit lore. This year’s dynamic duo of Kim Augustine and Barbara Walsh has once again raised the bar for those who follow. The entire proceeds from this spectacular evening will support our growing Endowment Fund, faculty professional development, the continued “greening” of Eagle Hill and the expansion of technology in our classrooms. As we all know well, a very strong endowment is a critical factor in maintaining the excellence of Eagle Hill as an independent school. The ability to attract and retain an outstanding faculty, increase our ability to award meaningful financial aid to deserving students, and continue to provide our faculty with the professional development and resources they need are immeasurably enhanced by the funds generated from endowment income. The silent and live auction items available for you to take home are really spectacular and every bit as unique as the Fiesta del Sol itself. We encourage you to bid often and “reach for the sun” with your bidding paddle as we support the very foundation of Eagle Hill, which is so critical to our children’s success. With heartfelt thanks from the children and faculty of Eagle Hill. Dr. Mark J. Griffin Headmaster


Hola and Welcome to Fiesta del Sol!
We are thrilled to be celebrating with you tonight for many different reasons. Tonight’s event is bittersweet because while we are celebrating our beloved school, we are also celebrating Mark and Rayma’s last auction at Eagle Hill. We do look forward to ONE more wonderful year with them before the sun sets on their retirement. Please join us in making their last auction a big fiesta! In all of the excitement of tonight and the fun that will be had, it is easy to forget the purpose of the evening. In addition to bringing the entire EHS community together, this night is about raising money for our school’s endowment. Proceeds from this evening will enable EHS to support teacher salaries, professional development, housing and other benefits, academic programs, financial aid, athletics, student activities, field trips and technology. Fiesta del Sol is the culmination of many months of hard work by so many people. We were excited to help with the benefit because we love the school, but we never realized the impact it would have on our experience here. We have made lifelong friends, for which we will be eternally grateful. We have so many people to thank. Our hardworking committee members were tireless and so supportive along the way. Thank you. We could not have done this without each and every one of you. We hope you all had as much fun as we did. To Chris Nichols who chaired the Silent Auction, we owe you big time. Thank you to Brook Urban, our mentor and “mom”, who led the way with a calm determination that always made us feel like everything would be okay! Also, many thanks to Kathy Rinaldi, Christie Fountain, and Sandy Aitchison in the Development Office for their support. Muchas gracias to Alisa Savitz and Jill Brack who took us under their wings with many words of wisdom and endless acts of kindness! They encouraged us every step of the way. A huge thank you to our Chairman of the Board, Ken deRegt, whose leadership is unparalleled in every way. Thank you to the entire Board of Trustees, our donors and underwriters, the teachers and staff at EHS, and of course, our remarkable duo, Mark and Rayma Griffin. Most importantly, thank you all for supporting this evening, and the school. No matter what you have done to help, big or small, GRACIAS, THANK YOU. Have fun this evening and enjoy the Fiesta! Gracias! Thank you! Kim Augustine Benefit Co-Chair Barbara Walsh Benefit Co-Chair


Fiesta del Sol Benefit
Benefit Co-Chairs
Kim Augustine Barbara Walsh

Committee Chairs: Silent Auction
Chris Nichols

Auction Display
Hope Jayes

Lisa Eatroff Anne Reid

Parting Gifts
Kathleen Del Col Dani Pariser Dora Polo

Catherine Newmark




Margot Bush Jill Brack Alisa Savitz

Hot & Spicy
Katie Davis Bonnie LaRaus

Thank-You Notes
Sally Hoffman

Parents Association Liaison
Rayma Griffin

Director of Development
Brook Urban

Assistant Director of Development
Kathleen Rinaldi

Faculty Liaison
Wendy Breakell

Development Associates
Sandy Aitchison Christie Fountain

Event Consultant Carolyn Dempsey

Committee Members
Kim Ageloff Linda Altabef Lisa Baker Nicki Barrett-Lennard Marie Blue Sarah Boles Colleen Carroll Kristen Carollo Mary Ann Clark Enza Dattero Donna DeAngelis Kitty de Chazal Maureen DePonte Kathleen DiGaetano Jan Fielder Tara Fischetti Giselle Gerson Cathy Goff Gina Giordano Betty Gorab Franziska Haight Kate Harris Carol Henderson Margaret Katucki Katie Kidder Sharon Kinney Leslie Lagowitz Cindy Leaman Vicky Lunt Adrienne Magnemi Carol Miller Lisa Miller Katy Norton Evan Pagano Sara Pelgrift Carole Percival Gwenn Scheuer Megan Skakel Erica Skolnick Martha Taylor Debbie Travin Wendy Weiss Deborah Wiskind


Acknowledgements Thank you to everyone who has assisted in making this event extra special. The following people have gone above and beyond and deserve extra thanks.
Rayma and Mark Griffin Allison Bergman, Hyatt Regency Greenwich Jill and Regi Brack Wendy Breakell Bob and Paula Burton Carolyn Dempsey and her staff Ken deRegt EHS faculty and staff Danny Harkins The “Men in Boots” Sara Pelgrift and the Parents Association RBS Greenwich Capital Ed Schmidt and his crew Alisa and Peter Savitz And our Committee Chairs: Jill Brack Margot Bush Katie Davis Kathleen Del Col Lisa Eatroff Sally Hoffman Hope Jayes Bonnie LaRaus Catherine Newmark Chris Nichols Dani Pariser Dora Polo Anne Reid Alisa Savitz Please accept our apologies for any omissions.


Hot and Spicy! A Game of Chance

Your chance to win a New York weekend!

This is a game of chance that puts you and your significant other in the middle of an exciting Big Apple weekend. Be the last one standing and you’ll win – Two nights’ accommodation at a fabulous hotel, The Lucerne One equally fabulous dinner on the town Your choice of a Broadway show

How to Play
Buy an EHS bracelet for just $100 per game of chance. Like more chances? Buy more bracelets!

At the start of the game, everyone stands up. You place your hands on your heads (Hot!) or your hips (Spicy!). A coin is tossed. If it lands on Heads, the Hots stay in the game. If it lands on Tails, then the Spicys get to stay in the game. Play continues until only one person remains. Winner!


Live Auction Guidelines
The auctioneer has the right to determine and set bidding increments on each item. A bid is entered by raising your paddle and being recognized by the auctioneer or spotter. The highest bidder acknowledged by the auctioneer shall be the purchaser. In the event of a dispute, the auctioneer shall have sole and final authority to determine a successful bidder or to reoffer and resell the item. On the fall of the auctioneer’s hammer, title to the item will pass to the acknowledged highest bidder, who then assumes full risk and responsibility.

Silent Auction Guidelines
Bids will be accepted and items can be viewed Saturday, April 12, 2008 from 6:30 p.m. until the conclusion of the Silent Auction at approximately 9 p.m. A signature is a legal contract to buy. Each increase in bid must equal or exceed the minimum increase stated on the bidding sheet. The highest bid at closing time will constitute a winning bid unless a guarantee bid is placed before the close. The Auction Committee will decide all questions of priority or procedure.

Conditions of Sale
Unless otherwise specified, all auction items and services must be used before April 12, 2009. Unless otherwise specified, dates and times are to be arranged through mutual convenience of the donor and buyer. All sales are final. There will be no exchanges or refunds on items except where specified. Please read carefully the specifications and limitations. Payment must be made in full by cash, check, or credit card. If possible, items should be removed by the buyer at the close of the auction on April 12, 2008. EHS warrants neither the quality nor the value of items and services auctioned. All items are sold “as is” and “with all faults.” Dollar values are estimates provided by the donor and are not warranted by EHS for tax purposes or fair market value. By participating in this auction, each bidder recognizes and agrees that neither EHS nor anyone who assists in the conduct of this auction shall be liable for any occurrence resulting from use of auctioned items or services.

You are welcome to pay for your purchases with Visa, MasterCard, or American Express. Checks are preferred. However, credit card checkout is most convenient.

Tax Information
Tax law requires donors to substantiate donations of $75 or more resulting from dinner or auction purchases. The amount of the deductible contribution for federal income tax purposes is limited to the difference between the fair market value and what was paid. Item values (claimed by the donor) are listed on the invoice you receive from the cashiers upon payment. Keep your invoice to substantiate value of items purchased. Please consult with your tax advisor for the full extent of your tax deduction.


What is a Guarantee Bid?
Let’s say that on Benefit night you’ve got your eye on a certain silent auction item. The trouble is, you’d also like to find and talk with the parents of your child’s best friend. Here is how you can accomplish both at the same time: At the bottom of many bid sheets is a line marked Guarantee Bid and a price for that item. Sign your name and bidder number and the item is yours. You will pay a premium for the luxury of this efficient way to secure the item, but think about it … the money is going to Eagle Hill!

Proxy Bids
You’ve seen or heard about an item in the Silent or Live Auction and you’re dying to bid on it but you are unable to attend the benefit. What can you do? Fill out and send in the Proxy Bid Form and your bid will be entered in the auction process. Submit a great bid and it could be yours!

Eagle Hill Proxy Bid Form
I hereby submit a bid of $_____________ for item #______________ titled:_________________________________________________

I understand that this proxy bid cannot be withdrawn and constitutes a legal commitment to buy. Signature ____________________________ Telephone ( ____) __________ Return to: Brook Urban, Development Office Eagle Hill School, 45 Glenville Road, Greenwich, CT 06831 Fax: (203) 622-8668 Email: Date____________



Eagle Hill is a language-based, remedial program committed to educating children with learning disabilities. The curriculum is individualized, interdisciplinary, and transitional in nature. A secure, structured, nurturing environment, supports and stimulates the development of the whole child. As a result, children learn to view themselves as competent individuals with a strong sense of self.

In an environment that recognizes and embraces diversity, Eagle Hill teaches children an array of strategies and skills to manage their learning disabilities effectively at school and at home. Eagle Hill helps children gain the self-esteem necessary to initiate, nurture, and maintain friendships. Inherent in the Eagle Hill philosophy is development of children with strong moral and ethical character.

Children leave Eagle Hill with confidence in their academic abilities, a true belief in their worth as human beings, and the strategies necessary to meet the challenges of their new school and social settings.


There’s a certain something about having your margarita served by…


Friday, May 30, 2008 7 p.m.
Hosted by: Neil and Kim Augustine, 373 Taconic Road, Greenwich Join us for an evening of merriment, margaritas and hors d’oeuvres. $200 each


Muchas Gracias, Mark and Rayma!

For everything you’ve done and for everything you do …

From all of your EHS friends and family … we love you!


Live Auction


Knicks Ballboy/Ballgirl Experience
If your son or daughter loves basketball, this is the experience of a lifetime. Your child will attend a NY Knicks game during the 2008-09 season, where s/he will participate as honorary ball kid during the game. Four guests (one of whom must be 21 or older) will accompany the child and watch the action from courtside seats. Prize includes lunch or dinner with David Lee, their star forward, who in just two short years has made a name for himself as a go-getter on the team. Averaging 10 points per game, he “plays hard every possession,” according to assistant coach Michael Malone. This prize includes a pre-game shoot-around and a signed jersey. Game date to be determined by the Knicks. No exchanges or substitutions.

The Boys Entertainment – Mr. and Mrs. Scott Harrison, Mr. David Lee



Vail Village Getaway for One Week: Sleeps 15, Ski-in/Ski-out
Enjoy the ultimate Colorado experience for one fabulous week in this conveniently located Vail Village home. Positioned in a private setting directly on the mountain, this beautiful stone house with Cotswold style roof is just a five minute walk from the Vista Bahn lift and Vail Village shops and restaurants. The house has fabulous views of the Gore Mountain range from every level. With mountain style interiors, the house is spacious and elegant, yet designed to be warm and welcoming for family fun. It has five bedrooms, each with bath, and comfortably sleeps 15 (there are also a few pull-out couches). The first floor master suite has a Jacuzzi tub, steam shower, and its own balcony. The second level has three bedrooms, including two with double bunks and a third that sleeps three. On the third level is another double guest bedroom and bath. The house comes equipped with a large screen TV, DVD, stereo, ping pong table, air hockey, and foosball. While the kids have fun, step onto the patio and relax in the hot tub or by the fire pit adjacent to a beautiful waterfall that runs along the length of the house. Choose a winter time slot for your fill of the best of cold weather sports, or reserve the house in the summer to take advantage of Vail’s cultural events. Summer sports abound, with easy access to hiking, rafting, kayaking, and rock climbing. Available through April 30, 2009, by mutual agreement. Restrictions: Does not include Christmas break, the last two weeks of March, or the month of August. No pets or smoking, please. Families are welcome. Parental supervision expected.

Ms. Sarah Boles, Mr. Joseph Zimmel



Boxes, Boxes Everywhere... Yankees, Knicks and Rangers

Treat yourself, your family and friends, or treat your clients to the most exclusive way to view your favorite teams–in a private box! This package includes a private box that seats 12 at a Rangers game at Madison Square Garden, a private box that seats 12 at a Knicks game at Madison Square Garden, and Steinbrenner’s old private box that seats 20 at a Yankees game at Yankee Stadium (right behind home plate!). Remember: this is the last full season at “the house that Ruth built!” To add to your enjoyment, there’s no need to leave the comfort of your private box to visit the concession stands – food and beverages are included! If you’ve never caught the action from this perspective, prepare to be spoiled. Dates to be mutually agreed upon.

Aetos Capital, Mr. Kenneth deRegt



2004 Bryant Family Vineyard Cabernet: Case (12 Bottles)
Since this Napa Valley vineyard enjoys the moderating influence of a large body of water, the fruit has a unique taste and is the basis for this special wine (Parker rates this wine 96100 points) – along with an outstanding winemaking team and a brand new, gravity fed winery that was specifically designed and constructed for this vineyard. The vineyard is not open to the public, and produces limited quantities of their wines each year.”Beautifully opulent, full-bodied, and forward, it should drink well young, yet age gracefully for 1215 years.” Wine Advocate (2004)

Mr. Kenneth deRegt



Seven Nights/Eight Days at an Ultimate Resort Destination of Your Choice
It’s a dream prize–choose the resort destination you want from over 100 homes in 25 locations in the U.S., Mexico, the Caribbean, or Europe. These elegant three- to five-bedroom private homes are lavishly appointed, with spacious living areas, outdoor gathering places (many with private pools or hot tubs), and top-of-the-line appliances and entertainment technologies so you never compromise on any aspect of your lifestyle. All offer five-star concierge service. Beaches, mountains, golfing–it’s up to you! Reservations must be made prior to April 12, 2009 (travel can occur after this date). Exclusions: Holidays, including New Year’s Day, Christmas Day, President’s Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Thanksgiving Day, and March 15 to April 12, 2009. Includes round trip limo service to a New York area airport.

Mr. Mark Plaumann & Ms. Marilyn Wilson, Lincoln Limousine – Ms. Reza Mohammadi



Five-Day Excursion for Four EHS Children (Ages 12+) to Disney World, June 15-19, 2008

Get your mouse ears on! This amazing trip to Walt Disney World with EHS faculty Maria DiPalma and Steve Stern begins with your child and three EHS friends checking into the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Hotel, which has been named North America’s Leading Resort. It features 17 restaurants and lounges, five pools, a white sand beach, and complimentary transportation to all Walt Disney World Theme Parks. The hotel aside, this trip is all about the location–Disney World and Universal Studios! The way we hear it, Maria and Steve go from morning to night … and the kids do too! The package includes passes for all four children to both venues, plus airfare and accommodations. Dates: June 15-18, 2008. No exceptions.

Eagle Hill School, Ms. Maria DiPalma and Mr. Steve Stern, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Tishman, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Poses



1982 Léoville-Las Cases One Case (12 bottles)
This is a rare opportunity to own (and taste!) this extraordinary wine. According to Robert Parker, “this youthful yet profoundly complex wine gets my nod as the finest Léoville-Las Cases ever made. It reveals massive proportions yet extraordinary purity, elegance and balance. The nose offers up blazingly well-delineated, pure aromas of crème de cassis, cherry jam, minerals, and a toasty new oak. This unctuously textured, gorgeously rich, pure super concentrated, low acid effort concludes with a 45+ second finish. There is still tannin to shed in this unbelievably fresh, lively, full-bodied, vibrant wine.” Anticipated maturity: 20062035. Rated 100.

Mr. Stewart Reid



Casino Night for 40 People on the Nantucket Lightship in Greenwich Harbor
Revisit the grand days of floating casinos when you and 40 of your closest friends, guys, gals, or business associates step aboard the Nantucket Lightship. Once a floating lighthouse, it is now a luxury private yacht that more closely resembles a British gentlemen’s club – perfect for an evening of gambling, drinking, and great conversation. When you arrive, there will be drinks and appetizers waiting for you. Then, get down to the business at hand, craps, blackjack, roulette–you choose your three favorite games. When your luck needs a little rest, take a break from the tables and enjoy a buffet dinner. The party lasts four hours and includes food, beverages, service, rentals, casino games and dealers. Date and menu to be mutually agreed upon.

Burke Catering – Mr. Andrew Burke, Charles Mallory, Friends of EHS



2008 Headmaster for a Day

It’s every child’s dream to call the shots at school, and your child has the chance to do just that! As Headmaster for a Day, your child will walk into the “big guy’s” office, sit down at his desk, and make the decisions for the next eight hours: What will be the dress code for the day? What will we have on the lunch menu? Should there be homework? (As if!) Will there need to be some very important meetings with very important classmates? It’s up to your child! The winner of this most coveted position must be a current EHS student. Date to be mutually agreed upon with “the big guy.”

Eagle Hill School



2009 Headmaster for a Day

This is the LAST time this item will be auctioned off by Dr. Griffin: It’s every child’s dream to call the shots at school, and your child has the chance to do just that! As Headmaster for a Day, your child will walk into the “big guy’s” office, sit down at his desk, and make the decisions for the next eight hours: What will be the dress code for the day? What will we have on the lunch menu? Should there be homework? (As if!) Will there need to be some very important meetings with very important classmates? It’s up to your child! The winner of this most coveted position must be a current EHS student. Date to be mutually agreed upon with “the big guy.” Must be used in 2008-09 school year.

Eagle Hill School



Four Tickets to the Last All-Star Game at Yankee Stadium: Tuesday, July 15
These tickets were sold out within hours of going on sale, and they’re now impossible to find! For sports fans, this is one of those unique and memorable experiences of a lifetime. You and three friends will attend the last All-Star Game to be played at Yankee Stadium on Tuesday, July 15, 2008 at 8 p.m., before the current stadium is torn down and replaced with a new structure. Your group will arrive at the stadium via limo and return home the same way. Enjoy watching history being made.

Mr. Kenneth deRegt



Golden Retriever Puppy
Now how can you resist that face? This wonderful dog is the perfect animal for a family environment. Adorable, cute, good-natured, and silly, they are a delight to live with and lots of fun for the children in your life, or the adult who desires a playful companion.

A Friend of Eagle Hill



Four Tickets to NCAA Final Game: April 2009

If you love college basketball, you won’t want to miss this unique opportunity to cheer on your favorite team at the Finals of the NCAA in April 2009. The game will be played on Monday, April 6 in Detroit, where you’ll spend time with Jay Williams, formerly with the Chicago Bulls, and the most sought-after player in the 2002 NBA draft. After his junior season at Duke University, he set the single season scoring record of 841 points, and his number was retired when he moved on to the Bulls. Although he no longer plays in the NBA, Jay is “the man” at the NCAA, and will be a CBS commentator during the tournament. At the Final game, Jay will take you and your friends on a tour of the facility (and who knows who you might meet?). Prize includes a jersey signed by Jay, plus airfare from the New York area to Detroit. No exceptions or substitutions.

The Boys Entertainment – Mr. and Mrs. Scott Harrison, Mr. Jay Williams, Benefit Committee



Bronx Zoo Sleepover Party for 15 Children Ages 8-12: October 3-4, 2008

A sleepover at the Bronx Zoo is unforgettable, especially when it’s the Flaherty Learning Center located above the Congo Gorilla Forest exhibit. Fewer than ten of these parties are offered by the zoo each year—don’t miss this very special experience for your child! Your group will take an exclusive night safari to see the sea lions splashing in the dark and listen for the calls of owls. Kids will investigate fascinating Habitat time capsules and become movie critics to judge the realism of wildlife shown in famous movies. In the morning, watch the zoo come awake and view the gorillas and exhibits before the zoo opens to the public. Parents of the birthday child attend, and the zoo provides additional guides. Your adventure begins at 6 p.m. on Friday night and ends at 9 a.m. Saturday morning. Children receive a pizza dinner, and breakfast. No substitutions. Children must be between the ages of 8-12. No exceptions.

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Walsh



Signed Tom Brady #12 Game-Day Jersey

This is a one-in-a-lifetime item! Tom Brady, star quarterback of the New England Patriots, led his team to the first 16-0 regular season record in NFL history. He has played in four Super Bowls and won three of them. In addition, he holds the NFL record for the most touchdown passes in a single season. Brady was named 2007 Sportsman of the Year by Sporting News, and Sports Illustrated’s Sportsman of the Year in 2005. This game-day jersey was worn in the Patriots/Redskins game on October 28, 2007 and is signed by Tom himself.

Mr. Bob Eicke



Signed Eli Manning Super Bowl XLII Helmet

There might not be a better keepsake of the Giants winning the 2008 Super Bowl than a Giants-style football helmet signed by Eli Manning, their outstanding quarterback. Manning was the MVP of Super Bowl XLII on February 3, 2008, in which he led the Giants to an upset victory over the then-undefeated New England Patriots. This signature has a letter of authenticity, and includes the game score.

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Leaman



12 Bottles of Individually Signed 2004 Chateau Lafite Rothschild Pauillac
On just taste alone, this wine is a standout. When you factor in that every bottle has been individually signed by Robert de Rothschild, then you have something to truly treasure and enjoy. The Wine Enthusiast said this was “a beautiful wine, concentrated and intense without tasting in any way extracted or forced. It has tannins, certainly, ver y dark and concentrated, but the fruit is black, powerful, rich, yet still maintaining purity and a sense of minerality from the vineyard.”Score: 98. The Wine Advocate: “This beautiful,

stunningly dense purple-colored effort (includes about 90 percent cabernet sauvignon) offers up precise notes of graphite, black cherries, cassis, scorched earth, and minerals. Medium to full-bodied with fabulous fruit, impressive richness, refreshing acidity, and sweet tannin, this beauty should be approachable in four to five years, and last for three decades.” Score: 95.

Rothschild Inc.



Five Bedroom Home for One Week: Sea Pines Plantation, Hilton Head Island
The Sea Pines Plantation was the first on Hilton Head Island and helped make it the destination resort it is today. Located at the southern tip of the Island, there are more than five miles of pristine beach to enjoy, and tons of other recreational activities, including four golf courses in Sea Pines alone, tennis, a nearby marina with water sports, biking, and a full service equestrian center (Lawton Stables). This new 4500 sq. ft. home is perfect for a family vacation, with its large kitchen and family room, five bedrooms that sleep up to 12 people (two rooms have king beds), and all modern conveniences. In addition to being situated minutes from the ocean, there is a heated pool for you to enjoy. Dates to be mutually agreed upon (excludes one week in April, plus Christmas/New Year’s).

Mr. and Mrs. Allen Haight


“Living on campus lets me get a jump on tech issues that may affect other people’s ability to get their day to day job done – and when you’re talking about

technology that’s a good thing!”

Pam Fortin, Director of Technology (21 years with Eagle Hill)


Silent Auction
Excursions and Vacation Homes EHS Adventures and Artwork Kids Corner Sports Dinners and Wine His and Hers Technology


Stowe Mountain Lodge: Three Nights Four People – Ski-in, Ski-out

Enjoy this luxurious brand new ski-in/ski-out studio (sleeps four) apartment for three nights in Stowe, VT. This brand new lodge is close to excellent restaurants, fine shopping, and a spa, and the chairlifts are right outside your door! In the summer, enjoy the Alpine slide and hiking trails. Your stay includes dinner for four at Stowe’s finest restaurant, Blue Moon, and use of the health club, full spa, and ice skating rink. Dates to be mutually agreed upon (subject to completion – resort is in final phase of construction). Mr. Peter Van Raalte and Ms. Jan Fielder 30 2

Lake Mansfield Trout Club: Three Nights Four People, plus Garmin GPS System

This private lodge on a beautiful remote lake in Stowe, VT has extensive hiking trails on the property, kayaking, canoeing, and swimming. Your stay includes an excellent breakfast (family-style dining) each day. Rooms have mostly shared baths. The lodge is minutes to downtown, bike paths, excellent restaurants, and shopping, and is ideal for families or a girls’ weekend! Open Memorial Day to Columbus Day. Subject to availability. Must be used by October 2008. To help you locate this remote club, use your new Garmin eTrex Legend GPS system. This compact unit weighs less than six ounces, yet it contains a full basemap of the Americas complete with highways and thoroughfares, political boundaries, bodies of water, and more! Mr. Peter Van Raalte and Ms. Jan Fielder


Four Nights for One Couple at Meadowood, Napa Valley

Meadowood has 85 cottages, suites, and lodges nestled into the forested hillside of beautiful Napa Valley. Terraces offer ideal settings for quiet contemplation or intimate meals. During the day, you’re ideally situated for tours of the nearby wineries. Back in your room each evening, enjoy the thick robes, cozy reading corner, fresh, crisp linens, and fluffy down comforters, knowing that you can enjoy this luxury for four nights in a row! Prize includes coach airfare. Meadowood Napa Valley, Ms. Katie Kidder, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Leaman



Amagansett, Weekend of September 5-7 or 12-14

Experience a glorious weekend in Amagansett, a playground of great beauty. Stay in an architecturally acclaimed glass house (accommodates six to eight adults) overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Walk on the beach, lounge by the heated pool, bike through the Napeague dunes, or just relax. No exceptions. Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Giordano


Martha’s Vineyard Beach House for One Week - July 14 or Fall 2008

Enjoy one glorious week basking in the sun of early July (week of July 14) or enjoying the fall colors of Martha’s Vineyard. This five bedroom/five bath house was built in 2004, overlooks the ocean and is a short walk or drive to town and the beach. If that wasn’t idyllic enough, imagine having a late night drink while relaxing in the hot tub on the house’s deck while enjoying views of the Atlantic Ocean. Available the week of July 14 or a mutually agreed upon time during the fall of 2008. Mr. and Mrs. Neil Augustine


St. Thomas, VI Vacation: June 29-July 5, 2008

This is a true Independence Day retreat at the Ritz Carlton in St. Thomas, VI. Set along miles of beaches in the Caribbean, this coastal paradise is a 30-acre secluded paradise that is also a short distance to shops and dining (although there are four restaurants onsite). Your suite includes three bedrooms and baths with close access to the beach, 24-hour room service, and an outdoor terrace, while the hotel offers an infinity pool, spa, salon, fitness center, and babysitting services. Take your family or dear friends. No exceptions. Mr. and Mrs. Michael Travin


A Luxury Ski Week in Stratton, Vermont

Imagine spending one week in a luxurious Austrian-style condominium (sleeps eight) in Snowbridge Village! Then, imagine how much fun it will be to ski-in, ski-out from your mountain retreat, and soak in a beautiful jacuzzi after a fabulous day on the slopes. Date to be mutually agreed upon, and could include holidays. Mr. Thomas Hilfiger



Summer Fun on Martha’s Vineyard: June 29-July 5, 2008

Enjoy this three-bedroom house with two full and two half baths in Chilmark. Have breakfast on the screened-in porch overlooking a beautiful meadow. Grab lobsters from the local market and eat dinner on the deck overlooking a water view and it’s only two miles to some of the best beaches on the island. There is also a car with beach stickers for your use. No exceptions. No smoking and no pets, please. Dr. and Mrs. Michael Urban


One Week for Two at Aventura Spa Palace, Mayan Riviera Plus Airfare

This adults-only resort (18+) is in the newest hot spot for vacations–the Mayan Riviera. Spacious lawns and gardens, a lovely botanical garden with native trees and flowers, a central patio with its colonial fountain, romantic archways, natural tile floors, and carefully handcrafted furniture all combine to create a magical setting. Luxurious accommodations include 24-hour room service, onsite restaurants, non-motorized water sports: paddleboats, kayaks, snorkeling, and onsite entertainment. Includes two tickets from a New York airport to Cancun on Jet Blue. Dates to be mutually agreed upon. Subject to availability (especially during major holidays). Ms. Anne Reid


Five Days/Four Nights for Two at Rosewood Mayakoba Resort, Mexico

The stunning Rosewood Mayakoba resort is imbued with the spirit of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. Situated on a mile-long arc of white sand on the Mayan Riviera, Rosewood Mayakoba is a 1600-acre luxury resort that is modern in design yet crafted from such indigenous materials as limestone, wood and water. Three pools, four restaurants, a spa and fitness center, games lounge and children’s activity club round out the services. Blackout dates: Christmas, Thanksgiving, Spring Break, Easter, Presidents’ Day weekend, Labor Day weekend, Memorial Day weekend. Subject to availability. Certificate expires April 12, 2009. Rosewood Mayakoba Resort



Five Days/Four Nights at the Somerset on Grace Bay Resort, Turks & Caicos

The Somerset on Grace Bay Resort is one of only 440 hotels to be named a Small Luxury Hotel of the World 2007, and is in the 2007 Condé Nast prestigious Luxury Hotel guide. Stay in a three bedroom condo, visit their on-site gourmet restaurant, see why the islands are ranked third as a world scuba destination, and relax in luxury. Blackout dates: Easter and Spring breaks, Christmas, New Year’s, Presidents’ Day weekend (some additional blackout dates may apply). Subject to availability. Valid: April 1 to December 19, 2008. Somerset on Grace Bay Resort


HF Bar Guest Ranch Holiday for Four

A chance to rediscover the wonder of nature and have a great time doing so! This trip for four for five days will take place at the HF Bar Ranch. Set in a pristine valley on 7500 acres bordering Wyoming’s Bighorn National Forest, it’s the second oldest guest ranch in America. It’s on the National Register of Historic Places and is acclaimed in the New York Times, and in Travel & Leisure, Parents, Town & Country, and Western Horseman magazines. Margi Schroth, the owner, was named the 2007 Business Person of the Year for Buffalo, Wyoming and the ranch was named Landowner of the Year. One of the great old dude ranches in America, it has preserved that old-ranch feeling and is great for children of all ages from five to 95. The trip includes: kids’ program, horseback riding, fishing, all meals, dances, rodeos, hayrides, boat races, evening snacks, and more. Date to be mutually agreed upon. Ms. Margi Schroth-HF Bar Guest Ranch, Ms. Sandy Aitchison


Behind-the-Scenes Tour of WNBC with Bruce Beck

Want to know what goes on behind-the-scenes of a real TV station? You’ll love this tour: Your guide, Bruce Beck of the Channel 4 Sports Center will take you around the studio; then, you’ll watch as “Live at 5” or another news show is broadcast live from the set. Good for four people only (must be ages eight and older). Subject to mutually agreed upon time and date (usually on a weekend, day or evening). WNBC, Bruce Beck



Two Tickets to Billy Joel Concert, Shea Stadium: Upper Deck, July 16, 2008

One of the last concerts to be held at Shea Stadium, and you can be there! The outstanding Billy Joel will be working his magic on July 16, 2008 in his concert entitled “The Last Play at Shea, From the Beatles to Billy.” Seats are in the Upper Deck, Left Field: Section 40, Row S. No exceptions. Mr. and Mrs. John Marino


Private Tour for Two of Philip Johnson Glass House Plus Lunch

The Philip Johnson Glass House, located in New Canaan, CT is recognized as an historic site with the National Trust for Historic Preservation. Their mission is for the 47-acre campus to become a catalyst for the preservation of modern architecture, landscape, and art, and a canvas for inspiration, experimentation and cultivation honoring the legacy of Philip Johnson and David Whitney. You and a friend will receive a private tour of this astounding venue. After your invigorating tour, you’ll want to relax and revisit the day over lunch at SOLE restaurant located in the center of New Canaan. Philip Johnson Glass House - Ms. Christy MacLear, Mr. and Mrs. Albert DeAngelis


ABC Tour for Four Children

Give your child and three friends the opportunity to learn what goes into the production of the news and weather broadcasts each day with an onset tour of the studio hosted by WABC-TV meteorologist (and EHS alumni parent) Bill Evans. Date to be mutually agreed upon. Mr. and Mrs. William Evans


Four Tickets to Regis and Kelly

You and three friends will be entertained by this funny and lively pair on their live morning talk show. There may even be a photo op! Date to be agreed upon. Four people must all be over the age of 13, please. Mr. & Mrs. William Evans


Two Tickets to “Rachael Ray”

One of the hottest female chefs in the country is ready to inspire you! Enjoy a live performance in Rachael’s fabulous kitchen. Date to be mutually agreed upon. Two adults (18+), please. Mr. & Mrs. William Evans



Four Tickets to “The View” Plus Lunch at T-Bar Steak & Lounge

Enjoy the charisma and intellect of Barbara Walters and her cohorts on this engaging live talk show that is sure to entertain you. Date to be mutually agreed upon. Adults only(18+), please. Then, head off to the Upper East Side for lunch for four at the T-Bar Steak & Lounge (73rd and Third), the newest restaurant co-owned by Tony Fortuna, who also owns Restaurant Lafayette, and Lespinasse at the St. Regis. This newest spin on a classic steak house pleases everyone from grazers to steak aficionados. Taxes and gratuity not included. Mr. & Mrs. William Evans, T-Bar Steak & Lounge


Overnight Stay/Brunch for Two at Hyatt Regency Greenwich

Even one evening away from home is a break, so get away for the evening at the lovely Hyatt Regency Greenwich, sleep in, then enjoy a wonderful brunch for two at Winfield’s before you head back to “real life.” Subject to availability. Hyatt Regency Greenwich - Mr. Thomas Delaney


The Police and Elvis Costello in Concert at Jones Beach: Two Tickets for Monday, August 4, 2008 at 7:30 p.m.

First, there’s Jones Beach, the perfect place for a summer concert. Second, there’s the Police, one of the greatest bands of the 80s who reunited in 2007 and are on a sold-out concert tour. Third, there’s Elvis Costello and the Imposters. And fourth, your tickets are in the center of the first row of the mezzanine, and include VIP tent access! This is truly the “don’t miss” concert of the summer. Mr. and Mrs. Neil Augustine


Four Front Row Tickets to the September 2008 Phat Fashions Show Plus After-Party

Don’t miss this exciting fashion experience: four VIP tickets to one of Fashion Week’s hottest events ... in the front row! Kimora Lee Simmons invites you to “Come experience a true NY fashion experience, complete with celebrities and fashionistas!,” especially when you join the special few invited for cocktails at the after-party! Kimora will unveil her Spring 2009 Phat Fashions (KLS/Baby Phat/Phat Premium) during New York Fashion Week in September 2008. Phat Fashions - Kimora Lee Simmons



Overnight at Mayflower Inn, Washington, CT

Experience the elegance and serenity of this hidden treasure only 90 minutes from Greenwich. This country house hotel of magnificent proportions is surrounded by the vast acreage of the nearby Steep Rock Reserve and the spectacular Shepaug River. Five-star accommodations await you, and your day is as busy or as quiet as you like: hike, play tennis, kayak, practice putting, or just relax and read. Make your own package that can include spa treatments and/or dinner. Subject to availability. Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Dowling


Broadway Your Way! Two Producer Seats Plus Dinner in NYC

See the show you’ve been longing to see! Your theatre jaunt includes two house seats at the Broadway show of your choice, plus a CD of the cast recording. $200 for dinner at a restaurant of your choice is included in this package. Ms. Sarah Boles


Overnight at Hotel Gansevoort in New York City Plus Dinner and Brunch, and a $500 Splurge at Bergdorf!

Come into the city for a day of shopping with your $500 gift certificate at Bergdorf Goodman, then relax in the comfort and luxury of the chic, upscale Hotel Gansevoort. Right in the middle of the Meatpacking District, it’s the first full service luxury hotel in the area, and just a brief taxi ride from midtown. In the evening, invite two friends to join you for dinner with your $500 gift certificate to Spice Restaurant. After a sleep-in, head to Pastis, known for its brunch menu and people-watching. Subject to availability. Mr. and Mrs. Reginald Brack, A Friend of Eagle Hill, Catterton Partners


Two Tickets to “Cry Baby” on Broadway Plus Dinner at Rosa Mexicano

Hola, amigos! Rosa Mexicano is the name in haute Mexican cuisine in New York City and a great place to begin your evening in the city. Try their famous guacamole or their delicious, slow-roasted pork and you’ll soon understand why they’re so popular! Then, you’ll head to the newest musical on Broadway, Cry Baby. This version of John Waters’ film about high school life in Baltimore circa 1954 is the perennial story about a bad boy who falls for a good girl. Dates to be mutually agreed upon. Subject to availability. Ms. Robin Gordon Apple, Mr. Dan Gearon and Ms. Dana Fields, Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Singer



Six Tickets to 2008 Radio City Christmas Spectacular Plus Limo

If it’s nippy and the snow is starting to fall, then it’s time for the annual Radio City Christmas Spectacular. Hop in your round-trip limo to this wellloved show which attracts more than a million visitors every year. The eightweek show has been a sell-out success since its debut in 1933, and includes favorites like “The Parade of the Wooden Soldiers” and “The Living Nativity.” Seats will be in the orchestra. At the end of the night, lay your head back and enjoy the ride home. Subject to availability. Mr. and Mrs. Neil Augustine, Carey Driving Success


Two VIP Tickets to Late Night with Conan O’Brien

Your last year to catch the Late Night with Conan O’Brien show before he replaces Jay Leno on the Tonight Show in 2009! Check out the upcoming celebrities and then set up your visit to this Emmy-award winning show. If available, your prize may include a late-night tour of the studio with Conan himself. Dates to be mutually agreed upon. Mr. and Mrs. Brian Stack


Two VIP Tickets to the Late Show with David Letterman

As his website says, “There is no off position on the genius switch.” Host of the longest running show on late night television, Dave Letterman is considered the gold standard in talk show hosts. Whichever night you choose to visit this late night favorite, you’re bound to enjoy endless witticisms, fabulous guests, and the night’s Top Ten List. Dates to be mutually agreed upon. Worldwide Pants


Tour of “Blue Sky” Animation Studios with Chris Wedge for Four People

Oscar-winning writer/director, Chris Wedge (Bunny) will personally lead a one-hour tour of Blue Sky Studios, the feature film animation studio he cofounded that is ranked as one of the top animation studios in the world. Based in White Plains, Blue Sky made the animated films Horton Hears a Who, Robots and Ice Age (which garnered a directorial Oscar for Wedge), and has added animation elements to many other movies (Tron, Star Trek), television shows, and commercials. Dates to be mutually agreed upon. Blue Sky Studio - Chris Wedge



Soundwaters Schooner Ecology Sail for Four Plus Lunch or Dinner at Route 22

The Tall Ship, SoundWaters, is a three-masted, 80-foot replica of a Chesapeake Bay sharpie schooner that sails with students of all ages. Based in Stamford, the schooner allows passengers the chance to haul sails and pull in a trawl net, observing the life of the Sound. This prize entitles the holder to four tickets on a two-and-a-half hour public ecology sail on the SoundWaters schooner, accompanied by a licensed captain, experienced crew, and educators who will provide an exciting hands-on journey. Sail must occur in the May to October 2008 sailing season. Before or after your sail, visit Route 22 Restaurant in Stamford, whose automotive décor and ambiance are reminiscent of the 1930s. Dates to be mutually agreed upon. Soundwaters – Ms. Susan Phillips, Route 22 – Mr. Lance Root


One Weeknight Stay at the Delamar Greenwich Harbor Plus Dinner at l’escale

This luxurious yet intimate hotel, where every guest is pampered in complete comfort, is situated on one of the finest waterfront sites in the U.S., Greenwich Harbor. Check into your room, then visit the library for complementary refreshments or work up an appetite at their onsite fitness area. For dinner, use your $130 gift certificate to l’escale Restaurant. Seemingly lifted from glorious Provence, it boasts an inventive Provençal menu, and an extensive outdoor terrace facing Greenwich Harbor. L’escale gift certificate is exclusive of alcoholic beverages, tax and gratuities. Nontransferable, no cash value, and subject to availability. Delamar is available weeknights only, and is subject to availability. Delamar Greenwich Harbor - Mr. Steve Weber, l’escale Restaurant, Ms. Simona Abrao



Lunch at Serendipity 3 Plus Dylan’s Candy Store Visit

Satisfy your child’s sweet tooth with a day at two of Manhattan’s favorite Upper East Side sweet spots, Serendipity 3 and Dylan’s Candy Store. EHS faculty members Carolyn Mullins and Shannon Dammers will take your child and three EHS friends (any age) for a day that begins with lunch at Serendipity 3, famous for their frozen hot chocolate, and ends with a trip around the corner to Dylan’s, the ultimate candy destination. It will be a sweet, sweet day for all! Date and time to be mutually agreed upon. Eagle Hill School, Carolyn Mullins, Shannon Dammers, Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Miller


Coach Time for Kids on Ice and a Bonus

Give your hockey player the home ice advantage next season with a private coaching session with EHS parent Bill Nichols, a former member of Team USA, and EHS veteran hockey coach Ed Moore. Your child can invite seven EHS hockey pals along for some skills work and fine-tuning during this coaching session at the Dorothy Hamill Rink in Greenwich (the timing will be based on EHS ice schedule for 2008-09 season). To make sure that your child is well prepared for the season, you’ll also receive a $25 gift certificate to Blue Line Sports in Harrison, NY, along with a certificate entitling the bearer to 10 adult passes for two persons, and 10 child passes to Hommocks Ice Rink in Larchmont, NY. Date and time to be mutually agreed upon. Eagle Hill School, Ed Moore, Mr. William Nichols, Hommocks Ice Rink, Mr. Rob Lunde, Blue Line Sports


Lunch and a Movie for Your Upper School Child and Four Friends

EHS teachers Alex Dunning and Casey Wilkinson will take your child and four EHS friends for an afternoon of fun that includes lunch and the movie of their choice. Date and time to be mutually agreed upon. Eagle Hill School, Alex Dunning, Casey Wilkinson, Mr. and Mrs. John Del Col



Broadway Matinee Show and Lunch

Broadway is calling for your child and three EHS friends (ages 9+) to join EHS faculty Maureen Dumser and Abby Hanrahan for a wonderful lunch in New York City at Junior’s, famous for its cheesecake, followed by one of Broadway’s hottest musicals! It will be an afternoon to remember! Date and time to be mutually agreed upon. Eagle Hill School, Maureen Dumser, Abby Hanrahan, Junior’s, Mr. Kenneth deRegt


Movie and Pizza

Attention movie buffs! EHS teacher Michelle Burns, and former EHS teacher Carmel Carriere will take your child and three EHS friends (ages 8-12) to the movies. They can choose to chat about the movie over pizza at a local Greenwich restaurant, either before or after the show. Date and time to be mutually agreed upon. Eagle Hill School, Michelle Burns, Carmel Carriere, Mr. and Mrs. James DePonte


Three Days/Two Nights Hershey Park: June 15-17

Pack your child’s bags for the chocolate experience of a lifetime! EHS dorm supervisors Joy and Brandon Delisle will accompany your youngster and three EHS pals (ages 11-15) to Hershey Park in Hershey, PA for three days and two nights of action-packed adventure. Includes lodging, meals, and park passes. No exceptions. Eagle Hill School, Joy and Brandon Delisle, Mr. Kenneth deRegt


Trip to the Museum of Natural History Plus Lunch in NYC

EHS faculty members Deane Flood and Ed Moore are sure to make this a day to remember when they take your child and three EHS friends (ages 11+) on a learning adventure to the Museum of Natural History, followed by lunch for the whole group. Dinosaurs, cave men, and stars, oh my! Date and time to be mutually agreed upon. Eagle Hill School, Deane Flood, Ed Moore


Framed Collage by All EHS Students

This surprise artwork represents the wonder and creativity of every Eagle Hill student. Eagle Hill School, Deb Graves



Manicure and Lunch for Four Girls

Welcome to the spa, girls! Your child and three EHS friends will spend the afternoon having their nails done with Tracy Cone and Stacy Hanley. Then the whole group can “do lunch!” Date and time to be mutually agreed upon. Eagle Hill School,Tracy Cone, Stacy Hanley, Mr. and Mrs. James Deponte


Build-a-Bear Plus Lunch at Westchester Mall

It’s a stuffed animal lover’s dream! Your child and three EHS friends will be accompanied by EHS faculty members Shari Bloomer and Cathleen Tone to the Build-a-Bear Workshop at the Westchester Mall, where they’ll each design and create a cuddly teddy bear of their very own. They, along with their bears, will then be treated to lunch or dinner. It will be a BEARy special afternoon! Date and time to be mutually agreed upon. Eagle Hill School, Shari Bloomer, Cathleen Tone


Six Flags Day Trip

Awesome! That’s what your child and his/her three EHS friends will say when they find out you got them a day trip to Six Flags in New Jersey with EHS faculty Bridget Donnelly and Casey Wilkinson. The trip of the year, this is one stop shopping ... for fun! Rides, entertainment, rides, water park, rides, food, rides ...need we say more? Date and time to be mutually agreed upon. Eagle Hill School, Bridget Donnelly, Casey Wilkinson, Mr. Kenneth deRegt


2008 Five Civies Day Passes and a Vineyard Vines Tie

Treat your child to five hassle-free mornings with a package of Civies Day passes. No dress code for five days! On the off-chance they choose to “dress up” instead of “dress down” on their civies days, we’re including a handsome Vineyard Vines tie! Eagle Hill School


2008 Five No-Homework Passes

You’ll be the hero of your house when you bring home this certificate excusing your child from FIVE homework assignments! One a day, one a week, or all five on one special day ... it’s all up to your child! Eagle Hill School



2008 Name the Back Lane

Be the fourth in EHS history to name the campus road that leads to the sports field, faculty homes, the technology building, and the development office. You can name it in honor of your child or a faculty member ... the choice is all yours! Eagle Hill School


2009 Reserved Parking Space

Get the jump on the next school year and never have to fight for that elusive parking spot again. “Own” the only reserved spot on campus. Cannot be used before September 2009. Eagle Hill School



Five Civies Day Passes

Treat your child to five hassle-free mornings with a package of Civies Day passes. No dress code for five days! Dress up or dress down ... your child’s choice. Cannot be used before September 2009. Eagle Hill School


2009 Five No Homework Passes

You’ll be the hero of the house when you bring home this certificate excusing your child from five homework assignments! One a day, one a week, or all five on one special day ... your child’s choice! Cannot be used before September 2009. Eagle Hill School


My Three Sons Laser Tag Plus Eats

Delta Team, Delta Team, report to My Three Sons! Give your child and three EHS friends the chance to join EHS faculty Gina Burke and Chris Sweeney for a thrill-packed afternoon of glow-in-the-dark laser tag PLUS arcade games at My Three Sons in Norwalk. Then, relive the wonder during a lunch or dinner with the whole gang! It’s bound to be a mission to remember! Date and time to be mutually agreed upon. Eagle Hill School, Gina Burke, Chris Sweeney, Mr. and Mrs. John Del Col



Broadway Bound for Four Students: “Little Mermaid”, May 18, 2008 Matinee

Every child can sing along to “Under the Sea.” Now, they can sing along in person when they join EHS teachers Tracy Cone and Stacy Hanley at a matinee performance of the Broadway musical, The Little Mermaid. Based on one of the most beloved Disney films of all time and the classic Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale, The Little Mermaid is the newest sparkling Disney musical. Sunday, May 18, 2008 at 3 p.m.: Lunt-Fontanne Theater, NYC. No refunds or exchanges. Eagle Hill School, A Friend of Eagle Hill, Tracy Cone, Stacy Hanley


Cooking Class With EHS’s Own Chef Carlos!

Do you have the next Emeril in your house? How much fun would it be for your child to tell his/her friends, “Sorry, I’m busy tomorrow–I’m cooking with Carlos!” and then to head over to the kitchen with three EHS friends to make a favorite meal! Four children of any age can attend and learn cooking secrets from “the Pro” in his HUGE commercial kitchen! Date and time to be mutually agreed upon. Eagle Hill School, Mr. Carlos Caban


Professional Recording Studio Session for Four Upper School Students

If your child waits for every new season of American Idol, then this is the best prize of all! Your Upper School child and three of his/her EHS friends will join Jen Booth, EHS teacher, at ERX Productions in Greenwich for a four-hour recording session. There, Ernie Albert, owner of ERX and an accomplished musician and recording engineer for the music industry, will work with them to record two of their favorite songs. They’ll leave with a professionally mixed CD of their very own to have for all time! Date and time to be mutually agreed upon. Ernie Albert, Jen Booth



Trip to Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum plus Meal at Stardust Diner

Your child and three EHS friends (ages 10-12) can meet Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie and have their picture taken with Hillary Clinton! Teachers Jen Booth and Theresa Bray will take them to see their favorite celebrities at one of New York’s top attractions, Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum. They’ll mingle with the “stars” and the lifelike historical figures at this fantastic museum near Times Square. Then, the fun will continue with a meal at the retro 1950s theme restaurant, Ellen’s Stardust Diner. Date and time to be mutually agreed upon. Eagle Hill School, Jen Booth, Theresa Bray, Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Miller


“Fun for Kids” Family Fun Center

Fun, fun, fun! This new family fun center in Stamford has one of the largest arcades in the area, plus laser tag, a soft play area, creative things to do–and more! Carol Puglia and Louise Rubenfeld will take your child and three EHS friends (ages 8-12) for a session of pure fun here, and then top it off with lunch or dinner! Date and time to be mutually agreed upon. Eagle Hill School, Carol Puglia, and Louise Rubenfeld


An Afternoon of Fun and Dinner with the “Dream Team” – Dr. and Mrs. Griffin

Six EHS children will have Dr. and Mrs. Griffin all to themselves for an afternoon of fun, followed by dinner at the Griffins’ home. This is an amazing opportunity for your child to spend time with the “Dream Team” as well as his/her EHS friends. Give your child the memory of a lifetime! Date and time to be mutually agreed upon. Eagle Hill School, Dr. and Mrs. Griffin


Polka Dot Penguin Pottery, Lunch and “How Artists See” Book Series

Calling all young artists! Give your child and three EHS friends the chance to get creative with Gerry Monahan when they travel to the Polka Dot Penguin Pottery shop in Rye, NY. There, they will spend the afternoon painting and firing their own pottery piece, and then sharing their delight over a meal. As an added bonus, your child will receive the acclaimed Abbeville Press series of art appreciation primers. Written by EHS parent Colleen Carroll, this series has been acclaimed by Children’s Literature Choice: “Wow! If you have been looking for a way to get children interested in art, call off the search: it just doesn’t get any better than this!” Date and time for painting to be mutually agreed upon. Eagle Hill School, Gerry Monahan, The Semel-Carroll Family



Mani/Pedi and Lunch on a Friday Afternoon

It’s never too soon to introduce your daughter and three of her EHS friends (any age) to the wonders of a “spa” afternoon! EHS teachers Jennifer Garnett and Andrea Krusiewicz will accompany the girls to the nail salon for manicures and pedicures, followed by a late afternoon treat and some good old-fashioned girl talk! Then, to top it off, your daughter will receive a collection of anklets and bracelets sporting a combination of sterling silver and blue and green beads that she can mix and match or share with her friends! Date and time for mani/pedi to be mutually agreed upon. Eagle Hill School, Jennifer Garnett, Andrea Krusiewicz, Jewelry by Rose


2008 Reserved Parking Space and Name the Entrance Road

Be assured of a prime parking space every time you visit EHS. There is only ONE reserved parking space on campus (that’s right, even Dr. Griffin doesn’t have a spot) and it can be yours for the entire school year. The second part of this item is the privilege of naming the entrance road after your family, children, pets, or whatever inspires you! Eagle Hill School


Dreaming with the Dinos

Your youngster can invite three EHS pals (ages 8-12) to experience firsthand a “Night at the Museum” with a sleepover at the American Museum of Natural History in New York. EHS teacher Alison Abrams will be joined by another EHS teacher as they accompany a group on this nocturnal adventure, beginning when the museum doors close for the day and the lights are dimmed. A flashlight scavenger hunt allows the overnight guests to explore everything from dinosaurs to ocean life, complete with stargazing in the Hayden Planetarium. Guaranteed to be the sleepover of a lifetime! Not available until Fall 2008. Eagle Hill School, Alison Abrams, Mr. Kenneth deRegt



Michelle North Custom Photo Sitting Plus 8x10 Print

Michelle North will photograph your children or family on location in natural light, a specialty for which she is known. Prize includes one on-site sitting, plus one 8x10 print. Can be b&w or color. Michelle North Photography, Ms. Michelle North


Andrew Carney Custom Photography: Sitting Plus Portrait

Andrew Carney will photograph your family on location (he loves beaches and outdoor shots), and create a beautiful framed memory for you. The $1000 certificate entitles your family to a small wall portrait, as displayed at the auction (b&w or color), plus sitting fee, or it may be used towards the purchase of another size wall portrait. Andrew Carney Photography, Mr. Andrew Carney


Andrew Carney Custom Photography: Sitting Plus Portrait, 2nd Offering

Andrew Carney will photograph your family on location (he loves beaches and outdoor shots), and create a beautiful framed memory for you. The $1000 certificate entitles your family to a small wall portrait, as displayed at the auction (b&w or color), plus sitting fee, or it may be used towards the purchase of another size wall portrait. Andrew Carney Photography, Mr. Andrew Carney


Jeffrey Shaw Photography Portrait Package

Your portrait session will reflect your personal style, whether that’s casual or formal, posed or candid, b&w or color. You can choose to photograph your family, your child or children, or you as a couple. You’re unique and your portrait should be too! The portrait package includes a session at the location of your choice plus a $1000 gift certificate towards the portraits you choose. Non-transferable. Subject to photographer’s availability. Expires April 12, 2009. Jeffrey Shaw Photography, Mr. Jeffrey Shaw



Lucille Khornak Professional Photography Session and 16x20 Photograph

Lucille Khornak, professional photographer, will photograph your child or children in the comfort of your own home, on location, or in her studio in New York City. Includes a professional photography session and a signed and matted 16”x20” photograph. The Portrait Specialist, Ms. Lucille Khornak


Professional Oil Portrait (Head and Shoulders)

Joseph Fanelli, a portrait painter, has exhibited in group and solo shows, and in galleries in Massachusetts and Florida. You can choose to have your child painted from a sitting or a photograph. This unframed portrait can range in size from 16x20 up to 24x30. Mr. Fannelli is also agreeable to adding additional figures at an additional cost. Mr. Joseph Fanelli


Family Portrait by Photographic Artist S.A. Chrobak

This outstanding photographer prefers to shoot on location, and likes to meet his customers prior to any photo shoot to ensure that he perfectly captures who they are in the final product. This package includes a preportrait consult, an artistic photography session, a projection appointment, and personal delivery of a 10” heirloom quality signature series portrait. S.A. Chrobak, Ltd.


Family Portrait by Photographic Artist S.A. Chrobak, 2nd Offering

This outstanding photographer prefers to shoot on location, and likes to meet his customers prior to any photo shoot to ensure that he perfectly captures who they are in the final product. This package includes a preportrait consult, an artistic photography session, a projection appointment, and personal delivery of a 10” heirloom quality signature series portrait. S.A. Chrobak, Ltd.



Sitting Plus 11x14 Custom Print by Susan Morrow Photography

Susan Morrow will capture your children or family in a beautiful portrait that will last a lifetime. This prize retails at $1150 and includes, and is limited to the following: one location sitting (within 30 miles of New Canaan studio) Monday-Friday, plus one 11x14 custom framed print by Rockwell Art and Framing of Norwalk (value $200), standard double white matt signed by Susan. Per studio policy, Susan will present approximately 30 images (b&w and/or color) from the sitting via projection in her studio, upon which you will make your decision re the final photograph(s). Valid until December 31, 2008. Susan Morrow Photography, Ms. Susan Morrow


Cross-Country Bicycle, 26” Wheelbase

This bike loves the dirt! The hot silver and black detailing is second only to its light aluminum frame which makes for perfect handling and efficient pedaling. The 17” frame fits older children, and the tough suspension makes it a great off-road bike too. Not exchangeable. Mr. Peter Van Raalte and Ms. Jan Fielder


Jamis Explorer 3.0 Bicycle, 26” Wheelbase

Your child will love how the rugged mountain bike styling, 21 speeds and large volume 26” tires make the Explorer as comfortable on dirt roads and groomed trails as on pavement. Not only the perfect ride, the orange and black styling is awesome! Suitable for an older child. Not exchangeable. Mr. Peter Van Raalte and Ms. Jan Fielder


Boys’ Jamis Laser Bicycle, 20” Wheelbase

Your youngster will look and feel like hot stuff on the Laser 2.0. With a 20” wheelbase, it has a durable mini-moto frame, making it easy to stand over and get on and off. The coaster brake provides confident braking, and the kickstand keeps the Laser looking great. Not exchangeable. Mr. Peter Van Raalte and Ms. Jan Fielder


Girls’ Jamis Starlite 20” Bicycle

Bring home a brand new set of wheels for your child. It’s easy to get on and off and features aluminum wheels, an extra plush padded and sprung saddle, and grippy pedals. Plus, the coaster brake makes stopping super easy! Not exchangeable. Mr. Peter Van Raalte and Ms. Jan Fielder



Dinosaur-Themed Birthday Gift Basket and Stuffed Animal

This gift basket includes a wonderful selection of dinosaur-themed books, and is the perfect gift for a three to six-year-old discovering the wonder of these large creatures. What better way to enjoy these stories than by snuggling up with your own cuddly canine playmate! Eagle Hill School, Ms. Ann Chase, Mr. and Mrs. Terran Miller


Princess-Themed Birthday Gift Basket

This gift basket includes a wonderful selection of princess-themed books, and is an exquisite gift for the three to six-year-old sweetheart on your gift list. Eagle Hill School, Ms. Ann Chase


FAO Schwarz Ice Cream Party for up to 20 Children

You and your special guests will be greeted by the famous Toy Soldier, your host and entertainer for this scrumptious event. He will escort you to the FAO Schwarz Party Room, where the special birthday area will be decorated with balloons and tailored to your child’s desire. After feasting on ice cream sundaes, everyone will follow the Toy Soldier to the 22-foot “dance-on” piano from Big (remember the movie?), where the FAO Schwarz dancers will perform a special show for you. End this delectable party by following the Toy Soldier to pick up your FAO goodie bag. Blackout dates: November and December. Expires April 12, 2009. Party lasts one hour. FAO Schwarz, Ms. Nanette Di Falco


Bowling Party for 10 Children at Greenwich Country Club

The perfect party for any age! Greenwich Country Club has in-house lanes with optional gutter guards. Includes cake, beverages, and kiddie meal of your choice. Buyer must provide three chaperones and decorations. Date to be mutually agreed upon; club is closed in February. Mr. and Mrs. Reginald Brack


Chelsea Piers NYC Birthday Party for 10 Children

Chelsea Piers is New York’s ultimate playground, situated on the shores of the Hudson River between 17th and 23rd streets. Your child can choose from a variety of sports-oriented birthday parties, which include everything from balloons to party favors, pizza and cake. Ms. Maureen Murray



American Girl Place Birthday Party for Eight and 2008 American Girl Doll “Mia”

You’ll feel like you’ve won the gold medal when you bring home Mia, American Girl Limited Edition, available only in 2008, and a birthday celebration! Your daughter will have the birthday she’ll never forget, with a gift certificate towards a Cafe Birthday Party at American Girl Place in Manhattan. Your child’s party for eight girls (hosted in the main dining area) includes invitations, lunch, cake, and party favors. She’ll take home more than memories when you present her with her very own “friend,” Mia St. Clair, the American Girl 2008 Doll of the Year! Dressed in an adorable figure skating outfit, she will lead your little girl in fantasies of being the next Olympic figure skater! Mr. and Mrs. James Henderson, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Walsh


Birthday Party for 10: Challenger Learning Center The Discovery Museum & Planetarium

At the renowned Discovery Museum in Bridgeport, your child can spend his/her birthday exploring the wonder of space in the Challenger Learning Center. They’ll fly a simulated space mission, and get a taste of life in space – all without leaving Earth! Party is for 10 guests. Must be 10 years of age and older. Includes party staff and project materials. Does not include party supplies, food, and refreshments. The Discovery Museum, Mr. James Pelgrift


Cooking Class for 10 Children at Aux Délices

This outstanding caterer will host a fun, hands-on cooking class for 10 children (ages 8+) in their Stamford demonstration kitchen. To be arranged in advance, at a mutually agreed date and time. Expires April 12, 2009. Aux Délices, Ms. Debra Ponzak


Three Day Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama, for One Parent and Child

Go through “real” space travel training with your child (must be 7-12 years old): build a rocket, practice vehicle manipulation drills, try the zero gravity walk of fame, and count down to the most adventurous three days of your life! You will sleep in bunk beds in a quonset hut with other “astronaut families.” Prize includes flight suits, plus transfer to and from the airport to the base. Dates to be arranged through the Space Camp Program. Mr. and Mrs. James Pelgrift, Eagle Hill School



School Weather Presentation by Meteorologist Bill Evans

Treat your child’s school to a weather presentation by WABC-TV and WPLJRadio meteorologist (and EHS alumni parent) Bill Evans. Bill’s demonstration on hurricanes, tornadoes, blizzards, and the environment is sure to be a crowd pleaser. WPLJ-Radio will hand out goodies from their “Prize Patrol.” Date to be mutually agreed upon. Mr. William Evans


Ride to School in a Police Car with Greenwich Police Officer Larkin

Let your child be the hit of the day when s/he arrives at school in a real police car! Officer William Larkin will meet your child at your home, answer questions about his work, then head to school! Date to be mutually agreed upon. Greenwich Police Department, Officer William Larkin


One Week Horseriding Camp at Courtyard Farm (ages 6-12)

Kristen Carollo, EHS parent, owns this state-of-the-art hunter/jumper show stable in Bedford Hills, NY. It boasts a 38-box stall stable with an 80x180 indoor riding area, and the property runs directly through the 200-mile trail system known as the Bedford Riding Lanes Association. Riding camp is English style, and will take place during their summer 2008 session. Students will learn all aspects of riding, horse care, and enjoy arts and crafts. Dates to be mutually agreed upon. Courtyard Farm, Ms. Kristen Carollo


Autographed Hannah Montana/ Miley Cyrus Picture

It’s the best of both worlds! Hannah’s autograph and four photos of Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus, beautifully framed, will be the star attraction of any “tween’s” room. Show you’re a secret superstar when you bring Hannah (or is that Miley?) home! Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Walsh, Mr. Bob Eicke



College Essay Consulting for Your 11th Grader

Give your current 11th grade student some expert guidance on the college essay writing process. Shaun Kelly, veteran English and history teacher with extensive experience in college applications, will spend a two-hour session helping your student with his/her Common Application Essay and Short Response as well as any other essays required for college admissions. This is a must for parents whose children are about to take the plunge into the collegiate world. Session takes place in his Greenwich Country Day School classroom. Date/time to be mutually agreed upon, preferably in the summer. Mr. and Mrs. Shaun Kelly


Appearance for Your Child on NY1 Television

Your child will appear on television in the “Recommended Reading” segment of Shelley Goldberg’s Parenting Report on NY1 News, NYC’s 24hour news channel, meet the anchors and reporters in a behind-the-scenes tour of the newsroom, and take home a NY1 News gift bag. Date of tour to be mutually agreed upon. However, the visit may be rescheduled in the event of a news emergency. Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Paulus


Autographed Skateboard, Tony Hawk

If you know what a “360 shove it nose grind” is, then this is the item for you. Tony Hawk nearly invented competitive skateboarding. He turned pro at 14 and at 16 was the best skateboarder in the world. He has a successful series of video games and a nonprofit foundation that helps put skateboard parks in underprivileged areas. There is a certificate of authenticity that accompanies the board, plus a $100 gift certificate to Chilly Bear for those who wish to put wheels on their board. Mr. and Mrs. Neil Augustine


Camo Guitar, Amp and Bag

Top an authentic electric guitar with a rockin’ camouflage print, and you’ve got the coolest guitar in sight! This guitar features an ash wood body for the ultimate resonance, plus a classic rosewood fret. Two tone dials and a slider let you groove to your own sound. Add the 10W amp and turn up the volume. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Walsh



Guitar Hero lll and Sony Playstation 3

Put aside those air guitars and bring home today’s hottest reality video game! Your child, or you, could be the next Legend of Rock! Package includes two guitars and a CD that is compatible with the Playstation 3, which is way more than just a game console! It features video chat, internet access, digital photo viewing, digital audio and video, the central component of your media setup! A Friend of Eagle Hill School, Ms. Sarah Boles


Rollerblade Inline Skates and Protective Gear

Recreational inline skates with a soft boot tech shell make it a comfortable skate, and the lightweight frame means easy movement and hours of fun. Comes with set of protective equipment. Can be exchanged for size only (no cash value). Rink & Racquet Ltd., Mr. David LaRusso


Crooked Playhouse Playtime Diner

The sky’s the limit for a kid’s imagination with the Kids’ Crooked House! Because children love to imitate adults, the Playtime Diner will be great for aspiring chefs and entrepreneurs. Custom features allow for curbside dining, with lots of space inside for toys and props to use when the kids whip up the day’s Blue Plate Special! This hand-crafted and hand-painted creation is whimsical and fun. It includes a beautifully hand-crafted roof dormer and a cedar porch, adding an additional two feet of play. It makes your child’s first “house” a home. Includes delivery to your home within 50 miles of EHS. Ms. Katie Kidder


Complete Miniature Train Set and Display Table

Hop aboard the Rock Island Rocket for a ride around this miniature railroad empire. This line is a lightweight N-Scale train layout built on a three by six foot table. Folding legs make for easy storage, and the table can be adjusted to three different heights, perfect for engineers of all sizes. With scenery, electric switches and passenger and freight trains, this is everything you need to get started in model railroading. This prize was selected, designed, and built by an expert in model train sets, EHS Technology Training Coordinator John Porter. Mr. and Mrs. John Porter



TAMA “Ready to Rock” Five Piece Drum Set

The Tama “Ready to Rock” Standard Drum Set includes everything you need to get going. It includes cymbals, stands, throne, and a video that will guide you through your drum kit setup. Not that you’ll need it! This set comes with a personal touch: EHS’s own Asher Bank will set up the drum set for you, and provide a demonstration and lesson as well! Set: Philippine mahogany 6-ply 8mm shells with Accu-Tune bass hoops; extra-deep bass; and German-made crash, ride, and hi-hat cymbals. Lane Music Center, Asher Bank (EHS student)


Children’s Book Collection

This collection is a mixture of imagination and reference materials. It includes: set of seven Harry Potter books, one Challenger boxed set of ISpy, one encyclopedia for children, one dictionary for children, and one thesaurus for children. It’s the one collection you need to round out your child’s home library. Scholastic Books, Mr. Ron Gorab


Raleigh Companion Tandem Bike

Cycling is a blast when it’s for two! This cool ride combines comfort and fun, both on-road and off. Because of its differing seat heights – front seat fits someone 5’ to 6’3” and the back seat fits 4’10” to 5’10”, it makes it the ideal bicycle for riding along with your 7-10 year olds as well as a friend. This bicycle built-for-two includes quality components from Shimano. Riverside Cycle

“For my husband and me, it was essential that we find a reliable and nurturing childcare facility that would be available everyday. EHS’s childcare assistance helped make this happen and provided me with peace of mind.”

Alexandra Connolly, Director of Placement



Basketball Signed by Allan Houston

Allan Houston is the fourth leading scorer in NY Knicks history, and before his retirement, was the Knicks All-Star Guard for nine years! Houston is a two-time NBA All-Star and remembered as being “one of the purest, clutch long-range shooters in NBA history.” Houston finished his career as one of the NBA’s all-time, best three-point shooters. Mr. and Mrs. Allan Houston


Two Boston Celtics Tickets in Boston During the 2008-09 Season Plus Dinner

Two incredible seats to one of the hottest teams in the NBA! With the addition of All-Stars Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, and Ray Allen (referred to in Boston as “The Big Three”), the pressure for the Celtics to win a championship is among the toughest in the league. Last month’s phenomenal acquisition of All-Star Sam Cassel has outfitted the team for a serious shot. Witness their journey for the return to old glory! Can they add a 17th championship banner to the rafters of TD Banknorth Garden? It’s no slam dunk, but there’s no better way to see than from your seats in Section 11, Row 4. Specific weekend game to be arranged by mutual consent. Oh yes – there’s also dinner for two at Legal Seafood in Boston! Ms. Kathy Savitz, Mr. and Mrs. Neil Augustine


Four NY Knicks Tickets

These center court seats in the first row of permanent seating will put you 20 feet from the slam dunks, fast passes, and magic of the Knicks during the 2008-09 season. Date to be arranged by mutual consent. Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Tishman


Four Loge Box Seats, U.S. Open Women’s Finals, September 6, 2008

Will Justine Henin retain her championship title or will 2008 be the year that Sharapova, Ivanovic, Jancovic, or Kuznetsova slams her way to the finals and dominates her opponent? Or will one of America’s hopefuls rise to the fore and beat the favored player? You’ll be “this close” to match point when the women’s tennis champion is declared at this year’s U.S. Open on September 6, 2008. Package includes four loge box seats and parking passes. No exchanges or substitutions. The Boys Entertainment, Mr. & Mrs. Scott Harrison



Six U.S. Open Seats, August 25 or 26, 2008

Set yourself apart from the 75 million who will tune in to the U.S. Open when you experience it live! These premier courtside seats will bring the hottest new tennis players on the U.S. Open Tour up close and personal. Witness amazing footwork, lightning speed, and brilliant net play by some of the world’s greatest talent. Choose the first or second night of the tournament on Monday, August 25 or Tuesday, August 26. Parking pass included. No exchanges or substitutions. The Boys Entertainment, Mr.& Mrs. Scott Harrison


2009 Sony Ericsson Tennis Open, Miami

Bring your best tennis pal along to Florida for two days of tennis at the 2009 Sony Ericsson Open, otherwise known as “The Fifth Grand Slam.” Some 96 of the world’s greatest tennis players gather to compete at Crandon Park in Key Biscayne. Choose two consecutive days (March 2526 or March 26-27) and select which time you’d prefer, day or evening. Your package even includes a private tour of the tennis facility! The perfect complement to this event is the five star opulence of the Mandarin Oriental in Miami (two nights). With tempting waterfront dining and the sanctuary of a 15,000 square foot spa, you may not want to leave! Mr. & Mrs. Peter Savitz, Sony Ericsson Open, A Friend of Eagle Hill


Skeet Shooting for Two and Lunch at Greenwich Country Club

The winner and one guest will shoot skeet with EHS parent Regi Brack, and enjoy lunch afterwards. Basic instruction and all equipment will be provided. Whether you’re a skilled shooter or have never held a shotgun, you’re sure to find the experience as exhilarating as it is challenging. Date to be mutually agreed upon during the November 2008–March 2009 season. Mr. & Mrs. Reginald Brack


Shooting Clays at Tamarack Shooting Club

Ready, aim, pull! Invite two friends and join EHS parent George Skakel for a half day of shooting clays, followed by lunch in the Clubhouse. Tamarack Shooting Club is located in scenic Millbrook/Amenia, NY. Date to be mutually agreed upon. Mr. & Mrs. George Skakel



Season Tickets for All NY Titans Lacrosse Home Games, 2008-09 Season

Few dare to walk along the path of a Titan. Would you dare to join them? Enjoy four tickets to the entire season of home games (all eight!) at Madison Square Garden (one in NJ). Not sure what to wear? Don’t worry, we’ve got that covered too! Package includes two Titans jerseys to cheer the team on to victory! Susan & Gary Rosenbach


Jersey Signed by New York Mets Pitcher Johan Santana

After a bidding war, superstar pitcher Johan Santana became the new pitcher for the New York Mets. Second in the American League for strikeouts in 2007, this leftie is hailed as the next big thing for the Mets in 2008. Clubhouse Apparel-Ms. Bonnie Stein


Autographed Baseball, Derek Jeter, New York Yankees

We wouldn’t recommend you play ball with it, but why not surprise your Yankee fan with a baseball autographed by Derek Jeter! Jeter, captain of the team, has been recognized as an outstanding player since he began playing professional ball, winning Rookie of the Year in 1996, MVP in both the 2000 World Series and All-Star Game, three Golden Glove awards, Yankee Player of the Year, two Silver Slugger awards, Hank Aaron Award, Babe Ruth Award… the list goes on. Better start thinking now about the appropriate place of honor for this authentic NY Yankees memorabilia. Includes certificate of authenticity. A Friend of Eagle Hill


Autographed Derek Jeter Photo

If you have the ball, you need the photo! Derek Jeter has won every award revered by baseball players, including the Golden Glove (three times), Hank Aaron, Babe Ruth, and more. This autographed photo includes the 2004 Golden Glove inscription, and comes with a certificate of authenticity. Mr. and Mrs. Neil Augustine



Four MVP Box Seats in Yankee Stadium

Hit a home run with fellow Yankee fans when you invite three of them to watch the Bronx Bombers in action from MVP Section 202, right behind home plate! See your favorite players like never before. Date to be mutually agreed upon. Sportif Ltd., Mr. William Dill


Weekday Yankee Tickets for Four in April or May 2008

Were your ears pinned to early reports from spring training? Can’t wait to see your beloved Yankees back in action? This package entitles the winner to four tickets to visit the house that Ruth built for a weekday game during April or May 2008, dependent on availability. Mr. Jason Reisel, Herman Agar Tickets


Four Field Box Seats at Yankee Stadium

Be part of the action with these amazing box seats near home plate. Sony Stadium Club passes are included should your palate desire something a bit more refined. Date to be mutually agreed upon. Mr. & Ms. Howard Rothman


Four Tickets to a Game at Yankee Stadium

These seats are just a few rows behind the Yankees dugout, so close you’ll be able to hear every word that Joe Girardi says! This is the last season to take a 7th inning stretch in the house that Ruth built, so here’s your chance for an unforgettable experience. Date to be mutually agreed upon in the 2008 season. Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Misisco


Yankee–Red Sox Series Weekend in Boston, July 25-26

for Four

Imagine being in Boston rooting for your favorite team and experiencing one of the most classic rivalries of all time – the Boston Red Sox vs the NY Yankees! The weekend begins with a series opener on Friday, July 25 at 7 p.m., and then continues on Saturday, July 26 at 4 p.m. When you’re not glued to your seats at Fenway or wolfing down a foot-long, you’ll be enjoying a two-night stay at the Hotel Commonwealth in Boston. Mr. and Mrs. Peter Savitz, The Keefe Co. – Mr. Frank Keefe



Four Box Seats to a Mets Game at Shea Stadium

Last season to root for your beloved Mets at Shea Stadium before they move to Citi Field! You’ll enjoy the game in style in Field Box Seats during the 2008 season. Come watch left-handed Johan Santana, the highest paid pitcher in the sport, during his inaugural season with the New York Mets. Game and date to be mutually agreed upon. Mr. & Mrs. Steven Polo


Golf for Three: Greenwich Country Club

The winner and two guests will join EHS parent Regi Brack for a round of golf at one of the oldest and most prestigious private golf clubs in America. Bring your clubs and your game to tackle the 6,706 yard, par 71 course originally designed by Seth Raynor. Afterwards, relive the highlights of the game over a relaxing lunch or dinner. Date to be mutually agreed upon. Mr. & Mrs. Reginald Brack


Golf for Three: Round Hill Country Club, Greenwich

If your idea of relaxation is meandering tree-lined fairways, accepting the challenge of a bunker, and shooting the breeze while you shoot the back nine, then this package is for you! Invite two fellow golfers to join you at the Round Hill Club for a round of golf with EHS parent Bill Nichols. The course is a 6,525 yard, par 71 designed by Walter Travis (1924), Robert Trent Jones, Sr.(1965), and Kenneth Dye (1997). Lunch and pleasant conversation await you after the 18th green. Date to be mutually agreed upon. Mr. & Mrs. William Nichols


Golf for Three: Hudson National Golf Club, Croton-on-Hudson

Shoot for par 72 at what was once General George Washington’s lookout for the British Naval Fleet, and is now an architectural feat that Golf Digest has included among its top 100 courses in America! Tom Fazio has designed a truly challenging course at Hudson National, and with its breathtaking river views from 14 of the 18 holes, we think it will be challenging enough to keep your head in the game! The winner and two guests will join EHS parent Bill Nichols for a round of golf and lunch to follow. Date to be mutually agreed upon. Mr. & Mrs. William Nichols



Golf for Three: Yale University Golf Course

Here’s your chance to play one of Connecticut’s most recognized golf courses! A site for every significant state championship, as well as the Nike Connecticut Open, and recognized as one of the finest collegiate courses in the nation, we think you’ll agree after you and two guests of your choice play the course with EHS parent Bill Nichols. An enjoyable lunch will follow. Oh, and you may want to plot your strategy for Hole #4: it’s rated one of the top ten most challenging holes in America (432 yards, par 4). Good luck! Date to be mutually agreed upon. Mr. & Mrs. William Nichols


Golf for Four: Sunningdale Country Club, Tuesday to Thursday

Invite three guests to join you for a round of golf at this five-star rated, 6561 yard, par 71 course in Scarsdale, NY, designed by A.W. Tillinghast. The traditional course features narrow, tree-lined fairways with fast, undulating greens. Attempt Sunningdale’s signature hole #17, a 177-yard, par 3, requiring a tee shot over water to the green. Prize includes golf cart, greens fees, and a delicious lunch to follow. Good for weekday golf, Tuesday through Thursday, at the convenience of the Club. A Friend of Eagle Hill


Golf for Three: Stanwich Club

You and two friends will tee off with EHS parent Joe Zimmel at the Stanwich Club, perennially ranked as the best course in Connecticut by Golf Digest and frequently among rankings of the “100 Greatest Courses in America.” A delightful lunch awaits beyond the 18th green. The course at Stanwich is 7133 yards for a par 72. Date to be mutually agreed upon. Mr. Joe Zimmel


Golf for Three: Old Oaks Golf Club

Invite two friends to join you for a round of golf with EHS parent David Weiss at the renowned Old Oaks Country Club in Purchase, NY. Enjoy 18 holes of golf on a par 70 course designed by A.W. Tillinghast, considered to be one of the finest golf courses in Westchester. This package includes caddies and lunch. Date and time to be mutually agreed upon. Mr. & Mrs. David Weiss



Golf for Three: Meadow Brook Golf Club

You deserve to leave the rat race behind and face a different kind of challenge. What awaits is a tee with your name on it at the beautiful Meadow Brook Golf Club. Invite two guests to accompany you for a round of golf and lunch with EHS parent Guy de Chazal at this private golf club in Jericho, Long Island that has a championship layout and par 72. Date to be mutually agreed upon. Mr. & Mrs. Guy de Chazal


Golf for Three: Misquamicut Golf Club, plus Foxwoods and Fishing!

For the first leg of this package, you and two guests will join EHS parent George Skakel for a round of golf on the links of the venerable Misquamicut Club in Westerly, RI. (Date to be mutually agreed upon.) Designed by Don Ross, Misquamicut opened in 1895 and is a 6214 yard, par 69 with views along the back nine that are nothing short of magnificent. Afterwards, check into Foxwoods Resort and Casino for an afternoon at their driving range, followed by dinner at the nearby Water Street Café in Stonington, CT and a night of fun at the Foxwoods tables and slots. When you’re in the area, you can join Captain Tom Pitasi, an Orvis-endorsed fly fishing guide, for a four-hour fishing excursion with Coastal Charters. This trip to the best fishing off Watch Hill, RI or Stonington CT is available on weekdays in June, July or September 2008. Mr. & Mrs. George Skakel, Mr. Tom Pitasi - Coastal Fishing Charters


Golf for Four: Trump National

It’s a tough choice you have to make: playing at the Trump National golf location in Briarcliff, NY (a 7261 yard, par 72 course designed by Jim Fazio) or the Trump National Club in Bedminister, NJ (already the recipient of numerous accolades and soon to unveil its second 18-hole course). The Trump National Golf Clubs’ aim is to create courses of world class challenge that remain playable at any level. Who could ask for anything more? Date to be mutually agreed upon. Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Ulrich



Authentic Football Signed by Roger Staubach

This leather football was autographed by legendary player Roger Staubach, the unforgettable “Roger the Dodger” with the fancy footwork, or “Captain Comeback” whose fourth quarter heroics won him a second nickname. Staubach joined the Dallas Cowboys at 27 years old, became their starting quarterback in his third season, and led the Cowboys to six NFC Championship Games (four of which they won), two Super Bowl victories (Super Bowls VI & XII) and as Head Coach Tom Landry once remarked “was perhaps the best combination of a passer, an athlete and a leader ever to play in the NFL.” Roger Staubach is a Heisman Trophy Winner, College Football Hall of Famer, and Professional Football Hall of Famer. Comes with certificate of authenticity. Mr. & Mrs. Robert Ageloff


Four NY Rangers Game Tickets

You’ll be so close to Blueshirts action in these seats on center ice that you’ll want to become a player yourself! Come watch this fast paced, high energy team during their 2008-09 season. The NY Rangers are outfitted with star power and some very promising youth. Set a new goal of your own and cheer them on to another chance to play in, and win, the Stanley Cup Championship. Date and game to be arranged by mutual consent. Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Tishman


Skip Barber Racing School: Any Location!

Gentlemen, start your engines! Fulfill that lifelong fantasy and select the date and track of your choice at the Skip Barber Racing School. Whether you’d like to focus on car control skills in a high performance sports car or sedan, or learn the fundamentals of racing (including some of the same techniques taught to Jeff Gordon and Michael Andretti) behind the wheel of a Skip Barber Formula racing car, your $1500 gift certificate will put you on the road to the thrill of a lifetime. The largest automotive education and entertainment company in the world, Skip Barber Racing School has one and two day driving programs, racing programs, or a combination of the two. Mr. Kenneth deRegt


Four 2009 Big East Finals Seats, Madison Square Garden

Grab your seats and enjoy Conference Championship basketball at its finest at the NCAA Men’s Big East Finals in 2009. Perfect for a guys’ night out or a birthday celebration for your youngest basketball fan. No exchanges or substitutions. The Boys Entertainment, Mr. and Mrs. Scott Harrison



Indoor Kart Racing and Dining at Grand Prix New York

Built by racers for racers to be the best indoor kart racing facility in the country! This brand new five-star entertainment facility in Mount Kisco (Westchester County) boasts the latest equipment, the hottest cars (championship Sodi RX7, gas powered) with a top speed of 40 mph, and all the service you desire! The “Grand Prix Experience” includes two races, two dinners, and two drinks at their onsite restaurant. Adults only. Julia and Sy Aryeh


NJ Devils Jersey Signed by Goaltender Martin Brodeur

For staunch hockey fans, Martin Brodeur’s name comes up in the same breath as Patrick Roy when you start talking about NHL goaltenders. Martin led the NJ Devils to three Stanley Cup wins (1995, 2000, 2003), was named to the World Cup roster for Team Canada in the 2002 Olympics, was on the winning World Cup team in 2004, and was the recipient of the Vezina Trophy for best NHL goalie in the 2003-04 season. This jersey has been signed by him. Mr. and Mrs. Craig Sakin





program (for the children of long-term faculty) is yet another example of the giving philosophy of EHS.”

Dave Sylvestro, Department Head, Psychological Services



Four Bottles of 1983 and One Bottle of 1990 Dom Perignon


Four Magnums for the “Big” Collector

1995 Cakebread Cabernet (2), 1983 Chateau Trotanoy Bordeaux (2) Anonymous


Mixed Case of Capiaux Pinot Noir

2001 Widdoes Vineyard (8), 2001 Chimera Vineyard (3), 2002 Chimera Vineyard (1) Anonymous


Mixed Case of 2002 Capiaux Pinot Noir

Gary’s Vineyard (4), Pisoni Vineyard (3), Widdoes Vineyard (5) Anonymous


Mixed Case of California Reds

1983 Mondavi Pinot Noir (1), 1997 Mondavi Cabernet (1), 1990 Schafer Cabernet (1), 1985 Simi (half bottles) Cabernet (3), 1991 Monthelena Calistoga (2), 1989 Gemta Galil Cabernet (1), 1998 Hanna Cabernet (1), 1988 Duckhorn Merlot (2). Anonymous


Special Cabernets from California:

Caymus Napa Valley Cabernet 2004 (4); Shafer Hillside Select Cabernet 2003 (1); Bond Matriarch (1). Includes cork screw. Mr. Kenneth deRegt, Ms. Katherine Kidder, Ms. Sandy Aitchison


1993 Opus One



Mixed Case of 1990 Bordeaux

1990 Chateau Brane Cantenac (1), Chateau Cruzeau (3), Chateau La Louviere (4), Chateau Larose Trintaudon (3), 1994 Pichon Longueville, Baron (1) Anonymous


Mixed Case of Old Bordeaux

1983 Chateau Climens (2), 1978 Chateau Haut Brion (1), 1983 Chateau Haut Brion (1), 1979 Chateau La Cardonne (1), 1989 Chateau La Louviere (2), 1987 Chateau Pichon Longeville, Lalande (1), 1978 Chateau Talbot (2), 1986 Chateau Talbot (2) Anonymous


Mixed Italian Case and 1/2

Tignello Super Tuscan (11), Chianti Classico, Riserva, Antinori (7) Anonymous


Discover the Wines of Italy: Private Wine Tasting for Six

A Casa is a private wine events company specializing in at home or office events. A Casa is owned and operated by Paul Lang, a nationally recognized wine and food expert. For this prize, Paul will initiate you into the wines of Italy, exploring little known yet distinctive grapes like Teroldego, Rotaliano, Arneis, Aglianico, and many others. Discover what makes Italy the most diverse wine producing country in the world. Date to be mutually agreed upon. A Casa


Wine and Cheese of the Month

Voila! Wine and cheese are the perfect combination and you’ll receive both in this prize. With your wine club membership, you’ll receive three unique wines to satisfy your palate, delivered to your home or business each month for six months. You can choose all reds, all whites, or a combination of the two. You’ll also receive a 15 percent discount on monthly selections, unbiased tasting notes, and access to limited production releases. Then, to round out your month, you’ll sample a special cheese from the newest cheese shop in town, Plum Cheese Shop in Cos Cob, every month for a year (pickup only). Wine membership starts in May 2008 (Must be a new member and supply email address for full benefits.) Plum Pure Foods and Catering - Mr. Jeffrey Pandolfino, Nicholas Roberts Fine Wines



Catered Dinner Party for 10 Under a Beautiful Draped Tent Plus Case of Wine

Give a dinner party worthy of the empire under a beautiful blue handmade canvas tent in the traditional Raj style. Bill Christie Catering will provide a fabulous four-course dinner with full service for 10 people at your home so you won’t have to lift a finger. And, you’ll have a mixed case of 2002 and 2003 Capiaux Pinot Noir to complement your meal or sample at another occasion! Note: Tent is for this one use only.

Mr. Bill Christie, Mr. and Mrs. George Skakel, Anonymous


Classic Cars and Cocktail Party for 20 at Malcolm Pray’s Estate

The 1936 Auto Union Wanderer W25 K. The 1935 Amilcar Pegase Grand Prix Roadster. The Jaguar SS100 Roadster. If you know cars, then you know that these are some of the finest vintage cars in existence, and they are all part of the Malcolm Pray collection in his Automotive Museum in Banksville, NY. At this cocktail party for 20 of your friends, you will enjoy a private viewing with Mr. Pray of this extraordinary collection of 50 cars, as well as a $600 gift certificate for hors d’oeuvres and service for the party, plus a case of 2001 Au Bon Climat Chardonnay. Date and time to be mutually agreed upon. Mr. Malcolm Pray, Happiness is … - Ms. Christine Taggart, Anonymous


Catered Dinner for Eight Plus One Case of 1986 Chateau Figeac

Enjoy a fabulous dinner for eight prepared and served in your own home by Chef Albert DeAngelis, EHS parent and executive chef at both Terra and Mediterraneo in Greenwich, Sole in New Canaan, Acqua in Westport, and Aurora in Rye. You may sit and be served, or you may assist Chef DeAngelis in preparing dinner. Along with your meal, enjoy a case of 1986 Chateau Figeac, and make it a night to remember (or save it for another day)! Service is included. Beverages (other than case of wine) and gratuity are not included. Date and time to be mutually agreed upon. Mr. and Mrs. Albert DeAngelis, Anonymous



Private Cocktail Party for up to 40: Boxcar Cantina, Greenwich

Ole! Boxcar Cantina is well-known for the best southwestern food and margaritas in town and it would be a fabulous location for your next gathering! Choose your time of day (lunch, brunch, dinner). Prize includes heavy hors d’oeuvres and a margarita bar. Good for up to four hours. Excludes Friday or Saturday nights. Mr. and Mrs. William Nichols


Cocktail Party for 30 by Sugar Bee Catering, Plus One Case of Cabernet

It will be the party of the season and you’ll get all the kudos without lifting a finger! A chef from Sugar Bee Catering will prepare eight to10 hors d’oeuvres for up to 30 guests, and you’ll have a case of 2002 Ridge Lytton Spring Cabernet to serve along with the fabulous food! Date to be mutually agreed upon. Not available in December and June. Sugar Bee Catering, Anonymous


Cocktail Party for 50 Plus One Case of 1978 Chateau Talbot Bordeaux

Celebrate a special event or just throw a terrific cocktail party. A staff of four will prepare and serve drinks and hors d’oeuvres to your 50 guests while you mingle with the crowd and enjoy your own party! Includes a case of wine, food, and service. Date to be mutually agreed upon. Burke Catering - Mr. Andrew Burke, Anonymous


Dessert Cooking Class Plus Lunch for Six

Yum, yum, yum! Pastry chef Rachel Khanna, owner of Tiffin, Inc., will teach you and five friends how to make one specialty dessert that they can take home. Your session will be followed by a lunch prepared by Rachel herself. Date to be mutually agreed upon. Ms. Rachel Khanna, Tiffin Inc., LLC


“Basics Fuirst” Cooking Class for Four

Get your inner Emeril working when you join this talented EHS alumni parent for a cooking class on how to prepare a great, easy, and healthy family dinner. This isn’t show and tell. You’ll be cooking in the kitchen, and then eating the fruits of your labors. You may find yourself signing up for more classes! Date to be mutually agreed upon. Mrs. Sue Fuirst



Big Green Pizza Truck: Saturday, October 4, 2008 for up to 50 Guests

A traveling pizzeria built on an antique truck, the Big Green Pizza Truck is a party on wheels! They come to you, park, and begin to cook hot, tasty brick oven pizzas while you wait. They also bring along salad, eight flavors of gelato, and cappuccino for the adults. Due to the popularity of this item, it is prebooked for Saturday, October 4, 2008 for an evening party, or you may arrange with the Big Green Pizza Truck for a 2009 date of your choice. Maximum: 50. Mr. and Mrs. Neil Augustine


Big Surf Drive-in Movie: Saturday, October 4, 2008 (for 10-500)

Forget the discomfort of trying to find a comfy seat in your car and worrying about what to snack on. Bring the drive-in movie experience to you, and amaze your friends at your next party or corporate gathering! You’ll watch a full-screen movie of your choice set up in the location of your choice, while enjoying “own-made” ice cream served to you old-fashioned style from a mobile ice cream cart. The amazing setup of the Big Surf DriveIn® Movie System includes: Full setup crew, 9’x16’ Screen, 4,100 ansi lumen video projector, 2,000 watt audio system with separate sub-woofer system. Recipient of the Big Surf Movie must abide by the terms of the contract for this item. Due to the popularity of this item, it is prebooked for Saturday, October 4, 2008 for an evening viewing or you may arrange with Big Wave Entertainment for a 2009 date of your choice. Mr. and Mrs. Neil Augustine, Longford’s Ice Cream


Bowling Party for 14 Adults at Greenwich Country Club

STRIKE! As your kids know, nothing beats a good old-fashioned bowling party to bring you and your friends together. When you add appetizers, beer and wine, you’ve got yourself a grown-up bowling party! Date to be mutually agreed upon. Club is closed in February. Dr. & Mrs. Michael Urban



Farmer’s Feast Plus Wine Pairing, Blue Hill at Stone Barns, plus Limo

Blue Hill at Stone Barns is a rare combination of restaurant and working farm, which translates into a menu that celebrates the seasons with the freshest ingredients the Hudson Valley has to offer. The seven-course Farmer’s Feast is a chef-driven tasting experience (it changes on any given night), and when paired with the wine, is a meal to remember. Enjoy it fully - there’s a limo waiting to bring you there and take you home! The certificate is valid any Wednesday, Thursday or Sunday evening between 5-9 p.m. Tax and gratuity are not included. Blue Hill at Stone Barns, Condor Limousine Service


Eat Out!

This package includes gift certificates for some of the best restaurants in the Greenwich area: Terra Ristorante, Greenwich: Use your $200 gift certificate to see why Old World Tuscan design and Northern Italian cuisine make this a Greenwich standout. Avenida, Greenwich: Sip margaritas and enjoy south-of-the-border Mexican cuisine with a flair. Dinner for two. Available Sunday through Thursday. Excludes drinks, taxes and gratuity. f.i.s.h., Port Chester: Zagat calls this off-the-beaten-path restaurant “a chic, citified eatery.” Their fish is flown in fresh, their produce and poultry are organic, and their meat is hormone free, grain fed American beef. Dinner for four. Avenida Restaurant, A Friend of Eagle Hill, f.i.s.h. Restaurant

“It is so nice when the kids understand something they have struggled with, and I love to see the relief on their face when they get it. It makes my day! Mark Griffin and Wendy Salisbury are both so knowledgeable in this field and encourage us to keep up with the newest ideas.”

Gina Burke, Teacher



“Dine Around” in Westchester

Some of the finest dining can be found in the Westchester area, and these three restaurants are proof of that. Mulino’s of Westchester: Bring a guest you want to impress to this restaurant that Zagat says attracts the “Who’s Who of Westchester” with its “excellent fare that pleases even the skeptics, and service so attentive you feel like you’re the only one there.” ‘42’ Restaurant in Ritz-Carlton Westchester: The newest BLT restaurant to open, this one is situated on the 42nd floor of the new Ritz-Carlton Hotel in White Plains, NY. You’ll enjoy this modern steakhouse with a French bistro feel as you take in the sweeping views of the Manhattan skyline. $150 gift certificate. Tre Angelina, White Plains: If you like your authentic Northern Italian cuisine served up with a side of Miles Davis and Coltrane, then you’ll love this Zagat-rated restaurant. The owners of this upscale eatery also run Angelina’s in East Norwich, and Angelina’s II in Syosset. $100 gift certificate. Mulino’s of Westchester, ‘42’ Restaurant, Tre Angelina

731 World Class Dining at the United Nations Delegates Dining Room
Whether you are celebrating something special or just wanting to enjoy the multicultural ambience of the United Nations and panoramic views of the East River and New York City skyline, the Zagat-rated United Nations Delegates Dining Room is the place to be. Dedicated to pleasing dignitaries and heads of state, the lunch buffet offers an eclectic menu featuring meticulously researched recipes from Greece, Italy, China, Germany, Spain, Morocco, and other nations, as well as authentic high quality ingredients. The buffet offerings and the cuisine vary from month to month. Certificate is for four people for the weekday lunch buffet only, 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Beverages, tax and gratuity not included. (Dress code is strictly enforced: Jacket required for men. No jeans or sneakers.) Mr. and Mrs. Ambrish Mathur



World Pendant Necklace

Wear a breathtakingly unique piece and feel good about it too! Through her retail sales, a portion of the proceeds from every one of Kelly Gerber’s World Pendants is donated to Healthy Child Healthy World, an organization that protects the health and well-being of children from harmful environmental exposures. The pendant, in 18 karat white gold, is a stunning replica of the world. Kelly Gerber Jewelry


White Gold and Diamond Pendant

This peace sign shaped 18 karat white gold and diamond pendant is sure to be fabulous for any fiesta. No exchanges or returns. JL Rocks


Van Cleef & Arpels Vintage Alhambra Motif Necklace

The four-leaf clover motif, which symbolizes luck in the West, became an icon in the jewelry world when Van Cleef & Arpels introduced it in 1974. This stunning vintage piece is made of 18 karat yellow gold and white mother-of-pearl, with ten clover motifs. No exchanges or returns. Betteridge Jewelers-Mr. Terry Betteridge


18K Rose Gold Necklace

This gorgeous two-tiered 18 karat rose gold necklace suspends a .74 karat brilliant cut round diamond which is accented by a collet-set fringe. Very unique! No exchanges or returns. Sharp Jewels-Mr. Manny Sharp


Men’s Stainless Steel Rolex “Submariner” Nondate Watch

Rolex watches are one of the most widely recognized luxury products in the world. This watch, a favorite of James Bond, is simple and elegant. It features a black unidirectional bezel, a black dial, and is attached to a stainless steel Oyster Fliplock bracelet. Perfect for the guy who appreciates a classic! Mr. and Mrs. Reginald Brack



Chanel J12 White Ceramic Watch

The first Chanel watch designed for both men and women, the J12 is the perfect balance between classic design and the latest high tech materials, including ceramic. This amazing watch has a white ceramic case and bracelet, white dial, scratch resistant sapphire crystal, unidirectional rotating bezel, hidden deployment clasp and automatic movement. It is also water resistant to 200 meters (660 feet). No exchanges or returns. Manfredi Jewels-Mr. and Mrs. Roberto Chiappelloni


Diamond “Huggie” Earrings

These earrings are beautiful enough for evening yet understated enough for everyday. Each earring has two rows of diamond baguettes with an approximate 7.0 weight. The snapbar closure makes them very comfortable to wear. Ms. Nancy Underwood


Blue Topaz Earrings, 14.28 karats

These stunning blue topaz earrings feature a checkerboard cut and are wrapped in white gold. The drop on the “huggie” has ten one-point diamonds. With a total of 14.28 karats, these earrings will be beautiful on any set of ears! No exchanges or returns. Ear Candy-Ms. Karen Lee


Marquis Shaped Blue Topaz, Iolite, and Diamond Earrings

These lovely earrings, set in 18 karat white gold, have 1.05 karats of total diamond weight surrounding five marquis-cut blue topaz and iolite stones. A very special find. No exchanges or returns. Zwicker and Zacher, Ltd.-Ms. Crashy Zacher


Pave Diamond Earrings

Exquisite. Understated. That’s how you want to look, isn’t it? And that’s what you’ll be when you wear these pave diamond earrings. No exchanges or returns. Simmons Jewelry Company - Mr. Scott Rausch


18 karat Gold and Semi-Precious Earrings

18 karat yellow gold earrings with Peruvian opals – now that’s a combination that will look lovely with everything you own. No exchanges or returns. Beads in the Loft



Kwiat Jasmine Diamond Ring

Whether you’re wearing jeans or silk, this fabulous ring will give that extra spark to your outfit. Each diamond in this exquisite band is precisely cut for maximum brilliance. The ring, with a total of 1.0 karat in diamonds, is set in white gold and is .25” wide. Ring may be sized at Richards of Greenwich or exchanged for the correct size only. No charge for sizing. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Leaman


Two Judith Ripka Cuffed Bracelets

A beautiful quartz stone (one champagne, one mint green) is the centerpiece on these intricately detailed Judith Ripka cuff bracelets with hinge closures. Wear alone or make a statement by wearing both! Fits up to a seven inch wrist. No exchanges or returns. Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Walsh


Dyed Black Rabbit Scarf and $500 Gift Certificate to Steven B. Fox Jeweler

Wear your long braided black rabbit scarf designed by Zandra Rhodes on your trip to Steven B. Fox in Greenwich, where you’ll spend your $500 gift certificate on something else equally fabulous. Gift certificate not applicable towards special orders, repairs, sale items, or estate jewelry. Pologeorgis Furs, Steven B. Fox Jeweler


Dooney & Bourke “Chiara” Bag plus $250 Gift Card for the Worth Collection

You’ll want to be carrying your gorgeous new bag from Dooney & Bourke’s latest collection when you attend the exclusive trunk show for the Worth Collection. The “Chiara” bag is designed with croc-embossed leather straps that buckle onto a rich canvas tote in a beautiful sand color. It’s cinched with a drawstring top and strong magnetic closure, and has an inside zip pocket, key hook, and cell phone pocket. The Worth Collection is an elegant luxury line of women’s clothing sold exclusively by invitation only, four times a year. This $250 gift card will start you on your way to owning something special from this eye-catching line. Ms. Kathy Savitz, Dooney & Bourke-Ms. Stephanie Wall



Classic Quilted Leather Chanel Handbag

One of Chanel’s true classics, the Petit Shopper handbag comes in luxurious camel-colored quilted leather. A D-ring and pocket on one side as well as another zippered pocket completes the interior. Mademoiselle Coco always loved an outer pocket design, and this purse is no exception. It also features her signature chain strap but this time with leather strips interwoven through it and shoulder straps for ease and comfort. Includes authenticity card. Non-refundable and non-returnable. Saks Fifth Avenue - Ms. Diana Loviano


Private Party at theory for 20 Plus New Spring Bag

Chat, have a glass of wine, and shop–all at the same time! Guests to your private party will receive 20 percent off their purchases. The hostess (you!) will take home a beautiful new bag from their Spring line. theory-Ms. Dede Dixon


Michael Kors Black “Rehearsal” Drawstring Satchel

Make a total fashion statement with this large “Rehearsal” leather satchel from Michael Kors. This stunning black handbag has palladium-finished hardware, dual shoulder straps with rings and is very generously sized. The shoulder drop is 11” in length. Completing the look are side zips, signature hardware, a top drawstring closure over a tab with magnetic snap closure, an interior lining with a back wall zip pocket and multifunctional slip pockets. No exchanges or returns. Michael Kors


Large White Leather Prada Handbag

The word “butter” was invented for a bag like this. The softest leather in the most beautiful white color sets the base for this fabulous large tote from Prada. Combining practicality with beauty, its long double handles allow you to use it as a shoulder bag, while the capacious interior gives you plenty of room for all your summer “must-haves.” Metallic snap closure, with interior zippered pocket. A Friend of Eagle Hill


Shirt and Jacket Worn by Jon Bon Jovi in Concert!

Own a piece of history! This military style jacket and shirt were worn by Jon Bon Jovi in concert. Mr. & Mrs. Grant MacDonald



Haircut and Manicure at Hop Scotch Hair Salon in Greenwich plus $300 Victoria’s Secret Gift Certificate

You’ll discover why people come to Greenwich rather than New York for their hair care needs when you visit Hop Scotch Salon! Owner Hisao will cut and blow dry your hair while Patricia will work her magic with a manicure/pedicure. Then, when you’re looking and feeling like a million dollars on the outside, head over to Victoria’s Secret to find items that make the “inside” look just as great. Hop Scotch Salon, Ms. Patricia Cires


Haircut, Color and Make-Up at Warren-Tricomi in Greenwich

According to, the Greenwich location of WarrenTricomi “is known for, in addition to the top-flight services of all of their salons, their fantastic supplementary items such as accessories and jewelry, personal concierge assistance, customized bridal consultation and medical beauty procedures.” This wonderful package includes a haircut with Susan, color with Rodney, and make-up with Piret. Warren-Tricomi Salon


Private Party at Go Figure

Throw a healthy party at the Go Figure exercise studio for 20 of your best friends. You will have a one hour class with the instructor of your choice. After stretching, toning and strengthening your body, enjoy light hors d’oeuvres from Marcia Selden Caterers. Date to be mutually agreed upon. Go Figure - Ms. Cindy Sites, Marcia Selden Catering & Event Planning


Pilates and Cycling or Personal Training

Fitness is the key to this package. If you’re interested in cycling, then Suzanne Timmerman, a well-known and highly experienced cyclist and personal trainer, will provide you with three private hours of her expertise to help build or enhance your road cycling skills. If you’d rather she design a personal health and fitness plan for you, then that’s fine too! Cycling is usually at SUNY Purchase and personal training at The Kneaded Touch in Stamford, but the location could be negotiable. And, when you want to bone up on the latest Pilates moves, head to Ward Pilates in Darien, CT, where you’ll enjoy two private Pilates sessions at Darien’s only fullyequipped Pilates studio! Dates and times for both Suzanne Timmerman and Ward Pilates to be mutually agreed upon. Mr. Joe Zimmel, Ward Pilates, LLC



A Day of Beauty and Exercise

Enjoy getting fit with Biokinetics! Greenwich’s first five-star personal training spa, Studio Uma specializes in sculpting your body with biokinetics–one of the hottest, fastest, and healthiest exercise methods there is. This certificate entitles you to two private biokinetics sessions. After your workout, you’ll enjoy being pampered as the experts at Becker Salon work their magic. This wonderful salon package includes hair color, hair cut, blow dry and manicure. Dates to be mutually agreed upon. Studio Uma – Ms. Jessie Munoz, Becker Salon


Private Pilates in Your Home, Then a Spa Rejuvenation

An “At One” experience consists of two personal training sessions in the comfort of your own home. One hour is spent with a certified personal trainer, focusing on cardio/strength training. The other hour is spent with a certified Pilates instructor, focusing on Pilates mat and core work. The two hours can be done together or on separate days, based on availability. After your workout, relax at Rejuvenations Le Spa with a two-hour allorganic Golden Ray Face Rejuvenation Treatment. Complete with hot, steam-heated towels and your choice of custom-blended aromatherapy to bolster immunity and well-being, it will leave your skin looking and feeling years younger. Dates to be mutually agreed upon. Ms. Katie Cowart, Rejuvenations Le Spa


Joy Bauer Nutrition Consultation and 10 Bar Method Classes

Get ready for your next fiesta with an initial hour and a half consultation on nutrition/weight loss. The wonderful cook book, Food Cures by Joy Bauer is also included. Now to get into shape! The Bar Method exercise system creates a uniquely lean, firm, sculpted body by reshaping and elongating muscles while maintaining an intense pace that burns fat and increases stamina. This package includes 10 one-hour classes that combine strengthening and stretching that “burns fat, carves muscle.” Dates to be mutually agreed upon. Joy Bauer Nutrition-Ms. Amy Horowitz, Bar Method (Rye, NY)


Five Microdermabrasion Sessions

The American Laser Centers provide a complete line of aesthetic enhancements for men and women, including skin rejuvenation and cellulite reduction. This package includes five microdermabrasion sessions which will target darker pigmented lesions, stimulate new collagen production, and eliminate older outer skin layers. Dates to be mutually agreed upon. American Laser Centers



$3000 Gift Certificate Plus Personal Shopper from Richards of Greenwich

Here’s your chance to raise your wardrobe to a whole new level! Debbi O’Shea, a personal shopper, will come to your home and spend two hours with you, advising you on the clothing you now have and making suggestions for future purchases. Then, she’ll help you make the best decisions on how to spend your $3000 gift certificate at Richard’s of Greenwich. Build your wardrobe in a store that has raised customer service to a whole new level. Richards-Mr. Scott Mitchell, Ms. Debbi O’Shea


Women’s Beautiful Fabric Golf Bag and Vineyard Vines Golf Motif Silk Tie

If you want to make your mark on the golf course, then this golf bag is for you! This gorgeous bag has tan tapestry with an understated and elegant print as well as deep mahogany-colored Italian leather trim and strap. Everyone will ask where you got it! We’ve continued the golf theme by including a classic Vineyard Vines 100 percent silk golf motif tie in blue. A ” wonderful 58” length and traditional 3I width means it will fit any of your favorite guys. Anne Getz


Four Framed Botanical Prints

These four beautifully framed botanical prints will suit any decor and lend a tasteful design element to any room in your home. J. Pocker and Son, Inc.


Fine Furnishings Package: Table, Mirror, Lamp, Frames

This elegant furnishings package includes a beautiful white lacquered butler’s tray with removable top and silver metallic legs, a large silver framed mirror, a white contemporary-style lamp with glass base, and two silver frames. These beautiful pieces could easily complete a front hall or lend elegance to a cozy reading corner. Good Food, Good Things, Ms. Katharine Kidder



Dinner and Decorating with Christopher Hyland

Renowned decorator Christopher Hyland will enrich your life and your home. Richly historic and classically contemporary textiles are the aesthetic underpinnings at Christopher Hyland, Inc. The showroom is filled with sumptuous silks, velvets, damasks, brocades, trimmings, and rugs. The team of gifted designer Joe Parisi, master upholsterer/drapery maker Ralph Dominguez, and fabric maestro Christopher Hyland will help surround your life with luxury. The purchaser of this package and seven guests will be personally invited by Mr. Hyland to join him for dinner at his home in Chelsea, NYC. Joe Parisi is a decorator whose design philosophy is to bring the client’s wishes to the highest level of excellence possible. He will personally come to your home to meet with you and also go with you into Manhattan to shop at the Christopher Hyland showroom at the Design and Decorators Building. The skill of master upholsterer Ralph Dominguez adds the final touch to this incredible package. This wonderful package (valued at $10,000) becomes your choice: start a whole new look in your home, or take a special upholstery piece you already own and transform it. Dates to be mutually agreed upon. Christopher Hyland, Inc., Joseph Parisi Interiors, Ralph Dominguez Interiors


East End Brass Custom Lighting Design Consultation plus $5000 Credit

Ask any interior designer and you’ll most likely hear “lighting makes the room.” Ted Hildner, EHS parent, will help you create the room of your dreams by consulting with you on your overall lighting design and then providing you with a $5000 credit towards your lighting plan. Everything at East End Brass is custom-made in the United States by their own artists and small shops of artisans whose combined efforts create quality products that are unsurpassed in the lighting and home design industry today. East End Brass-Mr. Ted Hildner


Pen & Ink Sketch of Your Home

Susan Doyle, an artist in Keene, NH, has been drawing pen and ink sketches of people’s homes across the country for many years. You supply the photo and she will send you a finished, matted drawing suitable for framing. Mrs. Susan Doyle



Burn Baby Burn.....Vermont Good Wood

Keep warm! A four foot rack full of Vermont Good Wood kiln dried firewood will be delivered, stacked, and covered at your home. Delivery made to Fairfield and Westchester counties only, before 12/1/08. Mr. & Mrs. Grant MacDonald


Two Hours of Professional Financial Record Keeping Organization

Are you drowning in paperwork because you just can’t find the time and energy to do it? Judith Heft makes order out of chaos. Let her put your financial house in order, one receipt at a time. Delegate your personal financial paperwork to a reliable professional and cure your financial record-keeping headaches. Judy comes to your rescue by preparing online bill payments, bank reconciliations, and tracking all repeating bills to ensure timely payment of taxes, insurance premiums and much more. This could be the start of a new partnership! Includes a P-Touch label maker and assorted files. Judith Heft and Associates LLC-Ms. Judith Heft


Organize Yourself!

You’ve seen it on TV, now experience it for yourself. An expert in organization will come into your home for three hours and help coordinate, organize, and assist you in cleaning out the closets in your home. DYMO label makers included, as well as a $200 gift certificate to Bed Bath & Beyond for organizational supplies. Get It Together, DYMO - Mr. Andrew Newmark


Rare Beatles Photo Taken on February 11, 1964 – Last Time at an EHS Auction!

This rare collector’s item was shot on Feb. 11, 1964, the morning after the Beatles’ first performance in the United States. Having traveled by train to DC, they piled into a limo to attend a press conference at the Coliseum. A British photographer asked Dennis Brack, now President of the White House News Photographers Association, for a ride behind the limo when it left the Coliseum. En route, the Beatles leaped from the limo and posed for this photo. They were back in the limo before anyone else could take their picture. To Dennis Brack’s knowledge, this photo and those made by the British photographer are the only ones that were taken of the Beatles and the Capitol building. Mr. Dennis Brack



Bronze Sculpture “Up You Go”

This stunningly beautiful bronze sculpture of a mother and her baby, entitled “Up You Go”, has been created by Mimi Sammis, a renowned sculptor and native of Greenwich. Her work is represented in over 300 public and private collections worldwide, including those of the Queen of England, where, in 2002, Ms. Sammis received a commission from the Archbishop of Canterbury to honor the Queen’s Golden Jubilee. A perfect Mother’s Day gift! Ms. Anne Mimi Sammis


Davidoff Humidore and Tobacconist Gift Certificate

This beautiful humidor made of burl walnut will look good in every man’s study. The generous cabinet can hold an extensive selection of cigars. The $200 gift certificate from The Tobacconist will get you started. Mr. & Mrs. Reginald Brack


The Party’s On! Margaritas, Mixers, and a-Mazing Boots

We give you the margarita machine and glasses, pitcher, mixers, salt and the boots …you provide the tequila and southwestern’re ready to go! When the party starts, set out your best guacamole in the authentic lava stone molcajete and set yourself up as the bartender extraordinaire (“how-to” book included in package). Boots can be exchanged for size. Friends of EHS, Shoes n’More-Ms. Ann Marie Spallone, Mr. and Mrs. Neil Augustine


Oceanic 70 Gallon Salt Water Aquarium

The entire family will enjoy this incredible Oceanic 70 gallon salt water aquarium. This amazing package includes a rectangular glass aquarium with matching solid oak cabinet and canopy, a state-of-the-art built-in five gallon wet/dry filter, UV sterilizer, pump, dual fluorescent light fixture, and 300 watt submersible heater. Also included are store credits for $500 in decorations, $300 in fish, delivery, and set up in your home as well as one service call. House of Fins-Mr. and Mrs. Rob Bray


Hand Painted Ceramic Tiered Planter

This lovely ceramic planter with its white background and hand painted seaside scenes will suit any décor. The square planter is two-tiered for flower arranging. Rinfret Home and Garden



Canon DVD Camcorder with 35x Optical Zoom

Make your own home movies with the easy-to-operate Canon DVD Camcorder. It gives you the performance of DVD technology with the brilliance and power of a Canon 35x optical zoom and features widescreen recording, direct-to-DVD recording, and up to 30 minutes of storage per video in standard mode. Starter kit included. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Walsh


Canon iP6310D Photo Printer

This high resolution printer (up to 4800 x 1200 color dpi) gives you finely detailed photos. Just click-connect-print. You can print directly from your digital camera, DVD camcorder, memory cards, or print wirelessly from your Bluetooth-enabled mobile camera phone. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Leaman


Digital Camera and Compact Photo Printer

Take great pictures with the small and mighty Panasonic Lumix 7-Megapixel digital camera, and then make high quality prints with your HP Photosmart A626 Compact Photo Printer. This compact camera features all the bells and whistles, including optical image stabilization to keep your shots steady, plus a simplified settings menu. The 1GB SD card will hold over 300 images at 6 mg resolution. The HP Photosmart A626 printer sports a color touch screen for editing photos and adding effects and was recognized with an Editor’s Choice Award by PC Magazine in October 2007. A Friend of Eagle Hill


iPod Touch 8GB

Great things come in small packages! This powerful iPod features revolutionary multi-touch interface, a 3.5-inch widescreen color display, and Wi-Fi (802.11b/g). Only 8 mm wide, it puts Safari, YouTube, mail, stocks, weather, Notes, iTunes (Wi-Fi Music Store) and maps in the palm of your hand! Earphones are included. Connect via USB cable to a Mac or PC and the internet. Dr. Glenn Gorab and Dr. Betty Keller



Apple 8GB iPod Nano and Bose SoundDock Portable Digital Music System

They call it the small iPod with one very big idea: Video. Now the world’s most popular music player lets you enjoy TV shows, movies, video podcasts, and more. The larger, brighter display means amazing picture quality. It plays up to five hours of video or up to 24 hours of audio on a single charge. Combine it with the stunning sound and sleek design of the Bose SoundDock Music System. Completely portable, it features a rotating iPod dock and iPod charger. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Walsh, Mr. and Mrs. Terran Miller


iLuv 8.4 Multimedia Player

This portable multimedia player for your iPod allows you to watch videos on the 8.4-inch screen in several zoom formats. Playable media includes: DVDs, CDs, MP3s, JPEG, and Kodak. Powered by the built-in rechargeable battery, or by an AC power adapter or cigarette lighter adapter. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Walsh


Apple IPhone

This revolutionary phone redefines what you can do on a mobile phone. Just tap a number to make a call, or listen to voicemail in any order with Visual Voicemail. Since it’s an equally brilliant iPod, you can enjoy music, videos, movies, rentals, and more on the 3.5-inch color display, and browse by album artwork with Cover Flow. iPhone features rich HTML email and Safari, the most advanced web browser ever on a portable device. Dr. and Mrs. Michael Urban


Apple MacBook “Air”

The MacBook “Air” is nearly as thin as your index finger. Practically every detail that could be streamlined has been, yet it still has a 13.3-inch widescreen LED display, full-size keyboard, and large multi-touch trackpad. It’s incomparably portable without the usual ultraportable screen and keyboard compromises. This is a laptop that allows you to take full advantage of the wireless world. Mr. and Mrs. James Henderson, Mr. Joe Zimmel


“Having the flexibility to cater my classroom curriculum to the individual needs of my students year after year has definitely been one of the main reasons I have chosen to stay at Eagle Hill.”

Jenn Harkins, teacher (13 years with Eagle Hill)


Fiesta del Sol

“Eagle Hill’s tuition reimbursement plan towards my master’s degree in school counseling has been a huge perk and has made my financial planning much easier.”

Brian Dayton, Teacher

The Board of Tru st ees thanks the Fiesta del So l co-chairs :

Kim Augustine Barbara Walsh
for their strong leadership and tirel ess efforts on behalf of Eagl e Hill S ch ool

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