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Volume 29 – Number 161

Application #1/2007

an ARBOR-NOMICS Newsletter

FREE Perimeter Pest Control when you upgrade
How would you like to get a service FREE from us in 2007? In fact, you can have it FREE two times.
If you upgrade your lawn service to a lawn, tree and shrub package, you’ll receive two applications of our NEW Perimeter Pest Control service for FREE.* That means you won’t have to worry about insects and diseases in your trees and shrubs or about ants, fire ants, spiders, ticks, and fleas in your yard. You’ll receive two FREE Perimeter Pest Control treatments throughout the year from March through October depending upon when you upgrade your service. That’s an average cost of $120, but you get it FREE. And all you have to do is take care of your trees and shrubs to receive this. Just call us to receive a free tree and shrub estimate. Once you approve the estimate, we’ll begin a tree and shrub service, along with the Perimeter Pest Control service on our next visit. Trees and shrubs here in Atlanta are susceptible to a variety of insects and diseases like aphids, spider mites, lace bugs, and leaf spot. Any of these could severely damage or even kill your favorite trees and shrubs. But if you begin your tree and shrub service now, you’ll be able to avoid any problems later. You can read more about our NEW Perimeter Pest Control service on page 2 of this newsletter. Call us at 770-4476037 to request an estimate and start your service by March 1st to receive the benefit of two free Perimeter Pest Control treatments.
*You will receive only your first two Perimeter Pest Control applications free. Additional applications will be charged if you choose to continue this service.

Bare In Mind
by Dick Bare
Hi Everyone! Hope all is well with you and yours and that you enjoyed the holidays. We had a great Christmas and New Year’s. In fact, it was the best New Year’s Eve celebration I’ve ever been to. The only thing more depressing than staying home on New Year’s Eve is going out. Last year my wife got mad at me because I got home late from a New Year’s Eve party. It was kind of late….June! This year, we went to Las Vegas with several couples and celebrated the New Year with 750,000 other revelers outdoors in front of the Monte Carlo Hotel & Casino. Fireworks went off from the tops of many of the large buildings surrounding us, and it was spectacular. Here’s what our friends did.

(What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!)

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Introducing Arbor-Nomics Turf Outdoor Perimeter Pest Control Program:
Beginning in March, we will be offering a new service to our customers: Perimeter Pest Control. This program will be offered from March through October and will consist of a total of four treatments. However, if you upgrade from our lawn-only service to our lawn, tree and shrub service, you will receive two applications FREE (see offer on page 1 of this newsletter). This treatment is great for our customers who: • Entertain or spend a lot of time outdoors and are bothered by insects • Have children who play in the front or back yard and are worried about fire ants and ticks • Have pets that spend time outdoors and want to avoid them bringing in fleas and ticks What does the treatment consist of? First, we’ll spray a barrier around your home. Then we will spray all the places where these pests live in your yard: • In mulched areas • In the water dishes of potted plants • On ground cover • At the base of your shrubs and small trees What can you expect? • Expect to see a significant reduction in fire ants, ants, ticks, fleas, and spiders on your property. It will also reduce the number of mosquitoes. • You’ll see fewer bugs indoors since there will be fewer outdoors. • Expect one treatment to last approximately 30–60 days.* And we’ll apply it at the same time as your lawn or tree and shrub treatment. • Just like with our lawn, tree and shrub service, you can call us with any questions or concerns between treatments. • The average cost of this treatment is $49.99, depending upon the size of your property. How do I order this treatment? Call us today at 770-447-6037 ext. 2 or visit our website,, to get an estimate and sign up, and you’ll enjoy your patio, deck, or backyard without bugs this summer.
*The duration of the effectiveness of this treatment depends on the amount of rainfall during that time period. More rain will shorten the duration of the effectiveness.

The outdoor pest control treatment that takes care of fire ants, ants, ticks, fleas, and spiders.

Changes to your bills
We have installed and implemented a new computer system here at Arbor-Nomics. We are really excited about it because it will make us more efficient. We wanted to let you know that due to this change, you will see some changes on your bills from us. First of all, the colors have changed, so they won’t look exactly like they did before. Second, if you have lawn, tree and shrub care with us, you will no longer get two invoices, now you’ll just get one. One last change is that everything that prints will have your ongoing balance and other pertinent information on it. This will be an improvement over the old invoices. So no, we haven’t changed the art director, we just changed our I.T. company. If you have any questions or problems, please call any of our smiling, cheerful customer service reps.


Reasons to take care of your lawn
Just in case you needed a few more reasons to take care of your landscaping, did you know that: A Gallup survey reported that 62% of all homeowners in the United States felt that investments in lawn and landscaping were as good, or better, than other home improvements. Proper and well-maintained landscaping and lawns add 15% to a home’s value according to buyers. The investment recovery rate is 100% to 200% for a landscape improvement, while adding a deck or patio recovers 40% to 70% their cost.

We Specialize in Outdoor Lighting for Less
Save 10% NOW* on your entire lighting package. And bulb replacements are free for one year!
At Southeastern Outdoor Lighting, we only do lighting. We won’t mow your lawn or plant any trees, but we’ll light up your landscape, your pool, your house, or just about anything else. And right now, we’ll do it for less. You’ll save 10% off your entire lighting package until 3/15/07. Of course, our lighting specialists provide first-rate lighting design and top-notch installation and service, but we’ll leave the landscaping to someone else.

Call us at 770-402-8837 for more information or to schedule your free lighting consultation.
*Offer good until March 15, 2007. Not good with any other offer.

Sign up by March 1st for your spring aeration and save 10%!
If you’ve ever tried to dig a hole on your property, you know just how hard Georgia clay can be. That’s why it’s so important for you to aerate your warm season lawn every spring. The dense Georgia soil makes it hard for air and water to percolate through it, and that makes it more difficult for grass to grow and the roots to spread deeper. Aeration removes plugs of soil, allowing the water and air to get down to the roots. The result: a thicker, healthier lawn. Bermuda and zoysia are especially sensitive to aeration, although all warm season lawns would benefit from this service.

10% off
The tight pores of compacted soil prevent root growth. Aeration enables the roots to grow deeper, stronger, & larger, producing a thicker, stress-resistant lawn.

Sign up now for your aeration in March through April and save 10% off the total cost
Expires: 3/1/07

The typical cost for aerating the average lot size is $100. But if you sign up now, you’ll save 10% and have a beautiful lawn this summer.



Bare in Mind…
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Ok, but I can tell you what happened to my wife and I. We went out in a $20,000 car and came back in a $200,000 dollar Greyhound bus. Actually, I was blown away by how beautiful the city was. It was a miniature rendition of Europe. It had a replica of Paris with a halfsize Eiffel Tower, lots of Roman, Greek, and Gothic architecture, and lots of high-end stores like Cartier, Hermes, Rolex, and many others that I’ve never even heard of. Some of the attractions were spectacular. There was a lake in front of the Bellagio Hotel with dancing fountains that came alive on the half hour. It was incredible, a sight to see. Las Vegas is situated in a soup bowl surrounded by beautiful mountains, some as tall as Mt. Hood, which is 11,500 feet. It is most pretty when seen at night flying in. It looks like a large diamond, nestled down in the prongs, sparkling in all its facets. The population is 1.8 million and growing like crazy (it’s the fastest growing city in the U.S. according to one of our customers). Everybody was very friendly and helpful, even going out of their way to help us find places. Las Vegas will see one or two large projects coming on board over the next 18 to 24 months that will blow away what’s already there, according to one pit boss I talked to. Just driving down Las Vegas Boulevard is a treat. There is a great variety of architecture, but it all goes together well. Most of the old Las Vegas has been torn down and replaced, but you

can still find remnants of it if you look. One interesting left over from old Vegas is the Stratosphere Tower. It’s about 1150 feet tall, (Seattle’s Space Needle is about 900 feet). Once up on top, you can see for miles and even go on a couple of rides that take you out over the side of the building. I’ll have my own heart attack, thank you. Also in old Vegas is the Freemont Street Experience, where a sound and light show takes place on a canopy over the street. If you are only on a three-day trip, I would skip this, but a longer stay would warrant a visit. In some hotels and shopping malls there were opera singers performing shows set to music where large statues moved and talked, all tastefully done. There was an indoor rain forest, and pirate ships doing battle at the Treasure Island Hotel and Casino. If you want to visit these free shows though, be sure and find out the times so you can go early and get a good view. We went to the Celine Dion show and, man, can that gal sing! It’s worth going just to see the theatrics of her show, kind of a cross between Broadway and Cirque du Soleil. There were many other famous performers there, but we were too busy going to the free stuff to go to any shows. Of course, we did some gambling. I was losing some serious coin when I realized I was putting money into a stamp machine! I would hate to own a hotel there. People with gambling addictions will hawk anything; even the Gideon Bibles had chains on them. I stood behind one of our friends at a Blackjack table and mentally bet on what would win. I lost my mind twice. Gambling can bring a family closer together though. I talked to one man who lost his house so

now they all live in one room. Money talks in Vegas, it says goodbye. Vegas isn’t all bad though, Americans spend 80 billion dollars a year on games of chance, mostly weddings. Think about that. Gambling is a great way of getting nothing for something, which is probably how half of all married women would describe their marriages. Las Vegas, also known as “Weight Watchers for your wallet” can be a risqué place. One ad read, “Come and see the show….six gorgeous dancing girls, five gorgeous costumes! We saw one woman outside in an outfit so small it was keeping hundreds of men warm, but she had to be freezing! We had a lot of great experiences in the three days we were there, but one in particular stands out. A drunk got on our shuttle bus, staggered up the aisle, and flopped into the seat beside this little old lady. She looked him up and down and sniffed, “I’ve got news for you. You’re going straight to Hell!” The drunk jumped up and said, “Good heavens, I’m on the wrong bus!” The hotel had a nice touch though. You know how on the back of the door at most hotels, there’s a sign that says,” Have you left anything?” This one said, “Have you anything left?” As we flew home we joked, “We’re so broke, if we get robbed on MARTA the only thing the robbers will get is practice!

Referrals Pay!
If you refer a neighbor or friend to us, and they become a customer, you can receive $10 off your next bill. Just tell them to mention your name when they call.


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