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					Edward Pollick Illustrator Don’t Hit Send Just to Fit In

Accomplished artist, designer, and illustrator, Edward Pollick, joins the Temptation of a Generation team for Don’t Hit Send Just to Fit In. With his unique art style, Pollick brings a fresh and lively flair to the third book in the Temptation Series. Through his vivid illustrations, four characters come to life in this important and relevant children’s book that tackles the serious issue of Cyber Bullying. Pollick’s involvement with Don’t Hit Send Just to Fit In is truly a personal story. When Pollick was in elementary school, he was bullied by his peers and classmates for the way that he looked. In fourth grade, Pollick began losing hair in small patches on his head. Shortly after, doctors diagnosed him with Alopecia, a genetic condition that causes partial to total hair loss over the body and head. By the time Pollick was ten years old he had lost all of his hair. Going to school was very intimidating for him as the kids would call him names and play cruel jokes. Pollick has lived with severe bullying first hand, and has heartfelt aspirations for helping children that are or have been bullied. Pollick has created artwork for a significant roster of clients, ranging from Paul Frank Industries to Saturday Night Live. He is currently Senior Illustrator for Beyond Your Words. Pollick has a bachelor’s degree in Illustration with a focus in Two-Dimension Animation from the Academy of Art College in San Francisco. He also studied for three years in the Fine Arts Program at California State University in Fullerton.

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