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									Recommended Reading for Occlusion Therapy, Dry Eye Syndrome and Tear Film Dysfunction
A CLINICAL GUIDE TO LACRIMAL PLUMBING Leonid Skorin, O.D., D.O., Review of Optometry, September 1993. A COMPARISON OF TWO METHODS OF PUNCTAL OCCLUSION M. E., Knapp, M.D., B. R. Frueh, M.D., C. C., Nelson, M.D., D. C. Musch, M.D., American Journal of Ophthalmology, Vol. 108, 1989. ADVANCING THE DIAGNOSIS OF DRY EYE Stephen C. Pflugfelder, M.D., Review of Ophthalmology, October, 1999. A NEW PUNCTUM PLUG Takashi Hamano, M.D., Yuichi Ohashi, M.D., Yoko Cho, M.D., Yoshikazu Shimomura, M.D., and Reizo Manabe, M.D., American Journal of Ophthalmology, Vol. 100 , No. 4, Oct. 1985 A SYSTEMATIC APPROACH TO MANAGING MILD DRY EYE Barbara E. Caffery, O.D., Review of Optometry, 57-60 , July 15, 1995 ACUTE DACRYOCYSTITIS AFTER PUNCTAL OCCLUSION FOR KERATOCONJUNCTIVITIS SICCA Herbert J. Glatt, MD, Letters to the Journal, Section of Ophthalmology, Department of Surgery, University of Tennessee Medical Center at Knoxville, and Ophthalmology Service, Department of Surgery, East Tennessee Baptist Hospital ALLERGIC DISEASE OF THE OUTER EYE Barrie R. Jones, Transactions of the Ophthalmological Societies of the United Kingdom 1971 ANALYSIS OF HUMAN TEAR PROTEIN PROFILES USING HIGH PERFORMANCE LIQUID CHROMATOGRAPHY (HPLC) R.J. Boukes, A. Boonstra, A.C. Breebaart, D. Reits, E. Glasius, L. Luyendyk & A. Kijlstra, Documental Ophthalmologica 67, 105-113 (1897) ASSESSMENT OF A PATIENT-COMPLETED QUESTIONNAIRE FOR KERATOCONJUNCTIVITIS SICCA Charmaine Sargent, Michael Ludlow, Margaret McCredit, Peter M. Brooks & John Webb, The Medical Journal of Australia, Vol. 148, April 18, 1988. BACTERIAL FACTORS IN CHRONIC CATARRHAL CONJUNCTIVITIS Phillips Thygeson, M.D. Arch. Ophthalmology V. 19 1937 BASIC TEAR FLOW - DOES IT EXIST? Alan Jordan, M.D,, Jules Baum, M.D., Ophthalmology September 1980 Vol. 87, No. 9 BLINKING AND THE MECHANICS OF THE LACRIMAL DRAINAGE SYSTEM, Marshall G. Doane, Ph.D., Ophthalmology, Vol. 88, No. 8, August, 1981. CANALICULAR OCCLUSION BY COLLAGEN IMPLANTS IN DRY EYE WITH CORNEAL ULCER P.C. Dwivedi, Reader in Ophthalmology, M.K. Rathore, Professor & Head Dept. of Ophthalmology, S.S. Medical College and Associated Hospitals CANALICULAR OCCLUSION IN OCULAR DRUG THERAPY Michael L. Gilbert, M.D., Optometry Today, November, 1992. CANALICULO-CUTANEOUS FISTULIZATION Robert S. Herrick, MD (unpublished)

CAREFUL WORKUP URGED TO PREVENT CORNEAL MELT IN CATARACT PATIENTS Aubin Tyler, Ophthalmology Times CLAO ANNUAL MEETING RACKS UP FIRSTS Ocular Surgery News Vol. 13 No 6, 3/15/95 CLINICAL ASPECTS OF LASER TREATMENT IN THE ANTERIOR SEGMENT (THE) Literature Research , The New England College of Optometry by Luis M. Perez, 1991 CLINICAL TRIAL OF SUSTAINED-RELEASE ARTIFICIAL TEARS IN KERATOCONJUNCTIVITIS SICCA AND SJOGREN'S SYNDROME Goran Lindahl, Berit Calissendorff & Verit Carle, ACTA Ophthalmologica, Department of Rheumatology & Ophthalmology, Karolinska Institute, Huddinge Hospital, Stockholm, Sweden CLINICIANS CONSIDER PATIENT’S TOLERANCE, ANATOMY, PHYSIOLOGY BEFORE PUNCTAL OCCLUSION Leo P. Semes, O.D., Primary Care Optometry News, May, 1998 COLLAGEN IMPLANTS SAID TO HELP DX OF KERATOCONJUNCTIVITIS SICCA Robert Herrick, M.D., Ophthalmology Times, December 1, 1985. COLLAGEN PUNCTA PLUG PROVIDES DRY EYE TEST Robert S. Herrick, M.D., Ocular Surgery News June 15, 1985. COMPARISON OF TWO METHODS OF PUNCTAL OCCLUSION (A) Mary Ellen Knapp, MD, Bartley R. Frueh, MD, Christine C. Nelson, MD and David C. Musch, PhD COMPLICATIONS ASSOCIATED WITH HERRICK SILICONE PUNCTAL PLUGS K. Heidar, M.D., J. Hunter, M.D., John Affeldt, M.D., M. Balli, M.D., ARVO Convention Submission, 2001. COMPLICATIONS ASSOCIATED WITH SILICONE INTRACANALICULAR PLUGS Junhee Lee, M.D., Joseph Flanagan, M.D., The American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Inc., Vol. 17, No. 6, pp465-469, 2001. COMPLICATIONS ASSOCIATED WITH THE NEW SMALLER SIZE FREEMAN PUNCTAL PLUG Leo, J. Maguire, M.D., George B. Bartley, M.D., Archives of Ophthalmology, Vol. 107, July, 1989. CONJUNCTIVAL SURFACE DAMAGE DISTRIBUTION IN KERATOCONJUNCTIVITIS SICCA M. Rolando, F. Terranga, G. Giordano, G. Calabria, Ophthalmologica, 1990, 200: 170-176 DETECTING DRY EYE IN CONTACT LENS WEARERS Kelly A. Kenney, O.D., Contact Lens Spectrum, May, 1998 DEVELOPING A SUCCESSFUL LACRIMOLOGY SUB-SPECIALTY Roger Shaw, III, O.D., Shonda Achard, O.D., Optometry Today, April, 1993 DIAGNOSIS AND TREATMENT OF DRY EYE SYNDROME - AN EVALUATION OF TWO SURVEYS Frank J. Holly, PhD, Spectrum, July 1989 DIAGNOSIS OF DRY EYE (THE) Barbara E. Caffrey, M.S., O.D., Optometry Today, April, 1996. DIAGNOSIS AND TREATMENT OF LACRIMAL DISORDERS Everett R. Veirs, M.D., Richard D. Cunningham, M.D., American Academy of Ophthalmology, Course 100 1980 Instruction Section

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IMPROVED UNDERSTANDING LEADS TO IMPROVED DRY EYE THERAPY Ophthalmology Times, July 1, 1991 IMPROVING THE THERAPEUTIC INDEX OF TOPICALLY APPLIED OCULAR DRUGS Thom J. Zimmerman, MD, PhD, Karanjit S. Koner, MD, Artemios S. Kandarakis, MD and Leigh P. Ziegler INFERIOR PUNCTAL OCCLUSION WITH REMOVABLE SILICONE PUNCTAL PLUGS IN THE TREATMENT OF DRY-EYE RELATED CONTACT LENS DISCOMFORT Daniel Giovagnoli, O.D., and Stephen J. Graham, O.D., Journal of the American Optometric Association, Vol. 63, 1992. INFERIOR PUNCTOPLASY RESOLVES SYMPTOMS OF CHRONIC EPIPHORA Review of Optometry, October 15, 1994, Michael C. Radoiu, O.D. INTERACTION OF EYELIDS AND TEARS IN CORNEAL WETTING AND THE DYNAMICS OF THE NORMAL HUMAN EYEBLINK Marshall G. Doane, Ph.D., American Journal of Ophthalmology 89:507-516, 1980. INTRACANALICULAR COLLAGEN IMPLANTS ENHANCE TOPICAL ANTIBIOTIC BIOAVAILABILITY Michael L. Gilbert, M.D., Kirk R. Wilhelmus, M.D.,Michael S. Osato, Ph.D., Cornea, Vol. 5, No. 3, 1986. INTRACANALICULAR COLLAGEN IMPLANTS IMPROVE TOBRAMYCIN EFFECTS IN TEARS AND CORNEA Michael L. Gilbert, Kirk R. Wilhelmus, Michael S. Osato, Cullen Eye Institute, Houston, Texas INTRACANALICULAR GELATIN IMPLANTS IN THE TREATMENT OF KERATOCONJUNCTIVTIS SICCA Wallace S. Foulds, Addenbrook's Hospital, Cambridge INTRANASAL PROCEDURES FOR SUCCESSFUL LACRIMAL SURGERY Ralph E. Wesley, MD and J. Brent Bond INTUBATION WITH CANNULATED LACRIMAL PROBE Charles C. Hedges, MD IS YOUR CONTACT LENS PATIENT SUFFERING FROM DRY EYE? Philip M. Buscemi, O.D. P.A., Optometric Management, September, 1997. KEEPING DRY EYE PATIENTS IN CONTACT LENSES Michael A. Lemp, M.D., Optometry Today, November, 1998. KERATOCONJUNCTIVITS SICCA (DRY EYE) Robert J. Munger, DVM, Diplomat of Veterinary Ophthalmologists KERATOCONJUNCTIVITIS SICCA IN PATIENTS WITH PRIMARY SJOGREN'S SYNDROME Niels Jacob Kriegbaum, Michael von Linstow, Peter Oxholm & J.U. Prause, ACTA Ophtalmologica, Department of Rheumatology and Eye Pathology Institute, University of Copenhagen, Denmark LACRIMAL FUNCTION Lester T. Jones, MD, Nalcom M. Marquis, MD and Nicholas Vincent, MD

LACRIMAL GLAND, CORNEA AND TEAR FILM IN THE NZB,NZW F HYBRID MOUSE Jeffrey P. Gilbard, Laila A. Hanninen, Richard C. Rothman & Kenneth R. Kenyon, Eye Research Institute, Boston, MA LACRIMAL GLAND, TEAR FILM & DRY EYE SYNDROMES-Basic Science & Cllinical Relevance Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology Volume 350 Edited by David A. Sullivan LACRIMAL OCCLUSION THERAPY FOR THE TREATMENT OF SUPERIOR LIMBIC KERATOCONNUNCTIVITIS Alan G. Kabat, O.D., Optometry and Vision Science, Vol. 75, No. 10, October, 1998. LACRIMAL SECRETORY SYSTEM AND ITS TREATMENT (THE) Lester T. Jones, M.D., American Journal of Ophthalmology July Vol 62 No 1 LACRIMAL SYSTEM (THE) Benjamin Miller and Bernardo A. Well LACRIMAL SYSTEM (THE) O.P. Ban Bijsterveld, M.A. Lemp, D. Sinelli, 1990 LACRIMOLOGY AS AN OPTOMETRIC SUBSPECIALITY Robert D. Bard, O.D., Optometry Today Supplement, March, 1992. LIVING WITH DRY EYES Paul E. Michelson, MD, FACS, Scripps Memorial Hospital, La Jolla CA MANAGEMENT OF THE DRY EYE PATIENT John C. Barber, MD MANAGING SECONDARY SYMPTOMS OF DRY EYE John L. Schachet, O.D., Optometry Today, January / February, 1993. MARKETING DRY EYE TREATMENTS TO YOUR PRESBYOPIC PATIENTS John L. Schachet, O.D., Optometric Management, February, 1999. MEASURABLE SUBJECTIVE PATIENT RESPONSE TO THE DRY EYE CLAO Journal, October 1994, Vol 20 No 4, Irving Fatt, PhD MECHANISM OF TEAR FLOW AFTER DACRYOCYSTORHINOSTOMY AND JONE'S TUBE SURGERY Narieman A. Nik, M.D., Jeffrey J. Hurwits, M.D., FRCS(C), H. Chin Sang, M.D., Archives of Ophthalmology, Volume 102, November 1984. MEIBOMIAN KERATOCONJUNCTIVITIS James P. McCulley, M.D., G.F. Sciallis, M.D. American Journal of Ophthalmology December 1977 MENOPAUSE & DRY EYE SYNDROME Tonia Mortelliti, O.D., and Robert Morrison, O.D., Contact Lenses Quarterly, Winter 1996 METAPLASTIC RESPONSE TO THE SILICONE CANALICULAR PLUG Primary Vision Care Vol 4 No 4 1993 METHOD OF MONOCANALICULAR SILICONE INTUBATION (A) John A.Long, MD MODIFIED PUNCTUM PLUG USE IN MILD DRY EYE DISORDERS H.W. Roth, MD and D.L. Mackeen, PhD (presented at DAKRYOLOGIA 1987)

MORE SERIOUS SYMPTOMS ASSOCAITED WITH LACRIMAL OBSTRUCTION Liselotte Pieroth, M.D., Ophthalmology Times, Vol. 23, No. 1, January 1, 1998. NEW HELP FOR DRY EYES - (MEDICAL-CARE UPDATE) Prevention Magazine, August 1989, Vol. 41 No. 8 NEW LASER PROCEDURE TO SWEEP EXTERNAL EYE DISEASE TREATMENT Clinical Laser Monthly February 1984 NEW LASER TREATS DRY EYES Unknown local publication mentioning Dr. Robert Herrick.. NEW PERSPECTIVE ON CANINE KERATOCONJUNCTIVITIS SICCA (A) Renee L. Kaswan, DVM, MD & M.A. Salisbury, DVM, Small Animal Ophthalmology NEW PUNCTUM PLUG (A) Takashi Hamano, MD, Yuici Ohashi, MD, Yoko Cho, MD, Yoshikazu Shomomura, MD and Reiza Manabe, M. (Letters to the Journal 11/85) NEW TREATMENT TECHNIQUES TO ENHANCE YOUR PROFESSIONALISM Walter West, OD, FAAO, Optometry Today OCULAR SURFACE DISEASE AND DRY EYE SYNDROME Highlights from a Roundtable Discussion held and the 1989 Annual American Academy of Ophthalmology Meeting. Published by Allergan Pharmaceuticals OFFICE MANAGEMENT OF DRY EYE 'DRY EYE: WHY MANY PATIENTS SWITCH DOCTORS" Volume 1 No 3: The Private Journal of Practice Enhancement ONE-SNIP LATERAL AMPULOTOMY AND FREEMAN PLUG FOR PUNCTAL STENOSIS Stephen P. Ginsberg, MD, Ocular Surgery News, October 15, 1986. OPENING THE DOOR TO DRY EYE’S POTENTIAL Mary Coupe Bekker, Optometric Management, October, 1998. PALLIATIVE TREATMENT OF THE DRY EYE (THE) H.J. Volker-Dieben, C.C. Kok-Van Alphen, J. Hollander, P.J. Kruit & K. Batenburg, Department of Ophthalmology - Diaconessenhuis, Houtlan PERILS OF PERMANENT PUNCTAL PLUGS (THE) Charles N.S. Soparkar, M.D., Ph.D., James Patrinely, M.D., John Hunts, M.D., Ph.D., John V. Linberg, M.D., Robert C. Kersten, M.D., Richard Anderson, M.D., American Journal of Ophthalmology, November, 1996. PHENOL RED THREAD TEAR TEST: A CROSS-CULTURAL STUDY Randall, Sakamoto, M.D., Edward S. Bennett, O.D., Vinita Allee Henry, M.D., Sonja Paragina, M.D., Tomoko Narumi, M.D., Yoko Izumi, M.D., Yoku Kamei, M.D., Emi Nagatomi, M.D., Yoshitaka Miyanaga, M.D., Hikaru Hamano, M.D., Sachiko Mitsunaga, M.D., Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science, Vol. 34, No. 13, December, 1993. PHYSIOLOGICAL CHANGES ASSOCIATED WITH CHRONIC DRY EYE SYNDROME Allergan Pharmaceuticals PHYSIOLOGY OF AGING AND ITS INFLUENCE ON THE CONTACT LENS PRESCRIPTION

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