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									ANGELA J. SMITH
Address: 1411 W. 7th Ave Apt., Spokane, WA, 99204 Phone: (509) 995-4484 Email:

Bachelor of Science in Clothing, Textiles and Design Minors: Architecture and Interior Design University of Idaho, Moscow ID Magna Cum Laude, May 2005

Lead Person/ Set Dresser “Alicia’s Book” North By Northwest, Spokane, WA (February 2008-April 2008) Feature; starring Christian Slater, Cuba Gooding Jr.; director Tibor Takacs; executive producer Rainier Bienger; producers Richy Salvatore and Rich Cowan; Filmed in Spokane, Washington. Lead Person/ Set Dresser “Finding Bliss” North By Northwest, Spokane, WA (January 2008-February 2008) Feature; starring Denise Richards, Leelee Sobieski and Matt Davis; director Julie Davis; executive producers Brandon Nutt and Nicola Vetere; producers Dave Ornston and Jeff Rice; Filmed in Spokane, Washington and Los Angeles, California. Set Dresser “The Golden Door” North By Northwest, Spokane, WA (August 2007- October 2007) Feature; starring Joseph Cross, Snoop Dogg and Rachael Leigh Cook; director David M. Rosenthal; executive producers Rich Cowan, Alex Hank; producers Joseph M. Smith and Juan Mas; Filmed in Spokane, Washington and New York City.

Head Wardrobe and Costume Designer Teenage Dirtbag, L.L.C., Coeur d'Alene, ID (September 2005-October 2005) Feature; starring Chris Ellis, Noa Hegesh; executive producer and director, Regina Crosby; producers, Chris Aagaard and Seth Caplan; Filmed in Coeur d' Alene, Idaho.

Assistant Designer & Costume Construction Hartung Theater, Moscow, ID (October 2005- November 2005) This position required designing and the construction of over thirty costumes according to designer renderings for Corp of Discovery (an exploration of Lewis’ and Clark’s journey westward). Draper, Stitcher and Dresser Idaho Repertory Theater, Moscow, ID (May 2005-August 2005) * Learned to conceptualize design ideas and transfer them into a physical form. * Developed draping, sewing and construction skills. Assistant Manager Proper Topper, Washington, DC (January 2006- September 2006) * Managed visual aspects including merchandise presentations and window displays. * Attended merchandise shows and determined appropriate products to achieve financial goals. * Evaluated consumer needs and placed orders/reorders for product; performed inventory.

* Developed relationships and continued to work with vendors to ensure quality products and customer satisfaction. * Responsible for training, supervising and leading team of employees to ensure daily sales goals are reached and tasks are achieved. * Worked with a team of managers and sales staff to maximize profitability.

W.J. Lazerus (Line Producer, Teenage Dirtbag, L.L.C)……………….. (509) 990-6623/ (208) 772-0933 Vincent De’ Felice (Production Designer, North by Northwest)……………………..…… (509) 979-8549 Dan Beyer (Set Decorator, North by Northwest)………………………………………….... (509) 869-3197

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