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									Developing AeroCatch Stateside
AeroCatch has quickly found a niche with American Hot Rod and Street Rod Builders. The aesthetic improvement over conventional hood pins was eagerly embraced as was the enhanced security of the locking version: prying eyes (and fingers!) are kept out of the engine compartments in the owner’s absence. In competition, the top-running 3R Racing Team converted to AeroCatch for the SCCA Speed World Challenge. They were also used on the Tafel Racing Porsches in Grand AM Rolex GT competition. Many of leading teams and builders in these top level American Sports Car Series intend to retrofit these fasteners over the coming winter 3R Racing’s Dodge Neon SRT4 using the Flush build season. version of AeroCatch, taking advantage of side entry

UPDATE AeroCatch Secures

The Team Halfords Honda Integra-R ran the entire 2005 Dunlop MSA BTCC campaign with AeroCatch on the bonnet and boot.
Jakob Ebrey


Other Products from the Makers of AeroCatch
AeroCatch is just one of a range of motorsport fastenings available from Specialty Fasteners and Components. With a nationwide sales team available to discuss any needs you may have, please feel free to call us to arrange a meeting with one of our sales engineers. Export enquiries are also welcome.

3R Racing


the Champions
The AeroCatch panel fastener has achieved its biggest success so far in only its first season of release. AeroCatch was used on the bonnet and tailgate of the Team Halfords Honda Integra-R, which has won both the teams’ and drivers’ titles in the 2005 Dunlop MSA British Touring Car Championship. AeroCatch sends its congratulations to Team Dynamics, who designed, built and ran the cars for Team Halfords. At an emotional Brands Hatch, Matt Neal clinched the title becoming the first independent driver to win the championship for 14 years. The team’s achievement was made even more outstanding by the fact
AeroCatch was used on the bonnet of Pat Doran’s MSA British Rallycross Championship winning Ford Fiesta ST, prepared by MDV Specialist Engineering. The title was sealed on October 30th at Croft, in what will go down as a classic season. Despite qualifying at the back of the grid, due to a difficult first heat, a startling display enabled Pat to pass the entire field by the first corner in the Superfinal taking the win and securing the championship by 9 points.



Matt Neal and Team Dynamics celebrate winning the drivers’ and teams’ championships in the 2005 Dunlop MSA BTCC. AeroCatch can be clearly seen directly above the rear light cluster.

that they beat all the manufacturers, even though Team Halfords ran with one less car for most of the season. In the classic close contact racing everyone has come to expect in the Dunlop MSA BTCC, AeroCatch ensured the panels were fixed in position with 100% reliability. AeroCatch was designed and manufactured in the UK by leading fastener manufacturer SFC, with an extensive 18month R&D programme carried out at XAT, the commercial engineering department at the University of Exeter.
Despite starting the season with the traditional sliding pin system on the bonnet of their WTCC cars, they made the change to replace them with AeroCatch to ensure factors such as 100% reliability, flush fit, improved aesthetics and ease of operation were justified. Evidence, if any was needed, of the global appeal and respect AeroCatch is gaining after just one full-season.
AeroCatch is supplied in a ready-to-install kit form. The pack contains two AeroCatches and stud strikes, all fasteners, rubber bump stops, panel cut-out templates, secondary lock key (if option selected) and full instructions.

Rallycross Success Entering the World
Touring Car Scene

Jakob Ebrey

Jakob Ebrey

Event Calendar O5/O6
ESSEN, Germany (dealer representation) Dates: 25/11/05 – 04/12/05 ISA Racing Hall 1.0 Booth 208 PRI, Orlando, USA (dealer representation) Dates: 01/12/05 – 03/12/05 Coast Fabrication Inc Booths 2354 & 2356 AUTOSPORT ENGINEERING, UK Dates: 12/01/06 – 13/01/06 SFC Stand E370 INTERNATIONAL HISTORIC MOTORSPORT SHOW, UK Dates: 24/02/06 – 26/02/06 SFC Stand A70 Hall 2


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Pat Doran won the MSA British Rallycross Championship – another success for AeroCatch

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Chevrolet ‘retrofitted’ AeroCatch to their WTCC Lacetti, directly replacing the old sliding pin mechanism. Legendary automotive manufacturer Chevrolet announced in 2004 they would be entering the FIA World Touring Car Championship in 2005 running the Lacetti model as part of their branding push into the global market.



Nurburgring Triumph
In late September AeroCatch was used on the Carlsson CK35 RS that won the ‘Barbarossa’ prize for its SP6 class victory on the Nurburgring Northern Loop in the VLN Long Distance Championship. Having only been unleashed on-track a few months earlier it was a major achievement for the car, especially when considering the class contains many long-established competitive cars such as the Porsche GT3R and the BMW M3. AeroCatch again proved effective and was an ideal complement for the modern styling, aerodynamic shape and livery seen on the Carlsson CK35 RS.

Upgrade your old sliding pins!
A common misconception regarding the fitting of AeroCatch is that it can only be installed on new competition builds where fastening systems have not yet been used. This is far from the case. During the extensive 18-month R&D development process the product went through, a key requirement was ability to ‘retrofit’ existing slide pins. The beauty of AeroCatch is that it has the same footprint as the old sliding pin system commonly used on race and rally cars, so these can be replaced in relative ease, without having to purchase a new bonnet. Although carried out in global championships, the process is more commonly undertaken at Club level as budgets are more restrictive, so the ‘retrofit’ method represents the ideal solution. The photographs below show installation onto David Kynaston’s Audi A3 rally car.

Fitment Case Study

The Carlsson CK35 RS in action at the Nurburgring The stunning new Viper Jet Boat shown during a stage trial. As shown, AeroCatch was mounted on the side of the engine cover.

Just Add Water

Use of AeroCatch is already so diverse it extends to competition that isn’t normally associated with motorsport – powerboating. The amazing Viper Jet Boat, which is launching a European series next year, and prides itself on being ‘a rally car on water’, has utilised AeroCatch using the side mounting option to secure the engine cover. The simple operating process allows for easy access to the engine, without the use of tools—crucial for rapid response, which is another key requirement Viper required, which

AeroCatch delivered. The boat’s use on salt water justifies the non-corrosive quality of the material used for the body of AeroCatch itself, glass rein© viper racing uk. forced ther moplastic. This material is extremely lightweight and very strong, giving it a working shear load of 3000N. It can also withstand extreme temperatures. which helped achieve a lap record at the Pembrey circuit. John Cross selected to use AeroCatch on his stunning XSport V8 Ford Focus for his Britcar championship campaign.
John Cross Steve Griffiths

Wealden Engineering Development is a respected specialist in original and replica Ford GT40’s. The replica cars in particular used slam catches as primary locking for the rear deck, which can, at high speeds, come loose if unlocked. This can cause the rear bodywork to detach, causing serious or even possible fatal accidents. The owner of Wealden Engineering, Frank Catt, saw the potential of AeroCatch at The Racing Car Show and felt it filled a void in the fastening market, with safety particularly in mind. The fact that AeroCatch can be painted to match the cars colour scheme was also a positive feature. To install the stud, a new mount bracket had to be formed, as it is crucial that the stud and housing line up correctly. They have been using AeroCatch for a year on customers’ cars on both road and track and have not experienced any problems.

< LEFT: The contents of an AeroCatch Kit

ng gineeri en En Weald

> RIGHT: AeroCatch fitted to a GT40 replica

The Retrofit Process
The process is shown in the photos below. First remove the old system you have (*NOTE: AeroCatch can be retrofitted onto existing stud strikes). The stud strike that protrudes through the bonnet will need to be lowered approximately 20mm from its position with conventional bonnet pins. Checks must be made to make sure sufficient clearance below the bonnet line to accommodate the housing. If the existing position does not allow this or is on a radius, move the mounting position accordingly, as displayed below. When setting up each AeroCatch, the aim is to have the stud at right angles to the housing. However there is a +/- 5° tolerance to allow for any misalignment.

Club Round-Up
It has been a busy time for the some of the competitors racing with AeroCatch. David Kynaston, competing in a Audi A3 in the National Tarmacadam Rally Championship, was one of the first to realise the benefits of AeroCatch. He had a positive season, and he now is looking forward to an even more successful 2006. Experienced racer Steve Griffiths David Kynaston was used AeroCatch on the rear body- one of the first to use AeroCatch work of his Britsports-entered Jade,

Installation process: an example of a workshop procedure

Mark Sims /

Steve Griffiths is delighted with the performance of AeroCatch

Remove old Sliding Pin

Remove old Stud Pin*

Mark out with template

Cut out shape

Remove cut piece

Mark fixing holes

The awesome V8 Ford Focus, the bonnet containing no less than 4 AeroCatches.

Drill fixing holes

Fix to bonnet Marks

Drill new stud hole

New stud in position

Test operation

Finished installation

Photos and installation courtesy of David Kynaston:

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