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Multiple applications - PDT, Accelerated wound healing, Hair loss prevention, Acne. Effective - affects only the lesion or wound without damage to the surrounding skin. Scientifically proven - endorsed by leading dermatologist in major universities. Safe - no side effect, there for no liability concerns. Hands free system - enabling simultaneous work. Fast return on investment - moderate price enables a fast ROI. Low maintenance cost - no need for special cooling or ventilation


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Triple mode system with Blue, Red and Near Infrared wave lengths

Technical Specifications
Technology: Wavelength: Maximum energy density: Treatment area: Treatment ergonomics: Electrical requirements: Size: Weight: SPCTM (Selective PhotoClearing) system, Tunable plasma light Blue 405-420 nm, Red 600-620 nm, NIR 850-890 nm, Selectable 330 J/cm2 30cm x 30cm Adaptable to any bed or seat 230V; 3A; 50Hz / 110V; 6A; 60Hz 175 x 107 x 47 cm 50 kg

Indication PDT Hair Loss Prevention Acne

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Photo Dynamic Therapy (PDT) Accelerated Wound Healing Hair Loss Prevention Acne

Mode Blue light (Acne) Blue light+ NIR (AK / BCC) Blue light+ Red+ NIR (SCC)

Filters Blue Filter Red Filter No Filter No Filter No Filter Red Filter
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MKT 800010 Ver 1

Accelerated Wound Healing

Blue light+ Red+ NIR Blue light+ Red+ NIR Blue light+ NIR


Three Wave Lenghts
The iClearXL is the most effective, high intensity, triple mode, plasma phototherapy system. The system offers multiple indications: clearance of pre-cancerous and cancerous skin lesions, acceleration of wound healing, prevention of hair loss and treatment of inflammatory acne. This breakthrough system enables you to effectively and non-invasively address the most common skin complications in both young and older population. Using a scientifically proven light based technology iClearXL offers a unique “hands free” treatment approach which enables you to attend to several patients simultaneously.

Accelerated Wound Healing
The enhanced wound healing capability of the iClearXL is a great benefit for treating septic wounds such as diabetic wounds or ischemic flaps. The blend of iClearXL’s blue, red and near infrared light induces a cascade reaction which results in quicker wound recovery. Following a series of 6-10 treatments spread over 10-14 days patients experience remarkable improvement. Erythema post skin resurfacing, edema post plastic surgeries and folliculitis post hair removal, can also be diminished faster by the use of iClearXL, immediately following the aesthetic procedure. This light therapeutic modality reduces the risk of scar formation, decreases pain and supports faster return to normal activity, resulting in higher customer satisfaction. The mechanism of accelerated wound healing by phototherapy is scientifically proven and well documented. Blue light, at a wave length of 405-420nm, inhibits the release of pro inflammatory cytokines. Red light, at a wave length of 600-620nm stimulates cellular metabolism, protein synthesis and regenerates tissue. The addition of deep penetration infrared light, at a wave length of 850-890 nm, releases Nitric Oxide from the blood vessel wall into the surrounding muscle, resulting in vasodilatation and enhancement of blood circulation. Increased blood circulation plays a major role in the improvement of lymphatic drainage and tissue oxygenation resulting in faster wound healing.

Photo Dynamic Therapy (PDT)
Photo Dynamic Therapy (PDT) is a contemporary, novel clinical technique to destroy malignant cells and cystic acne lesions. When combining photosensitizers with light of specific wavelengths, a destructive photochemical reaction is initiated in abnormal tissues, localizing the cytotoxic effect only to abnormal cells. The result is apoptosis or necrosis of undesired cells without any adverse effect to healthy skin. PDT is a safe and effective treatment which can easily be performed in your office setting.

Hair Loss Prevention
The iClearXL is an effective treatment for Androgenetic Alopecia (AGA) and Telogen Effluvium. Use of blue, red and near infrared light combination stimulates an increase in micro-circulation of blood supplies in the scalp, leading to the cessation of hair loss and the stimulation of hair re-growth. The light induces dormant hair follicles transition to an Anagen growth phase and excites generation of vital and robust hair follicles. Using the iClearXL in combination with topical medications has produced excellent results for both males and females. Patients are treated for twenty minutes twice a week for three to six months, followed by weekly or monthly maintenance treatments for an additional six months. Noticeable improvement is detected after three to four months of treatment. Most patients with AGA report increased hair density, and nearly all patients with Telogen Effluvium report complete cessation of shedding.

The narrow band blue light emitted by the iClearXL is the most effective light for photodestruction of p. acne bacteria. The bacteria absorb this light, resulting in selective clearance of the acne lesions with no effect on surrounding healthy skin. The additional near infrared light stimulates an increase in micro-circulation of blood supplies in the treated area, resulting in faster acne clearance. The compact and mobile iClearXL can easily be setup to work by any bed or seat. The user friendly “hands free” system saves you time and allows you to treat several patients simultaneously. The iClearXL is positioned in proximity to the patient’s face or back, for maximum irradiation and minimal dispersion of the light energy.Treatment is pleasant and painless and requires only short, fifteen minutes of irradiation. A typical full treatment regimen is composed of 8 treatments administered twice a week, with significant improvement usually occurring after the fourth treatment. For treatment of higher grade or resistant acne, combination with PDT, using photosensitizers (ALA or Metvix), is recommended.

PDT of Skin Cancers
Actinic Keratosis (AK) are common pre malignant lesions occurring predominantly in individuals with skin type one to three. Patients with superficial non melanoma skin tumors, mainly superficial Basal Cell Carcinoma (BCC) and in selected cases Squamous Cell Carcinoma (SCC), are eligible candidates for PDT treatment. The treatment destroys the tumor cells selectively, without harming the surrounding skin. In addition to the clinical benefit of the treatment, clearance of the lesions creates a cosmetic improvement in the appearance of the patient.

PDT of Acne Lesions
Acne lesions of different grades, mainly cystic acne, can be cured by PDT treatment on all body areas. A secondary effect of the reaction is damage to the sebaceous glands which regulates its activity. Folliculitis, Rosacea and Sseborrhea are also likely to respond to PDT

405-420 nm

600-620 nm

850-890 nm

iClearXL spectrum with three wave lengths: Blue, Red, NIR

iClearXL uses high intensity, narrow wavelength bands of blue light at 405-420nm, red light at 600-620nm, and infrared light at 850-890nm. The combination of blue and near infrared light is utilized for fast, effective and safe treatment of inflammatory acne. The combination of all three wave length bands: blue, red, and near infrared, is utilized for photodynamic therapy (PDT) treatments, enhancement of wound healing and prevention of hair loss. With a maximum energy density of 330 J/cm2 the iClearXL’s beam covers an entire face or other large body area, affecting molecular and cellular levels without any thermal effect associated with lasers and intense pulsed light systems.



Two PDT tretments - 10 years cystic acne, resistant to Acutane and antibiotic. ALA 10%, 1 hour incubation, 20 min illumination. Before After Levulan (ALA- 5-Aminolevulinic acid)









A - Ischemic flap - five days post face lift B - Six days post procedure - three phototherapy treatments C - Thirteen days post procedure - six phototherapy treatments D - Twenty five days post face lift

• Selective clearance of pre cancerous cells • Selective clearance of acne lesions • No side effect or damage to healthy skin

• Enhancement of scalp blood circulation • Cessation of hair shedding • Enhancement of hair re-growth

• Improvement of septic wounds • Reduction of edema and erythema

post cosmetic procedure • Clearance of folliculitis post hair removal

Before After Metvix (MAL- Methylaminolevulinate)

• Selective clearance of acne lesions • No side effect or damage to healthy skin • Improvement after only two weeks • No pain, pleasant treatment



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