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Thursday, December 3, 2009
(Note: this replaces a November lunch, due to Thanksgiving)

I first met Norm Webster when I was representing TransTec Services at the annual Shipping Conference. For several years we were exhibit booth neighbors, Denholm Ship Management and Trans-Tec Services just at the top of the escalator. Norm went on to earn the title “The Voice of the CMA” by announcing the start of the sessions, speakers and sponsors at the conference. A world class sailor, Norm provided much appreciated commentary aboard the spectator boat at the annual regatta. Over the years he participated in many CMA events always sharing stories, songs, and a smile. He was a friend of the CMA and a contributing member of the association and industry. Norman made his final voyage on October 17, 2009. Fair winds and following seas, Norman we’ll remember you fondly.

CMA Monthly Luncheon
Speaker: Ray Bartoszek, Managing Director- Oil, Glencore Ltd
Glencore is one of the largest non-integrated oil suppliers by volume and handles the physical supply of some 3% of the world's daily oil consumption of Crude Oil and Refined Products. Glencore and its subsidiaries deliver to a variety of customers, including the major oil companies, Government purchasing agencies and industrial end-users. Glencore typically operates over 130 vessels under time charter.

Water’s Edge at Giovanni’s II 2748 Post Road, Darien, CT 06820 Cash Bar: 12 Noon, Seating for Lunch: 12:45 pm

President’s Notes From the Editor
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$40 Members/ $45 Non-Members

Tuesday, December 8, 2009
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CMA Annual Holiday Party 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm
The Royal Green at Sterling Farms 1349 Newfield Avenue, Stamford, CT We invite our members and their guests to Come Celebrate the Season at our Annual Party Free of charge to CMA Members and guests
(All we ask is that you bring an unwrapped toy for the U.S. Marine Corps. sponsored “Toys for Tots” program – they really appreciate the generosity each year of all our party guests! – thank you!) Membership Notes India House Factoids & Stuff Lunch With OSG Eight Bells – Norman Webster Eight Bells – Emery W. Harper Job Mart
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For Reservations for all CMA Events please call Lorraine at +1.203.406.0109 Ext 3717 Visit for more info.





When I am reminded that life can be too short, an attitude of gratitude sets in and with Thanksgiving just weeks away it is also timely. I want to thank the association members for the honor of serving as President and the privilege of working with the members of the Board of Governors, Molly, Tom, Bob, Johnny, Drew, Maggie, Evan and Ian who volunteer their time and talents, to newsletter editor and CMA Ambassador Don Frost, our partners at IMS, Lorraine Parsons and Jim Lawrence, thank you for all you do for CMA. To all our luncheon speakers in 2009 who so generously shared their time and knowledge and the members who came to listen, thank you. I look forward to celebrating with all those who can join us on December 8 for our annual Christmas party. Finally, to our member veterans and active military thank you for your service and sacrifice. Happy Veteran’s Day! Best regards, Beth Wilson-Jordan

PRESIDENT Beth Wilson-Jordan P: (203) 609-0803

VICE PRESIDENT Molly McCafferty P: (203) 406-3448 F: (203) 965-7850

SECRETARY Tom Hodgson P: (203) 326-2830 F: (203) 977-2164

TREASURER Bob Pascarella P: (203) 325-9771 F: (203) 323-6266

MEMBERSHIP Evan Galanis P: (203) 356-2000 F: (203) 356-2010

PLANNING & ADMIN Ian Workman P: (203) 863-0001 F: (203) 863-0055

SOCIAL Johnny Kulukundis P: (203) 550-1720 F: (203) 629-9103

COMMUNICATION Andrew Carlson P: (203) 326-2800 F: (203) 326-2820

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CHANGE OF ADDRESS Faith Marr P: (860) 354-1182 F: (860) 350-3887



LETTERS TO THE EDITOR & NEWSLETTER Donald B. Frost P: (203) 406-0109 • F: (203) 406-0110 Email: JOB MART: Lorraine Parsons/Cari Koellmer Email: WEB: Lorraine Parsons Email:





Losing old friends to disease or age is never pleasant but losing two in one month, especially one who was really close to CMA, has been depressing. I speak of Emery Harper and Norman (The VOICE of CMA) Webster. You can read more about their lives in this issue. I would like to thank Carleen Lyden-Kluss, Clay Maitland and Randee Day who prepared the recollections of Emery Harper. The World Maritime Day Parallel Event (October 16th in New York) sponsored by the US Coast Guard drew quite a few people and was declared a success. The theme was Climate Change and the Shipping Industry. CMA participated in a number of ways. We contributed $5000 toward the World Maritime Day Science Fair and Education Project and our Secretary, CDR Tom Hodgson, USN (ret) of MJLF, acted as a judge for that event. There was also an off the record discussion of environmental issues, as they effect shipping, at the Council on Foreign Relations featuring USCG Commandant Allen and IMO Gen'l Secretary Mitropoulos. Among the 34 invited guests were several CMA members including Bill Gray,

Clay Maitland, Carleen Lyden-Kluss, Jim Lawrence, Brad Berman and yours truly. Other guests included a former US ambassador to Panama, a flag state representative, marine insurance, environmental and security people, and some academics. It was a very interesting group. There were some good questions and very forthright answers from both Allen and Mitropoulos. I was very impressed with both of them, but especially Mitropoulos. Compared to his predecessor, Bill O'Neil, who never said anything other than laudatory things, Mitropoulos was quite frank about the EC's criticism of IMO's slowness in proposing new regulations. He pointed out that the United Nations was comprised of 169 member states, of which all but a few landlocked nations were members of IMO, many with different regional and cultural concerns. Contrast this to the EC's 27 nations most with common cultural ties. Admiral Allen reminded us that after 9/11 the Administration wanted the Coast Guard to be in the new Dept of Homeland Security (DHS) but Congressional committees are very protective of their turf. As a result the Senate Sub-Committee on Surface Transportation and Marine Infrastructure, Safety and Security and the House Sub-Committee on Coast Guard and Maritime Transportation who are concerned with safety, commerce


and the environment are in charge of his budget, but his DHS bosses are only interested in security. Needless to say there are conflicts. The meeting only lasted an hour and a quarter and that time flew by. The whole complex issue of environmental awareness and protection as it impacts an industry that is said to contribute as much green house gas to the atmosphere each year as the nation of Germany is increasingly hard to avoid. Actually, when you think of all the ships and global commerce even today, our 2.7% is not all that much. Nonetheless, it seems the operations people are ready to face reality but the commercial people, and many in Washington, are in denial. (It’s not just a river in Africa!). With these concerns in mind, we are constructing a program for Shipping 2010 that will not only deal with today’s freight market related pain, but also with the operating challenges of next year, and the years that follow. Further more, what was a two day event 20 years ago, and grew to four as our overseas guests started to arrive before the event, and to which other organizations hitched their meetings, is going to attract people for six or seven days in 2010. I would suggest you make your plans early. –Donald Frost

We are pleased to welcome the following new members. L.G.M. Adegeest, Msc.PhD., Amarcon BV, RS Dalfsen, The Netherlands James Amarante, Operations Mgr./Sales, Response Marine Inc., Mattituck, NY Craig Barsa, Dir. Business Ops, World Fuel Services Corp., Miami, FL Sigve Bru, Sr. Charterer, Statoil North America, Stamford, CT Nathan Dworak, Oldendorff Carriers North America, Stamford, CT Michael Gray, Lecturer at SUNY Maritime College, Freport, NY Lon Hamor, Chief Maritime Consultant, Ecology & Environment, Houston, TX Sheryl Ingber, Norwalk, CT

Don Warner, Managing Director of Ketch Recruiting has joined Transatlantic Translations™ as the Area Director for the Northeast US. Don felt the synergies between Ketch and Transatlantic give clients the opportunity to go to one source for their service needs. Transatlantic has a strong reputation for high quality professional translations, excellent customer service and competitive pricing. Transatlantic Translations provides international and multi-national companies with a totally seamless service by providing translation, brand globalization and desktop publishing to cover any foreign language documentation requirements. Transatlantic differs from the majority of translation companies as it is company policy, not only to use full time mother-tongue translators, but to select the most suitably qualified translator based in their home country. Transatlantic frequently undertakes the translation of highly sensitive documents and so we ensure that all of our translators sign strict Confidentiality Agreements prior to starting every single project. Transatlantic is a member of the American Translators Association (ATA) and, for our clients added piece of mind, carries $1 million of Errors and Omissions Insurance.

For any questions or further information please contact Don directly at: Visit our website: We now are able to provide, on demand, multi language telephone interpreting


Liam O’Connell, Maritime Environment, Houston, TX




Just the name invokes an image of the days of liner shipping centered in Lower Manhattan and an iconic club anchoring one corner of Hanover Square. Contrary to what you might expect from the name, the name India House is about the West Indies. The first house on the site was built in 1660. Captain Kidd was a frequent visitor at this house. I do not know if that is a recommendation or a warning. The history of the House and the Club (built 1854) that followed in the early 20th Century can be found on the website Two names that played an important part of its history were W.R.Grace and James A. Farrell. I worked for both Grace Line and Farrell Line early in my career. The Club is a historic landmark and since its refurbishing a few years ago, it stands out as a wonderful place for private or business dining. CMA has been asked to make you aware that while it still caters to the elite of the downtown business world where members can entertain clients, schedule conferences, catch-up on e-mails or just relax and socialize with other members at the bar, membership is open to all.

Eric Olshove, VP Marketing, RF Systems Lab, Gaylord, Michigan John Orr, Graduate Student, SUNY Maritime College, Mount Vernon, NY James Perduto, VP Sales, ShipDecision, Garden City, NY Mark Robertson, Director Sales, Delamar Greenwich Harbor, Greenwich, CT Si W Svendsen, Charterer, Statoil North America, Stamford, CT Paul Tricarico, Bunker Trader/Broker, World Fuel Services Corp., Greenwich, CT

Welcome aboard. Evan Galanis Membership Chair


By Donald Frost Historical events: 175 years ago the Seamen’s Church Institute was founded. To celebrate that anniversary there will be a gala cocktail reception and dinner at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, the largest Gothic Cathedral in the world located on the upper west side of Manhattan on Wednesday evening November 11, 2009. Contact Carrie Brennan at 212-3499090 ext 244 140 years ago a flotilla of some 45 ships carrying the French Empress Eugenia and other dignitaries, made the first crossing of the 101 mile long Suez Canal Movers and Shakers: Ed Waryas, VP and Manager of Marine development for Lloyd’s Register North America received at Lauren S. McCready Awards for 2009. The award is presented annually by the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy Alumni

Association for “Outstanding Naval Architecture or Marine Engineering Contributions to the Maritime Industry”. Operating issues: The Dept of Homeland Security will cease to fund the signal for LORAN-C as of Jan. 4, 2010 unless the Commandant of the Coast Guard certifies that such termination will impact the safety of maritime navigation and is needed as a back-up to GPS. The US Coast Guard published a final rule making regarding new requirements for Tank Vessel Response Plans/Salvage and Marine Firefighting Plans which go into effect September 30, 2009 and for which owners much submit VRPs meeting the new requirements no later than February 22, 2011. Despite the IMO’s Ballast Water Convention remaining in the ratification process with very few signatures yet, there is a growing sense of urgency for operators to consider voluntary compliance. The US, among a few others, has introduced regulations equal to or more stringent than the IMO convention’s. The phase-in dates are more immediate than many think. Existing vessels with ballast capacities of


1,500-5,000 cubic meters built before January 1, 2012 must comply with the new regulations by the first drydocking after January 1, 2016. NOAA has installed the latest of its Physical Oceanographic Real-Time System smart buoys on the lower Mississippi thus making real-time information on water (depth, current and direction) and weather conditions available for free to ships and pleasure boaters. FYI – New Haven, CT has had one for several years. US Flag issues: MARAD issued a notice that it was accepting applications from owners and operators of US flag vessels seeking designation as either a dry bulk carrier or as a dry cargo liner for purposes of the Cargo Preference Act. FYI – This is inspired by an action taken by our September 2009 luncheon speaker (Liberty Marine). This game will make interesting reading for marine transportation students. Technical news: The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers (SNAME) has published a 37 page technical bulletin titled “Guide to Diagnosing Contaminants in Oily Bilgewater:

Operation and Maintenance of Bilgewater Treatment Systems”. It is great for those who have oily water separators in need of tender love and care. To order or seek more information contact Tommie-Anne Faix 201-499-5068 or email Local news: Connecticut’s recently released Economic Strategic Plan garnered some unusually candid appraisals from some public servants that I feel are refreshing. The following comments were in response to the question, “How are we doing?” • The state is overly bureaucratic and risk average by nature •The state is hamstrung by rules and reporting requirements that often hamper economic development objectives •Legislatively mandated programs restrict how assistance can be provided and limit development agencies to roles of lenders and portfolio managers • There is an attitude of turf protection and unwillingness to collaborate among agencies and a fear of coordinating with “partners” outside of government. • The state is indifferent to businesses and companies


already located in Connecticut. • Assistance is only provided to companies that threaten to leave the state. • There is a regulatory structure that is burdensome, timeconsuming, unpredictable and punitive and one that business receives no assistance in navigating •There is no over all strategic plan that addresses where Connecticut is headed economically or where the state will focus its efforts I suggest that all states and the Federal Government are guilty of the same charges.

Mr. Berglund began with a brief overview of OSG. OSG’s predecessor company was founded in 1948 and currently operates a fleet of 103 vessels. OSG is focused on four operating segments: crude oil, refined products, LNG and U.S. flag. With crude being the largest business and his responsibility, he drilled down into that business. OSG is the market leader in this business through its participation in specialized commercial pools that operate VLCCs, Aframaxes and Panamaxes. These form the core of the crude business but the company has diversified into Suezmax, lightering and FSOs. In operating its crude fleet, OSG’s strategy has been to operate its vessels in the spot market through pools while achieving scale through chartering-in. In terms of numbers the owned fleet was fairly constant during the period from 2004 to 2008, but the chartered-in fleet grew nine times. The combined effect achieved an aggregate EBITDA of $2.5 billion during this period. OSG disproves the theory that the larger the ship the bigger the risk. An alternative view is that at least it gets paid

(OCTOBER 29,2009)
By George Weltman, Marine Money Our guest speaker at the October luncheon was Mats Berglund of OSG and despite the sad state of the tankermarket, he was a pretty happy guy. But then again, he noted that the good news about this year is that 10 months are gone.


for taking the risk. The slide below compares 3-year time charter rates with average spot earnings and demonstrates a substantial differential of approximately $34,500 per day over the period shown. Scale is also crucial. Operating a substantial fleet adds to both market knowledge and presence and therefore more contract business. It is the latter which mitigates to a great degree the risk of spot market employment. In all three of its cargo segments, VLCC, Aframax and Panamax, the company has core cargo partners as well as complementing cargo contracts, which together ensure less waiting time and higher laden percentage. This equates to greater efficiency and better results when combined with the outperformance described earlier. OSG has demonstrated a proactive approach to asset management generating net proceeds of $1.3 billion over the last 5+ years through the sale of old, slow and small ships, newbuildings and sale/leaseback transactions within the crude sector. More importantly, the assets that remain have low book values that are competitive even it today’s

price environment. Average book values for VLCCs, Aframax and Panamax are respectively $55 million, $40 million and $43 million. Although negative factors, including OECD demand, U.S. refineries, large orderbook and shipyard capacity, weigh heavily, Mr. Berglund highlights demand positive factors such as growing Chinese demand, increasing ton-miles and slow steaming. On the supply side, Mr. Berglund views positively, single hull scrapping, funding shortage, and floating storage, consisting of ~180 million barrels of crude and distillate. Mr. Berglund concluded his presentation with a discussion of OSG’s entry into the FSO market, which included details on the FSO conversion project, including the technical aspects of the vessels and how they work. All in all, it was an excellent presentation on the company with bits and pieces for the very variegated interests that comprise the CMA.


Norman Webster
We lost a close friend of CMA when Norman Webster (1921-2009) died on October 17th, after a two yearlong battle with Leukemia. His wife of 19 years, and his adult son and daughter were at his bedside when he died. He is survived by his wife, Suzanne Webster and their two daughters, Kilian and Emily of Avon; his son Jason, Jason's wife Lora, and their children, Graydon, Abigail and Mia of Pembroke, MA; and his daughter Cheryl Smith, her husband Ed, and their children, Emma, Rebecca and Gwen of Fairfield. Norman's eldest son, Graydon, died in an air collision in 1992 while serving in the U.S. Navy. His sisters, Ray, Margaret and Edith and many nephews and nieces in South Africa, and his sister, Norma, living on the Isle of Wight, also survive Norman. Norman Webster was born in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, the son of a harbor crane operator. He came to America with his family in 1977, settled in Greenwich and married Suzanne in 1990. In 2011 the family moved to Avon, CT. The consummate entrepreneur, Norman began his career in the early computer industry and transitioned into the maritime industry in the 1990's. This career afforded him a relationship he enjoyed with the Connecticut Maritime Association. He is also a former member of the New York Yacht Club. While Norman enjoyed golf, sailing and mentoring young people in theater, sports and Christian life, he was happiest surrounded by his children and grandchildren. A Memorial Service was held Saturday, Oct. 24, at the Memorial United Methodist Church, Avon, CT.

Admiralty Committee of the Association of the Bar of the City of New York and the International Section of the American Bar Association. He served in an advisory role to UNCTAD and IMO in their joint review of the national laws governing maritime liens and mortgages and played an active role in the formulation of the International Convention adopted in 1993. Mr. Harper played a major role in the reformation of the US Ship Mortgage Act and the US “Jones Act” governing participation by non-US citizens in the coastwise trade. Together with Clay Maitland and Marlene Daniels, Emery formed the Admiralty/Finance Forum which for many years functioned effectively as an arena for broad-based discussion of issues of concern to industry members. “Emery sought to foster the dialog leading to constructive change”, observed his long-time friend and colleague Clay Maitland. “His attention to considered and well-founded reasoning made him professionally successful. His gracious demeanor and warmth made him a friend to all. He is irreplaceable in our maritime sphere.” Emery was a 1958 cum laude graduate of Amherst College and received his law degree from Yale Law School in 1961. He was a partner in the New York law firm of Lord, Day & Lord for 23 years, prior to establishing Harper Consultants, Inc.. One of his clients from his Lord, Day & Lord days, Randee Day, recounts the following: “Emery Harper was the lead partner at Lord, Day & Lord, handling JPMorgan's admiralty legal work throughout the eighties. During much of that decade the industry was in crisis, so much of our work together was in restructuring. Emery and my team worked on several major bankruptcies and large, complicated restructurings. I remember him as being one of the most thoughtful lawyers I have worked with --never rushing or panicking during a crisis but a good, analytical thinker with a profound knowledge of the law. Emery always persevered to find a solution and was creative in his approach. I have known Emery professionally for over thirty years and my professional respect for him never lessened, but what grew enormously was our friendship. I will greatly miss him, as will his many friends in the maritime community.” Emery was an active member of the Connecticut Maritime Association, NYMAR (New York Maritime), the Union Club, the Pilgrims in the United States, the Huguenot Society and the St. Nicholas Society. A celebration of his life will be announced shortly.

Emery W. Harper
We were saddened to hear that Emery W. Harper (19362009) passed away on October 26th, following complications from surgery. He is survived by his spouse/partner Louis (Luigi) Terruso, and his daughter Caroline (Carrie). Emery practiced law for 45 years, representing the full spectrum of clients with major interests in the shipping industry. He founded the Maritime Finance Committee of the US Maritime Law Association, was Chair of the


The CMA Job Mart is designed to match qualified candidates with good positions. Over the years, this service has proven to be extremely valuable to both job seekers and potential employers. Ads seeking to fill positions will run for two months at a rate of $200. Candidates seeking employment must be a CMA member at a rate of $50 per year or $25 per year for students. To become part of the Job Mart please call (203) 406-0109 or email: The latest Job Mart is always accessible on the CMA website at:

Wanted: Host Companies
Interns are looking for positions. If interested in reviewing RESUMES, Please contact Margaret Nicks (
Project Manager for conversion of a WWII era tanker into a grain barge. Purchased in excess of $100,000,000 annually in ship’s fuel. Developed fuel purchase financing program with various fuel traders which enabled company tankers to load fuel for supply to offshore fishing vessels. Net revenue after financing costs approached $10,000,000 per annum. Initiated fuel hedging program which saved as much as $7,000,000 per year On a monthly basis forecast expected fuel usage and costs for a 100 ship fleet to assist the CFO in projecting company cash flow needs a year in advance. Designed MS Excel spreadsheet which reported; voyage history, loading and discharge information and voyage financial results. Cell: 917-714-2969 Notes: Please call or text (S9-09) –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Candidate 3: Seeking an Executive Assistant Position Key Projects Include: * Implemented and supervised office renovation which was accomplished under budget and before deadline. * Identified and implemented the most effective and cost efficient communications system. * Established user-friendly filling system where none existed. * Primary coordinator for Tanker Division for move to and consolidation with the group's other USA office location. * Assisted in updating the parent company website, especially with respect to proper English grammar and punctuation. * Reorganized Administration Department in the Tanker Division, thereby establishing efficient practices and eliminating redundancies. * Compiled the material for creation of the Employee Manual, where none existed. Daily Tasks Include: * Coordinate and assist in the daily activities of the executive, including calendar and communication management, preparation for and facilitation of meetings (internal and external), travel arrangements and provide general executive assistance as needed. * Plan, coordinate and implement all internal and external corporate events and customer outings. * Hiring of administrative staff and coordination of existing office staff for optimal utilization. * Responsibility for cost control of all office-related expenditures. * In addition to Executive Assistant related duties, served as supervisor of the Administration Department for the Tanker Division. Contact cell: (203) 856-1226 (S9-11)

Candidate 1: Massachusetts Maritime Academy has excellent graduates and interns who need your support. If your organization is interested in a job candidate or student intern, the International Maritime Business Program at Massachusetts Maritime Academy has graduates and students that might suit your needs very well. These students understand the intricacies of international maritime business and are proud representatives of a disciplined, regimented maritime education. They take courses in in Finance, Accounting, marketing, Economics, Admiralty Law, Chartering & Brokerage, E-Commerce,Logistics/Supply Chain Management, Marine Insurance, to name a few. The internship periods are July-August and January-February. If you have an opening or an interest in obtaining additional information on this program, please contact the Department Chair, Dr. Bani Ghosh at at your convenience (S9-04) ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––


Candidate 2: Seeking a chartering or operations position Knowledgeable maritime professional with extensive logistics, operations and fuel oil trading experience seeking a chartering or operations position. Planned and monitored the movements of a 40+ ship fleet throughout the world to fulfill short and long term freight contracts. Negotiated with clients to match their cargo transportation requirements to available vessel positions. Supervised a staff of six in conducting time charter vessel operations, ship management and vessel construction. Traveled to various load ports to ensure quick vessel turnarounds and maximum cargo loads. Calculated loading plans and issued voyage instructions. Dealt with port agents and government authorities. Ensured all voyage documents were in order to enable freight and demurrage collection.


NOTE: two months of running your ad in this newsletter costs companies only $200 - and it has proven to be THE place to be seen and answered. *

for rebill to be passed to Chartering Administrator for compiling data for invoicing. Approval of invoices to be in accordance with appropriate approval authorities. Assists Operations Manager in support of customer satisfaction survey program in accordance with N10.230, through daily contact with

Position A: Operations Coordinator United States Shipping Partners, LP Reporting Function: Marine Operations: Quality, Safety, Environmental Reports To: Operations Manager Location: Edison, NJ GENERAL POSITION SUMMARY/PURPOSE: Monitor vessel movements and activities on a daily basis. Develop voyage orders based on charterers' requirements, while maintaining safe stowage, trim and stability, safety and operational requirements for fleet vessels. Communicate with vessel masters, customers, brokers and steamship agents on a daily basis to coordinate operational needs for fleet vessels. JOB DESCRIPTION - PRIMARY DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: 1. In Support of Marine Operations * Monitors vessel movements and activities on a daily basis. Keeps all interested parties updated as to vessel movements. * * Prepares and distributes vessel position report on a daily basis. Develops voyage orders which satisfy charterer's requirements and satisfy vessels' safe trim and stability, draft and safe stowage requirements using loading program software. * Assists Operations Manager with appointing agents for spot charters and Contract of Afreightment moves. Disseminates information on Agents appointed by time charterers. * Interface with customers to discuss cargo nominations and orders and to resolve pending challenges in areas of ship/terminal relations and customer satisfaction. * Prepares advance schedules and customer nominations to satisfy COA requirements. * Provide chartering administrator information to assist with billing and demurrage issues. * Coordinates with Engineering Department to take advantage of opportunities in vessel schedules for repairs and contract riding crew attendance, to facilitate effective planning and lessen the impact on vessel schedules, improve customer satisfaction and avoid potential off-hire or downtime situations. * * Assist Operations Manager and VP-Chartering as required. Contacts vessel steamship agents, terminals or customers to discuss vessel schedules, port requirements, storing, berth accommodations, draft restrictions, cargo and loading arrangements. * Schedule chemical fleet available tonnage to maximize voyage profitability and cover customer cargo requirements. * Develop relationships with chemical customers. Review as necessary chemical stowage with clients to ensure all cargoes will be lifted as nominated within their procedures/last cargo guidelines. * Reviews and verifies all bunker and port charge invoices for accuracy and to identify items required for rebill to charters. All identified items * * * * *

customers to assess their needs and concerns, and resolve outstanding issues or direct them to the appropriate level and department of the organization for resolution. Assist Operations Manager in support of fleet Hull and Machinery claims administration in accordance with N10.120. When the Operations Coordinator is out of the office, the Operations Manager and Operations Administrative shall perform the required duties of this role. 2. Applicable to Environmental Quality & Safety Management System (ISO/ISM) As an Environmental Quality and Safety Management System Company, the operating criteria of the company are based upon our Mission Statement, Quality Policy, Safety Policy, and Environmental Policy. All aspects of Marine Department Operations are addressed in the Policy and Procedures Manuals found in the Library and available electronically on a shared drive. The Environmental Quality and Safety Management System covers all aspects of our operation and is supported by each employee through membership on the Corporate Steering Committee. Each member of this committee has the opportunity to attend meetings and provide input regarding effectiveness of the system and make recommendations for improvements. Policies and Procedures directly related to the performance of duties required of this position can be found in the Office Policies and Procedures Manual. The Operations Coordinator is obligated to review these manuals become familiar with their contents and comply with all requirements. Member: Corporate Steering Committee Conducts Internal Audits as assigned by Management Quality Representative to verify Environmental Quality Management System efficiency and effectiveness. SELECTION CRITERIA: Candidates for this position should hold the following qualifications and be able to demonstrate the following abilities to be considered as a suitable applicant. Please note that except where specified as "preferred," all points listed below are considered minimum requirements. QUALIFICATIONS: * * Bachelor of Science Degree - Marine Transportation or equivalent. Second Mates License - with at least 3 years sailing experience and 1 year of tanker experience preferred. Job related training as required by the USS Vessel Management LLC Training Matrix. Possess a thorough knowledge of the shore-side operations function for tankers and chemical carriers. Word processing, spreadsheet computer skills and proficiency in HEC Cargo Loading and ShipNet software systems.


ABILITIES: * * * Strong attention-to-detail Strong time management and organizational skills Good communication skills, both written and verbal. Ability to communicate with vessel Masters or other licensed officers, agents, customers, brokers, U.S. Coast Guard, American Bureau of Shipping, terminals and other departments within the company. * Able and willing to complete considerable travel associated with the responsibilities of this position. Contact: Captain Raymond Marquardt Company: United States Shipping Partners, LP E-Mail: (HW10-09) ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

TORM was founded in 1889. The Company conducts business worldwide and is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. TORM's shares are listed on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange (ticker TORM) as well as on the NASDAQ (ticker TRMD). For further information, please visit Contact: Jonas Warming Company: Torm USA LLC Address: One Station Place, Stamford, CT 06902 Telephone: 203 602 6822 E-Mail: Website: (HW10-09) ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

Position C: Tanker Brokerage Administrative Assistant Position B: Tanker Operator - Stamford We are currently looking for a new colleague to join our Operation Department in Stamford. Today, the Stamford Operation Department consist of 3 employees who are working together with 30 colleagues worldwide. The Job We are looking for an experienced operator, who is able to work independently and handle the daily operation of both own, pool managed and time chartered vessels - primarily within the MR and LR1 segments. Qualifications You have a shipping/oil transportation background - preferably within the tanker industry, or you are an educated navigator with sailing experience but have been ashore for some years. You are committed and able to work independently while maintaining focus on results and customer service and relationships. You have excellent communication skills both written and oral and you are able to work in and with a highly efficient and dynamic international team, spanning across time zones, nationalities and cultures. You are flexible and able to juggle many different tasks simultaneously without loosing focus or overview. You are detail and data orientated and have a good knowledge of the use of IT applications. You are able to communicate fluently in English - both written and oral. The ideal candidate must presently be documented to work in the U.S. We offer A flexible working environment in an informal and international organization. We offer an exciting job where you will be given the opportunity to work independently and with plenty of scope for personal and professional development within a fast moving shipping company. Salary subject to qualifications incl. health insurance. TORM is one of the world's leading carriers of refined oil products as well as being a significant participant in the dry bulk market. The Company operates a combined fleet of more than 130 modern vessels, principally through a pooling cooperation with other respected shipping companies who share TORM's commitment to safety, environmental responsibility and customer service. Position D: Marine or Technical Superintendent Ship management company is seeking an experienced marine or technical Superintendent to form part of the fleet management team in Singapore, but be based in the Houston area. Established tanker brokerage in Greenwich CT seeks Administrative Assistant Administrative Assistant responsibilities: • Draw tanker Charter Parties from fixture recaps. • Create and maintain Charter Party files for all necessary/standard correspondence. • Order / maintain / organize office supplies. • Sort and distribute incoming USPS mail / Courier / Packages etc. • Check pending files and send reminder notices for any outstanding Charter Parties and/or Charter Party administration acceptances. • Work closely with brokers to ensure that Charter Party files are complete and related documentation is correct. • Create reports for the Brokers for client distribution. • Handle multi-task functions including but not limited to: relieving receptionist, creating and distributing internal reports, performing clerical duties, updating databases and contacts, handling specific client and clerical issues and liaising with relevant corporate departments. • Mass mailing of quarterly reports. • Maintain clauses / questionnaires / blank charter party forms. • Sort and distribute incoming and outgoing electronic messages as required. • Organize ground transportation and hotels for incoming clients and brokers. • Order flowers, gifts, etc. • Type memorandums and all correspondence. • Take limited dictation. • Good computer skills essential E-Mail: Notes: Please send your resume in confidence to (HW11-09) ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––


Primary responsibilities would include assisting the Singapore office by attending to the requirements of oil and chemical tankers calling ports in the US Gulf , US East & West Coast and South America. This would include but not be limited to attending inspections by Oil Majors, liaising with work shops and suppliers for quality and cost control as well as carrying out internal and safety audits aboard. Conditions permitting, working out of home can be considered as an option. The candidate will report directly to the Fleet Manager in Singapore. E-Mail: Notes: Interested candidates are asked to submit resumes with cover letters (HW10-09) ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

QUALIFICATIONS: * Bachelor of Science Degree from a Maritime Academy. * Possession of a USCG unlimited Chief Mate License with at least 7 years experience, one (1) of which as Chief Officer or above. * Thorough knowledge of shipboard and shore-side operational functions for product and chemical carriers. * Relevant shore side experience as Fleet Manager or DPA is preferable * Experience in a professional services environment ABILITIES: * Strong attention-to-detail * Strong time management and organizational skills * Good communication skills, both written and verbal * Able and willing to complete international travel associated with the responsibilities of this position








* Able to board vessels in various locations including pilot ladder boarding Contact: Marc Smith E-Mail: (HW11-09) ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

Coordinator Location: Philadelphia, PA The ISM/TMSA SMS Coordinator will audit, and perform gap analysis of Shipping Companies Management systems against the TMSA guidelines and successfully integrate these systems into Hudson Systems (HS) TMSALogix Web based management solution. This position will work with shipping companies world-wide. A successful candidate is one that may have held positions as Master, DPA, Fleet Manager, or Port Captain. Subject matter expert for tankers. Job description: * Work closely with Clients and HS management to develop/integrate Client SMS documentation into HS' TMSALogix product in conformance with the TMSA guidelines and compliance with the ISM regulations and ISO standards, as applicable. * Extensive experience applying knowledge of ISM, TMSA, and relevant regulatory requirements and industry guidelines in the operation of vessels world-wide, with specific emphasis on tanker operations. * Ensures that current international shipping regulations and relevant industry guidelines are reflected in Companies consulting business. * Ensures that all personnel working on a project are working as a team. * Ensures that customer requirements are made known and understood throughout the TMSALogix team. * Initiates training in TMSA-QMS activities for new personnel and maintains the knowledge for existing staff through re-fresher training when required. * Plans, secures approval and carries out vessel and office ISM/TMSA/ISO audits/gap analysis of various shipping companies. * Assists clients with maintaining their TMSALogix Management Systems on both routine and more specific issues of the TMSA-QMS. * Works with other team members to determine task effort to ensure resources are available for the implementation and maintenance of the TMSA-QMS. * Works in close cooperation with sales team, product development, and operations. * Provides input to improve and further develop the TMSALogix product.

Position F: Operations Coordinator REPORT TO: VP of Operations (US) LOCATION: Houston, TX Job Purpose This position: * Plans and executes voyages as per AET guidelines; coordinates activities and monitor their effectiveness. * Ensures due regard for legal, contractual and financial obligations * Ensures service level meets both internal and external customer expectations * Manages 5 - 10 vessels * Approximately 10 to 15 voyages per month Key Accountabilities 1. Minimize voyage operating costs against voyage estimates to maximize profit / returns 2. Optimize lifting capability of ships to maximize returns 3. Ensure compliance with voyage instructions for a smooth, safe and timely vessel turnaround 4. Ensure optimum service level can be rendered by establishing relationship with various industry players and customers i.e. brokers, terminal representatives, agents, Charterers, etc 5. Monitor and co-ordinate bunker deliveries to the vessels in a cost effective manner 6. Ensure Port Logs and SOFs are uploaded from ships and input so they are available to Post Fixtures in a timely manner 7. Ensure vessel operations are meeting all local and international regulations Qualifications Education: Maritime College Graduate Experience Required: Some shore-side maritime experience


Skills: Microsoft Office, interpersonal, good communication and procurement. Personal Attributes: Reliability, willingness to go beyond minimum requirements for the job, customer focused, resilient, team player Company: AET E-Mail: Notes: Please email resumes. (HW11-09) ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

The right candidates will receive an attractive salary (commensurate with education & experience); benefit package; bonus. THE RIGHT CANDIDATE WILL BE JOINING AN ELITE GROUP OF DEDICATED INDIVIDUALS, WORKING AS A CLOSE TEAM, IN A SUPPORTIVE ENVIRONMENT. LQM is an equal opportunity employer Company: LQM Petroleum Services, Inc., E-Mail: Notes: Reply in confidence to:

Position G: Fleet Diesel Engine Maintenance and Repair Manager Roymar Ship Management Inc., operator of an worldwide growing fleet of 48 vessels, is seeking applications for an in house engine M&R manager. The ideal candidate will have extensive expertise and experience in the operation, maintenance, repair, and overhaul of a variety of both main and auxiliary ships engines. We are looking for an individual who will be able to direct and administer fleetwide engine monitoring, preventive maintenance, troubleshooting, and provide operational mentoring. The position will entail travel to vessels to evaluate engine conditions, and oversee repairs and overhauls. We are looking for a dynamic motivated individual who can put together a comprehensive program that will directly impact the bottom line. Applicants need not be based in the New York area or in the U.S., but must be confident of their abilities and at the top of their field. We offer a competitive salary and benefits package Company: Roymar Ship Management Inc. Fax: (914) 793-2519 E-Mail: Notes: Send salary requirements with resume with the heading FDE on all transmissions. (HW11-09) ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

(HW10-09) ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

Position J: Chartering Manager Schnitzer Steel Industries, Inc. (SSI) is one of the nation's largest recyclers of scrap metal, a leading provider of used and recycled auto parts and a manufacturer of finished steel products. In the past twelve months SSI chartered-in more than 110 handy and handymax vessels to carry close to 3,500,000 metric tons of bulk ferrous exports from our seven marine terminals. We are seeking a dynamic individual to join our ocean freight team at corporate headquarters in Portland Oregon, as a Chartering Manager. Specific Responsibilities * Assist in negotiation and administration of voyage charters. * Handle freight payments, laytime calculations and voyage settlements for shipments from the two USEC terminals and the Puerto Rico terminal. * Assist in maintaining a flexible shipping strategy in conjunction with the bulk ferrous sales strategy and communicate changes to the executive staff. * Assist in maintaining and developing relationships with vessel owners

Position I: International Marketing LQM Petroleum Services, Inc., is one of the largest international marine fuel oil brokers in the world. Founded in 1982, we have expanded to offices in New Jersey (USA), Connecticut (USA), Guildford (UK), Texas (USA) and Paris (France). Our offices are staffed with well-trained and experienced brokers complemented by a proficient team of Technology, Finance and Administrative professionals. We currently have opening(s) in our UK office and potential office in Singapore for an energetic, self-starter who will be trained to assist in all phases of international marketing. REQUIREMENTS: * college degree (please provide GPA-all majors will be considered!) * strong verbal and written skills * computer proficiency required * detail oriented * sense of humor a must * knowledge of foreign languages a plus * ability to multi-task under time pressure * local and international travel

and charter brokers. * Understudy to the team leader. Your Profile * Strong negotiation skills and experience with charter parties, preferably drybulk voyage charters. * Analytical and organizational skills. * Working knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite. * Good communication skills; fluency in English; ability to work well on a team. * Ability and aptitude to handle increasing responsibility. * Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, Marketing or a related field and at least five years experience in ocean transportation. With a rapidly growing national and global reach, SSI is well positioned for the future. We value our employees and are invested in their success and growth. Company: Schnitzer Steel Industries, Inc. Website: Notes: For more information regarding our company profile and to complete an application, please visit (HW10-09) ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––