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					                                                                                                                   British Council Visits

Visit Request Form

Please note:
 The information on this form will be passed on to British Council sector teams, internal and external advisors,
   and host institutions, to enable British Council Visits to organise a professionally fulfilling programme. Please
   therefore complete this form in as much detail as possible. Not only will this help us to identify appropriate
   appointments; it also affects their planned duration and the level at which they should be pitched. If the
   delegation comprises more than one visitor, it is only necessary to complete one form, but biographical and
   other salient details should be provided for each visitor.
 It is essential to attach the British Council Visitor Information Form - Personal (completed and signed by
   the visitor). Without it we are unable to approach outside organisations.

A. Background Note

1. Full Name(s) : See Below

1a. Group leader's name (if part of a group) : Dr. Sadiq Sait Mohammed

2. Designation/job title : Member, Prince Abdullah Science Park Committee

3. Institution/organisation : King Fahd University of Petroleum & minerals.

4. Country : Saudi Arabia

Full Name                                  Nationality/job title                     Institution/organisation                      Country
Dr Sadiq Sait Mohammed                     Saudi. Comm.                              KFUPM.                                        Saudi Arabia
                                           Member. Professor

(Add extra rows as required)

5. Biography

Please provide a brief resumé of the visitor's recent career, including details of jobs held in the past which are
relevant to the proposed visit. Please also provide information about the remit/function of the organisation(s)
that s/he works for, and their role within the organisation.

Dr. Sadiq Sait, Chairman & Professor, and Computer Engineering Department (Specialization: VLSI Design,
VLSI Tools, Hardware Design, Algorithms, Internet, and Automation).

6. Visit Context

Please provide information on the sector the visitor works in and background information (including web-links
where possible) to the visitor's organisation.

What is happening right now in the visitor's country generally, and/or the institution that makes a visit to the UK

What impact will this visit have on the visitor's institution? How will knowledge gained during the visit be used
upon the visitor's return to his/her country?

Saudi Arabia is going through both strategic economic and educational sector reforms. This includes
emphasising the central role of knowledge based economy, as well as the importance of applied and theoretical

         The United Kingdom’s international organisation for educational opportunities and cultural relations. We are registered in England as a charity.
research and development through leading science based Saudi Universities and specialised Science Parks.
KFUPM is the Kingdom’s premier science based University, teaching in English and accredited by major
academic bodies. It has recently broken ground through the formal inauguration of the Prince Abdullah Science
Park (PASP) located within the University’s grounds. More details about KFUPM can be found on
The proposed visit will enhance KFUPM’s knowledge about the workings of world class Science Parks,
operations and models of industry- University co- operation.

7. Purpose of the visit

What are the specific objectives of the visit?

To establish contact with leading UK Science Parks for possible co-operation, and gain knowledge of their
operations and structure for possible adaptation by PASP-KFUPM.

What level of knowledge or understanding does the visitor have of his/her field at present?

Quite high. PASP concept has been under study internally for past 2 years, supported by technical assistance
from UNESCO.

What does the visitor hope to achieve by this visit, e.g. if this a 'fact-finding mission', for specified research, how
does s/he wish to use the information upon return?

As advised above.

On what project(s) is the visitor currently working that a visit to the UK would help to develop further? At what
stage is this project?

As advised above. PASP is no longer at the drawing board stage but a Science Park that is awaiting completion
of legal formalities and company formation.

If you are suggesting particular institutions to be visited (see section A. 8 Proposed itinerary below), please
state how these have been identified and what the visitor wants to focus on at each.

The following Science Parks in the UK are suggested to be visited. They were screened from current literature
as to their company structure, scope and objectives that best fitted PASP-KFUPM objectives:

Tentative Visit Program

06 December          Monday   (AM)           Entrepreneurship Centre, Imperial College        London
06 December          Monday   (PM)           Silwood Park, Imperial College                   London
07 December          Tuesday                 Cranfield Technology Park, Bedford
08 December          Wednesday               Durham University Science Park
09 December          Thursday                Southampton Science Park
10 December          Friday                  Brunel Science Park, Uxbridge.
10 December          Friday                  Meeting with Dr. Malcolm Parry at British Council, London

Other options:
1. Chilworth Science Park, Southampton
2. Sheffield Science Park, Sheffield
3. Stirling science Park

Each has adopted a slightly different approach and concept of a Science Park as well as variations in their
Legal structure that could be of interest as a role model.

Has the visitor or his/her institution already made contact with UK organisations relevant to this visit? If so,
please provide copies of correspondence or the name and details of the UK contact.


If the visit is a follow-up to an earlier visit, what has happened at the visitor's institution as a result of the last
visit? (If British Council Visits are to refer visitors from an institution to the same UK partner that they have, or
one of their colleagues has previously visited, clarification of progress made on the project he/she is working on
is vital).


8. Proposed itinerary

On the basis of the information given above our advisers will recommend a programme for the visitors but
please provide details of any institutions you want the visitor(s) to visit.

The proposed itinerary calls for 6 working days to visit the following institutions on these specified dates:
Depart from Saudi Arabia to London Wednesday night / arrive Thursday morning 4 March 2004:

Date           Day                      Science Park                               Home Travel Base

06 December          Monday              Entrepreneurship Centre, Imperial College    London
06 December          Monday              Silwood Park, Imperial College               London
07 December          Tuesday             Cranfield Technology Park, Bedford
08 December          Wednesday           Durham University Science Park
09 December          Thursday            Southampton Science Park
10 December          Friday              Brunel Science Park, Uxbridge.
10 December          Friday              Meeting with Dr. Malcolm Parry at British Council, London

9. Relations with host institution(s)
What will the host institution(s) get out of this visit? For example, potential R&D collaboration? Export
opportunities? Consultancy opportunities? Opportunities for student recruitment? PR?

R&D collaboration, third party company establishment with common tenants, reciprocal academic and research

10. British Council Context

Please note that this information will not be included in the background note, but will only be used for in-house
briefings (with sector teams/advisors or colleagues who will meet the visitor(s)).

What has been the British Council's recent involvement with the visitor's/visitors' organisation? (Information on
how this specific visit fits in with the British Council's overall objectives in a country may be required for
approaches to government departments.)

What does the British Council hope will be the outcome of this visit (e.g. building on an existing project? What
type of follow up support is likely to be provided if the projected outputs of the visit are achieved?

B. Services Please detail the services you want British Council Visits to organise.

1. Meet and Greet                                                           Yes

Do you want a Visit Coordinator to meet the visitor at the point of entry into the UK, and accompany him/her to
their accommodation? (We recommend this for VIP visitors).

2. Hotel Accommodation                                                      Yes

What standard of accommodation do you require for your visitor? 3-star, 4-star or 5-star?

3. Subsistence                                                              Yes

Do you want British Council Visits to arrange payments to the visitor of subsistence, at the current
recommended rate? This will cover personal incidental expenses and meals.

4. Transport                                                                Yes

What kind of transport do you want British Council Visits to provide? Limousine, saloon car or minibus?
5. Visit Coordinator                                                         Yes/No

Do you want a Visit Coordinator to accompany the visitor to his/her appointments, and write a post-visit report?
(We recommend this for VIP visitors).

6. Interpreting                                                     No

If this is required, please tell us the visitor's mother tongue.

7. Entertainment/hospitality                                                 Yes/No

Please tell us the type of entertainment required (for example theatre, ballet, musical, opera) or hospitality
(lunch, dinner, reception). Please nominate a host for a lunch, dinner or reception, and tell us the focus (see 8.
Senior Management Input below).

8. Senior Management Input

If you have an evening's entertainment in mind, tell us which senior manager you would like to host the event.
Please also tell us if you would like a senior manager to meet the visitor for a formal/informal meeting.
Details of the Council's agenda for a visit (see A. 11 British Council Context above) are needed particularly if
a senior manager is to input. We will need to produce a separate briefing package for senior managers based
on the information you send with a clear explanation of the input required from him/her which should include:

      Focus of the evening/meeting
      Perceptions you want the manager to target
      Specific messages to relay

C. Finance

Please provide a provisional budget ceiling. British Council Visits will provide an initial costing, which may affect
this ceiling. General guidance on costs is available at

Charging instructions (please tell us the cost type and budget centre)

Signature (Accountable budget holder)