HRSC EAST RECRUIT FILL REQUEST FORM INSTRUCTIONS ATTENTION Before you start to complete the electronic version of the HRSC Recruit form please make sure that your Excel macro security setting is set by olliegoblue35


  ATTENTION! Before you start to complete the electronic version of the HRSC Recruit form please make sure that your
  Excel macro security setting is set at low by taking the following steps: 1.) Go to tools 2.) Choose macro 3.)Select security 4.)
  Choose “low” 5.) Choose OK. If this does not work you may need to exit the form and than reopen it.

RPA Number(s)                Leave this field blank. It will be completed by WMD.
NMCI space                   Have you coordinated with NMCI to ensure that the incumbent for this recruitment will have a
available?                   computer assigned?
Military to civilian         WMD will complete.
POINT OF CONTACT INFORMATION. Important: Must include telephone number and email address.
DMO                          Designated Management Official (usually a Supervisor or Selecting Official) most familiar with the
                             position and its requirements and able to discuss recruitment action with HRSC recruiter.
Alt DMO                      Recommend the Office manager’s name and contact information to facilitate the automated
                             selection certificate process. This person should be somewhat familiar with the position
                             requirement if DMO is not available.
Approving Official           A designated WMD employee assigned to your organization (See drop down menu).
Position title               Official classification title for job series as listed on the PRD/Addendum (not the functional title).
                             All Supervisory positions should include “supervisory” before the position title. Example:
                             Supervisory Program Analyst.
Target                       Pay Plan =NH, Series=343, Grade=03 (NH-343-III) as shown on the PRD cover sheet.
PP/Series/Grade              Full Promotion potential level for position.
PD Number(s)                 Assigned Position Requirement Document number as stated on the PRD cover sheet.
No. Vacancies:               Number of vacancies being recruited
Grade level(s) to            Indicate what level you prefer to recruit (may be lower than target level). If so, you must include
recruit                      both PRDs.
Activity                     Always MCSYSCOM
Position Location:           Where the position will be physically located as stated on the PRD cover sheet.
Cost Center Code             The pay code assigned to each organization.
Organization Code            The organization code will automatically be generated when you put in your cost center code.
Work Schedule                Select from Full Time (FT), Part Time (PT), Seasonal or Intermittent
Appointment Type             Permanent (PERM) = hire to perform work that will be an ongoing requirement.
                             Temporary = hire to perform work that is expected to last one year, but no more than 2 years.
                             Term = hire when work is expected to last for more than one year, but no longer than 4 yrs.
                             Usually project nature where funding is uncertain). Must specify the length for TERM & TEMP.
Mobilization                 Most commonly used code is (A) Position not required upon mobilization.
Mobility Reason              This field is automatically generated when you select the most appropriate mobilization code above.
Gun-Ammo Access              No (except some positions in Ammo)
Drug Test Required           If top secret position check “yes”.
Bargaining Unit              Always “Not applicable”.
Sensitivity Criterion        Which clearance is required for the position as stated on the PRD cover sheet: (i.e. Secret/Top
Code                         Secret/Non Sensitive)
Security Access Code         This field is automatically generated when you select the appropriate sensitivity criterion code.
Functional Class             Check most applicable choice from the drop down menu.
Org function Code            Leave blank. WMD will complete this box.
Type of Employees            Choose from the drop down menu.
Financial Statement          Some DAWIA positions require the employee to complete the OGE 450 form.
Demo Location Code              DoD Acquisition Personnel Demo or Not applicable (if WG or GS position).
Key Emergency                   Most commonly chosen is (N) Position not designated Emergency - Essential or Key.
Essential Indicator:            N - Position Not Designated Emergency-Essential or Key. Position is neither emergency
                                essential, local national, or designated as a key employee position.
                                 6 - Key Emergency Essential, Remain in Place. Incumbent of a CONUS position that cannot be
                                vacated during war or national emergency without seriously impairing the mission; such employees
                                have unique or scarce managerial or technical skills required by the wartime mission.
                                C - Emergency-Essential Position, Relocation to Overseas Area. Incumbent of a position who
                                would be sent overseas during a crisis situation to ensure success of combat operations or support
                                essential combat systems after a mobilization or other military crisis.
Inclement Weather               Incumbent of this position is expected to make every attempt to report for duty on time and/or
Essential Position              remain on duty during severe weather conditions. Overtime may be required on short notice.

ACQUISITION DATA (DAWIA) This section applies to DAWIA designated positions only as indicated on the
PRD Addendum. If not designated a DAWIA position then this section does not need to be completed.
DAWIA Career               Career field designation code indicated on the PRD Addendum (i.e. Program Mgmt = A). See drop
Category Code              down menu included on the form.
DAWIA Certification             The DAWIA career field level indicated on the PRD Addendum. NH-II requires an Intermediate
Level                           Level II, NH-III/IV requires a Senior Level III
DAWIA Critical                  1 = Broadband Level IV DAWIA designated positions
Position Code                   4 = All other DAWIA positions. See PRD Addendum to determine if position is critical.

Certification                   Select Yes or No, If yes specify type: (example: Some WG positions may require specific career
/Licensing Required             field related certificate in plumbing, electrical, etc.)
TDY Required                    If yes - indicate the estimated percent of time travel is required in 5% intervals, i.e. 5%, 15%, etc.
Physical Exam                   Check box if Yes.
Work Schedule                   (Specify which)
PCS Authorized                  Check box if a permanent change of duty is allowed for this recruitment. (Must have funds).
Relocation Authorized           When a government contractor buys employee's residence & assists with finding residence at new
(Discretionary).                PDS. Costs for relocation services must be authorized?
RECRUITMENT SOURCE: (Area of Consideration).
Area of Consideration           Choose the minimum area that will result in a sufficient number of quality candidates. Check all
                                that apply. Any U.S. Citizen is considered “all sources” and will result in issuance of formal
                                announcement and must include a crediting plan that has been approved by the FIT Manager.
Announcement time               If “all sources” a formal announcement will be issued and you should specify the length of time that
period                          the announcement should be advertised.
Recruitment sources or If known, list specific recruitment sources or specific target audience (academia community,
potential candidates   minority group, etc.). Also list the name(s) of non-competitive name request(s) or individual(s) that
                                you would expect to see listed on the final selection certificate.
Limit Commuting                 If PCS is authorized leave this blank. Otherwise, you may want to limit the commuting area to the
Area                            Washington, DC area in order to minimize the number of candidates.

Desired Skills: List at least   List skills that are not required but which form the basis for ranking qualified candidates. Skills
6 desirable skills.             must make a meaningful contribution toward distinguishing qualified candidates.
Required Skills:                Skills the candidate must have in order to be identified in the RESUMIX database search. These
The maximum number of           skills are key predictors of successful performance in the job. Only candidates with all required
skills for any one position     skills will be referred. Required skills do not constitute selective placement factors for determining
should be 4 to 8.               minimum qualifications. Avoid “soft skills” such as ability to analyze, ability to plan, or ability to
                                communicate orally and/or in writing. Choose skills that represent core requirements (knowledge,
                                skills, and abilities) of the position. Skills should represent specific requirements such as experience
                                with specific programs, processes, or functions directly related to the subject matter of the job.
                                Note: Some SPECIFIC forms of written or oral communications may constitute valid hard-core
                                requirements for certain jobs.

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