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					                          Data Integration Sweet (DIS) Request Form
Vendor: Blue Sky Marketing                                  Vendors ID:                                      Submit Date:

                                                  CUSTOMER INFORMATION
Dealership Name:
City:                                                                   State:                                      Zip Code:
Phone:                                                                  Fax:
Web Site:         http://www.                                           E-Mail:

                                   DMS COMPUTER SYSTEM INFORMATION
System Administrator:                                                                   Title:
E-Mail:                                               Phone:                                             Mobile:

        DMS Data Types:                     New Inventory:                   Used Inventory:                           Sales:                 Service:

              System Type: ADP:                        R & R:                     Other:              Name:

        Modem Numbers:                  (         )                               (         )                                    (        )
                   Dialup access

                                   Publicly accessible from Internet             From inside dealer Intranet             VPN:
                IP Address:
                   Telnet access              .         .       .                       .         .      .
                                                                                                              If VPN is available, please email connection / login details

                          Login:                                                                Password:
                                          Case: Upper       Lower   Mixed                                                            Case: Upper      Lower     Mixed

             Account Name:                                                                                                Account Name or Number(s)
                                                                                                                         e.g. ADP: ABC-FI      or   Reynolds: 77 2

  Physical Data Types:                                               New Inventory:                   Used Inventory:
                                   Where applicable. In order to combine both DMS Inventory and Physical Inventory:
    Physical Inventory:            Who walks the lot taking pictures, records vehicle conditions, prints window stickers, etc.?
Company:                           Contact:                                    Phone:                                    E-Mail:

                                         Account Access Requirements                                                       See Other Side for Notes:
 - Access to the ENG Function (English Statement Report) and RPG Function (Report Generator)
 - For Inventory or Sales download access:   F&I or Accounting account FI-WIP file
 - For Service download access:              –S account history file
Reynolds and Reynolds:
  - Access to the 6910 Report Generator
  - For Inventory or Sales download access:       F&I account AA.FI.FIMAST file. accounting NVSJOURNAL & UVSJOURNAL files
  - For Service download access:                  Service account AA.SER.WIP file

                                                             Internal Use Only
Dealer ID:                   Vendor ID:                             Physical Inv ID:                                IPS:              IDS:             DAS:
Historical Start Dates:      Sales:                         Service:
To Setup:                    Setup Complete:                                Approval:                    Production:

12/24/2009                                                                                                                                       Form 061026-05-01