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Web Posting Request Form by olliegoblue34


									                                    WEB POSTING REQUEST FORM

                                            Date of Request
                                        Contact Number/Ext

                                         Posting Start Date:
                                          Posting End Date:                                 Ongoing
Information Technology Department

           121 W. Victoria
       Long Beach, CA 90805         Purpose/Nature of posting (e.g. informational. Educational, resource
           (310) 603-1050           based, SHIELDS event:
         Fax (310) 603-1070
                                    Where would you like the posting to be placed?
              George Bell
              IT Specialist         Internal Posting                     External Posting
                                    (SHIELDS Staff Only)                 (General Public)
            Malcolm Cooper
             Data Manager              Clients/Staff                        About
                                       Assessments                          Articles
            Tony Livingston
              IT Specialist            Client Surveys                       Announcements
                                       Staff Surveys                        Awards
                                       Upcoming Trainings                   Retail
                                       Other, please explain:               Services
                                                                            Services – Child Welfare
                                                                            Services – Child & Youth
                                                                            Services – Mental Health
                                                                            Services – Substance Abuse
                                                                            Services – Supportive Services
                                                                            Other, please explain:

                                    PLEASE NOTE

                                        All postings to the SHIELDS for Families, Inc. website must be approved
                                         by administration.

                                        Forward this form and all positing materials to Norma Mtume,

                                        Please direct all inquires to the IT department (310) 603-1050 ext. 124.

Rev 02/08                                                                                                  Form IT100

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