Room Booking Request Form by olliegoblue34


									                    Student Centre Room Booking Request Form
  Today’s Date: ____________________ Name: _________________________________________________
  Phone: __________________________ Email: _________________________________________________
  Organization/Club: ________________________________________________________________________

  Room Requested:              ( circle one )
          Presentation Room (101)              Board Room (270)              Meeting Room (280/281)                   Fireplace Lounge

  Purpose/Event Title: _____________________________________________________________________

  Event Date: ___________________                     From: ____________ a.m. or p.m. To: __________ a.m. or p.m.

  Audio Video or Room Set-Up Required:
    • For Room Setups, contact Sharon Edghill @ Facility Resources at
    • For AV Rentals contact Mike Samuels @ Media Services at with the
        equipment desired, date and time (start & end) requested as well as bldg. & room number

  Food: ( circle one )
  1. Will food or drink be offered or provided at this meeting/event?           Yes (continue with next question) No (skip 2. & 3.)
  2. Certain ready-to-eat items, specifically pizza, pre-packed chips, pretzels, popcorn, candy, cookies, doughnuts, cereal
  bars, brownies, fruit squares, cakes, cupcakes, muffins, or canned/bottle pop, juice or water, can be carried in. Are you
  offering/providing other, non-listed items?                                   Yes (continue with next question) No (skip 3.)
  3. List any foods or drinks that you will provide that are not on the above list and CIRCLE the authorized provider
  from the list below.
  --Blind Duck (arranged through Pub manager)                                   --Chartwells (arranged through Conference. Services)
  --Alternate    pre-approved off-campus provider: _____________________________________
  Exceptions to the policy are considered by the Coordinator of UTM Food Services on a case-by-case basis with at least 10 working days' notice.
  Contravention of the policy may result in suspension of student organization privileges. Note that all meetings/events elsewhere on campus
  require use of Chartwells (arranged through Conference Services).

Guidelines for use of Student Centre Space
      1. Follow all food and alcohol guidelines. If you are unsure if your event is in within these boundaries consult the
         UTM Clubs Food Policy at
      2. The rooms are set up with general student use in mind. If you must move the furniture please move it back
         when you are finished. You will be fined if the room requires re-setting.
      3. Please remove all trash. It is your responsibility to make sure that the space is kept clean. A charge will be
         levied if the room requires extra cleaning.
      4. Do not cause any damage to the facility. You and/or your club will be held liable for any damages that
      5. The Student Centre is for student use by student clubs/organizations. Other parties must consult the Erindale
         College Student Union (ECSU) for room availability and bookings.
      If any of these guidelines are not adhered to, you and your club/organization may be fined as well as have its right
      to book Student Centre space suspended.

  ___Note: You and a club/organization president/executive must sign this form before it is processed.__
  Signature 1: ________________________________ Signature 2: ___________________________________
  Name (Please Print):___________________________ Name (Please Print):______________________________

      You will be contacted via email if further information is required or with a confirmation of your booking.
       Keep a copy of the confirmation email with you during your event to verify your booking. RevNov.12.04

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