Translation Request Form - Final by olliegoblue34


									                           Georgia Department of Human Resources
                             Translation Services Request Form

Job Title/Form Name:

Date Submitted to OPGS:                   Date Returned to Program:

Contact Person:

Telephone #:                               Fax #:

Requesting Agency/Department:

Division/Office:                                                                 Program:

Organization Code:                         Project #:                            Sub-class #:

Purchase Order #                           Form #

FORMAT (To Be Completed by Requesting Agency)

What service are you requesting? (Check All That Apply):

_____ Translating                          Original Language:
_____ Proofreading                         Translated Language(s):
_____ Formatting                                                 _____ Spanish          _____ Arabic
_____ Desktop Publishing                                         _____ Vietnamese       _____ Somali
                                                                 _____ Russian          _____ Bosnian
                                                                 _____ Korean           _____ Portuguese
                                                                 _____ Chinese          _____ Farsi

VENDOR INFORMATION (To Be Completed by The OPGS LEP/SI Client Services)

Date Forwarded to Vendor:                  Date Received From Vendor:
Contact/Corporate Name:

Telephone#:                                Fax #:                       Email:

Translator’s Name:
Qualified or Certified: _____yes _____ no
Specialty: _____Medical Interpreter _____ Court Interpreter _____ Public Safety _____ Social Services

Proofreader’s Name:
Qualified or Certified: _____yes _____ no
Specialty: _____Medical Interpreter _____ Court Interpreter _____ Public Safety _____ Social Services

Language Access Team Representative or Designee _____________________________________Date____
OPGS LEP/SI Coordinator __________________________________________________________Date____
                                 TRANSLATION REQUEST FORM (TRF) INSTRUCTIONS

1.      Write the name of the document or form under “Job Title/Form Name.”

2.      Enter the organizational and contact information into the first box.

3.      Note if a form number is required. If so, complete the Forms Ordering/Reordering at All foreign language form numbers should include a
        suffix designating the language translation – i.e. SP for Spanish, VT – for Vietnamese, SO for Somali, CH
        Chinese, RU for Russian, etc.). Contact the LEP/SI Coordinator for language acronyms – 404/657-5244.

4.      Enter the organization code, project number, and sub -class number.

5.      Obtain a purchase order number from the Purchasing Department. (Each requesting division or office is
        responsible for covering the cost associated with translating documents).

6.      Document into which language the materials are to be translated.

7.      Check the type of service requested (translation, proofreading, formatting, or desktop publishing).

8.      Contact the designated Account Manager for your division or office to obtain a copy of the English version
        of the document on CD or diskette. If the document contains graphics, submit a “live” rather than PDF copy
        for translation. (The Office of Communications – OCS – maintains a list of Account Managers).

9.      Forward the completed TRF form, copy of the purchase order, and CD or diskette containing the material to
        be translated to the Language Access Team (LAT) member or designee representing your division or office
        for approval.

10.     The LAT representative will forward the TRF, purchase order, and CD or diskette to the Account Manager
        for the Office of Communications (OCS) who will then forward the request to the LEP/SI Coordinator.

11.     The LEP/SI Coordinator will complete the Vendor Information section and send the materials to an
        approved translation vendor.

12.     Upon receipt of the translated document, the LEP/SI Coordinator will provide the LAT representative with a
        camera-ready copy, CD and/or diskette in PDF file, and Receiving Report.

13.     The LAT member or account manager will forward the finished product to the contact noted on the TRF for

14.     The LEP/SI Coordinator or designee will maintain a record of the request for translation and translated

NOTE: DHR’s legal advisors may be required to scrutinize forms before submission for translation. Check with the
division or office director to determine if DHR’s legal advisors must review the form.

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