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Papago Military Reservation Facility Request Form by olliegoblue34


									                                                    Papago Military Reservation
                                                       Facility Request Form
                                                                    Arizona Army National Guard
                                                                       5636 E McDowell Rd
                                                                        Phoenix AZ 85008
                                            Phone (602) 267-2651 Fax (602) 629-4135 DSN 853-2651
                 Completely Fill out entire Request Form:Either hand deliver,fax or email the request to the Range Scheduler

1. Unit Name/Date of request:

Requesting Unit                                                                                         Todays Date
2. Requester Information:

Name                                                                                                   email

Address                                                    City                                        State                        Zip Code

POC Number (no dashes)                                   CELL Number (no dashes)                                          FAX Number

4. AZ ARNG- Certification Class (If firing, does the person in charge have this?) ranges only
   YES       NO           If So, Who? Enter name here:
 5. Training Status                                                        6. Live Fire? (Weapons?)

 Select Status (req)                                                        List all Weapons

7. Ranges, Classrooms, Dormitory requested
                                   Begin Date          End Date         Start Time           End Time       # of People              Activity/Training Event
   Facility Requested

                                          8. Staying after 1700 hours or sleeping overnight?                                        YES     NO

    Clear Form                                                        E-MAIL REQUEST                                                               PRINT
                                                FOR USE BY TRAINING SITE COMMAND ONLY
                                                                                                                               By                       Initials
Request Approved                                                       Request Denied
Reply sent to Requestor                                                Date                                                    Method
Site Chief                                                             Date                                                    Method
                  MARKS/37 Financial/Identifiable incrementalcosts/INFO PACKET/Papago Facility Request Form.pdf

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