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									Webster G. Tarpley and Charlie Sheen with Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network - March
24th, 2006.

(This is a live-listening typewriter transcript and therefore neither complete
nor necessarily accurate in every detail.)

Webster Griffin Tarpley: It's been an eventful week, with the break on
CNN. Monday an article in New York Magazine with enough factual
material to sink the government version. In February the Village Voice
had also reported on the 9/11 Truth events at St. Marks Church in NY.

WGT The important power center is an axis from the City of London to
Wall Street with tentacles from New York down to Washington and around
the world. The Bilderbergs are only junior partners. Israel is a
controlled asset, an appendage that makes a lot of noise but doesn't
have clout.
This is a signal from the oligarchy that Bush and Cheney have to start
acting like puppets again. Bush and the neo-cons have made the classic
mistake of believing their own propaganda. When Bush said we will be
in Iraq until 2009, that is a problem for them. We already got
everything we want there, a civil war, breaking it up into three
A preliminary assessment is that an active group within this oligarchy
want to get Bush Cheney on a leash because a war on Iran will sink the
Anglo-American empire. They want to use 9/11 like the Watergate tapes.
Maybe the Moussaoui trial will be used. But they are not going to
steer it to information that it all came through US military
What the trial shows is they refused to arrest the patsies.

Alex Jones - some people say to me, if what you say is true, how come
you are still alive?
WGT - even in the strictest totalitarian systems like East Germany
there were means to resist. People need to have courage. The system is
based on apathy and passivity.
The Moussaoui trial may lead to the emergence of a Deep Throat. We
need to ensure that the revelations don't just lead to regime rotation
and removal of Bush and Cheney, but go deeper to the rogue networks.

What about the CNN showing? It's good, what we need now is quantity.
AJ maybe they'll just replace Bush with Hillary Clinton
WGT Yes she is a horrible warmonger, she wants to wage war better than
the Republicans.

AJ Why is Bush letting Communist China take over ports now?
WGT Bush is a little banker. They want the war of civilizations and
the race to the bottom. They love the Emir of Dubai because he is a
degenerate like them, a slaveholder. The government of Dubai is just
this corrupt family.
AJ - Yes and our government sells them slaves right out of Bosnia.

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Dylan Avery. You were talking about people giving their lives for the
truth. Michael Zubehr, member of 9/11 Truth, murdered. Was walking on
the street with 3 other people, approached by muggers. They handed
over wallets and purses without resistance. Then the gunmen shot
Michael in the head.
AJ. He was studying biochemistry. Had worked for NASA. Was shot last
Dylan: It's suspicious, this could be a message to 9/11 Truth.
AJ. If they want to get rid of me they'll arrange some kind of
accident. Of course there are crackheads so pumped up they will kill
somebody even after the money is handed over. 50-50 it could be like
WGT I'm a member of 9/11 Truth Scholars. They had a press conference
at the Moussaoui trial last week. I think this killing is extremely
suspicious. It merits a call to the DOJ. It looks like domestic
AJ: Suspicious is that the police are not giving out any descriptions
of the killers.
Call Minneapolis police department. We need to demand the police. Why
haven't you given out the descriptions within minutes?
WGT. Strong suspicion of a political assassination. Struggle in the
power elite if the 9/11 truth is going to come out or now. With people
like us paying the price.
AJ. It gets weirder by the minute.
WGT. One faction wants to submit Bush-Cheney to control, finish
business in Iraq and forestall Iran. Also it has to do with the fall
of the dollar.
AJ. Reading about this killing it gets very suspicious.
WGT. Is this a government of laws or a feuding between factions?
AJ. So you have a press conference and a few days later this guy gets
WGT. There was a climate of intimidation there. Audience were told
that they were ID's as protestors and subversive elements. Not a good
AJ. Sad to see our free country go down the tubes.
WGT. This is based on passivity, lack of activism. Very important
people like Charlie Sheen, 9/11 Truth movement. 35-40% of people
believe in Al Qaeda, terrorism. The only way to free these people from
Bush's terrorism is to show that 9/11 was an inside job.
AJ. When do you think we are going to see an acceleration?
WGT. Can't say. But the Moussaoui trial is reaching a critical mass.
It's clear the FBI were crawling over him like lice and wouldn't lay a
glove on him. David Frasca, anti-Muslim department of FBI, who
sabotaged any effort to seize Moussaoui hard disk. Colleen Rowley
saying we got to arrest Moussaoui and look inside his computer.
Clearly this is a network of moles who are acting to protect patsies.
Not because they will fly airplanes into towers, but without them
running around free, there is nobody to scapegoat.
AJ. Bush Sr. brought thousands of Iraqi Republican Guard. We know they
are government agents. Like the dean of the defense language schools
who said, hey, we trained these hijackers. These are our agents. We
know the hijackers were government agents.
WGT. Yes, they are expendable government assets, very low grade.
AJ. Yes, the patsies on the 1993 WTC were retarded. How these moles in
the government can be like that, are they psychopaths?
WGT. They are aggressive elitists. They believe in Iran-Contra,
military conflicts, financing it all through drugs.
AJ. They see us as cannon fodder, disposable.


AJ. 9/11 Truth Scholar shot in the head. Police have a surveillance
tape. No description. They're just looking for a crackhead to pin it
on, so they won't release the video. Political assassination.
WGT: The parallel is the cameras at the Pentagon.
AJ. In OKC there were 12 different cameras showing the others getting
out of the car with McVeigh.
WGT. We need a civil action suit demanding the tape be released
immediately and accountability for those who did not do this.
Biotechnology assassinations and 9/11 issue - you have to take this
seriously. Also think about the left gatekeepers. How about Seymour
Hersh, Chomsky, Amy Goodman, Molly Ivins, David Corn, et al if these
people don't come out for 9/11 after CNN has done so, they should
retreat into obscurity. Of course Chomsky is financed by the Pentagon.
AJ. He's a quack. The government had no hand in killing Kennedy. He's
funded all the way by DARPA.

AJ. We need to realize it's better to fight these people than just lay
down. Let's take some calls.
Dr. Deagle: You're the Paul Revere of this movement. Chinese will take
over the ports?
I know specific places where they have Chinese Communist munitions.
AJ. Wow - they cut his phone off. Let's get Jack Blood's take.
Jack Blood: I'd like to talk about what Dylan Avery said. This
happened in the dark and there were tons of witnesses. A purse-
snatching in an uptown upscale neighborhood. This is a political
assassination. Interesting headline - 9/11 callers stopped by uptown
killing. Kind of a subliminal message.


Dr. Deagle. Preplaced in America munitions for an invasion. The
biggest facility is in Freeport, Bahamas.
AJ. Chinese military is going to run this port with nuclear scanners.

WGT. No reason for foreign companies to run ports in the US, even on
globaloney grounds. Every country should have its own national
sovereignty. Like the Emir of Dubai, there's no labor laws there.

Caller. The way they try to smear you on the national news. Webster
mentioned a couple times about Watergate. Woodward and Bernstein were
looking into a conspiracy but the media never called them conspiracy
theorists. Didn't the Watergate gang conspire to obstruct justice?

AJ. We know Nixon planned to bomb the Republican Convention to blame
it on his enemies.

Caller. People trying to learn how to fly airplanes - a witness to it
- suddenly he died of a massive heart attack last year - suspicious.

I'm a member of Scholars for 9/11 Truth. I have a theory why it was on
9/11. On that day in 1990 George Bush announced a New World Order. 11
years later to the day…

Stuart from NY. My birthday is Sept. 11. What you have done is the
best birthday present. With Charlie Sheen, they revealed all his
salient points, even though they do it in a sly way.

WGT. A real slander will not deal with the substance of the arguments.
They'll just attack you as a psychotic. The fact is the material is
getting out, massively. One of the best things Charlie Sheen has done
is to call for an International Independent Truth Commission as I have
been doing. Like they had in Copenhagen, the Russell Tribunal, which
helped stop the Vietnam War. If Charlie will keep talking about this,
it's a way to put this in front of people throughout the world.

Dave in Calif. The most well-informed guests on. All the evil they are
doing is to advance their agenda and distract from 9/11. They know 9/
11 is the only thing that can bring them down.

WGT, One faction thinks they can have a limited hangout on 9/11 just
enough to move Bush and Cheney. It's up to us to keep it moving

AJ. Every day someone is ordering hundreds of copies of your books to
send to fake addresses. These are government credit cards.

WGT. 9/11 Synthetic Terror is beating all the other 9/11 books on many
internet websites and Amazon.

AJ. The government is willing to pay money to send these books to
oblivion. It's a great credential for you I think.

WGT. This is the only book that gives strong MIHOP.

AJ. After the break we'll talk about what is MIHOP.

AJ: explains about Martial Law and other State Terrorism videos
offered in a pack of 3 videos.

WGT. Mihop you can see in the New York Magazine article. There is the
9/11 commission tissue of lies. There is the negligence theory, not
wearing well. Then there is LIHOP, Let it happen on purpose, like the
Arab hijackers have some kind of independent reality. Like Ruppert's
Crossing the Rubicon. This also has not worn well. Then Mihop, Make it
happen, that the patsies are controlled assets, they don't make it
happen, the professionals make it happen under the cover of drills.

AJ. The stone age version is the drunk Dutch guy behind the Reichstag
while 50 storm troopers torch it.

WGT. We're on the verge of this thing blowing open. We can't stop now.

AJ. Hugo Chavez - they had him on a helicopter ready to throw him out,
and our media calls it a conspiracy theory that the US government is
trying to kill him.

WGT. Where we are, it's like when you have a tank attack, you got to
keep going, you can't just stop in midfield.

AJ. Yes, I'm not turning around. After the break, a real American
hero, Charlie Sheen.


AJ. Poll on CNN, 83% are supporting Charlie Sheen, neo-cons all over
the country are panicking and calling on people to go on and vote
against Charlie. In fact an online poll 3 years ago in the Atlanta
Constitution, we interviewed her, it was a 24 hour poll, 90% were
agreeing with her, neocon talk radio called on people to call in, but
still finished 55% support when they closed it down. A CNN poll had
90% agreeing with 9/11 Truth. Even the hit pieces say isn't he an
idiot, and then they bring down the government officials as idiots
too, I think a lot of people want to help him.

Charlie Sheen: All I can say is wow. This has been some kind of week.
I sensed it would get hot, I didn't think it would go super meltdown.
AJ. They tried to can it, but they could not.
CS. This poll is inspiring. Tip my hat to CNN, to AJ Hammer to having
the courage to give me the time and the focus to examine these issues,
this is the first time it has been like this on the mainstream.

AJ. AJ Hammer also thinks there is a cover-up.
CS. The worm is turning. Most of the attack pieces attack me
personally. What they did not attack was the specific points that you
and I raised.
AJ. That's what a hit piece is, if it's done by an operative. It's a
fraud. George Bush is a bigger partier than you are. But you gotta be
cleaner than Jesus Christ.

CS. To have an opinion you have to be squeaky clean.
AJ. Callers on these shows are agreeing with you and neo-con hosts are
flipping out. Poll numbers.
CS. The poll numbers are staggering, but I'm not entirely surprised, I
saw the numbers you referenced earlier, I knew there would be strong
support. It speaks of the reality that the people want the truth.
What's been offered is nothing of the sort.
AJ. The mainline media still thinks they have a monopoly. By now the
alternative media is bigger.
CS. There was a lot of blogs and people I wanted to respond to and
thank them for your support.
AJ. When I call you and I hear 9/11 documentaries in the background.
You are really informed on this.
CS. Thanks, but I don't have secret data, just what's available, if
you do your research you will uncover stuff you can't turn away from.
AJ. How many hours a week are you researching 911?
CS. Hard to say, it started about 6 months after. I was vilified for
expressing my feelings. So it was a lesson not to talk about gut
instinct. \
AJ. They are not willing to face you on the issues, so it's bringing
millions more people to look at them. What about WTC7. What about this
lady who claimed the planes knocked the fire retardant off the
buildings and now we know she is connected to Skull and Bones.
CS. She based her credibility on the ratings of their show on 9/11 so
she kind of shot herself in the foot - people were interested in the
subject. The only credibility I need is a taxpaying American citizen
who loves his country and refuses to stand by as this level of
insanity is blanketed over obvious truths.
AJ. We haven't' looked at hundreds of millions in no-bid weapons
contracts, and how they needed a new Pearl Harbor to take our
CS. It just seems too convenient the paths we have been led down. I
don't have the evidence, I'm aware of civil liberties and rights being
eradicated. If we keep the focus on the specific evidence that
generates the most questions.
AJ. Their official story is the biggest conspiracy theory of all. If
building 7 is wrong -
CS. If there is a problem with Bldg. 7 there is a problem with the
whole thing. And there is a serious problem with Bldg. 7. You say
Larry Silverstein won't respond to your question about his remarks.
I'm personally requesting a direct answer from him as to what he
meant. Tell him to call somebody. You can't make a statement like that
and not explain it.
AJ. There were clear blast points, perfect classical demolition.
CS. Anyone that cannot view this as a controlled demolition, I would
have to say that their chair was not facing the television. Anyone who
can say this is a random event cause by fire needs psychiatric
AJ. Firefighters say there were bombs, Dan Rather says it looks like a
controlled demolition.
CS. When they pigeonholed me as a tinfoil-hatter, they don't mention
what Dan Rather saw on the day.
AJ. Fire engineers say it's impossible. Then they haul away the steel
guarded by machine guns.
I can only commend you for being an amazing trailblazer. I think what
you've done here is more important than anything else you've done in
your life.

AJ. You'd like them to challenge you on the facts.
CS. I love my country, with my passion for this great country, I
demand that I be challenged on the facts, not immature behavior from
20 years ago. There should be a poll on Bldg. 7. First ask them if
they have heard of it. I believe 90% will say it looks like a
controlled demolition.
AJ Government media have been so quiet about it. It's way down the
block. Nothing fell.
FEMA has changed their story four times. First oil tank, then fire,
it's impossible, then they claim the north column hit it, fires didn't
start for hours. In the Madrid fire that burned for a day, cheap metal
desks didn't melt.

AJ. You want to challenge the neo-cons debate you on the facts.
CS. Not about me personally. Just about the facts. I issue you that
AJ. Is 9/11 the biggest hoax in world history?
CS. I couldn't say, but it's darned close.
AJ. Appreciate your amazing courage.

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