Prison Ministry Supply Request Form

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					                        Prison Ministry Supply Request Form
                                 Catholic Diocese of Richmond
Name: ______________________________________________________________________
Address: ____________________________________________________________________
Town/Zip: ___________________________________________________________________
Telephone: _________________________ (day) ___________________________ (evening)
E-mail: ______________________________________________________________________
Parish: ______________________________________________________________________
Facility where materials will be used: ______________________________________________

       Materials Requested
                                                                                    English   Spanish
        Prison Ministry: A Resource Manual                                                     N/A
        U.S. Bishops, Responsibility, Rehabilitation, & Restoration: A
        Catholic Perspective on Crime and Criminal Justice, 2000.
        [Available in English & Spanish]
        Catechism of the Catholic Church [Available in English & Spanish]
        Basic Catechism: Creed, Sacraments, Morality, & Prayer                                 N/A
         Presents core Catholic beliefs in concise question & answer format.
        Holy Bible
        Sunday Missal [English version is for entire year]                                     N/A
        Sunday Missal [Spanish version is sent quarterly]                            N/A
        At Home with the Word [English]                                                        N/A
         Provides Sunday readings for the year, offers insights from scripture
         scholars, and offers prayers to begin and end your scripture reading.
        Palabra de Dios [Spanish version of At Home with the Word]                   N/A
         Includes the Sunday scripture reading, a reflection for study or
         discussion, and questions to stimulate and guide the user. Also included
         are the citations of weekday readings and those for special feast days,
         along with simple orders of Morning, Evening, and Night Prayer.
        Rosaries                                                                               N/A
        Praying the Rosary [Pamphlet available in English & Spanish]
        Prayer in the Spirit: Catholic Prayers for Inmates
        [Available in English & Spanish]
          Pocket-sized 101 page booklet includes popular prayers, the rosary,
          stations of the cross, and stories of saints who were incarcerated.

                     Please complete this form and mail or fax it to:
                                         Prison Ministry Supplies
                                        Office of Justice and Peace
                                            7800 Carousel Lane
                                        Richmond, VA 23294-4201
                                            Fax: (804) 358-9159